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Re: Being The Booker

Legend. I love you. Greatest piece of feedback I think I've ever received, and it makes me feel like shit because of the half assed job I did with feedback for you the other day

And BKB, you need to post shows more regularly - and I need to start commenting on them again - thank you too for taking the time to give me feedback for the show.

Now, I'm by no means a fan of the current WWE product, and the Michael Cole character has went way too far - but for whatever reason, I have gotten a kick out parts of his heel persona. He'll not be cutting 20 minute promos everyweek on Smackdown.

Samoan Drop Driver is a AP Cross Diamond. Or at 01:30 in this video...

While I cant confirm or deny what the eventual 'end game' is for Cena, I'm delighted you've been following his progress in recent months, Legend. Hopefully you're not the only one with a good memory .

I owe you, and you too BKB - big time

Just wanted to make a few comments about my decision making for the KOTR too;

I know Albright wouldnt excite too many people as the choice to be KOTR, but as I've previously stated in recent months, I want to make stars of my own for the thread. I had plenty of fun booking the older guys, but I just reached the end in terms of what I could do with them. Trying to make a star out of someone like Brent Albright is a challenge to me, and something that keeps me wanting to do this thing. He wont be a main eventer overnight, but I am going to aim to get him there in the long run.

Now, Umaga WAS pencilled in originally to win it. But, I came up with the idea of this big KOTR tournament shortly after I posted WrestleMania 23 - two years ago. As time went on, a lot of things built up that put me off putting the crown on him. 1) It was TOO obvious, 2) He's already a monster that's over as a legit player, 3) Someone else could use it as a platform, 4) I started to flirt with the idea of Albright winning it. So, by the time I settled on Albright, I had already committed to Umaga being in the tournament. I toyed with the idea of him getting disqualified in one of his two qualifiers, but decided that would be a lazier way out, and by having him qualify for the final eight, he could be a good red herring, as most would be predicting him to win the thing.

I then came up with the idea of Regal using his smarts to try and frustrate Umaga, leading to the DQ (with Estrada unable to be at ringside to control him). In all honesty, I felt it STILL was a bit forced, but from the feedback I've gotten, it appears it went over okay. Obviously, with Regal in a weakened state, it made it easier for Hardy to qualify for the final (which, for a face it shouldnt be) so that's why Benjamin (who I also toyed with as KOTR) attacked Hardys leg after their match to make it more of a level playing field. Again, I felt that it might've been a bit forced, but I think I got away with it
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