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Re: WWE '12

Some things I would like to see in WWE 12.

Create an arena - This is something A LOT of people have been wanting for a long time. I wouldn't expect anything too extravagent because I know this would take a lot of work from the makers of the game, but something simple would be nice and a good start for something to work on and improve for the future games.

A more updated roster and leave out non relevant characters - If the character is never seen on television then there really is no point in putting them in the game other than using them as a squash character for CAW's. They really should extend the roster cut off date as well. Instead of WM make the cut off date for the roster be Summerslam. It always sucks when an interesting character debuts in late July, but don't make the cut for the game because the roster ended in March or April.

Add more attires for the characters that they actually wear - I understand that is what the Superstar threads creation is supposed to be used for. However, if you are going to give a superstar a second attire, give him an actual alternate attire that they have worn before, not street clothes that you have never seen them in before. I saw a clip of Cena and Sheamus's entrance for WWE 12 on youtube. Sheamus is wearing his United States, Red White and Blue attire when he was U.S. champ. Why the fuck would they give him that attire when he only wore it for a month!? Hopefully they have his usual wrestling trunks in the game.

Get rid of RTWM and just put in a regular storymode like the older Smackdown games. Add a lot of options throughout the storyline mode also, I remember in SYM and HCTP, there were a lot of times where you had options on what you could do and say which would alter the story for your character.

Get rid of WWE Universe....HATED that mode and very rarely used it.

Let us defend titles in exhibition mode again....seriously what the hell was the deal with taking that option out in SVR 2011?!? That is probaly my biggest complaint about that game.

Instead of constantly taking out moves year after year, add a shit load more in this years game.

Make the game more balanced. SVR 11 was horseshit that you could easily beat your opponent or they could easily beat you with a simple scoop slam...seriously what the fuck? Hell SVR 10 was more balanced than 2011.

All I can think of right now.
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