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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

Melvisboy's Smackdown Review!

Wassup. I sometimes read through your old thread, but I never really commented so I thought I’d comment on this one and give as good a review as possible bearing in mind I've hardly ever reviewed before. But I’m going to start reviewing regularly now, to not only help other bookers but to pick up little things and help myself. So yeah, let’s go with your Smackdown! Just a note, I’m reviewing as I go along in the show, and I'm not all too familiar with modern day WWE. I know enough to get by, but I don't know enough to call myself an expert, so yeah.

Not much to comment on regarding the VP. It has to be put in there and it did its job of just recapping Wrestlemania. Nothing more to say really, is there? Immediately, I can see you've captured the commentators near enough perfectly. I can just imagine their voices saying them exact things which is good and gives me hope for the rest of the show. It had to be Edge, Christian or Del Rio to start the show in my opinion and I’m glad it's Edge. It'll be interesting to see how you handle Edge considering he retired on this episode of Smackdown, I believe. Definitely something to look forward to seeing unfold!

Fuck, Edge doesn't even get a chance to speak and he's attacked by Clay and Del Rio? Meh, I wanted a few words from Edge but this will suffice, I suppose. I was never convinced by Del Rio being a villainous heel but at this rate, in your thread I will fall for the act because he generally has pissed me off. Good job, I guess. Haha, he really is a bastard isn't he, the bill, the attack and now simply belittling Edge. He's only just started speaking and you've grasped the character of Del Rio brilliantly! As expected, Christian is out to make the save and thankfully he doesn't do too much damage to Del Rio because that just adds to the chickenshit'ness (yes, that is a word) of ADR. Very nice way to start the show.

A 6-pack hardcore challenge for the IC title, eh? Nice. I really do hope you bring some prestige back to the IC and the US titles because they really do need revamping and a match like this at ER could really start the revamping process. Glad to see Chavo in a meaningful match and I hope you don't just use him as a jobber. Also glad to see Barreta out here fighting for an IC title shot because I think the kid has real potential and hopefully you use him well. The match was nice. Whether you meant to do it or not, you really defined the rookie/veteran qualities between the two, with Barreta covering at all costs trying to get the quick win etc. But yeah, a nice win for Barreta but I'm really not expecting him to win at Extreme Rules, but hopefully here's to a nice, slow burner push for Trent and please don't let Chavo fade in to irrelevance.

A decent little promo from Barrett, nothing I can really say or do about it. I'll probably forget about it though, didn't really mean much, but it did its job of reminding the reader about the Corre match later.

Another IC title qualifier? I'm not one to complain, but it seems a bit fast. Maybe there should have been a match in between them? I'm not sure, maybe it's just me. Rhodes vs. JTG and we all know who's winning this. Rhodes is a guy I can actually see winning, unlike Trent, simply because all he needs to be considered a legit threat is a singles title and he hasn't had one yet. If he were to win at ER, make it a long run please. Nothing really to comment on about the match, it was just a generic match which I think ran on for a bit longer than it should have done, considering the ability (or lack of) of JTG. Never the less, I hope this is the last IC title qualifier tonight otherwise it would be overkill. Oh dear, Super Rey is here!? Just as I got a little excited about the prospect of a title run from Rhodes, a run-in from Mysterio tells us that he's not really going to win at ER as the feud with Rey is carrying on, unless the IC title becomes a part of the feud. But yeah... i'm ruling Rhodes out of the match now. That little bit with Rey at the end, I thought, was unneeded.

Here's to hoping you reach Extreme Rules, which I’m sure you will.

A Barreta interview seems okay. I've never really heard the guy speak, but based on his gimmick of being a little bit of a nerd/rocker dude, you seemed to have nailed it. Drew Mac' coming in was a nice touch as I can imagine it getting pretty boring by now and a nice little reminder of Drew and Trent's little rivalry at the beginning of the year. I thought that had real potential and I hope you play off of it a little bit more, please? The badmouth from Drew kind of makes me support Trent a little bit more in the 6 Pack challenge which I guess was the point. I really hope you make Trent an underdog type character, as I feel his style, gimmick and stature really suits it without being TOO Super-Rey'esque.

Third match of the evening, seems to be going pretty quickly to me. Meh, nitpicking and just my preferences again. Another nit-pick here, and you REALLY like your wrestling don't you and since you'#ve been in charge you've really changed the promo:wrestling time drastically. Third match in and almost half an hour wrestling has already past. Anywho, quality match with no complaining regardless, and this time the right people won and they won in a solid fashion as well. The aftermath was good also, obviously setting up a few things. I'm guessing Kofi will be in the forefront of the IC title match if he's included in a qualifier next week, and a Gabriel/Slater vs. Kane/Show match. Jackson on the other hand, fuck knows. Interested to see where he's going in the future.

Snooki needs to go, ASAP. Other than that, the segment, like I said about the Corre segment earlier, was forgettable; other than the appearance of Tarver! Marked out. Again, I’m interested in seeing him evolve in this thread.

Dayum, you and your cheap, attention-seeking little tactics. Was hoping to see another brawl out here except we see everyones favourite superstar, Otunga. I hate the guy and whether or not that makes me biased towards this promo or not, I didn't really dig it, if I’m honest. It just seemed awkward and forced but if you like him, I guess i'm going to have to put up with him. Nice way to introduce Sin Cara even though I think a more credible star could have been used for his debut, bearing in mind all the hype that has gone in to it.

Very quick, brief match here and I’m glad to hear it. The less time I have to read about Otunga, the better. However I did mark for the showing of La Mistica which is a quality move and I didn't think you'd use it, haha. Hopefully, with Sin Cara you either: A) just have him be a wrestling machine, and have his technical skills speak for him, or B) get him a mouthpiece. If you let him talk (or at least try to) then i'll be very annoyed, to say the least. Nice debut, and hopefully big things are to come from Sin Cara, and the only big thing to come from Otunga is his last match.

Time for a main event, and like I said earlier, despite me being a fan of WRESTLING I feel that this week’s Smackdown has had too much compared to other weeks (not that you could have helped it) I would have preferred a gradual rise, not just a HUGEE leap. But like I said, that's my preferences and this is your BTB so carry on doing what you're doing! I don't even think I have to comment on the match its self simply because you have a real knack for match writing and it definitely is the highlight of your writing. I've noticed the extensive vocabulary you use within your matches just give it a little something and is definitely something I have to try and adopt in my writing. I see you're still carrying on with Michael Cole the cunt persona which I guess ia alright considering all of the build the WWE have put in to it already. Jack Swagger coming out of nowhere was alright, even though he hasn’t exactly been RELEVANT recently, so for him to playing such a huge role in the main event scene is weird, but I’m all up for a push for Jack, just don't push it too early. I know you’re a fan of him from your last thread, just don't blow it too early.

All in all, Melvisboy, it was a very solid show for what it was worth. The lacklustre Wrestlemania beforehand didn't really give you any benefits, but you made what you could out of it and it was a very entertaining show. Maybe a bit too much wrestling, 50 minutes over the course of two hours, bearing in mind commercial breaks, promos, entrances etc but there was a lack of promos and segments compared to usual which I guess made up for it. Like I said, your match writing is spectacular and certainly the best aspect of your writing and I shall definitely be reading more of your matches to pick up some things. Like I also said, your vocabulary is excellent, as is your grammar and spelling so nothing to complain about there. You have me intrigued about a few things and you have definitely got me waiting and looking forward to your next show. Good Luck, and please carry on because you've proven to me why your old thread was so successful and why you are so highly rated.

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