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Re: Being The Booker

Good to see you posting some shows, but I’m a little disappointed to see this in recap, man. Was looking forward to a big build to SummerSlam on the RAW side of things, especially with the WWE Title situation looking exciting.

Bischoff starting off pissed off about what happened the previous night isn’t something I expected to see, but having him talk about how he’s really a RAW man and is thus going to take action is a very interesting spin to put on this show, and a clever way to follow up on King of the Ring. The punishment idea is a little surprising, but it’s certainly set us up a huge card. Benjamin defending in a fatal four way gives the card an exciting feel, while Umaga should get to look like a beast here and Hardy’s problem with Shelton continues, setting up a solid card. A clever way to follow up on last night, using Bischoff’s character who takes pride in his business to make for a good show.

Simple win for Umaga works well to keep him looking beastly, while Regal isn’t really done any harm in his tough midcarder role because of who Umaga is and what kind of environment he’s in there with him.

I’m going to make a general comment on the tag division on RAW to start with and say that I thought MNM taking the titles back last week was maybe a step back in the wrong direction. It seems to guarantee there will only be more matches between Straight Edge and MNM, especially with no other possible face challengers. At least with Straight Edge on top, it looked like we could have seen an extended feud with The Brotherhood, which wouldn’t have been bad. No one really springs forward to challenge MNM in my mind aside from Straight Edge. With that said, it’s probably a good thing Straight Edge are staying in the title scene, even if their rivalry with MNM is played out, because you don’t really have any other strong teams right now. MNM wrestling in the main event as punishment is an interesting point as well, and should hopefully go a long way to getting them some momentum back after they’ve stalled in a big way since Backlash.

As you know, I’m really looking forward to SummerSlam in this thread. Not too sure what to expect on the SmackDown! side, but Christian/Kurt Angle on the RAW side seems big.

Gail getting a victory over Jillian for the second straight week is a good way to keep her momentum up since her return, while Jillian requesting a rematch is a nice excuse to use the same jobber twice.

Very nice match here, with a good pace being kept throughout following the big dive to the outside, as you probably should with a midcard multi-man match. All the tools you had at your disposal were utilized well here (the history between Shelton and Rey, Straight Edge being able to team up, Teddy Long being at ringside and Rhyno with the run in attack on Rey) to make for an exciting match. Nothing wrong with the typical heel finish either, as it’s typical for a reason – it works.

I was surprised to see an interview from MNM here that almost seemed a bit dark. Mentions of an entourage? Not something I’d expect from MNM, but I guess they’re just anonymous characters that serve the purpose of getting the titles back on MNM, as well as setting up a rivalry between The British Lions and MNM once the tag champs defeat Straight Edge.

Not surprised we’re seeing Angle come out for a promo after absolutely nothing was resolved last week to do with the title situation (I guess kind of because you never planned to have last week’s shows). You could have had Angle talk up his achievements and how he beat Cena, but I’m really glad you didn’t, because we had just seen him do that last week, so having him do it again this week would have been a tad repetitive. At the same time, having him instantly challenge Christian to the shot makes Angle appear really intense, just as he should. Kennedy interrupting was to be expected after last week resolved nothing, and while their exchange seemed fine, I’m not so keen on the heel vs. heel confrontation, just because I can’t see the crowd really wanting to cheer either man on, thus not really caring. What was said was fine though, using Saturday Night’s Main Event well up to build things up into threats before the interruption from Bischoff. I found it a little interesting that on a night of punishment, Bischoff didn’t take any action against Angle and Kennedy, two guys who attacked their partner in a match that RAW ended up losing. Everything else has made sense thus far to do with that, but these twop now getting almost rewarded with a title shot seems a little off. Still, the triple threat next week is big, and the rationale that neither man deserves a one-on-one shot, meaning there will be a triple threat works too. An alright promo, piecing together a big match for next week that will hopefully point us in the direction of SummerSlam’s main event.

Taking advantage of King’s use at Saturday Night’s Main Event by having Cody call him out is really clever, with the point that Lawler reminds Cody of the people he dislikes by parading around with the crown and not stepping aside being nice.

Having Cody beat Lawler in Tennessee is a good way to get the youngster some heat, while the way the match ended was certainly a surprise. I thought Goldust was done with in this angle, but having him stick around – as his normal self – is a great looking move, taking the angle somewhere I couldn’t see it going and showing why you’re the man around here. It’s just a midcard angle, but it’s these little things on your shows that I love.

Nice little promo from Matt to continue to build towards his move up the card (from the look of things), keeping the talk of the fire to move up going and giving Matt some real direction. The line about not being ashamed of losing to Albright, while also not being proud was really nice, as was the final line.

I like the idea of Rhyno’s promo just being him and the camera, allowing him to come off as more intense. The match for next week with Mysterio sounds good, making a big card even bigger.

The Brotherhood obviously had to win this match, but the way you had them punish Matt. then had Long slap Matt around after the match was a nice way to keep the heat up in Matt’s feud with Shelton.

I just want to once again reinforce how much I’ve enjoyed the Mickie/Melina angle before this promo. Reading it now is great, because the feud now seems like evolving on, while also providing closure for the Mickie/Melina aspect. The promo from Mickie was what you’d expect to begin with, thanking the fans and all that, before moving on to Melina. Having her thank Melina is something a little different, but it’s also something really clever, turning Mickie into that real motivational type figure as a face. Having her now want to focus on being the Women’s Champion is a good way to show she’s now got her head in the game too, before the interruption from Phoenix that HAD to happen. Keeping it short from Phoenix was probably for the best, as she’s never been the best speaker. The line about Beth not being able to move on with her life earlier, thus she’s not letting Mickie do the same now was really nice, while having her come for her revenge now is good, as Mickie vs. Beth is THE match for SummerSlam. Basic promo, but one that had to happen for Mickie’s problems to move on from Melina to Beth. With the history already between Mickie and Beth, plus the fact that they’re two of the better women’s workers on the roster, I’m really looking forward to seeing this one head to SummerSlam, and I don’t often say that about a women’s match. You’ve continued to book this division really well, so kudos on that.

WWE coming to Australia? Fuck yeah.

Reinforcing Cena’s slump by making it the theme of this interview is clever, making sure it’s in the front of everyone’s mind when they think of Cena at the moment. Cena acknowledging the issues, admitting to thinking about Vengeance and setting up his aim to get back into the title picture for SummerSlam is good on his part, typifying the fighting Cena attitude well. The little confrontation with Christian was nice too, perhaps adding a bit of tension before the main event.

MNM’s instant revival seems a little odd, but handing them the win here does the job in making them look like they begin again as tag team champions. Cena is kept looking strong with the way in which the finish went down, so he still feels like a main eventer despite his downward spiral continuing. The Kennedy interference didn’t feel like it was necessary, but I guess you wanted to hype up the main event for next week too.

The aftermath here was interesting. I’m glad to see you showing the situation getting to Cena, while Straight Edge chasing MNM off works to hype up their title match next week. Umaga and Estrada coming out to play mind games with Christian is a nice way to keep him in the picture, and Angle attacking Christian was the right way to end things, with his attack taking precedence over Kennedy’s. Good close to the show.

While the tag division is lacking depth at the moment, everything else on RAW seems to be firing. Your midcard angles are looking good, the Women’s Title scene is the best in BTB (sorry Legend, but he just has you beat ), and your main event scene certainly has plenty going on. SummerSlam is feeling like the big card that it should without any matches being announced yet and the show being two months away, and that’s all thanks to this build. Good stuff, mang.

P.S. Don’t worry, you don’t owe me anything – I’m just happy to have you posting, really.

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