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Re: WWE Heroes

January 31, 2011

A video recap of the Royal Rumble pay-per-view followed by the usual pyro and music kick off the first RAW just 24 hours after Alberto Del Rio punched his ticket for a World Title shot at Wrestlemania 27.

Michael Cole, Jerry 'The King' Lawler, and Josh Matthews sit back at the announcers table recapping, The Miz retaining his WWE Title with the help of Michael Cole and Alex Riley, Beth Phoenix winning the Divas Championship unfairly from Natalya, and Alberto Del Rio's big win at the Royal Rumble, though he never eliminated anyone.

I Came To Play

WWE Champion The Miz
dressed in a suit with his protege Alex Riley head down to the ring to start the show. The Miz talks about his big win over Randy Orton last night, yet again. No matter the kind of match Miz faces 'The Viper' in, the WWE Champion has always come out on top. Alex Riley and Michael Cole each get their own individual “thank you” from the 'Awesome One' himself.

Next, Miz discusses the ramifications of the Beat-The-Clock Challenge tonight and briefly explains the rules. The winner of the five matches with the fastest time will face him for the WWE Title at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view. The winners with the next three fastest times will go on to compete in the Elimination Chamber with three of Smackdown's to battle for a World Title shot at Wrestlemania. The one with the slowest time receives nothing, though the Miz sees him as being the lucky one.

“You see, the superstar with the slowest time tonight will not have to be embarrassed when he steps into the ring with me at a pay-per-view level. The fastest winner will be pummelled and humiliated at Elimination Chamber. If the winner of the Chamber Match chooses to face me at Wrestlemania 27, The Miz for my WWE Championship, will have to glory of being involved in my huge Wrestlemania moment. He will be the fastest loser to lose in a match for the WWE Championship at the Grandest Stage of Them All. That's because whoever ends up facing me will find out why I AM THE Miz and I'm Awesome!”
-The Miz


Randy Orton comes out dressed to compete and chases The Miz out of the ring. Unfortunately for Alex Riley, Randy Orton catches the young star. Orton beats and rips Riley's suit off. Once Riley's in perfect position, 'The Viper' lashes out with a RKO! Riley is laid out in the ring and Orton picks up the microphone the Miz left behind. Orton holds the mic to his lips and says:

“I promised that if anyone got involved or tried to help The Miz during our match last night would pay for it. I always keep my promises.”
-Randy Orton

Randy Orton drops the mic and looks over at the man who cost him the WWE Title last night, Michael Cole. Orton starts to exit the ring and Michael Cole springs to his feet. The GM Message Alert goes off signalling the RAW General Manager has something to say. Orton stops and backs up into the ring. A shaky Michael Cole goes over to the lap top. Cole reads through the email and states that if Randy Orton touches Michael Cole unless Cole physical provokes 'The Viper' first. If Orton attacks Cole, Randy Orton's Beat-The-Clock Match will be ignored and he will be out of the running for the WWE Title. Randy Orton starts breathing heavily as his opponent for the Beat-The-Clock Challenge heads out.

We Are One

Husky Harris with CM Punk by his side come out from the back. Punk pats Husky on the back and leaves the former NXT star to compete by himself tonight against Randy Orton.

Match One:
Beat-The-Clock Challenge
Best Time: N/A
Worst Time: N/A

Randy Orton vs. Husky Harris

Orton's anger takes him over during the match. Instead of going for a quick win, Orton instead toys with Husky, which led to Husky taking control of the match for some time. Orton would fight back eventually and pick up the win with a well timed RKO.

Winner: Randy Orton

After the match, Randy Orton walks straight to the announcer's table and stares down a nervous looking Michael Cole.

------------------------------------Cut to Backstage------------------------------------

Natalya Niedhart is warming up and stretching in the locker room for her match later tonight. Beth Phoenix, the new Divas Champion, walks up to her friend Natalya. Natalya stays quiet as Beth explains that she watched the tapes of the match last night and knows why 'The Anvilette' is angry. Phoenix admits she should not have been crowned the WWE Divas Champion. 'The Glamazon' apologizes for the mishap but Natalya interrupts her. All Natalya wants is a fair match for the WWE Divas Title. If Natalya loses fair and square, that will be fine and Natalya will even celebrate with Phoenix. Natalya simply wants a fair match to win back her title and tells Beth Phoenix to bring everything she's got tonight or, “you will not leave here the champion.” Natalya then walks off.


In the New Nexus locker room, CM Punk is berating Husky Harris for losing so fast and for losing in the first place. David Otunga smirks, which turns Punk's attention to him. Punk reminds Otunga that his temper got him eliminated early into the Royal Rumble and that David Otunga was the only Nexus member to not be given a Beat-The-Clock Match. Otunga wants to make up for his failure and Punk gives the original Nexus member a suggestion. David Otunga will accompany CM Punk match up next.

------------------------------------Cut to Ringside------------------------------------

Match Two:
Beat-The-Clock Challenge
Best Time: Randy Orton (6:52)
Worst Time: N/A

R-Truth vs. CM Punk w/David Otunga

The match starts off clean with Otunga staying back and not getting involved. Around the 5 minute mark CM Punk distracts the referee, which Otunga uses the time to hit R-Truth with a Spinebuster! Otunga rolls out of the ring and Punk goes for the pin. Truth kicks out at 2. CM Punk again distracts the referee as Otunga returns to the ring but with a chair this time. Truth gets to his feet and kicks Otunga in the gut. Grabbing the chair from Otunga, Truth nails the chair across the skull of Otunga. Tossing the chair out as Otunga rolls out of the ring, R-Truth turns around and gets a High Side Kick to the side of his head from CM Punk. Punk picks up Truth over his shoulders and hits the GTS.

Winner: CM Punk

CM Punk sits up frustrated as a hurt David Otunga rolls back into the ring. Punk yells at Otunga, blaming him for making the match time run longer then Randy Orton's. The music kicks up and Mason Ryan heads down to the ring. Punk and Otunga stand by with their fellow New Nexus member as the next entrant for the upcoming match comes out.

Ain't No Make Believe

John Morrison, last remaining RAW superstar in the Royal Rumble last night heads on down.

Match Three:
Beat-The-Clock Challenge
Best Time: Randy Orton (6:52)
Worst Time: CM Punk (7:48)

Mason Ryan w/CM Punk and David Otunga vs. John Morrison

John Morrison has full control of the match hitting both a Flying Nunchuk and Super Kick early into the match. CM Punk distracts the referee as David Otunga slides a steel chair to Mason Ryan. Ryan hits Morrison with the chair just as the ref turns back to face the action.

Winner by disqualification: John Morrison

The referee and security come down to keep Morrison safe from the New Nexus. CM Punk calls his men to follow him backstage. As the referees take Morrison to the back, Lawler, Matthews, and Cole remind us what happened last night with the WWE Divas Championship.

Quick Clip from the Royal Rumble last night: WWE Divas Championship

-Originally scheduled as Natalya defending in a handicap match against Team Lay-Cool
-Turned into a Fatal-Four Way Match by the RAW GM who also added Beth Phoenix into the match
-Natalya locking in the Sharpshooter on Michelle McCool
-Beth Phoenix hitting a Powerbomb on Layla
-The referee counting Phoenix's pinfall and not seeing McCool tapping out to the Sharpshooter first
-Phoenix crowned the new Divas Champion and Natalya looking unimpressed
-Now just 24 hours after the controversy, Natalya is cashing in her rematch clause

Match Four:
WWE Divas Championship

Beth Phoenix(c) vs. Natalya Niedhart

Phoenix and Niedhart start the match by grappling together to test the others strength. This doesn't last long as Smackdown's Team Lay-Cool interrupt the match. Michelle McCool attacking Natalya and Layla jumping Phoenix. The referee calls for a no contest ending the match.

No Contest due to Interference

The stronger divas fight off Layla and McCool. Team Lay-Cool strut down the entrance as a very frustrated Natalya looks over to Beth Phoenix. Natalya starts screaming at Phoenix how that was her one shot. Before Phoenix can try to console her friend, Natalya rolls out of the ring and heads to the back.

------------------------------------Cut to Backstage------------------------------------

John Morrison is being interviewed by Todd Grisham over having the fastest time so far in the Beat-The-Clock Challenge. Morrison isn't very happy with how he got it, preferring to have earned it rather then being given to him by a DQ. Last night in the Royal Rumble, Morrison points out he was the RAW superstar who lasted in the match the longest and was the last remaining superstar being eliminated last. John Morrison continues to ponder and question if he does deserve a world title match.

The Miz interrupts Morrison's interview by stating that the 'Monday Night Delight' does not deserve a title shot. Miz reminds Morrison how he lost a match against the Miz just last month with the title on the line. 'The Awesome One' lists off past title matches John Morrison has had and how he has always lost, never once coming close to winning. John Morrison looks over his former tag partner and agrees that its true that has never come close, Morrison then promises to prove to himself, the WWE, and the WWE Universe that he deserves to be a World Champion even if he doesn't have the fastest time by the end of the night.


Somewhere in the hallways, United States Champion Daniel Bryan is heading towards the ring until he comes across two divas who are not too happy with the champion, The Bella Twins. Recently revealing he was dating Gail Kim, the Bella Twins were rejected. Over the last few weeks, the Bella Twins have attacked and started multiple fights with Gail Kim backstage and in the ring. The Bellas confront and make a deal with Daniel Bryan. If Bryan wins his upcoming match, the Bellas will leave him and Gail Kim alone. If Bryan loses, the Bellas get to choose when and whom Daniel Bryan will put his United States Championship against next. Taking a moment to think, Bryan agrees. The Bellas leave as Gail Kim meets up with Bryan. Kim asks what the Bellas wanted and Bryan says they were just trying to egg him on before the match. They head off to the ring together.

------------------------------------Cut to Ringside------------------------------------

Match Five:
Beat-The-Clock Challenge
Best Time: John Morrison (3:42)
Worst Time: CM Punk (7:48)

United States Champion Daniel Bryan w/ Gail Kim vs. King Sheamus

A very hard fought match on both ends with Bryan focusing on trying to get the quick pinfall or submission, while Sheamus used heavy and impact moves. At one point during the match, Sheamus went for a Bro Kick but Bryan countered it into a Boston Crab. From the Boston Crab, Daniel Bryan locked in the LeBell Lock. Sheamus would power out of the LeBell Lock but getting to his feet and driving Bryan into a corner to release the move.

Later on, Sheamus would go for the Celtic Cross but Bryan countered it into a roll up. Sheamus would kick out but then get locked into LeBell Lock again. Sheamus again got to his feet and turned the LeBell Lock into a Sidewalk Slam on Bryan.

Towards the end of the match, Sheamus would find himself again locked into the LeBell Lock. Getting to his feet a third time, Sheamus would shove Bryan off into the ropes. On the rebound, Bryan would get knocked down hard by a Bro Kick. Sheamus goes for the pin and wins.

Winner: Sheamus

Upon realizing how much time it took for Sheamus to win, 'The Celtic Warrior' goes berserk and attacks Daniel Bryan after the match. Only by Gail Kim laying over her defeated boyfriend, would Sheamus stop his assault.

------------------------------------Cut to Backstage------------------------------------

Natalya is sitting in the hallway frustrated over losing her chance to regain her title, now having lost it twice in an unfair manner. Similar to the Royal Rumble last night, both Tyson Kidd and DH Smith try to console her but end up getting into another argument with each other. Not wanting to deal with the former Hart Dynasty tag team, Natalya simply walks away.


In the locker room of the WWE Tag Team Champions The Foreign Powers, Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov, they are sitting back relaxing with Tamina. Santino and Kozlov are not too happy with the performance they had at the Royal Rumble, being eliminated after they just entered the match. Tamina comes up with a plan and suggests that next week the Tag Champions prove their worth. She will set them up with title defences on both RAW and Smackdown next week to prove their worth to the WWE. Kozlov agress while Santino is hesitant. After a quick kiss from Tamina, Santino changes his mind and agrees.

------------------------------------Cut to Ringside------------------------------------

Match Six:
Beat-The-Clock Challenge
Best Time: John Morrison (3:42)
Worst Time: King Sheamus (15:56)

John Cena vs. Michael McGillicutty w/New Nexus

John Cena hits hard and fast right out the gate and gets a FU on McGillicutty before the first 3 minutes. Cena goes for the pin but CM Punk distracts the referee. With the referee distracted, Cena battles and wins over the interfering David Otunga, Husky Harris, and Mason Ryan. By the time Cena turns back to McGillicutty, he has rolled out of the ring and is being protected by CM Punk. The referee looks around and sees all the Nexus bodies down on the ground around the ring. The referee calls for the time to stop at 3:35, just 7 seconds away from John Morrison's time. The referee calls for the Nexus to vacate the ringside area or McGillicutty will be disqualified and the time stays where it is. Reluctantly, CM Punk and the Nexus leave. Once they are gone, the referee restarts the time.

The match restarts with Cena again hitting hard and fast. McGillicutty is able to dodge a Flying Shoulder, which hits and knocks out the referee. The match time is 4:52. Cena checks on the referee which McGillicutty uses as a distraction to hit a low blow. McGillicutty takes control for the first time in the match. Just as the referee starts to get back up, McGillicutty tosses the ref out of the ring. McGillicutty turns around and Cena catches him in a Back Drop followed by a Five Knuckle Shuffle. John Cena goes to check on the referee but is attacked behind by Sheamus, who just came running down from the back. Trying to make it so he doesn't have the slowest time, Sheamus clubs away at Cena and follows up with a Bro Kick. McGillicutty crawls over for a pin but Sheamus drags him off. Pulling the Nexus member to his feet, Sheamus hits the Celtic Curse on McGillicutty. Sheamus rolls out of the ring just as a new referee comes out to the ring. Sheamus turns around and finds that Cena has managed to crawl over McGillicutty for a pin. The referee starts to count the pin but Sheamus pulls the referee out of the ring in time. Sheamus takes the second referee out with a closeline. The first referee comes back to it and crawls in the ring and makes the same pinfall count. Sheamus runs over but he won't make it. Thankfully for the 'Celtic Warrior,' McGillicutty manages to kick out. The match time is 8:43.

Sheamus goes to attack the first referee but is jumped from behind by John Morrison. Morrison manages to hit a Super Kick on Sheamus to take him down. Back in the ring John Cena and Michael McGillicutty is exchanging rights and lefts, with McGillicutty being the first to stagger back. McGillicutty gets closelined and as he returns to his feet, Cena goes to the top turnbuckle. Once McGillicutty's in the right position, Cena drops the leg across the neck. Alex Riley starts coming down from the entrance ramp and John Morrison intercepts him. Cena goes for the pin on the Nexus member but The Miz comes jumping to ringside from the audience. The Miz puts McGillicutty's foot on the rope, then the Miz hides beside the ring apron. Not seeing the Miz do this, the referee starts the three count seeing the foot on the rope. After a Super Kick to Alex Riley, John Morrison is jumped from behind by Miz. The Miz hits the man he will be facing at Elimination Chamber with a Skull Crushing Finale on the steel ramp!!! The match time is 11:24.

The Miz heads back to the ring but gets attacked from behind by Randy Orton. Orton clubs away at Miz's back and Irish Whips the WWE Champion into the side of the ring. Orton goes up and reigns down a series of rights and lefts down onto the Miz. Miz's #1 fan Michael Cole comes running from his announce table. Cole runs up to and hits Orton across the back. Only now realizing what he has done, Michael Cole runs up the entrance ramp for his life with Randy Orton in close pursuit. Back inside the ring, John Cena hits another FU and locks in the STF on Michael McGillicutty who starts tapping out immediately.

Winner: John Cena

Cena stands and celebrates as Jerry Lawler and Josh Matthews take us over the Elimination Chamber card so far.

King: With this time, John Cena will now join Randy Orton and CM Punk to represent RAW in the Elimination Chamber in three weeks, leaving Sheamus with nothing.

Josh: I would argue John Morrison's the big winner tonight because he is next in line to face the Miz for the WWE Championship.

King: Right now, I'd say neither man's night ended the way they wanted to.

A close up on both The Miz and John Morrison. The Miz is still recovering from the attack from Randy Orton. John Morrison is still knocked out from Miz's Skull Crushing Finale just moments ago. Back in the ring, John Cena is saluting the audience.

End of Show

Match Card Line up for...
Elimination Chamber
February 20, 2011

Elimination Chamber Match
Three from RAW and Three from Smackdown
Winner gets a World Title shot at Wrestlemania 27

Randy Orton vs. TBA vs. CM Punk vs. TBA vs. John Cena vs. TBA

WWE Championship

'The Awesome One' The Miz(c) w/Alex Riley vs. 'The Everyday Delight' John Morrison

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