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Re: WWE Heroes

Its now time for the
Royal Rumble
January 30, 2011
TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts

An opening video is shown showing past Royal Rumble winners and controversies. It highlights the importance of the Royal Rumble on how it has started careers, led to Wrestlemania moments, and many Wrestlemania Main Events.

Match One:
WWE Divas Championship
2-on-1 Handicap Match

Natalya Niedhart(c) vs. Team Lay-Cool

Before the match begins the RAW General Manager changes the match completely. Believing Team Lay-Cool do not deserve this unfair advantage and wanting to avoid another reign of dual champions, the RAW GM decides that it no longer will be a Handicap Match and will instead be a free for all. To further even up the match, the RAW GM has also added another Diva into the match he feels should have been placed into the match originally: Beth Phoenix. The match restarts under Fatal-Four Way Rules.

(Altered) Match One:
WWE Divas Championship
Fatal-Four Way Match

Natalya Niedhart(c) vs. Michelle McCool vs. Beth Phoenix vs. Layla

Though a Fatal-Four Way Match, it ran more like a Tornado Tag Match, with Natalya and Phoenix working together against Team Lay-Cool. Towards the end of the match Phoenix is in one corner with Layla standing above her sending down a series of hard rights, while Natalya is trying to get back to her feet after receiving a Big Boot from McCool. Natalya manages to get to her feet while McCool has been standing behind her waiting patiently to deliver another Big Boot. The Divas Champion turns around and McCool charges ahead for another Big Boot, Natalya dodges the boot and counters by nailing McCool with a Spine Buster! With 'The Flawless Diva' Michelle McCool flat on her back, Natalya grabs hold of the legs and locks in a Sharpshooter. McCool screams out in pain and tries to go for the ropes but Natalya drags her away. It seems hopeless for McCool unless someone is able to save her.

Back in the corner, Layla is sending down hard rights to the skull of Phoenix, but the powerful 'Glamazon' is able to grab hold of Layla's legs. Hoisting 'The Other Flawless Diva' Layla into the air, Beth Phoenix walks forward and sends Layla flying down to the mat with a Power Bomb! Phoenix immediately goes for the cover. As the referee is watching to see if McCool is going to tap out, he turns to find Phoenix going for the pin. The referee turns around and goes for the three count.



Michelle McCool starts tapping out!


The referee doesn't notice McCool tapping out to Natalya's Sharpshooter before the three count!

Winner and NEW Divas Champion: Beth Phoenix

The referee awards Beth Phoenix the title as Natalya tries to tell the ref that he failed to notice McCool tapping out. Unfortunately for Natalya, the decision has been made and Beth Phoenix is declared the new champion. Phoenix goes to hug her close friend but Natalya stops her. Upset over being robbed out of the title, Natalya abruptly leaves the ring choosing not to celebrate over her friend's success.

-------------------------------------Cut to Backstage--------------------------------------

Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero are being interviewed about the World Title Match up next with Edge. Ziggler says that its his time to shine, Edge is the past and Ziggler is now. Vickie Guerrero states she is glad she has traded in from something old to something new,comparing Edge to a beat up, old Station Waggon and Ziggler to a sexy, new Ferrari.

“All my boyfriend needs now is a nice hood ornament and I think the World Heavyweight Championship will do just fine.”
- 'Official Smackdown Consultant'
Vickie Guerrero

Somewhere else backstage, CM Punk's New Nexus and Wade Barrett's The Corre come face-to-face backstage ready to draw their numbers for the Rumble Match from the tumble pin being ran by Gail Kim and Eve. After brief moment of awkward silence, Punk signals Husky Harris to draw five numbers for the entire group. Husky draws the numbers and New Nexus leave. The Corre each draw their own numbers separately and leave. The two Divas discuss how awkward that was when John Cena comes forth. Cena talks about how excited he is for the Rumble tonight and hopes for a lucky draw. WWE Champion The Miz and Alex Riley come forward advising Cena for his safety that if Cena wins the Rumble that the best choice would be to challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship. After calling The Miz a coward and Riley a stooge without a future, Cena takes his number and prays that his Wrestlemania 27 dream comes true: John Cena vs. Randy Orton for the WWE Championship. Cena leaves with The Miz slightly embarrassed telling the two giggling Divas to be quiet.

-------------------------------------Cut to Ringside--------------------------------------

Match Two
World Heavyweight Championship

If Edge uses the Spear, Dolph Ziggler will be awarded the World Title
Edge(c) vs. Dolph Ziggler w/Vickie Guerrero

Edge pulls out all of the stops and some moves we haven't seen for awhile, ranging from the Edgecution, the Edge-O-Matic, the Edge-anything move with his name it in. Edge pulls out every move he has ever won a match with, except for the Spear. Possibly because the Spear is banned from the match, Dolph Ziggler is proving to be more dominate against the champion then he previously did in their last match.

Ziggler has Edge up against the ropes and Irish Whips him across to the other end of the ring. Edge rebounds and finds himself locked in Ziggler's Sleeper Hold. Struggling for a few seconds, Edge grabs hold of Ziggler's head. Edge drops down to his butt driving Ziggler's chin down hard onto Edge's shoulders. Edge crawls and uses the ropes to get up as Ziggler staggers backwards. Ziggler turns around as Edge gets to his feet and starts walking forwards. Thinking fast, Ziggler hits Edge with a Spear! The Spear is only banned for Edge, not Ziggler! Ziggler goes for a pin.



Kick Out!

Edge kicks out with Ziggler shocked and asking the referee if he's sure it wasn't a three count. With Ziggler distracting the referee, Guerrero snatches the World Heavyweight Title and places it in a corner of the ring. Guerrero proceeds to stand on the ring apron and distracts the referee herself to free up Ziggler. Spotting the title, Ziggler picks it up and waits as Edge is using the ropes to get back to his feet. Just as Edge is back on both feet, before Ziggler strikes with the title, Kelly Kelly comes down to the ring and pulls Guerrero off the ring apron. Kelly points for the ref to turn around and Ziggler quickly stashes away the belt before he can be disqualified. Guerrero pushes Kelly backwards yelling for the younger Diva to get back to the locker room. Out of anger Kelly Kelly jumps and attacks Guerrero outside the ring. Ziggler runs over to try to save Guerrero and fails to realize he has left himself open for the kill from Edge. Edge grabs hold of Ziggler's arms from behind and executes the Kill Switch! Ziggler's face is planted into the mat. Edge rolls 'The Perfect' Dolph Ziggler over and goes for the pin. The referee turns around and goes for the count.




The Winner and STILL World Heavyweight Champion: Edge

Kelly Kelly is pulled off of Guerrero by security and taken to the back as Edge stands in the ring celebrating the big win. Edge rolls out of the ring and joins Kelly in being escorted to the back thanking her for her help.

-------------------------------------Cut to Backstage--------------------------------------

Gail Kim and Eve are still running the tumbler as DH Smith is drawing his number and frowns when he sees it and to make it worse, here comes Tyson Kidd. The two former tag champions sneer at one another as Natalya walks by. Smith asks how Natalya is holding up and before she can answer Kidd tries to console her. Soon Kidd and Smith have a brief debate over who is better to help her, family or boyfriend, but Natalya brushes them off and leaves. Smith runs after Natalya as Kidd draws his number and goes in the same direction. Goldust then walks in to draw a number. Looking to Eve and Gail Kim looking over the tumbler Goldust can't help but question the Hart Family.

“I'm glad my family always gets along.”

Goldust draws his number and leaves. Alberto Del Rio then comes in and draws his number. He tries to hit on Eve and Gail Kim but is interrupted by the United States Champion Daniel Bryan, Kim's boyfriend. Del Rio smirks and takes his number and looks it over. With a bigger smile on his face, Del Rio offers the Divas that if they want to be with a future world champion later, they can find 'The Mexican Aristocrat' standing alone in the ring later. Del Rio exits as Daniel Bryan asks Kim to draw his number for him. Kim pops it open and frowns a bit before showing it to Bryan. Bryan doesn't seem worried and remains confident. Bryan and Kim have a nice moment together but realize they are being stared at by the still feeling scorned Bella Twins. The twins leave with Bryan having to hold Gail Kim back to avoid a fight starting.

In the interview area John Morrison is being interviewed about what he thinks his chances are. Morrison admits he has drawn his number already and knows it will be quite the journey to win the Royal Rumble. Morrison compares himself to Shawn Michaels and that the Royal Rumble will be where 'The Monday Night Delight' makes his big jump to the main event. Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston joins in apologizing to Morrison that it will in fact be Kofi winning tonight. The two briefly have a stare down until it ends in a handshake with them smiling. The smiles soon fade as Morrison and Kingston starts to tighten their grip trying to show who is the better man. The interview is interrupted by Kelly Kelly being escorted by security to the parking lot with McIntyre and World Heavyweight Champion Edge following behind.

By orders from Vickie Guerrero, Kelly Kelly is being banned from the arena for the rest of the show. Drew McIntyre starts to stress out and worries over what Guerrero will do because Kelly Kelly helped Edge beat Ziggler earlier. Kelly shows no regrets over her actions and is proud the that Edge is still champion. Edge offers to keep Kelly company while McIntyre competes in the Rumble later. Drew doesn't look happy about it but Kelly accepts the offer. Kelly and Edge starts to head over to a limo after wishing McIntyre good luck. The camera closes on an unhappy and slightly jealous looking Drew McIntyre.

-------------------------------------Cut to Ringside--------------------------------------

Video Promo: WWE Championship
-The Miz cashing the Money in the Bank on Randy Orton
-The Miz's successful title defences against Randy Orton, John Morrison, and Jerry 'The King' Lawler
-Alex Riley and Michael Cole are shown helping Miz wins those matches
-RAW GM saying this is the last time Orton will be given an opportunity against The Miz for the title
-Randy Orton warning Alex Riley and Michael Cole not to get involved or else.
-Miz: “I can go it alone and win alone. I need no one.”
-Orton: “I'd like to see you prove it Miz. Be a man and beat me on your own.”
-The Miz:”I can't wait to embarrass you at the Royal Rumble.”
-Orton: “I can't wait to embarrass you when I prove to the world that The Miz is nothing more than a paper champion.”

Match Three:
WWE Championship

The Miz(c) w/ Alex Riley vs. Randy Orton

A back and forth match with Miz and Orton having control of the match at various points. For the most part Orton has been able to keep Alex Riley from getting too involved. Randy whips Miz into the turnbuckle. Crashing chest first into the corner, The Miz staggers backwards where Orton bends 'The Awesome One' backwards and hits with the Back Cracker. Miz rolls on the ground in pain as 'The Viper' prepares for a RKO.

Looking to cause a disqualification, Riley runs into the ring but Orton strikes him down with a RKO. Turning back to The Miz, Orton notices the WWE Champion getting into punting position. With an evil smile, Randy Orton gets ready to run out for the Punt. The referee, with his back turned to Miz, knows what Orton is up to and tries to stop it. Fearing for his favourite superstar, Michael Cole runs from the announce table and drags Miz out of the ring. Orton pushes the referee out of the way and exits the ring to confront Cole. Cole sees Orton coming and runs for his life. Ignoring The Miz for now, Orton gives chase to Michael Cole around the ring. Cole rolls into the ring and tries to crawl to the other end for dear life. Just as Cole gets to the ropes,Orton catches up and grabs hold of Cole's foot. Dragging Cole back from the ropes, Orton stares down at the announcer looking like he is ready to snap. Spotting Riley climbing the ring apron, Orton closelines him. Riley goes crashing down to the outside floor and Orton stares back at a frightened Michael Cole. With an evil smile, Orton charges ahead for a Punt!

Before Orton can get far though, The Miz saves his #1 fan and pulls 'The Viper' outside of the ring. With a few hard rights to Orton, Miz grabs holds of the challengers body and rams him into the ring. Orton falls forward holding his back as Miz grabs hold of Orton's neck. DDT on the challenger to the outside floor! Picking Randy Orton up, Miz tries and is barely able to get the limp body to roll into the ring. Miz gets back into the ring as the referee counts to 8. Miz goes for the pin.



Kick Out!

Orton kicks out and Miz looks exhausted. With Riley still unconscious on the outside floor and Michael Cole back hiding behind the announce table, The Miz is on his own. Miz gets to his feet and starts to slowly pull the limp body of Randy Orton up. Orton goes for the RKO! Orton was playing possum! Skull Crushing Finale? Miz was able to stand his ground and counters the RKO with a Skull Crushing Finale!




The winner and STILL WWE Champion: The Miz

With the title in hand, The Miz rolls out of the ring as a staggering Alex Riley helps the WWE Champion towards the back. Orton holds his head as the referee checks to see if he is okay. As Miz and Riley pose at the top of the entrance ramp using one another to stay on their feet, the referee is able to get Orton awake. Rolling outside the ring and sitting on the ring apron, Orton looks up at Miz and Riley. Getting some of his energy back, Orton gives chase up the entrance ramp towards them. Miz sees this and runs. Without Miz's support, Riley falls over. Now spotting Orton running towards him, Riley gets to his feet and bolts to the outside just as Orton gets through.

-------------------------------------Cut to Backstage--------------------------------------

Dolph Ziggler, Vickie Guerrero, and The Big Show are at the tumbler with Gail Kim and Eve still running it. There are three numbers left to be drawn. Big Show is taking his time picking a number and Ziggler and Guerrero are growing increasingly impatient. Ziggler starts taunting Show to hurry up. Show turns from the tumbler with it stuck to his hand, showing that is why he is taking awhile to draw a number. Big Show does not look happy staring down at Ziggler. Ziggler actually looks a little nervous. Crashing the tumbler against the wall destorying it, Show picks up his number. Show looks at the number and has a bigger frown on his face. Guerrero puts a number in a shaking Ziggler's hand. Before Ziggler even looks at his number, Show picks it out of his hand. Looking at his own and Ziggler's number, Big Show smiles and laughs. Putting Ziggler's number back in his hand, Big Show walks away. Ziggler and Guerrero look at his number with shock and anger. Ziggler throws his number at the wall as Randy Orton walks up still panting from just finishing his match.

Orton looks to Eve having been told he can compete in the Rumble tonight. Eve picks up the last number and puts it in 'The Viper's' hand. Without looking at his number, Orton walks up to Ziggler and tells him to pray he isn't in the Rumble long enough by the time Orton comes out. Randy Orton walks off as Ziggler looks increasingly frustrated. Grabbing Vickie Guerrero's hand, Dolph Ziggler and her exit.

--------------------------------------Cut to Ringside--------------------------------------

Video Promo: 40-Man Royal Rumble
-The various numbers and stats to competing in the Rumble and the history of the Rumble

Match Four:
40-Man Royal Rumble Match

Entrance #1: Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler has not been having a very lucky night so far. First losing to Edge with the World Heavyweight Championship on the line and now he is starting at number one in the biggest Royal Rumble ever in WWE history.

Entrance #2: The Big Show

Zero luck. That's what Ziggler has for luck. First starting the Royal Rumble but its with an angry giant. Now Ziggler knows why Show was laughing earlier. Big Show just dominates Ziggler starting the match. Show goes for a Choke Slam on Ziggler but 'The Perfect' Ziggler pokes Show in the eye. With Big Show dazed, Dolph Ziggler locks in the Sleeper Hold. Big Show staggers a bit but is able to grab hold of Ziggler from behind and flips the smaller man over down to the mat. Ziggler rolls out underneath the ropes and takes a moment to breath.

Entrance #3: Randy Orton

100% bad luck. Or maybe God jut hates Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler looks out to Orton who is slowly walking down to the ring. Once Orton is close enough Ziggler tries to convince 'The Viper' that they need to team up to eliminate The Big Show. Orton responds with a hard right hook. Ziggler flails and staggers around the ring as Orton sends him around all four corners with a series of hard rights and clubbing at Ziggler's back. Eventually Orton rolls Ziggler into the ring. Getting straight to his feet Ziggler gets nailed with a Knock Out Punch from Big Show. Ziggler is lying flat on the floor as Big Show stares at Orton slowly walking up the ring stairs. Randy Orton stands in one corner of the ring while Big Show is standing in the middle with a knocked out Ziggler beside him.

Orton puts his hands out showing he wants to do a test of strength. Show laughs and goes for it. Just as their hands lock up, Orton kicks Show in the midsection. Going for a quick RKO, Big Show pushes Orton off. Orton rebounds off the ropes and Show lets out another Knock Out Punch. Orton holds onto the ropes stopping himself from running into the giant fist. Orton runs up and attempts a DDT but Big Show picks 'The Viper' into the air. Charging to a corner, Big Show drives Orton into it. Taking a few steps back, Big Show charges at Orton again but 'The Viper' gets his feet up. Getting booted in the face, Big Show staggers backwards. Orton then unleashes a series of rights and lefts trying to wear the giant down.

Entrance #4: Heath Slater

Just as The Corre's Heath Slater runs down and enters the ring, Big Show is able to grab hold of Randy Orton and delivers a Choke Slam. A kick from Slater to the gut makes Show bend over. Slater runs and rebounds off the ropes and delivers a running dropkick to the skull of Big Show. Big Show drops to one knee and Slater jumps to his feet. Slater clubs away at the back of Big Show but the big man gets back to his feet. Grabbing hold of Slater, Show tosses the Corre member into a corner. Holding Slater against the corner, Big Show shushes at the crowd and chops at Slater! Slater falls forward holding his chest and Dolph Ziggler locks in the Sleeper Hold again on Big Show! Ziggler has come back and is trying to take down the giant. Ziggler is holding tight onto the Sleeper and Big Show is starting to stagger. Big Show tries to grab hold onto Ziggler like he did before to break out of this and RKO!!!

Randy Orton springs to his feet and nails Big Show with a RKO while still locked in Ziggler's Sleeper Hold! For the remaining time, all four entrants lay back catching their breath.

Entrance #5: Michael McGillicutty

The New Nexus member McGillicutty enters and walks down the ramp but stops just before the ring, choosing not to enter the match. Heath Slater keep to his feet first of the four and goes to stomp on Orton. Ziggler soon gets up and stomps away ay Big Show. Eventually, Ziggler tries to toss Slater over the top rope but 'The One Man Rock Band' is able to hold on.

Entrance #6: David Otunga

Similar t McGillicutty, David Otunga stops and waits outside the ring with his fellow Nexus member. They stand together and wait for the next entrant. Ziggler gives up on trying to eliminate Slater and turns his attention to 'The Viper.' Ziggler pulls Orton to his feet and is immediately slapped across the face by Orton. Ziggler staggers backwards and Randy goes for the elimination. Ziggler is half over the rope but is saved by Slater. Slater cracks Orton across his back. Slater and Ziggler push Orton against the corner and they both stomp away at the former World Champion. Big Show gets back to his feet and drags Slater off of Orton. Show delivers a Choke Slam on Slater. Ziggler charges Show and is hit with a Sidewalk Slam by the giant. Show turns his attention to Orton. Setting Orton up against the corner, Big Show chops away at 'The Viper.' Big Show remains the only man standing in the ring and looks out to the New Nexus members standing just outside the ring.

Entrance #7: DH Smith

DH Smith rushes into the ring choosing to avoid confronting the Nexus members. Smith dodges the first punch from Big Show and tries to trip up the giant by pulling his legs out from under him. Show proves to be too heavy as Smith can't seem to pull the legs out. Grabbing Smith by the throat, Big Show preps for a Choke Slam. Dolph Ziggler gets back to his feet and charges Show and get locked into a Choke Slam. Both of Big Show's giant hands are wrapped around either Ziggler's or Smith's throat. Heath Slater sneaks up behind Big Show and hits with a low blow, releasing Ziggler and DH Smith. DH Smith turns to Dolph and attacks him as Slater attack Big Show. Orton gets to his feet and attacks Slater. Big Show sits in a corner and recuperates from the earlier low blow.

Entrance #8: Curt Hawkins

Curt Hawkins has a goal to make a name for himself here tonight. Running straight to the ring, Hawkins immediately attacks Randy Orton from behind. Grabbing hold of Orton's head, Hawkins charges and tries to toss 'The Viper' over the top rope. Hawkins' hand slides off of Orton's head. Hawkins gets to the ropes with no one to toss and turns around as Randy Orton runs to closeline Hawkins. Curt Hawkins is closelined over the top rope.

Elimination #1: Curt Hawkins by Randy Orton

DH Smith is barely holding on in one corner as Ziggler tries to eliminate the Canadian. Orton turns his attention to Smith and Ziggler and breaks up the elimination attempt. Big Show is starting to get to his feet and Heath Slater clubs away at the much larger superstar. Show grabs hold of Slater's throat and lifts him into the air. Show has Slater in a Gorilla Press Hold over the giant's head. Big Show turns towards the two Nexus members still waiting outside the ring and Show sends Slater flying over the top rope toward Nexus. Slater crashes and lands on McGillicutty and Otunga!

Elimiantion #2: Heath Slater by Big Show

Entrance #9: Mason Ryan

The next Nexus member Mason Ryan comes down and helps his teammates to their feet. The Nexus members still choose to stay outside the ring. Big Show looks over to the Nexus outside the ring. In the corner Randy Orton, Dolph Ziggler, and DH Smith are still battling each other. Big Show thinks for a few moments before he starts to slowly step through the ropes, wanting to confront Nexus. Ziggler breaks free of Orton and Smith to spot Big Show open for an attack. Ziggler runs over and hits a Zig-Zag on the giant. To keep the giant down, Ziggler then starts to stomp away on Big Show.

Entrance #10: Diesel (Kevin Nash)

The horn of Diesel goes off as the former WWE Champion and future Hall of Famer walks down to the ring. Avoiding a potential confrontation, New Nexus walk around the ring and stand by the announce tables. Back inside the ring Ziggler, Orton, and Smith have stopped taking notice of Diesel coming to the ring. The Big Show is still recovering from the Zig-Zag. Randy Orton is the first to strike with a RKO on DH Smith. Ziggler and Orton immediately get into a brawl. Just as 'Big Daddy Cool' gets into the ring, Orton irish whips Ziggler towards the returning WWE superstar. Diesel hits the running Ziggler with a Big Boot. Orton and Diesel lock it up as they try to toss the other over the top rope as Big Show and Dolph Ziggler start to get back to their feet.

Entrance #11: Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston

Kofi Kingston explodes from the back and immediately rises to the top turnbuckle. Once Orton and Diesel separate from trying to eliminate each other, Kofi launches off towards Orton. Kingston lands hitting Orton with a Cross Body! Big Show gets to his feet as Diesel turns towards him. Diesel and Big Show have a stare down in the middle of the ring as Kofi and Orton brawl on one side of the ring, DH Smith continues to recover from the earlier RKO, and Ziggler starting to use the ropes to get to his feet. Big Show and Diesel start to exchange hard rights and lefts. Diesel gets the upper hand as Ziggler chops away at Big Show's knee. Big Show staggers backwards and fall flat from the next punch by Diesel. Dodging the next punch from Diesel, Ziggler is able to lock in a Sleeper Hold on 'Big Daddy Cool.'

Entrance #12: Razor Ramon (Scott Hall)

Razor Ramon wastes little time in going to the ring. The former Intercontinental Champion enters the ring and saves his former WCW tag partner Diesel from Ziggler's Sleeper Hold. 'The Bad Guy' clubs away at Ziggler which causes him to loosen the Sleeper. Diesel comes back to life and charges backwards into a turnbuckle. Ziggler releases the Sleeper. Diesel turns to Dolph Ziggler and uses the Jackknife Powerbomb. Razor pulls Ziggler to his feet and puts him stomach forward towards the corner. With Diesel's help, Ramon is able to hit Ziggler with a Razor's Edge! Working together, the WCW tag partners pull Dolph Ziggler to his feet and dump the limp body over the top rope.

Elimination #3: Dolph Ziggler by Razor Ramon and Diesel

Razor and Diesel look over the top rope at Ziggler and shake hands. With Kingston having turned his attention to Big Show earlier, Randy Orton sneaks up behind the two legends. Suddenly both 'The Bad Guy' Razor Ramon and 'Big Daddy Cool' Diesel are dumped over the top rope by the once called 'Legend Killer' Randy Orton.

Elimination #4 and #5: Razor Ramon and Diesel by Randy Orton

With a much thinner ring, with Nexus still waiting outside, only Randy Orton, Big Show, DH Smith, and Kofi Kingston.

Entrance #13: Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre runs into the ring and just starts to dominate. Within seconds McIntyre hits the Future Shock DDT on both Big Show and DH Smith. McIntyre hits a Big Boot on Kofi Kingston and then turns his attention to Orton. Tackling Orton into a corner, McIntyre tries to lift 'The Viper' over the top rope. Big Show rolls into a corner and takes some time to rest. DH Smith uses the ropes closest to the Nexus to help himself to his feet. Smith turns around to find a waiting and standing Kofi Kingston. Wit no time to react or counter, Kingston nails DH Smith with a Trouble in Paradise. DH Smith tumbles over the top rope.

Elimination #6: DH Smith by Kofi Kingston

Losing their patience, the Nexus members outside the ring attack the eliminated DH Smith. Kingston steps through the ropes standing on the apron. Kingston runs and launches off of the apron at the Nexus with a Body Splash saving Smith from a bigger beat down. Kingston rushes back into the ring and is followed by David Otunga. Ryan and McGillicutty try to stop Otunga but fail to do so. Otunga chases after Kingston and finds himself running into a Knock Out Punch from Big Show. Kingston and Show stand together and wait to see if either Nexus members will come in to try to save Otunga.

Entrance #14: Husky Harris

Husky Harris comes down and with his fellow Nexus members, begin to surround the ring. Orton and McIntyre join Show and Kingston in taking notice of the surrounding Nexus. Big Show picks up David Otunga and easily tosses the dead weight over the top rope.

Elimination #7:
David Otunga by Big Show

The three Nexus members circulate around the ring as the four WWE superstars remain true to their temporary truce.

Entrance #15: CM Punk

While everyone looks down to the entrance ramp for the Nexus leader, CM Punk comes flying in from the audience with a lead pipe. Punk jumps into the ring and surprises Orton, McIntyre, and Kingston with a lead pipe to the skull. CM Punk calls in the remaining Nexus into the ring and team up against Big Show. Through a combined effort, the Nexus are able to force Big Show over the top rope.

Elimination #8: Big Show by New Nexus

CM Punk co-ordinates his Nexus to attack and keep the three remaining superstars down on the ground.

Entrance #16: Primo Colon

Primo hesitates a bit but eventually runs into the ring. CM Punk calls over Husky and together easily toss Primo over the top rope.

Elimination #9: Primo Colon by CM Punk and Husky Harris

New Nexus return to trying to eliminate the remaining WWE superstars in the ring (Randy Orton, Drew McIntyre, and Kofi Kingston), but with no success.

Entrance #17: WWE Tag Team Champion Vladimir Kozlov

Similar to the last entrance, Kozlov walks straight into and gets immediately tossed over when CM Punk orders McGillicutty and Ryan to eliminate the 'Russian Mauler.'

Elimination #10: Vladimir Kozlov by Michael McGillicutty and Mason Ryan

As Punk watches the elimination, he misses out on Randy Orton fighting back and hitting a Back Cracker on Husky Harris! Orton charges forth and dumps an unknowing McGillicutty over the top rope.

Elimination #11: Michael McGillicutty by Randy Orton

Mason Ryan steps back and tries to closeline Orton over the top. 'The Viper' ducks down with the top rope so Ryan eliminates himself using his own momentum.

Elimination #12: Mason Ryan by Randy Orton

As Husky Harris gets to his feet, Kofi and Drew line up behind the larger man. Kofi and Drew work together for a Double Backdrop with Husky going both over the top rope and landing on the outside floor.

Elimination #13: Husky Harris by Kofi Kingston and Drew McIntyre

CM Punk slowly backs into a corner as Randy Orton, Kofi Kingston, and Drew McIntyre close in on him. Orton goes to grab CM Punk and Drew McIntyre dumps 'The Viper' over the top rope...Out of no where McIntyre backstabs Randy Orton ending the truce and eliminating him.

Elimination #14: Randy Orton by Drew McIntyre

Orton snaps as security have to try to get the former world champion to the back, while the in ring action continues.

Entrance #18: JTG

As JTG comes down the ramp and joins into the match. JTG challenges McIntyre as they focus on beating down the other. Kingston attempts another Backdrop on Punk. Punk flips over Kingston and lands on his feet, Kofi turns around and takes a high kick to the skull from Punk. CM Punk tries to lock in the Anaconda Vise but Kofi squirms out. They get to their feet and Kofi hits Punk with his own high kick.

Entrance #19: Justin Gabriel

The Corre member rushes into the ring and joins Kofi in beating down CM Punk. In a corner McIntyre tries to eliminate JTG, but Kofi turns from CM Punk to make the save. Kofi and Drew start to focus on each other as JTG takes a rest.

Entrance #20: Rey Mysterio

As Rey runs down to the ring, Justin Gabriel hits a dropkick on CM Punk. Punk falls back with his head landing on the top rope. Mysterio jumps into the ring and immediately goes for the 619. CM Punk falls back and Gabriel goes to the top turnbuckle. Justin Gabriel lands the 450 Splash down on Punk. Gabriel gets to his feet as Mysterio jumps from the ring apron to the top rope and springboards towards Gabriel. Rey lands on Gabriel for a Hurricanrana. Gabriel and Rey then both go over the top rope. Rey holds on and easily slides back into the ring as Gabriel lands on the ring apron. Rey runs and goes for a baseball slide to take out Gabriel's feet. The Corre member leaps with Rey missing him. Justin rolls back into the ring avoiding a close elimination with Mysterio close behind. JTG attacks Gabriel as McIntyre jumps Rey. Kofi Kingston goes back to work on a recovering CM Punk.

Entrance #21: Chavo Guerrero

Chavo Guerrero slides into the ring and is on fire. Living up to his Uncle Eddie's legacy, Chavo manages to hit The Three Amigos on JTG, McIntyre, and Rey Mysterio. Shaking his shoulders, Chavo's taunt will cost him as CM Punk takes advantage to dump Chavo Guerrero over the top rope.

Elimination #15: Chavo Guerrero by CM Punk

JTG slowly gets back to his feet from taking the Three Amigosusing the ropes. JTG gets to his feet and Justin Gabriel hits with a Spinning Heel Kick that sends JTG over the top rope.

Elimination #16: JTG by Justin Gabriel

Entrance #22: Zack Ryder

Ryder, like Chavo did, explodes and hits a Rough Ryder immediately on CM Punk. Ryder tries another Rough Ryder but Mysterio counters with a dropkick. As Rey gets up, McIntyre hits a Big Boot on the smaller superstar. Together Ryder and McIntyre try to hoist Rey over the top rope. Mysterio wraps his arms and legs around the top and middle rope. Eventually McIntyre gives up and attacks Ryder.

Entrance #23: Tyler Reks

Reks explodes sending hard rights and lefts to everyone in the ring. Grabbing hold of Gabriel's head, Reks drives his head into a corner turnbuckle. Reks throws left and rights wearing down the Corre member. In the middle of the ring Kingston does battle with Zack Ryder. McIntyre has returned to trying to eliminate Mysterio who has once again wrapped his legs and arms around the top two ropes. CM Punk is hiding out in a corner resting and recharging.

Entrance #24: John Morrison

As John Morrison makes his entrance Tyler Reks, Drew McIntyre, and CM Punk join Kingston and Ryder's fight in the middle of the ring. Before entering the ring, Morrison climbs to the top turnbuckle and goes airborne hitting a Body Splash on everyone in the middle of the ring. John Morrison springs to his feet and hits a Running Knee on Tyler Reks. Justin Gabriel moves towards Morrison. Morrison responds with a Super Kick at Gabriel. Morrison lines up against the ropes. Jumping on the ropes and rebounding backwards, Morrison hits a Flying Chuck on Zack Ryder. Morrison is the solo man standing in the ring. Looking over his carnage, Morrison turns around and is caught by surprise by Rey Mysterio spring boarding off of the top rope. Rey lands and hits Morrison with a Hurricanrana. Morrison's neck lands on the middle rope. Rey goes for the 619 but Morrison dodges. Morrison grabs Rey and goes for a suplex but Rey counters with a DDT in midair. Rey Mysterio crawls to his feet as the majority of the competitors start to get to their feet.

Entrance #25: Ezekiel Jackson

Ezekiel Jackson and helps his fellow Corre member Justin Gabriel to his feet. Jackson takes Gabriel thought the ropes to the outside. The two regroup as Mysterio and Kingston are trying to hoist McIntyre over the top rope, McIntyre stealing Rey's move of locking his arms and legs around the top two ropes. Kingston turns his attention now to Mysterio, freeing up McIntyre In a corner Tyler Reks is beating down Zack Ryder. CM Punk charges at the same corner driving a knee to the back of Reks' skull. Punk then tries lifting Reks over the top rope.

After a quick talk, Jackson and Gabriel turn back to the ring as Morrison goes for a Baseball Slide sending both Corre members flying back against the barricade. Morrison focuses on Jackson letting out a series of lefts and rights trying to keep the bigger man down. Morrison slaps Gabriel and bolts back into the ring. Morrison taunts the Corre from inside the ring but McIntyre dumps him over the top rope! Morrison holds on and is able to get onto the ring apron. 'The Sunday Night Delight' gets to his feet and the Scotsman pushes Morrison off. Morrison flies and lands on the barricade clenching for dear life.

John Morrison climbs the barricade, without his feet touching the floor. Balancing of the barricade, Morrison prepares to leap off back to the ring to safety. Ezekiel Jackson grabs hold of Morrison and tries to pull the parkour expert down to be eliminated. Morrison bends down and wraps his arms around Jackson's head. Morrison leaps off and hits a Tornado DDT driving Jackson's skull into the ring apron and Morrison not sitting on the ring apron. John Morrison then rolls under the ring barely avoiding elimination.

Entrance #26: William Regal

Before Regal even enters the ring, Morrison grabs McIntyre's head from behind and flings the Scotsman over the top rope.

Elimiantion #17: Drew McIntyre by John Morrison

Justin Gabriel and Ezekiel Jackson are sitting outside the ring recovering from the match so far. Kofi finds himself battling William Regal first. Regal takes advantage of being the fresher man and simply over powers Kingston into a German Suplex. Regal now finds a recovering Mysterio in a corner. With Mysterio tired, Regal stomps away at the 'Ultimate Underdog' Ryder, having turned the tables thanks to Punk's earlier intervention, is now the one beating down on Tyler Reks in a corner. Once Reks is sitting on the ground against the corner, Ryder runs back and charges forward hitting a Rough Ryder. CM Punk and John Morrison have started a grapple war in another corner, where they both seem to be trying to lift the other over the ropes.

Entrance #27: Kane

Kane starts off by not entering the match, instead choosing to attack Ezekiel Jackson and Justin Gabriel. With a lariat taking down Jackson for now, Kane lifts and hits Gabriel with a Choke Slam. One at a time, 'The Big Red Machine' rolls them both back into the ring.

Inside the ring, CM Punk has managed to get Morrison's upper half over the top rope but the 'Sunday Night Delight' is still holding on. Ryder is mocking Reks, slapping the much larger man in the back of the head. Rek pushes Ryder off and gets to his feet. Ryder looks scared. Kingston is still on the ground from the German Suplex earlier. Regal is attempting a Tiger Bomb on Rey Mysterio. Regal hoists Rey int the air but it is countered into a Hurricanrana sending the British star over the top rope.

Elimination #18: William Regal by Rey Mysterio

Entrance #28: Yoshi Tatsu

Yoshi enters and is taken down by the monster Kane. Kane then turns his attention back to the Corre. Kane picks Gabriel back to his feet but Jackson goes for the save with a closeline on Kane saving Gabriel. Jackson and Gabriel then team up together on Kane. CM Punk has given up on Morrison and is now focusing on Rey Mysterio. John Morrison tries to take some time to rest but is interrupted by Kofi Kingston. While all of this is going on, Zack Ryder is comically running around everyone trying to stay away from an angry Tyler Reks.

Entrance # 29: King Sheamus

Zack Ryder is now hiding behind Yoshi Tatsu. Reks grabs hold Tatsu and throws him over the top rope.

Elimination #19: Yoshi Tatsu by Tyler Reks

Tyler Ryder finally gets his hands on Ryder and tosses him over too.

Elimination #20: Zack Ryder by Tyler Reks

Reks dusts his hands off in pride of his two eliminations but finds himself going over the top rope thanks to Kofi Kingston.

Elimination #21: Tyler Reks by Kofi Kingston

Sheamus stands as three bodies within seconds of each other were sent flying in front of him just before he could enter the ring. Inside the ring, Kane is trying to battle off both Gabriel and Jackson of the Corre. John Morrison is in a corner resting. Mysterio is trying to eliminate CM Punk with Punk trying to hold onto Rey the best he can. Sheamus enters the ring and he battles it out with Kingston. Sheamus gets the upper hand thanks to Kingston's long time he's been in this match.

Entrance #30: Ted DiBiase

DiBiase rushes to the ring and immediately tries to help Gabriel and Jackson in eliminating Kane in one corner. After saving Punk from elimination, Sheamus and 'The Straightedge Superstar' team up on Rey Mysterio. Morrison saves Mysterio though. Kingston is in a corner resting.

Entrance #31: Jack Swagger

Jack Swagger enters and goes after John Morrison. In the middle of the ring, Swagger and locks and hits a Swagger Bomb on Morrison. Swagger next goes for the Ankle Lock. Before it can do any real damage, Kofi Kingston breaks the submission. This allows Sheamus and Punk to go back to working together to eliminate Rey. After nearly being eliminated, Kane powers out and throws Jackson, Gabriel, and DiBiase off to the side. Kane hits Jackson with a Big Boot. DiBiase runs in and gets Chokeslamed by Kane.

Entrance #32: United States Champion Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan immediately goes for the biggest fight and surprised Kane by locking the monster into the LeBell Lock. Kane cries in pain and escapes by rolling underneath the ropes. Bryan lets go of the hold but then wraps Kofi Kingston into the LeBell Lock afterwards. Swagger breaks the hold and puts Bryan into an Ankle Lock. Bryan flips through getting Swagger to flip over onto the mat and release the hold. Bryan jumps and locks the LeBell Lock on Swagger. Morrison lines up and charges at Bryan with a Running Knee. Bryan releases the submission and holds his face. Morrison turns around and is picked up by CM Punk. Morrison is hit with the GTS! Mysterio springboards off of the ropes towards Punk. Punk dodges and once Rey lands he is hit with a Bro Kick by Sheamus. Kane returns to the ring with Punk finding himself between him and Sheamus. Sheamus and Kane charge as CM Punk jumps out of the way. Sheamus nails Kane with a Bro Kick and Kane hits Sheamus with a Big Boot. They both crash down as CM Punk stands tall as the only one currently standing. Punk has a mini-celebration but is ended when he sees who enters next.

Entrance #33: John Cena

John Cena slides into the ring ready for action. Cena and Punk have a brief stare down. Punk goes for a kick to the midsection but Cena catches the kick. Lifting Punk over his shoulders, Cena FUs CM Punk over the top rope.

Elimination #22: CM Punk by John Cena

Ezekiel Jackson and Justin Gabriel are the first two to get to their feet. Cena exchanges a few rights and lefts with the two. John Cena eventually gets an opening and closelines Jackson and Gabriel over the top rope.

Elimination #23: Ezekiel Jackson by John Cena

Justin Gabriel lands on the ring apron and holds on for dear life. Cena wastes no time as he grabs Gabriel's head and drops to his knees. Gabriel's neck is forced against the top rope sending the South African native to the outside floor.

Elimination #24: Justin Gabriel by John Cena

John Cena salutes the fans to a series of cheers and boos.

Entrance #34: Wade Barrett

As Barrett comes down to the ring, he has a quick conversation with Gabriel and Jackson. Soon Gabriel and Jackson turn back to the ring as Heath Slater enters from the back carrying four steel chairs. Each Corre member now armed, the four walk down to the ring. Before the Corre can get to the ring, Big Show comes from the back with Razor Ramon and Diesel. Corre turns around too late as Razor, Diesel, and Show attack the four from behind. Barrett is able to escape barely and gets to the ring. The battle between the six eventually makes it way to the back. Wade Barrett enters the ring finally.

Entrance #35: Goldust

Goldust enters and is immediately Bro Kicked by Sheamus

Entrance #36: R-Truth

R-Truth runs into the ring and hits a bent over Ted DiBiase with an Axe Kick. Truth then focuses on helping Morrison eliminate Swagger.

Entrance #37: Tyson Kidd

Kidd enters and targets the smaller man in the match, Rey Mysterio, with mixed results.

Entrance #38: Mark Henry

Mark Henry enters the ring and makes a fairly big impact. He plows over Kane and Sheamus, then World Strongest Slams R-Truth. His run ends when Barrett hits him with a Big Boot.

Entrance #39: Alberto Del Rio

Alberto Del Rio enters and takes his time entering. Wade Barrett has picked up Tyson Kidd over his shoulders. Barrett goes towards the ropes and hits Kidd with a Wasteland over the top rope.

Elimination #25: Tyson Kidd by Wade Barrett

Alberto starts to circle around the ring observing the battles taking place inside. Goldust has DiBiase in a headlock against the ropes. DiBiase counters and starts lifting the veteran over his head. DiBiase tosses Goldust over the top rope with a backdrop.

Elimination #26: Goldust by Ted DiBiase

Seeing that the next entrant is coming out, Alberto Del Rio finally enters the ring.

Entrance #40: WWE Tag Team Champion Santino Marella

Marella strolls down to the ring as the thirteen remaining superstars are battling it out in the ring. Kane, Mark Henry, and Sheamus are battling it out in the middle of the ring. Wade Barett is trying to hoist R-Truth over the top rope in a corner. In another corner Rey Mysterio has his legs wrapped around Ted DiBiase's head, with Rey and Ted both starting to go over the top rope. Jack Swagger comes by and flips DiBiase and Mysterio over the top rope, but they both land on the apron and roll back into the ring. John Cena then tries to hoist Swagger over the top. Along the ropes Daniel Bryan and Kofi Kingston are battling, while John Morrison is trying to lift Del Rio over the top rope.

Saninto Marella enters the ring and arms the Cobra. Marella with the Cobra takes down DiBiase and Swagger. Santino cheers for his two successful Cobra strikes, but unknowingly walks into Kane. Marella arms the Cobra and strikes out at Kane. Kane doesn't even flinch as he grabs Santino by the back of the head and tosses the Tag Champion over the top rope for the second year in a row.

Elimination #27: Santino Marella by Kane

Ted DiBiase gets back to his feet after the Cobra strike only to be tossed out of the ring by Kane.

Elimination #28: Ted DiBiase by Kane

Mark Henry closelines Sheamus. Henry tries to pick 'The Celtic Warrior' up to attempt an elimination but is jumped from behind by Daniel Bryan. Bryan locks Henry in the LeBell Lock. Henry gets himself back to his feet lifting Bryan up with him. Showing immense strength, Henry lifts Bryan over the top rope. Bryan keeps holding Henry's arm knowing letting go will equal an elimination. Daniel Bryan starts to pull down on Henry's arm trying to eliminate 'The World's Strongest Man.' Henry starts to teeter over the rope and close to going over, with Daniel Bryan trying to slide back into the ring. Jack Swagger comes out of no where and tosses Henry over the top rope.

Elimination #29: Mark Henry by Daniel Bryan and Jack Swagger

As Daniel Bryan tries to roll back into the ring from the ring apron, Swagger starts kicking at the United States Champion to keep him from reentering. Swagger pushes Daniel Bryan upper body of of the apron with his foot. Bryan grabs hold of Swagger's foot trying to avoid being eliminated. Trying to stop Swagger from pushing Bryan off the apron with his foot, Bryan locks the Ankle Lock on Swagger! Swagger screams out in pain as Bryan locks his arms and legs around Swagger's leg, holding on for dear life to avoid elimination. Swagger taps out and screams in pain that ultimately means nothing in the Royal Rumble. Bryan's shoulders rest on the outside ring floor but his feet are still wrapped around Swagger's leg. Thinking quick, Jack Swagger rolls out of the ring letting Bryan's entire body now touch the floor.

Elimination #30: Daniel Bryan by Jack Swagger

Jack Swagger rolls into the ring and stands up on only one leg, wincing in pain, but is closelined over the top rope by John Morrison.

Elimination #31: Jack Swagger by John Morrison

John Morrison turns and is hit with a Big Boot from Kane. 'The Big Red Machine' lets loose uppercutting everyone he encounters in the ring. Kane eventually runs into John Cena. Kane grabs Cena by the throat but Cena fights back with a kick to Kane's midsection. Kane stumbles back to the ropes and is closelined over the top rope.

Elimination #32: Kane by John Cena

Cena turns by from just eliminating Kane and gets hit with a Bro Kick by Sheamus. Cena falls over and Sheamus stomps away at him. Sheamus pulls Cena to his feet but is pushed away by 'The Commander-in-Chief of the CeNation.' Cena is still bent over as R-Truth runs in and hits an Axe Kick out of no where on him. Cena falls over and Truth hits a Spinning High Kick on Sheamus. Truth gets fired up as he turns to Barrett sending out a series of hard rights and lefts. Barrett falls back against the ropes and Truth charges forward. Wade Barrett ducks down and flips R-Truth over the top rope.

Elimination #33: R-Truth by Wade Barrett

Sheamus gets back to his feet as Rey Mysterio springboards once again onto Sheamus. Mysterio attempts another Hurricanrana elimination but Sheamus instead Powerbombs Rey into a corner. Rey walks forward holding his back in pain and Sheamus charges with a closeline eliminating 'The Ultimate Underdog.'

Elimination #34: Rey Mysterio by King Sheamus

Sheamus turns around proud of just eliminating the popular Rey Mysterio and gets Super Kick by John Morrison. Sheamus goes flying out over the top rope.

Elimination #35: King Sheamus by John Morrison

Five superstars remain and John Cena gets fired up. Cena hits the Flying Shoulder Block on Wade Barrett. Cena gets the Back Drop on John Morrison. Going up top, Cena lands the Leg Drop across the back of the neck of Kofi Kingston. Closelining Alberto Del Rio, John Cena gets set for the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena bounces off the ropes and delivers the fist to Del Rio's head. Cena taunts to the crowd. Looking for crowd approval, Cena lets the audience choose who will be eliminated next by pointing at each of the four. The crowd becomes the loudest for Wade Barrett. As Barrett gets to his feet, Cena lines up behind the Corre member ready to go for the elimination. Barrett turns around and John Cena sets up for a FU. Out of no where, the WWE Champion The Miz and Alex Riley run down to the ring. Cena drops Barrett and goes to defend himself. Cena picks up Riley and hits the FU, but Miz sneaks up behind him and dumps Cena out of the match. Miz grabs Riley and runs for dear life.

Elimination #36: John Cena by The Miz (not in the match)

We're down to the final four: 'The Every Night Delight' John Morrison, 'The Mexican Aristocrat' Alberto Del Rio, the Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston, and the 'NXT Season One Winner' Wade Barrett. All four of them go to a corner and rest, each recovering from a different one of Cena's moves of doom.

King: I still can't believe it. How cowardly is The Miz. Tossing John Cena out of the match and running away like that.

Cole: I think Cena deserved it. Cena called out Miz earlier and now is getting what he deserved.

Striker: This is wicked guys, in this ring may be the most talented young guys in the WWE right now. We have John Morrison, former WWE Intercontinental and Tag Team Champion. Plus Morrison has had experience being the main champion on a show before. Remember back to when he was ECW Champion?

King: Morrison, in my opinion, is a future World Champion. Right now my personal pick to win this thing is Kofi Kingston. Kofi started the Rumble back at #11 and is still going. He's a great competitor and there is a reason he is the Intercontinental Champion right now, he's that good.

Cole: You both are missing out on who will win this match, Alberto Del Rio. He's talented, fast, strong, rich. There's nothing he can't do.

King: What does rich have to do with anything?

Striker: Guys, we can't forget Wade Barrett either. I know he's done a lot of horrible things but he is a talented young man. Barrett won the first season of NXT, has competed for the WWE Title on multiple occasions, and formed two of the most sinister groups ever in the WWE: the Nexus and Corre. What a way to cap off a year then for Barrett to win this Royal Rumble.

By this point each of the four competitors are back to their feet and have started circling the ring. Barrett makes the first move and throws a few hard punches to Kofi Kingston. Instead of attacking Alberto Del Rio, John Morrison jumps Wade Barrett from behind. Del Rio simply leans in a corner and watches the action. Barrett tries to fend off both Morrison and Kingston, but he's not to ganging up on superstars rather then being ganged up on. A hard right from Morrison makes Barrett stagger backwards and a hard left from Kingston pushes Barrett against the ropes. Holding the others arm, Morrison and Kingston double closeline Wade Barrett over the top rope!

Elimination #37: Wade Barrett by Kofi Kingston and John Morrison

Alberto Del Rio runs up and hits a hard and fast Back Drop on John Morrison. With the lights out for 'The Sunday Night Delight,' Del Rio is able to trip over Kingston with a Drop Toe Hold. With Kofi down, 'The Mexican Aristocrat' locks on the Arm Bar on the Intercontinental Champion. Kingston taps out but Del Rio keeps the submission locked in. Morrison comes back to life and breaks the submission. Morrison runs and rebounds off the ropes. Del Rio sits up and gets a Running Knee to the face from Morrison. Morrison walks to one side of the ring and takes a little rest. Kingston gets back up to his feet, on the other end of the ring from where Morrison is. Kingston runs towards Morrison and twists in the air. Morrison sees whats coming and ducks as Kingston goes for Trouble in Paradise. Kingston crashes into the ropes, hooking his legs around the ropes. Morrison comes out from underneath and flips Kingston completely over the ropes!

Kingston lands on the outside apron, narrowly escaping elimination. Morrison steps back and goes for a Super Kick to the Intercontinental Champion. Catching Morrison's kicking foot and lowering the ropes, Kingston pulls him over the ropes too. Like Kofi, Morrison lands on the outside ring apron. Alberto Del Rio sits up and gets to his feet. Morrison and Kingston exchange punches with them both close to elimination. Del Rio charges forward and both Morrison and Kingston bend over and drive their shoulders into the Mexican native's gut. Del Rio falls backwards as Morrison and Kingston stand back up, still on the ring apron. Eyeing up the other, Morrison and Kingston both go to deliver a Super Kick. They both hit and they both fall back, both eliminated from the 2011 Royal Rumble.

Elimination #38 and #39: John Morrison and Kofi Kingston by Kofi Kingston and John Morrison respectively

The Winner of the 2011 40-Man Royal Rumble: Alberto Del Rio

The music hits and the referee holds his hand up, Alberto Del Rio is happy and surprised over Morrison and Kingston eliminating themselves. Del Rio celebrates with Ricardo as Morrison and Kingston stand outside the ring frustrated. Michael Cole stands at the announcer's table applauding the 2011 Royal Rumble Winner.

Cole: That right there is a true future World Champion. Alberto Del Rio has punched his ticket to Wrestlemania 27 and I personally look forward to watching to watching the greatest Smackdown superstar take on the greatest WWE Champion ever, The Miz at the Grandest Stage of Them All!

King: What makes you think he's picking the WWE Title.

Striker: There's still Elimination Chamber too, Miz may not be...

Cole: Stop being downers you too. Just sit back and bask in the greatness that is Alberto Del Rio.

End Show

Royal Rumble 2011 Facts and Figures
-Along with being the biggest in mass and having the most competitors in any Royal Rumble, this was also the longest Royal Rumble running 01:12:14.
-Kofi Kingston competed the longest having entered at #11 and was eliminated last with John Morrison. With this being the first ever 40-Man Royal Rumble, Kingston effectively started at the same time as when Shawn Michaels went from won the Royal Rumble at #1. Kingston missed Mysterio's record for longest time in a Rumble by 10 minutes and 2 seconds. Mysterio's time was 01:02:12
-Randy Orton and Kofi Kingston are tied for most eliminations, but Orton made all of his alone while two of Kingston's were accomplished with assistance.
-Randy Orton: Curt Hawkins, Razor Ramon, Diesel Michael McGillicutty, and Mason Ryan
-Kofi Kingston: DH Smith, Husky Harris (w/Drew McIntyre), Tyler Reks, Wade Barrett (w/John
Morrison), and John Morrison
-Last year Santino Marella and Kane set the record together for the fastest elimination in Royal Rumble history. Though not as fast, this marks the second year in a row that Kane has eliminated the Italian superstar.
-Arguably Alberto Del Rio, compared to past Royal Rumble winners, had the easiest time winning the match. Del Rio entered at #39 and is the first ever Royal Rumble winner to never be apart of or make an elimination. The final eliminations of the match were John Morrison and Kofi Kingston eliminating each other.
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