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Re: Extreme Revival


"Start A War" by Static X plays as the intro video airs. We are live in Stamford, Connecticut, and the audience is cheering loudly! These cheers quickly shift to boo's, though, as "Perfect Strangers" by Deep Purple begins to play, and Shane Douglas makes his way out to the ring

Joey: Welcome to EPW on HBO. My name is Joey Styles, and it's no wonder that this crowd is booing The Franchise after last week's assault! Let's take you back to last week, ladies and gentleman, and be warned- what you are about to see is shocking!

A playback of last week's attack airs. We come back and Douglas is in the center of the ring, microphone in hand.

Shane: You know, I've been on the internet this week, and I swear to god, it's like I'm listening to a broken record, because over and over and over and over again, I'm hearing "Why, Shane, why?". Well, I'll explain why, and I'll be sure to talk nice and slow so you can comprehend what I'm saying. Ten years ago, the company that made me famous went under, and the Franchise fell into obscurity. I went to other promotions, I put asses in seats, people came to see me perform live, but what did you give me back? What did you, the fans, give me back for busting my fucking ass off? Not a damn thing! People on the internet began to flame me, began to give me shit, you called me "a has been"! Me! The guy who single handedly built ECW! It wasn't Paul, it wasn't Sabu, it wasn't Terry, it was SHANE DOUGLAS who made ECW, and you have the audacity to call ME a HAS-BEEN! But I tried to play it cool, I tried doing it your way, and I went to Florida to manage one of the most talented tag teams that professional wrestling has ever seen! I did the autograph signings, I did the appearances, I did all that shit for a good, LONG time... and then I see what you ungrateful little bastards had to say! "The Naturals suck, Shane Douglas is a fat ass, why is Shane Douglas still in the ring", and that cost me my job! Do you know how hard it was to explain to my sons that I couldn't support them the way I used to be able to because you shit all over my good name? Do you know how hard it was to have to hang up my boots and take a job at a goddamn Walmart? Meanwhile, I look at a guy like Rob Van Dam, a guy who, compared to The Franchise, hasn't done shit in this business, and he gets all this love, all this affection, the praise, the money, the title runs, and even though he left this business for three years, he still gets all your love, your praise, your support, while a guy like me had to give it up, how the fuck do you think that makes me feel? Then..... then, a few weeks ago, I get a call from Paulie, asking me to come back. Well, I wasn't about to say no, but I knew that things were going to be very.... VERY different! See, for too long, I've been trying to kiss your asses, and where did that get me? That got me JACK.... SHIT! Last week, I made a statement. I took out years and years of aggression on a guy who doesn't deserve half the shit he's gotten in his life, and I made sure to show each and every one of you little pricks that the Franchise is back, he's pissed, and he's done with your shit! And another thing....

"Walk" by Pantera plays, and the crowd pops big. Rob Van Dam runs out in full attire, and the two start to brawl immediately. They spill to the outside of the ring before security runs out and breaks the two up, struggling to hold them back.

Joey: Security is struggling to keep these two off of each other, but I say let em' go at it! Douglas deserves to have some sense beat into his head!

We go backstage, where Christy Hemme is standing.

Christy: Ladies and gentlemen, last week, we saw Zach Ryder brutally assault Maven Huffma.....

Zach Ryder walks up to Christy, takes the mic, and shoo's her away. Christy scoffs before she walks off-screen.

Ryder: Last week... Maven got what he had coming to him. Don't get me wrong, bro, I wasn't trying to hurt him, but you don't mess with the long island iced Z, baby! I mean, I'm a youtube celebrity, and the most talented... and good looking... guy on this whole roster! If your wondering, I screwed up Maven's neck pretty bad, so he's gonna be gone for a few weeks, minimum, but he got what he had coming! Let that be a lesson, you don't messed with Zach...... Ryder. WOO WOO WOO (He takes off his shades)..... you know it, BRO!


When we come back, "Cobra Dance" is playing, and Sonjay Dutt is standing in the ring, receiving scattered cheers. The music fades, and "Radio" by Watt White plays, as Zach Ryder comes out to good-sized boo's. He takes off his shirt and sizes up Sonjay.

MATCH 1: Sonjay Dutt VS Zach Ryder

The two tie up in the center of the ring, and Sonjay nails Ryder with a head scissors takedown, following it up with a wrist lock. Sonjay takes control for a bit. He goes to Irish whip Ryder, but Ryder reacts with a running neckbreaker. The two get to a standing position, and Ryder nails Dutt with a lifting DDT. Ryder gets the advantage for a few minutes, until Sonjay hits Zach with a DDT out of nowhere. Sonjay goes to the top rope and leaps for a 450 splash, but Ryder lifts his knees just in time. Dutt holds his ribs and the two slowly get back up. Sonjay goes for a punch, but Ryder boots him in the gut and nails the Zach Attack, getting the pin.

WINNER: Zach Ryder by Pinfall at 5:59

Joey: Ryder gets the win this time... at least it was a clean victory. Folks, we're now gong to take you to a video package of our Tag Team Division.

A video plays highlighting every single team in the division, but focusing largely on the Motor City Machine Guns, Haas & Benjamin, the Briscoe Brothers, and the tag team champions, Mexico's Most Wanted. We fade out of that, and into the backstage area, where International champion Carlito is sitting in front of a TV.

Joey: Up next, Hayabusa will take on Kaz Hayashi, and the winner will face that man next week for the IN title!

Commercial Break

Fade into Paul Heyman's office, where Paul is standing in front of his desk.

Paul: Ladies and gentlemen, next week, you will see the winner of this next match face Carlito Colon for Extreme Pro Wrestling's International title, but that's not all. As you all saw earlier tonight, Rob Van Dam and Shane Douglas are just itching to get their hands on one another.... and, as you saw last week, Bryan Danielson has some unfinished business with Jeff Hardy. So next week, in our main event, I'm gonna let them go at each other! That's right, next week, Rob Van Dam will team with the EPW World Champion, Bryan Danielson, and they will face Shane Douglas and Jeff Hardy! Plus, it's about time the world meets what many call the best tag team division in the world today, so next week, Paul London and Brian Kendrick will face off against our tag team champions, Mexico's Most Wanted! That said, enjoy the rest of the show!

Camera cuts to the ring, where Kaz Hayashi is standing in the ring to a mixed response. "One Big Rush" by Joe Satriani begins to play, Hayabusa comes out and the crowd erupts in cheers.

Joey: Folks, if you have never seen the Japanese style of wrestling, Puroresu, you are in for a real treat! Kaz Hayashi is often called one of the most under-rated cruiser-weights in the world, and Hayabusa is a veteran of the ultra-violent death-match style of FMW, a company so extreme, that even I cringe when I watch their matches. And both of these men are clashing for a shot at the International Title, which is currently held by Carlito Colon, son of Puerto Rican legend Carlos Colon, and a tremendous wrestler in his own right. This is our International division, taking the best pro wrestlers from around the globe and introducing them to an American fan base!

MATCH 2: Kaz Hayashi VS Hayabusa- International Title Number 1 Contenders Match

The two Japanese Superstars start off by tying it up in the center of the ring. Kaz hits a quick arm drag, the two stand, Hayabusa hits an arm drag, they stand, Kaz hits another arm drag, they stand again, Hayabusa rolls Kaz up in a small package. One count, but Kaz rolls Hayabusa over for a one count. Hayabusa kicks out at one, the two stand and face off, getting applause from the crowd. The two tie up again, and they go back and fourth for a bit before Kaz nails Hayabusa with an enzugiri, stunning The Falcon for a moment. Kaz gets up and hits him with a dropkick, making Hayabusa stumble backward. Kaz leaps up and nails Hayabusa with a huricanrana, sending him outside of the ring. Hayashi gets up and dives over the top as Hayabusa stands back up, hitting him with a springboard cross body. Kaz lifts Hayabusa up, and throws him back in the ring, Hayashi following. Hayashi has the advantage, keeping Hayabusa on the ground as he locks on various rest holds. After awhile, Hayabusa stands. Kaz goes to the apron, leaps and... Springboard bulldog by Hayashi! He goes for a pin, but... two count!

Kaz holds the advantage for a bit longer. Kaz goes to lift Hayabusa for the WA4 (Over the shoulder belly-to-back piledriver), but Hayabusa slides off his shoulder and rolls Kaz up for a schoolboy, getting a two count. Kaz is a bit puzzled, giving Hayashi the opening for the Dragon Suplex. He bridges it into a pin, and gets another two count. While Kaz is still on the ground, The Falcon hits a springboard moonsault, getting a third two count. Hayabusa is in control now, and he finishes Kaz off with a Firebird (450) Splash after a few minutes.


Hayabusa celebrates in the ring. Camera cuts to Carlito, still watching the television, as Hayabusa celebrates. He nods before getting up and leaving the locker room. Camera cuts again to Douglas walking around backstage. A graphic flashes saying the main event is NEXT!

Commercial Break

When we return, "Perfect Strangers" by Deep Purple is playing as Shane Douglas walks to the ring for the second time tonight, being showered by boo's. He gets in the ring and leers at the crowd as the lights go dark, and "Close Your Eyes" by Waterproof Blonde begins to play. Christian comes out to a large ovation, and he high-fives a few ringside peeps.

MAIN EVENT: Shane Douglas VS Christian

The match begins with the two talking smack to one another in the center of the ring. Douglas shoves Christian, Christian shoves back, and Douglas goes to bitch-slap Christian, but he blocks it and hits Shane with a flurry of rights before hitting The Franchise in the chops with a drop kick. Christian takes the early advantage, wearing Douglas down with head locks and take downs if he got to his feet, until The Franchise nailed Christian with a big right to the head, dazing Captain Charisma long enough for Douglas to hit him with a neck breaker. Douglas uses his size to his advantage, keeping Christian grounded for a while. Eventually, Douglas tries for the Franchiser, but Christian retaliates by stomping on Shane's toe, thumbing him in the eye, hitting the ropes then planting the Franchise with a tornado DDT. He goes for a pin, but only gets a two count. The two stand, and Shane whips Christian into the corner. Douglas runs after him, but Christian catches him with an elbow, then hits him with a pendulum kick. Douglas backs away, and Christian goes to the top rope, hitting Douglas with the Flash point (Diving European Uppercut). Another two count. Christian has the advantage for a few minutes, and tries to hit the Unprettier, but Douglas throws him to the ropes, hitting the ropes himself, and hits Captain Charisma with a running crossbody. He goes for the pin... only a two count! The two stumble to their feet, and trade a few blows, when... FRANCHISER! DOUGLAS HITS THE FRANCHISER!!! Douglas goes for the pin... and he gets it!

WINNER: Shane Douglas by pinfall after 9:57

Shane gets to his feet and raises his arm in victory. What he doesn't see is Rob Van Dam running in through the crowd with a steel chair in hand. The Franchise turns around to see what the fans are cheering for, and he is greeted with a chair to the dome! Van Dam drags him into the corner and puts the steel chair down in front of him. Van Dam climbs to the top, looking for the Van-Daminator, but Douglas throws the chair off of him and rolls out of the ring, running half way up the ramp before turning around and shaking his finger at Van Dam, saying "Not until next week, Robbie!" The final shot of the night is Rob Van Dam staring the Franchise down, perched on the top rope.



Zach Ryder D. Sonjay Dutt
Hayabusa D. Kaz Hayashi to become #1 Contender for the International Title
Shane Douglas D. Christian


Paul London & Brian Kendrick VS Mexico's Most Wanted- Non Title
Hayabusa VS Carlito Colon (C)- International Title
Rob Van Dam & Bryan Danielson VS Shane Douglas & Jeff Hardy
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