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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

Smackdown Feedback

First off, I'm glad to see you returned to this thread.

Obviously Smackdown is going to start with a recap of WrestleMania, so glad you included it.

Kicking off Smackdown with the Rated R Superstar, expected the same sort of retirement speech he had in WWE or something bland, and I'll be honest, I LOVED the start to the show, a promo from Edge as a face never amused me, he was pretty shit and bland at them when he was a face so yeah, glad you went the route you did with Del Rio ambushing him. I was expecting Christian to come out to the aid of Edge as soon as the beatdown was occurring but I'm glad that didn't happen because I loved Del Rio's promo, was very in character and I could picture him saying it. Del Rio saying Edge could repay the debt of destroying his car by giving him the World Title was awesome. Another beatdown wasn't what I expected, I expected Christian to now come out, which he didn't. The beatdown continued and THEN we get to see Christian, and I like how he pulled up in a car, explains why he wasn't out there as soon as Edge started getting his ass handed to him. Christian making quite the save with Alberto escaping pretty much unharmed was sort of expected, I thought Brodus/Rodriguez would be the ones who took the punishment from CLB. And was a good way to set up the Del Rio/Christian match for later on in the night. Good opening.

6 Man Intercontinental Championship No DQ match at Extreme Rules = CHAOS! Love it. Matt Striker's Call of Duty 4 line was epic. I like how this match was given some time but I HATED the result, mainly because I can't stand Trent and think Chavo could still be a legit Champion in this day and age, but that's just me. I hope the 6 Man match shapes up to be awesome, because it damn well sounds like it will be.

The movement from the match to Wade backstage was well executed imo, Wade standing watching one of the men he has to face at ER but also gets to the point about the Corre match later on. Wade's promo was what I would expect from him, trying to fire up the rest of The Corre? Anyway, I hope The Corre split up soon and you push Barrett & Gabriel. Two have a tonne of potential and don't deserve to be in a shit stable anymore.

JTG, forgot this man existed. VERY glad Cody won, he deserves a push and eventually to win a singles title. Happy Mysterio never got to touch the UnDashing One, Cody or Wade to win the IC Title match please. Please for the love of God, if Mysterio does get in the IC title match, don't let him win it.

I really don't know what Trent's mic work is like, so I'll just assume you nailed it. Trent & McIntyre backstage, I'm guessing Big Mac will get in the IC title match now too, now I want either Wade, Cody or BigMac to win the match at Extreme Rules, that is, if MaC gets in the match.

Expected Corre to win here, did NOT expect the match to be given nearly 14 minutes of time. Don't know why, just didn't expect it to last that long. The ending was awesome. I'm expecting a massive amount of friction in The Corre will end up splitting them up. Probably with Slater & Gabriel remaining as a team, Wade going on to have a mini feud with Zeke and then eventually Wade elevates to Main Event status and Zeke, well, Zeke can fuck off for all I care. Oh, I stand corrected, the feud seems like it might sadly continue between these 8 guys. Big Show & Kane are jokes tbf, so I suppose keeping them away from everything else is alright.

Snookie = Can't stand the woman, don't know why you've kept her on WWE TV, I'm sure you have your reasons, hopefully for Kharma to debut and crush her or something. The segment as a whole though was nicely done with Laycool being the bitches they are and all and the GLAMAZON, yes, fucking yes! Glamazon = Epic. Oh and Michael Tarver Him hanging around backstage should be his permanent gimmick, randomly appearing in random moments, even really serious ones.

I REALLY hope you push Otunga, he gets hate but he's actually pretty decent. His promo here was brilliant. Sin Cara ruined my fun for Otunga. Suppose it was a good way to debut him, but I wouldn't have used Otunga for it, would have used someone else but nonetheless, you gave us a glimpse of what Sin Cara is capable of and I expect him to rise to the midcard scene really quickly and be one of the 'key' guys in that scene. I'm unsure if you will be keeping Rey & Sin Cara on the same brand, but if you do decide to, don't rush a rivalry between the two Masked Men. A slow, subtle build could be quite nice if done properly. That is, if you do plan on going that route with having Cara face Mysterio at all. I'm unsure if Cara will be on Extreme Rules but I hope he is.

MAIN EVENT TIME. Had no idea who was going to win this going into it, none at all. The match flowed quite well, After Christian was sent 'thudding' down to the floor and Brodus got involved, I expected Christian to somehow pick up the victory, the 'Hero comeback' and all, Clay being ejected from ringside, gives Christian some hope I suppose but now I'm thinking Del Rio will find another way to cheat his way out of this one. (Too many changing thoughts!! ) I legit thought that when Christian reversed the Cross Arm Breaker that he would connect with Killswitch and win, but then Michael Cole showed up. Cole returning to Smackdown? Yay. Jack Swagger? Would like to know his reasoning for attacking Christian so I guess we will find that out next week. I'm guessing this will take Christian away from the whole Del Rio/Edge picture so he can have his own separate feud with Swagger? I'm hoping Del Rio wins the World Title at Extreme Rules now and hopefully Christian doesn't stay away from the World title scene for too long because I REALLY want him to win it in your thread. Hopefully by Summerslam.

Overall, I enjoyed most of the show. One or two things I wasn't big on, but most of it was booked good. I'll look forward to hearing why Swagger attacked Christian and hoping Trent somehow gets taken out of the IC Title match . Keep it up.

I haven't reviewed very much before so sorry if it's not what you would usually expect.
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