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Re: Workout/Staying in Shape Thread

Originally Posted by i$e View Post
Yeah, it was never supposed to be a practical solution, which I highlighted. It was to show the relationship between caloric maintenance level & the non-issue of meal frequency/size with regards to fat gain/loss. Damn, proponents of the Warrior Diet would argue that one large meal gets the job done!

There are benefits of eating small and often, just as there are benefits to eating large and less frequently. The results will be the same if we train hard and rest well (and hit our macros/calories etc obv).

I just want to stress again that I never said that eating 3 times is better than 6. I'm saying that it doesn't matter. I eat 6, but I could happily go back to eating 3 and achieve my goals. The benefits of 6 are clear, but that's because it aids people in being able to have more manipulation of their macros (and stave off hunger) and not because it offers us any kind of metabolic boosts. It's all just a matter of calories in/calories out.

I don't want some heated, sarcastic argument, btw. I hope we can all benefit.
You know this was an interesting argument before UFC came on and put my ass to sleep with boring $55 fights. I can't believe me and my friends didn't just go to Buffalo Wild Wings. Now I have a headache.

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