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Re: The TwoThousandAndEleven Diaries

Raw May 30th review

Opening Segment - Cena was perfectly in character. I kinda chuckled at the part where Cena told Truth his heart was in the wrong place. I expected him to pull out a guitar and sing camp fire songs to him next haha. But I love R-Truth's character and I think this could be a very very good feud if done right. Truth got some nice ehat at the end of it and all building up the main even not only for Capitol Punishment but for this show as well, very nicely done.

Rollins & Mercury vs. Kozlov & Santino
- Are these guys still being used as a tag team? I think getting some real tag teams in there and getting rid of these jobbers would be ncie but they do serve their jobbing purpose I suppose.

Straight Edge Society segment - Another mugging/attack right after Truth gets the jump and attacks Cena is a little too soon but I did like Punk implying the Freebird Rule. Show coming out and getting jumped was no surprise but having Kane come to the rescue even though he isn't supposed to be on raw was a bit of a surprise though. I am thinking maybe a title vs career match or something along those lines.

Ryder vs Reks - Throw away match. I am curious if you are actually going to push Ryder or just had it there for filler.

Del Rio Backstage - I am really not a fan of the Del Rio character but it seems to be a hot commodity nowadays. Basic heel promo here and just hypes the main event more which is nice to see.

Kelly Kelly vs Maryse - another filler match it seems to lead to yet another attack after the match. Seems to be a pattern going here. Kharma stands tall and builds towards being the champ. Still too many attacks for my taste.

Ziggler/McIntyre backstage - I actually liked this promo. This is an interesting feud and has a lot of potential despite it involving Vickie.

Ziggler vs Bourne - Ending in a DQ by an attack. That is 3 out of 4 matches so far that have either had attacks right after the match or had a run in attack during. Really too many for one show. Smelling Triple Threat for Capitol Punishment.

Swagger backstage - Atleast this attack was backstage haha. Seems like with Swagger laid out it is a handicapped match.

Main Event - I like how it hints at either Del Rio doing the attack or someone else to kinda leave a small window of wonder there. Mysterio is a very nice addition to the match. Cena and Mysterio get the win after beating down Del Rio which is awesome but at the end of the match it ends in an attack with a lead pipe and beats down the faces. Swagger tries to make a save and gets beat down as well.

Overall: Okay show but there were just way to many run ins and attacks after the matches. I understand trying to generate heat for the heels but there are other ways then just having run in after run in. Still ok show and the feuds you got going are interesting. I will be checking in next show.

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