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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

Great to see you back man.. as you are always one of my favs in this section. Lets see what you do with a fresh start here on Smackdown, so many different ways you can go, hopefully Edge sticks around and you donít make things too similar to WWE. Also noticed Edge wasnít on the Smackdown banner? Is that a sign of things to come?

Good recap of Wrestlemania, reminding anyone if they had forgotten of the Smackdown action. Announcers open was good and everyone seemed to be in character. Interesting to see Striker at the announce booth.. where is Cole? Anyway donít mind Striker.

Edge out first is good. Got nervous we were going to see a retirement announcement or something along those lines, though we will never know as Del Rio and Clay jump him early. I do actually like Clay as an enforcer and is just another body in a Del Rio feud. What is this piece of paper, great heat for Del Rio though. BTW, one thing I love about your shows is how you paint such a great picture of what is happening. Good stuff. You have Del Rioís character down, though it isnít a hard one and is fun to write. Lol the bill for the damage.. this is something Del Rio would do, pretty funny.One line I didnít get was when he said the world title he stole out of Atlanta last night? Wasnít Wrestlemania 5 days prior? Del Rio giving Edge the choice of bill or title was pretty cool. Edge obviously says screw you. Clay goes to work, I like how Del Rio hasnít done anything and Clay is doing all the dirty work. Ah the armbreakerÖ and finally Christian comes out!! Where were you man lol? Who is the Livewire? That is a new nickname to me? Christian getting the best of Del Rio and company was good and overall a great way to start the show setting up the match for later.

Good idea with this six man IC hardcore match. Really putting some credibility and excitement back into the belt with this match. Plus having to earn a spot in the match shows that this is a big match. Baretta is somebody I really like, and feel he is talented. Wanna use him a lot in my thread also. Glad to see him win as at this point Chavo is just an enhancement talent. Baretta isnít gonna win the title but he will make the match exciting. Good back and forth match, with Baretta capitalizing after a missed frog splash.. does Chavo ever hit that move? Lol

Interesting meeting with the Corre. I didnít like the line we have a responsibility to the corre, they are the corre. Anyway it was good to set up some possible tension but I feel like Barrett would have been more upset if nobody responded to him.

Another IC match, and Cody needed to win this one obviously. Coming off a big win at Mania against Rey, Cody is looking good. He has a legit shot of winning the title. I am questioning if you could have found a better opponent rather than a jobber JTG but I guess you have only a certain about of people that arenít involved with other stuff and are faces that can lose. One thing I am interested to see is if you continue the undashing gimmick and what you do rather than the whole paper bag thing. Great to see Rey come out and get some revenge on Cody. I know this feud isnít over and I see a one on one match on an upcoming sd happening. Also expecting rey to be added to the title match at ER.

Baretta promo was cool, and nice to see you give him a character as he hasnít really ever talked other than back on ECW. I see he has the whole laid back cool RVD gimmick which is no pun intended ďCoolĒ. Great to see McIntyre bring up their past. McIntyre getting in his head, I see him being in the IC title match also. After that promo I think Baretta has a shot to win playing up the whole nobody thought he could win thing.

8 man Corre tag match. I really was disappointed irl when the gave this match like 2 minutes at Mania. Like this match you have here, as it was a fun and exciting match. Like all big tag matches the best part was when all heck broke loose towards the end. With bodies flying everywhere, but good to see Barrett lead by example and pick up the win. Im kind of disappointed he pinned Santino as that doesnít gain much credibility but it is still a win for the Corre. I also am interested in seeing how you handle them and if you break them up. I hope not as they could be a big part of the show, and Barrett is more dangerous the ruthless leader he is. Nice shot for good measure after the match and this isnít over, cant wait to see what big show will do next week.

Snooki is still here? Lol catfight..where is Joey styles? Cant complain 3 Ĺ hot girls going at it, though idk if snooki would appear on Smackdown?

Otunga and Sin Cara was a nice match, as no surprise Cara stays undefeated. Is Otunga on SD now? If so wat does this mean for Nexus and I could see him joining the Corre if he stays.

Main event time and this is a big match. These two have had great matches on SD and this was another one. I think Edge should have been at ringside calling the match as he has a huge interest in it. I mean he cant still be hurt from earlier? Though the post match stuff I know why he wasnít there. The match was good but the ending I liked a lot and didnít see coming. Cole is a great character to write with and is an easy way to get talent over with the fans. I donít get why he would choose to come out now and ramble like this.. but that is Cole he does things when they are unexpected and wants to be in the spotlight. But I donít get why he says he is back on Smackdown bc he has been the announcer on Smackdown since about January. Swagger costing Christian the match was good and should set up a feud in the future. And with Cole hopefully as Swaggerís manager he should get a big push. Edge didnít come out I am surprised but at least you acknowledged him

Overall good first show. Not too much happening but you are just starting to form storylines to differ from real life. I like some of the feuds you are setting up such as Swagger/Christian, a proper del rio/ edge feud, and the IC title match. One question about the two title matches, obv a stipulation will be added? Guess well have to wait and see. Good show again, cant wait for you next show, hope it wont be as long a wait next time
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