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Re: The TwoThousandAndEleven Diaries

Friday Night Smackdown (June 03, 2011)

The show opens with The Corre coming out and Wade Barrett saying that although he holds the Intercontinental Championship with more prestige than anyone before him, he says for a group as dominant as theirs, one title is not enough. He announces his intentions to go for the World Heavyweight Championship, saying that he wouldn’t be the first man to hold both titles at once. He says that unfortunately for Ezekiel Jackson, that would mean that his chance at getting a shot at the Intercontinental title would be pushed back a week and he sincerely apologizes for this.

Big Zeke comes out and says that he is tired of waiting and he is tired of playing games. He tells Barrett to give him a shot at his title, no handicaps, no disqualifications and no Justin Gabriel or Heath Slater. Barrett says that where he goes, The Corre goes because they are a unit; something that Ezekiel would no doubt know himself. Zeke asks Gabriel and Slater what they are doing, and if they are really happy that they are standing in the background while Wade does all the talking and competes for all the titles.

Barrett says that they are perfectly happy but then Teddy Long comes out and he says that there’s a lot going on and he wants a chance to take in the situation. He says that Barrett promised Ezekiel a chance to get a shot at his title in a handicap match, which was accepted. He says that Wade wants a chance to qualify for the number one contendership fatal four way at Capitol Punishment and he is willing to give him that chance on one condition.

Barrett barks at Teddy saying to get to the point and the GM says that he is willing to give Barrett his match tonight if Zeke still gets his as well. Wade is confused and Teddy clarifies by saying that Ezekiel will compete in a handicap match against the two other members of The Corre and if he wins, he gets a shot at Wade’s Intercontinental title. Wade initially refuses but Long tells him that he has to accept if he wants a chance to compete for the World Heavyweight Championship, forcing him to reluctantly accept his proposition. Teddy tells Wade that he will have to face not one but two opponents to qualify for the fatal four way, and his match will be up next!

Commercial Break

Match One: Cody Rhodes defeats Shelton Benjamin and Wade Barrett to qualify for the World Heavyweight Championship number one contendership fatal four way at Capitol Punishment, after hitting the Cross Rhodes on Shelton. Barrett previously was hit with the Paydirt by Shelton after being distracted by Ezekiel Jackson, taking him out of the match’s conclusion. After the match, Cody celebrates his sneaky victory with Ted DiBiase by his side as Ezekiel Jackson laughs at The Corre and points at Barrett’s title belt, saying it will soon be his.

We go backstage to where Jinder Mahal is walking and he receives a small amount of booing. The Great Khali and Ranjin Singh approach him and Singh says that Khali wants an explanation. Mahal says that ever since Khali started dancing around he’s been a disgrace to the entire country of India. Khali shouts something angrily in Punjabi and Mahal replies by trying to slap him, only to have his arm blocked and suffer a massive chop to the head. Jinder falls to the ground as Singh and an angry looking Khali walk away.

Commercial Break

Match Two: Alex Riley defeats Jimmy Uso in a squash match after the TKO he calls the You’re Dismissed, getting a solid pop in his first Smackdown match.

We go backstage to Jack Korpela who is with Randy Orton and the crowd gives him a mixed reaction upon seeing him. Korpela questions Orton’s motives about last week’s main event, where he tagged himself in to win the match and nailed Christian with an RKO after the match. Orton says that when he lost his title, it stopped being about respect and started being about revenge.

He acknowledges the fact that Christian probably has more respect for him than he does for Christian, but he says that nobody is more dangerous when they’re angry than Randy Orton. He compares himself to a time bomb except nobody can predict when he will go off. He says that when he does, however, he will go off right in Christian’s face and he will suffer the consequences. He says that he could have punted Christian in the head at the end of last week but he says that he can’t defend his title if he’s in the hospital. He ends the interview by warning Christian that his days as a champion are numbered.

Commercial Break

Chavo Guerrero comes to the ring with Brodus Clay and reminds everyone of the way that his “associate” destroyed Derrick Bateman last week, showing footage of his victory. He says that if anybody else wants to try and take him on, then feel free. Derrick Bateman’s music plays and he and Johnny Curtis walk out to the ring and Curtis says that he’s willing to take on the challenge.

Chavo laughs and calls him stupid but Curtis says that the fans are on his side and that he believes he can conquer the odds. Brodus tells him to bring it on but all of a sudden is he nailed with a dropkick to the back from Bateman. He falls to his knees and Curtis uses the advantage to nail him with a DDT. Chavo runs at the team but they use his momentum to nail him with a double flapjack. The heels roll out of the ring as Bateman and Curtis celebrate in front of a cheering crowd. Chavo tells them to wait for next week, saying that Big Brodus Clay will destroy them.

Match Three: Daniel Bryan defeats Mark Henry to qualify for the number one contendership fatal four way at Capitol Punishment with a Diving Elbow Drop, paying tribute to the late Randy Savage.

Commercial Break

Match Four: Ezekiel Jackson defeats Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel after Gabriel tapped to the Torture Rack, while a horrified Wade Barrett watched on from ringside. After the match, Big Zeke said that he would see Wade at Capitol Punishment and said that he should enjoy his last few weeks as champion.

We go backstage to where the World Heavyweight Champion Christian is with Jack Korpela, who asks him about last week’s main event. He says that Randy Orton was right when he says that he respects Orton, but he is a little disappointed that the respect isn’t mutual. He says that after Orton took his title after only five days he didn’t sulk about it or hit below the belt, he just used it as a motivator to work even harder to get the title belt.

He holds up the World Heavyweight Championship and says that it shows everyone his efforts, how hard he’s worked these past few months. He says that he never thought he would be standing here as a two time world champion. He says that he was originally booked to team up with Randy Orton again in the main event, but Orton personally had it changed. He says that he’s glad to have a partner that respect him in Sin Cara and he says that the respect is mutual. Christian says that Orton may have got his way tonight but to get the World Heavyweight Championship he’s going to have to do more than demand it; he’s going to have to beat him and Christian says that it just isn’t going to happen.

Commercial Break

Main Event: Christian and Sin Cara defeat Randy Orton and Sheamus after Christian nails Sheamus with the Killswitch and Cara hits him with a Springboard Moonsault for the pin. After the match, Orton tries to nail Christian with the RKO but the champ manages to push him away into the ropes. Christian grabs his title and leaves the ring without attempting to return the favour to Orton, and The Viper’s frustration leads to RKOs for both Sheamus and Cara. The show ends with Christian’s music playing and the two Capitol Punishment opponents staring each other down.
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