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Learning to break kayfabe
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*** PYRO *** PYRO *** PYRO *** PYRO *** PYRO *** PYRO *** PYRO *** PYRO ***

Michael Cole and Mick Foley welcome us to the final Friday Night Smackdown before Survivor Series this Sunday night. They hype up the final match in the Smackdown tournament to determine the Number 1 contender for the World Heavyweight Championship – they speculate about whether it will be Matt Hardy or Christian will be the breakout star heading for a shot at the title. Michael Cole also informs us that Team RAW will be heading to Smackdown tonight for their final confrontation with their opponents before the big Survivor Series match on Sunday ...


The crowd erupts as Matt Hardy heads out for the ring ready for action. Tony Chimel announces that tonight’s first contest will be the Final match to determine the Number 1 contender for the World Championship before introducing Hardy to the crowd. He heads for the ring looking confident before saluting the crowd whilst a replay of last week is shown when Hardy and Christian took down Kane before Christian hit the Killswitch on Hardy in the locker room ...


Christian heads out to the ring also looking confident as he walks down the ramps pointing out his peeps. Christian climbs the steel steps and heads through the ropes where he and his opponent come face to face. Hardy is obviously not happy with Christian over last week but Christian just smiles back and holds out his arms to suggest that he had to do it ...


The bell rings and the two lock up in the centre of the ring as they seek to secure their big chance at the World Championship that has so far eluded them in their careers. Both men attempt to drag the other into place but they end up in the ropes and the referee breaks them up to try again. Eventually, Christian gets the advantage in the corner and whips Hardy into the opposite corner and the turnbuckles. He rushes back over at Hardy and hits a crossbody into Hardy in the corner. However, Christian’s next move is countered as Hardy pushes him into the ropes before lifting him up and hitting a backdrop suplex to crash Christian down on his back and shoulders. An elbow drop to Christian’s chest follows before Hardy goes for the first cover of the match ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* Christian kicks out *

As both men get back to their feet, Hardy goes for a neckbreaker. However, Christian escapes and hits the inverted DDT to crash Hardy down onto the mat on his shoulders instead. Cover from Christian ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* Kick out from Hardy *

Both men begin trading punches before they hits the ropes, dodging in the middle and hitting the ropes again. This is followed by both men going for a running crossbody and they crash in mid-air and both men are down on the mat when ...

*** MAN ON FIRE ***

The World Champion heads towards the ring with the World Championship belt in his hand as the eerie red lights flash in the arena. Kane drops the belt outside the ring and climbs up onto the apron and steps over the top rope as the referee tries to persuade him to stay away. Kane grabs Christian by the throat and choke slams him down to the mat and the referee signals for the bell to end the match. Kane then lifts up Hardy as well and hits another choke slam to leave both men flat on their back in the centre of the ring ...


Kane laughs as he stands over both men and he lifts his arms high before crashing them down as the ringposts explode with red flames. Kane then heads back out of the ring and picks up his title belt whilst walking back up the ramp looking back with a maniacal look on his face whilst laughing. He is stopped in his tracks by the music of the General Manager, Teddy Long ...


Teddy Long walks out with a microphone and orders Kane to leave the arena right now. Kane laughs again as he walks past the GM and heads backstage. Long turns towards the ring where Christian and Hardy are both just getting to their feet. Long informs them that they will restart the match later tonight in the main event once Kane has been made to leave the arena.

********** COMMERCIAL BREAK **********

Smackdown returns with six men in the ring – Intercontinental Champion Alberto Del Rio, Dolph Ziggler, the Tag Team Champions Drew McIntyre and Cody Rhodes as well as Evan Bourne and Mark Henry opposite them. The music of Santino Marella is playing ...


The Number 1 contenders for the Tag Team Championships at Survivor Series, Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov, are heading to the ring to partner Bourne and Henry in this 8-man Survivor Series match. Cole and Foley hype up the Tag Team Championship match at Survivor Series ...


With elimination of the whole of the opposition team needed for a victory, the action is fast and furious from the outset as Ziggler and Evan Bourne lock up. Ziggler gets the upper hand and he starts to beat down on the lightweight superstar, Bourne, before popping him off into the ropes. As Bourne hits the ropes, Vladimir Kozlov manages to get the tag but Ziggler misses this and locks in the sleeper hold on Bourne with his back to the opponents. However, his team-mates urge him to turn round ... he does and Kozlov rips him away from Bourne before hitting the headbutts to Ziggler’s chest. Kozlov viciously slams Ziggler to the mat before heading for the corner and climbing the buckles. This is new from Kozlov as he climbs to the top rope clumsily. The big Russian, with a little steadying hand from Santino, dives from the top and connects with a diving headbutt to Ziggler’s shoulder ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* 3 *

Dolph Ziggler has been eliminated!

Alberto Del Rio heads into the ring and hits Kozlov while his back is turned. An enzuguri kick to the back of Kozlov’s head in the corner forces the Russian to look for a tag and in comes Santino for the first time in the match. Del Rio holds his hands up at Santino and points to Evan Bourne instead mouthing that he ‘wants him’ instead ... Bourne takes the challenge and he tags into the match. It was Evan Bourne who cost Alberto Del Rio a place in the World Championship Semi Finals two weeks ago and Del Rio clearly wants revenge. He starts to pound away at Bourne with right hands that forces him to the ropes. Del Rio steps back and rushes at Bourne but the quickfire star drops the ropes and Del Rio goes over and crashes down to the mat. Bourne leaps over and springboards from the bottom rope into a moonsault that takes Del Rio down at the bottom of the aisle. Bourne milks the reaction of the crowd before rearing back ready to hit a running knee to Del Rio. However, Del Rio recovers and ducks before pushing Del Rio into the barricade. He grabs Bourne and the pair head up the aisle trading punches again. Del Rio gets the better of it and locks in the Cross Arm Breaker at the top of the ramp but then notices that the referee is counting ...

* 7 *
* 8 *
* 9 *
* 10 *

Evan Bourne and Alberto Del Rio have been counted out!

Del Rio looks furious as he is ushered out of the ring after trying to get back in time. The referee orders him to leave but he refuses until Mark Henry steps into the ring and grabs him by the head before running him up and over the top rope and out of the ring. Del Rio and Bourne begin to fight again and this time their fight takes them out of the arena as the match continues in the ring. Henry beckons for one of Cody Rhodes or Drew McIntyre to get into the ring but neither seem too thrilled at the prospect. In the end, Drew slinks into the ring and circles Henry before the pair lock up. Drew is quickly knocked down onto his backside in his corner where he tags in a hesitant Cody Rhodes instead. Rhodes receives the same treatment from the World’s Strongest Man to the delight of the crowd and Henry acknowledges this by playing to the crowd. Drew and Rhodes attack Henry together though and beat him down before Kozlov and Santino can save him. The referee tries to stop Santino and Kozlov allowing the two on one attack to continue behind his back. Santino begins to back out of the ring but Kozlov cannot control his anger. He pushes the referee in the chest in determination to save Henry and attacks Cody and Drew with a flurry of hard hitting suplexes and kicks before the referee again tries to usher him away ... Confusion reigns as Kozlov is pointed at by the referee and ordered to leave ...

TONY CHIMEL: Vladimir Kozlov has been disqualified by the referee and is therefore eliminated!

The crowd boo the decision but it is final – Kozlov has been disqualified for pushing down the referee. Santino has his head in his hands and Drew and Cody laugh as we head into a commercial break ...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Your time is up ...”

----- COMING SOON -----

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

On the return to SMACKDOWN, McIntyre and Rhodes are still in control of the match with Mark Henry down and dazed in the ring and Santino frustrated on the outside. However, Henry manages to push Drew away and is looking to make the tag to Santino, the crowd urging him on. He is about to tag in the Italian when Drew kicks Henry in the back of the head and leaves him face down on the mat. Drew talks trash to Santino about being a champion before dragging Henry up to his knees and looking to set up the Future Shock DDT. Drew continues to talk rubbish to Santino whilst he positions himself and Henry ... Future Shock DDT connects! Drew makes the cover ... but the referee refuses to count! He points to Santino and motions that a tag has been made! Santino had tagged Mark Henry as he was hit with the DDT and Drew’s attention was turned! Santino rushes at Drew and does the splits to avoid a clothesline before taking Drew down with a Fireman’s Carry. A diving headbutt with a salute follows before Santino signals for the Cobra! The crowd go wild as he prepares to hit Drew ... suddenly, Cody Rhodes is on the top rope and dives at Santino to hit an axe-handle but Santino hits the Cobra to Cody Rhodes instead! However, with Santino’s attention taken by Rhodes, McIntyre kicks Santino in the gut and sets up again ... Future Shock DDT! Drew covers Santino ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* 3 *

Santino Marella has been eliminated!

Drew McIntyre and Cody Rhodes celebrate as Santino gets to his feet and is ordered out of the ring by the referee. The Tag Team Champions signal their title belts around their waist and shake their fingers at Santino who has now been eliminated as well as his partner and fellow challenger for the titles, Vladimir Kozlov. Santino is very upset at their actions and Drew and Cody continue to bait him when suddenly, Rhodes is hit from behind by Mark Henry who is back up! He throws Cody out of the ring roughly before turning to Drew as he rushes him. A clothesline takes down the Scotsman, a second one repeats it and then Henry pushes Drew into the ropes where Santino is back on the apron to hit the Cobra! Drew is down ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* 3 *

Drew McIntyre has been eliminated!

The crowd erupt as a delighted Santino trumpets his way up the aisle and backstage while Henry chuckles and laughs at him. The crowd scream as Rhodes approaches Henry from behind and hits him with a forearm smash in the back. Henry shakes it off and turns to face Rhodes who looks terrified now! Henry drags Rhodes towards him and lifts him up ... World’s Strongest Slam! Cover from Mark Henry!

* 1 *
* 2 *
* 3 *

Cody Rhodes has been eliminated!

WINNER: Mark Henry (9:32)

TONY CHIMEL: Here is your winner ... MARK HENRY!

Henry celebrates with a big, beaming smile as he acknowledges the WWE Universe at ringside before looking to head back. However, he is caught by surprise by a punch from Drew McIntyre and staggers back into the ring where Cody Rhodes is waiting with a steel chair. He smashes it over Henry’s back twice to leave the World’s Strongest Man down. Drew slides back into the ring and drags him up for another Future Shock DDT before Rhodes disrespectfully kicks Henry in the face as the Tag Team Champions stand tall. They may have lost the match but they are the Tag Champions ...

A microphone is passed into the ring and the Tag Team Champions take it to deliver a message to everyone. Drew tells everyone that they defeated their challengers fairly and squarely and it was only mark Henry that denied them the win. Drew dismisses Henry as a freak of nature before passing on to Cody Rhodes who warns Henry to stay out of their business ... for good!

********** COMMERCIAL BREAK **********

SMACKDOWN returns with Team RAW, led by captain Edge, entering the arena backstage wearing red RAW t-shirts. John Morrison, R-Truth, Ted DiBiase and Daniel Bryan are following and the RAW team walk down a corridor where they are greeted by the SMACKDOWN captain Big Show and the General Manager, Teddy Long. Edge informs Long and Big Show that Team RAW are here tonight to prove that they are united ... Edge pauses here and looks to each member of Team RAW individually before continuing ... and that they are here to get the advantage over SMACKDOWN ahead of their Survivor Series match this Sunday! Show laughs at this before Long informs Edge that they will be involved in three matches tonight against members of Team SMACKDOWN. He turns to John Morrison and R-Truth and sends them to get ready as they will be in the next match of the evening against CM Punk and Chavo Guerrero!

The camera returns to the ring where Layla is stood in the ring with the Divas Championship proudly around her waist. She tells the WWE Universe that it is sad that she and Michelle McCool had to end their Laycool partnership but that it had to end after Michelle decided to face her at Cyber Sunday. Layla proceeds to tell everybody that she won the title and that she will be the one to defend it this Sunday and continue wearing it ...


Out comes Michelle McCool looking annoyed with Layla’s comments. Michelle gets into the ring and takes a microphone to respond. She tells Layla that she was the driving force behind Laycool and that she deserves to be the Divas Champion and that at Survivor Series she will be. She accuses Layla of getting lucky when she won the title and then when she defended it at Cyber Sunday but promises that she won’t get lucky this time. The pair continue to fire threats at each other but then end up reminiscing about the good times – their assaults on Mickie ‘Piggy’ James, the way that they sent Beth Phoenix packing, their hilarious ‘Smelly Kelly’ jokes. Layla says that they might have been flawless in the past but she is the flawless one now and that she will win. Michelle responds by challenging Layla to a ‘Loser Leaves Smackdown’ match – the loser will go to RAW and will not get another shot at the Divas Championship ... Layla accepts and the match for Sunday is set ...

... but Michelle has the last word as she kicks out and doubles Layla over. Layla drops the championship as Michelle locks in the Faith Breaker as she drops Layla down onto her face on the mat. With Layla down, Michelle picks up the title and stands over Layla before placing the title down over her waist with a sneaky smile on her face ...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


----- THIS SUNDAY -----

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Out come CM Punk and Chavo Guerrero, two members of the SMACKDOWN team set to battle Team RAW this Sunday. Cole and Foley hype up the Survivor Series match and the prize awaiting the winning brand – any superstar from the losing team’s roster! They speculate about who they would take from RAW – Foley chooses John Cena, Michael Cole says that despite their problems at Cyber Sunday, he would still love to see the Miz back on his show!


Their opponents, the good friends of John Morrison and R-Truth, head out to the ring ready to face the SMACKDOWN pair. Despite the lack of unity on RAW recently, Truth and Morrison can be counted on to be united and they look ready to start the RAW ball rolling tonight ...


Morrison and Truth dominate the early stages as they work as a cohesive tag team to take down and counter every attack from their SMACKDOWN opponents. At times, Punk and Chavo look the team that are struggling as Morrison and Punk work in tandem with quick tags to isolate Chavo and dominate. Morrison hits a drop kick and a chuck kick to send Chavo down on his back that looks to set up Starship Pain but he tags in R-Truth who looks to get some offence in as well. A spinning shoulder block sends Chavo down and Truth rushes over and knocks Punk down ... he looks to hit the scissors kick that would defeat Chavo but misses and Chavo manages to get some attacks of his own in as he hits the Three Amigos. Chavo climbs the ropes to cheers – despite teaming with Punk tonight – and flies through the air looking for the Frog Splash ... he misses and Truth makes the tag to Morrison. Morrison rushes over to the corner and, with Chavo down, looks to hit Starship Pain but again the finisher is missed as Chavo is alert enough to escape. Chavo makes the tag to Punk who enters the ring and goes up against Morrison in the middle of the ring. Punk manages to take down Morrison with a neckbreaker and signals that it is time for Morrison to ‘Go To Sleep’ now. However, Morrison manages to counter and hits a kick to the back of Punk’s head that stops him in his tracks.

Suddenly, Edge appears on the ramp as he attempts to cheer Morrison and Truth on. Edge is clearly trying to make up for his recent problems with the pair and shouts words of encouragement to Morrison as he gets to his feet. Morrison spots Edge and looks over confused instead of going for the tag which allows Punk to score with a kick to Morrison and he sets up the ‘Go To Sleep’ now. Edge yells in despair as Punk connects and makes the cover ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* 3 *

WINNER: CM Punk and Chavo Guerrero (6:36)

TONY CHIMEL: Here are your winners ... CM PUNK & CHAVO GUERRERO!

Punk and Chavo celebrate in the aisle as they leave with SMACKDOWN in the ascendency again with a 1-0 lead on the night. Morrison is helped to his feet by Truth and the pair of them stare at Edge with a look of confusion on their faces. Truth is heard asking Morrison ‘Why was he out here?’ as Edge walks away shaking his head ...

The camera switches to the General Manager office where Alberto Del Rio is entering holding his head from the match earlier tonight. A dark look passes over his face as he sees that Evan Bourne is sat down – the pair fought out of the arena earlier tonight and the replays are aired. Teddy Long reprimands the pair for their actions earlier tonight and says that they must settle their issues in the ring at Survivor Series – it will be Alberto Del Rio vs. Evan Bourne ... for the Intercontinental Championship!

********** COMMERCIAL BREAK **********


It is time for the second match of the evening involving Team RAW and Team SMACKDOWN as Smackdown’s Jack Swagger heads for the ring to jeers and boos. He drops down and completes three press-up’s before jumping up to an explosion of pyro and heading into the ring ready for action ...


The United States Champion Daniel Bryan heads for the ring to face Swagger and Foley hypes up the match as very interesting and suggests it will come down to the LeBell Lock and the Ankle Lock here. Bryan acknowledges the fans and it is time to get started ...


In an excellent contest full of counter holds and mat wrestling, both men look to get a boost ahead of the Survivor Series match. The bigger Swagger dominates several periods of the match but Bryan – despite the accusations of being a goof from Cole on commentary – manages to fight back each time and shows great heart to avoid the Ankle Lock. Swagger keeps looking to soften up Bryan’s lower leg and manages to get Bryan limping when he hits a chop block to an unsuspecting Bryan following a counter out of Bryan’s attempted LeBell Lock. A few stamps later, Swagger perches Bryan’s leg on the ropes and drops a hard elbow down on it. He repeats this several times before signalling that it is time for the Ankle Lock to end the match ... However, Bryan is too quick and manages to wriggle free before taking down Swagger face first as he rushes over again. Bryan now looks for the LeBell Lock and manages to get in position and clasp his fingers together ... Bryan pulls back and tries to force Swagger to tap out ...

Swagger writhes in pain and tries to stretch out an reach the rope but he is inches away and Bryan is pulling him back with greater force every second. Swagger intelligently pulls his knees up underneath him and uses his strength to push Bryan over a little despite Bryan valiantly holding on to the LeBell Lock. Swagger manages to roll the hold over and get Bryan’s shoulders down on the mat for the pinfall ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* Bryan kicks out but breaks the LeBell Lock *

Quick as a flash, Swagger drops an elbow down on Bryan and then hits the Springboard Big Splash in the corner that squashes Bryan down on the mat. He takes his time and then grabs the leg of Daniel Bryan and locks in the Ankle Lock to boos and derision from the WWE Universe. Bryan fights hard but cannot reach the ropes and does not have the strength to fight out like Swagger did ... Eventually, Bryan has no choice ...

* TAP *
* TAP *
* TAP *

WINNER: Jack Swagger (5:29)

TONY CHIMEL: Here is your winner ... JACK SWAGGER!

SMACKDOWN is on a roll and is now 2-0 up on the night with just one match remaining! Swagger celebrates in the ring whilst Bryan walks out limping – it was a good job he tapped when he did and avoided injury ahead of Sunday. Again, Edge appears and he begins to berate Daniel Bryan on the ramp – Edge is clearly unhappy with the performance of Daniel Bryan tonight. Bryan looks at Edge and shakes his head before walking past him and leaving Edge to stare after him in disgust – so much for a ‘united’ Team RAW here tonight ...

The cameras switch backstage and focus on Christian who is stood with Todd Grisham in the interview area. Grisham welcomes Christian for the interview and asks Christian about his thoughts on Kane’s interference earlier and the main event match tonight. Christian says that he is not interested in why Kane interfered earlier tonight, all he is focused on is defeating Matt Hardy and giving himself a chance of achieving his dream in two days time at Survivor Series. Grisham asks if Kane will have the advantage after being sent home earlier whereas Christian faces a physical and tough contest just to earn his shot. Christian informs Grisham that he has been waiting for this opportunity for nearly seventeen years and that he will not waste his chance when it comes. First Matt Hardy, then Kane and then the World Heavyweight Championship!

********** COMMERCIAL BREAK **********


Out comes Ted DiBiase with the Million Dollar Championship over his red t-shirted shoulder and his ‘girlfriend’ Maryse by his side as he comes out for the final preview match between Team RAW and Team SMACKDOWN ahead of Sunday’s match at Survivor Series. As DiBiase heads for the ring, the RAW captain Edge chases after him and delivers a pep talk on stage. For the first time tonight, we see a member of Team RAW that actually seems to respect the captain’s comments as DiBiase nods in agreement before heading into the ring. He hands over the Million Dollar Belt before awaiting his opponent ...

*** S.O.S. ***

A fired up Kofi Kingston comes out to an explosion of pyro and a great ovation from the WWE Universe wearing a blue SMACKDOWN t-shirt. The crowd cheer him to the ring as replays of his narrow defeat to World Champion Kane are shown followed by the attack from Edge after the match. Kofi salutes the crowd with his ‘Boom! Boom! Boom!’ action before turning his attention towards DiBiase looking ready to get back to winning ways here tonight.


A fast start from Kofi gets the crowd right behind him as he looks to make short work of the cocky youngster from RAW. With Kingston close to hitting the ‘Trouble in Paradise’ or the SOS several times, DiBiase is working hard to try and hold Kofi back until he hits a sneaky attack in the corner as the referee tries to break the pair up. DiBiase looks to drive home the advantage as he methodically works at Kingston with a standing dropkick and a scoop powerslam before stomping the Ghanaian in the corner. Kofi is fighting hard and has to kick out of some pinfalls before he is hit with a front powerslam and has to roll out of the ring to get some space. DiBiase follows and stops him before dragging him back and locking in the fearsome submission move ... the Million Dollar Dream! Kofi desperately fights and stays on his feet but DiBiase will not let him move towards the ropes and Kofi drops to a knee. Kofi manages to escape as he runs – with DiBiase hanging off him – to the corner and ducks sending DiBiase shoulder first into the buckle. Kofi staggers away to the opposite corner as DiBiase gets up ... DiBiase rushes over to Kofi but is hit with a pendulum kick in the corner and the tide turns back to Kofi. The excitable Kofi jumps up onto the top rope and hits a flying clothesline that take DiBiase down to the mat before hitting the ‘Boom Drop’ to leave DiBiase in big trouble. Kofi steps back waiting to hit Trouble in Paradise when suddenly Edge comes flying out towards the ring again.

As Edge slides into the ring, Kofi notices him and avoids the spear as Edge looks to hit it. Edge rebounds from the buckle and Kofi hits ‘Trouble in Paradise’ to the RAW team captain to send him through the ropes and back out of the ring. The camera follows Edge and we see Big Show rushing out towards the RAW captain now. Edge sees him for a split second before a thunderous knock out punch comes his way – Edge is out for the count!

Back in the ring, Kofi turns back to DiBiase but is hit with a spinebuster from his opponent. Kofi manages to escape the pin but DiBiase is now looking to end the match with DreamStreet. Kofi manages to fight out and avoid it before swinging his foot again and hitting ‘Trouble in Paradise’ again ... Kofi with the cover ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* 3 *

WINNER: Kofi Kingston (8:39)

TONY CHIMEL: Here is your winner ... KOFI KINGSTON!

Big Show enters the ring to celebrate with Kingston as DiBiase skulks away with Maryse eying the dominant SMACKDOWN pair in the ring. Big Show raises Kofi’s hand and the advantage looks to be all with SMACKDOWN heading into their huge Survivor Series match! How can RAW recover from their humiliation tonight to beat SMACKDOWN on Sunday?!

********** COMMERCIAL BREAK **********

SMACKDOWN returns with replays of the winning falls in the three RAW vs. SMACKDOWN matches tonight ... CM Punk and Chavo Guerrero’s win over John Morrison and R-Truth is first, then the win for Jack Swagger over Daniel Bryan with the Ankle Lock and finally, Kofi Kingston over Ted DiBiase ... Footage of Big Show’s huge right hand to Edge is also shown before we see Edge backstage wandering around without his RAW team-mates and heading for the exit. The cameras switch to the office of SMACKDOWN General Manager, Teddy Long, who is stood with the jubilant Big Show and Kofi Kingston. Long congratulates them on a good night’s work and says they are on a roll heading for Survivor Series. Long points out that he has one worry – which RAW superstar will he choose to bring to SMACKDOWN?! Big Show suggests that he could take John Cena, the Face of the WWE! Kofi suggests that he would like to see John Morrison heading for the blue brand. Long then suggests that the loser of the WWE Championship match could head for SMACKDOWN – he could take Randy Orton or Wade Barrett and maybe split up Nexus? Long also reminds Big Show that as his captain, he will be getting a shot at the World Championship when he leads SMACKDOWN to victory!

The camera switches to Todd Grisham again who is now stood with Matt Hardy, the second finalist in the World Championship Number 1 contender tournament. Grisham asks Hardy if Christian deserves to have a World Title shot because of the sacrifices he has made. Hardy responds in the positive and says Christian is without a doubt one of the greatest superstars in WWE history to not hold the WWE or the World Title. However, he goes on, he will not get that chance tonight or at Survivor Series. Hardy points out that Christian made a fatal error last week when he hit the Killswitch on him after they had taken out Kane. He made it personal. Hardy suggests that he has been in WWE as long as Christian and that it is time that he reached up and grabbed the brass ring. Time that he won the big one. With that, Hardy leaves and heads for the ring ...

********** COMMERCIAL BREAK **********


For the second time tonight, here comes Christian to try and secure his place in the World Championship match this Sunday at Survivor Series. With his shirt on with the slogan ‘By the Peeps, For the Peeps’, Christian surveys the arena looking for the peeps in the crowd. He heads for the ring and prepares himself for the arrival of his opponent and maybe the biggest match of his career to date ...


Here comes Matt Hardy who looks fired up and ready to go now as he heads for the ring saluting the crowd in traditional Hardy pose! He rushes into the ring wearing sparkling trousers and rips his Matt Hardy t-shirt off and throws it into the crowd. Both men looked pumped up and we will finally get to know which man will challenge Kane for the World Championship this Sunday ...


The match starts out slow as both men try to feel each other out to gain a small advantage – both men know each other so well already of course. The SMACKDOWN crowd is split with a chant of ‘Let’s go, Christian!’ met with an equally loud response of ‘Let’s go, Hardy!’ and both men show each other respect by holding back and trying to get the advantage in grapple holds. Finally, Christian makes a breakthrough as he manages to trip Hardy as he comes towards him and Hardy lands on the middle ropes. Christian slides under the bottom rope and hits a huge uppercut that staggers Hardy back into the ring and Captain Charisma has the advantage in the match. Christian heads back into the ring and sends Hardy into the ropes before catching him in a flapjack on his return that takes Hardy face down into the mat. With Hardy dazed, Christian heads for the top rope and waits before launching into a missile drop kick that catches Hardy perfect ... First pinfall of the match ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* Kick out from Matt Hardy! *

With Hardy down near the ropes, Christian hits a second drop kick, this time to Hardy’s back that sends him under the rope and to the outside of the ring. Christian again climbs the turnbuckles and dives out of the ring into a plancha that takes Hardy down to the floor with a thud. Christian takes a second, thinking carefully, before grabbing Hardy and dragging him up. He eyes the steel ring steps for a moment – unsure whether to resort to it – before attempting to send Matt into the steps. However, Hardy instinctively counters and Christian hits the steps shoulder first with a crash. Hardy has his first big move of the night and he looks to take control as he drives Christian into the ring with his shoulder before rolling his opponent into the ring again. In a massive match like this, both men have to pull out all the stops if they want to have a shot at the World Title on Sunday night. Hardy rolls in and hooks the leg for a pin ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* Christian kicks out! *

Hardy is quick to his feet and he stands on the middle ropes in the corner as Christian gets to his feet. When Christian is up, Hardy leaps off and connects with a elbow to the back of his neck that takes him down to the mat again. A second pinfall from Matt Hardy here ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* Christian kicks out again! *

Hardy looks determined however and he whips Christian into the corner of the ring before rushing in and hitting a clothesline in the corner. He follows up this with a bulldog that takes Christian down to the mat face first before going for another pinfall ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* Christian with the kick out! *

The first flicker of frustration appears on Hardy’s visage as he heads for the corner again and climbs to the middle ropes again. He settles and then strikes the Hardy pose with a loud ‘Ohhhhhh!’ for the crowd before he jumps towards Christian for a leg drop. However, Christian moves and Hardy lands painfully on the mat giving Christian a chance to go for a pinfall of his own ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* Hardy kicks out strongly! *

Christian gets up quicker and hits a forearm smash after a quick springboard off the ropes that catches Hardy out. Christian follows this up with another springboard off the middle rope into a shoulder block that takes down Hardy. As Hardy gets to his feet, Christian climbs the ropes in the corner before hitting a Tornado DDT to Hardy as he gets up. Could this be Christian’s moment? Pinfall from Christian ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* Hardy gets the shoulder up just in time! *

The match is now starting to get really warmed up and the SMACKDOWN crowd are thoroughly enjoying it, cheering both men, nobody sure how it is going to turn out here. Christian has the advantage and begins to prepare for his big finisher, the Killswitch. Clapping his hands so the crowd can clap along, Christian stalks Hardy as he gets up slowly. He grabs Hardy and looks to get the finisher in but Hardy counters with a roll up down his back ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* Christian just escapes! *

Close call there, Christian almost caught out by Hardy. Both men get to their feet and hit the ropes before going for a clothesline – both men hit each other and the two men are down and out in the centre of the ring. The toll of the match is now showing as both men struggle to get up as the referee counts them both out ...

* 6 *
* 7 *
* Christian is up, so is Matt Hardy! *

Christian staggers into the corner and Hardy looks to hit another clothesline in the corner. However, Christian sees him coming and counters with a Pendulum Kick through the ropes instead. Christian senses another opportunity and quickly climbs the ropes before hitting a diving crossbody from the top rope. Hardy is crushed to the mat and Christian holds on for the pinfall ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* Hardy just manages to escape! *

Christian looks frustrated now and resolves himself to go for another Killswitch and to end the match and secure his place in Sunday’s Championship match. He tries to lock Hardy into the Killswitch but Hardy wriggles clear ... Side Effect! Matt Hardy hits the Side Effect to Christian instead, is it all over now? Hardy with the pinfall ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* Christian kicks out weakly! *

Hardy leaps up and climbs the ropes with Christian down on the mat. He steadies himself and leaves out the Hardy pose this time and hits the leg drop from the top rope perfectly. Christian is down and out, is this it? Hardy hooks the leg and makes the cover ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* Christian just manages to kick out at the last moment! *

Christian looks in real trouble here as Hardy looks to end the contest and secure a match with Kane on Sunday. Hardy is setting himself up now, looking to end the match with his finishing move ... Hardy waits, stalking, looking for his chance to hit the Twist of Fate. Matt sees a chance and goes for it but Christian counters the move. Christian goes for the Killswitch off the counter but he fails as well as Hardy counters, neckbreaker from Hardy to Christian. Both men are desperate to win this match. Hardy shakes his head and drags Christian to his knees and sets him up as if he is going for Triple H’s Pedigree move. However, Hardy wraps his legs round Christian instead and locks in the Scar, a submission move. Christian’s arms and head are tied up and his legs are helpless here and he has got a fight on if he is going to escape. Hardy desperately tries to increase the pressure on his opponent’s head and arms as the referee waits for Christian to tap out ...

However, Christian manages to roll them over onto Hardy’s back and then over again so that the pair roll into the ropes where the referee has to break the hold. Christian looks the worse the wear and struggles to get back up whilst Hardy gets to his feet with a look of frustration now showing on his face. He lifts Christian up onto his back for the Splash Mountain Powerbomb ... this would end the match, surely? Christian wriggles down from Hardy’s back though and locks the arms up to set up ... KILLSWITCH! Christian hits the Killswitch! Christian is going to Survivor Series! Hooks the leg ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* Hardy kicks out! *

Christian looks amazed and his Peeps in the crowd have their heads in their hands at ringside. However, there are many cheers around the arena as well as the Hardy fans celebrate Hardy kicking out of Christian’s finishing move. A chant of ‘Hardy! Hardy!’ echoes around the arena and Christian determinedly grabs Matt to try and hit another Killswitch. Hardy is looking dizzy as Christian sets up, surely he can’t survive a second Killswitch? Christian goes for it but suddenly, Hardy manages to escape again ... TWIST OF FATE! Matt Hardy has hit the Twist of Fate as he counters Christian, it’s over, it’s over!

* 1 *
* 2 *
* Amazingly, Christian kicks out! *

As it is the turn of Hardy’s fans to look on in disbelief, Christian’s fans celebrate with a loud ‘Christian! Christian!’ chant now. Hardy collapses to the ring apron in shock and Christian desperately tries to recover as he turns over onto his stomach. Both men are down, who is going to win this match? Suddenly, though, a large red explosion echoes around the arena ...

*** MAN ON FIRE ***

Michael Cole and Mick Foley exclaim in shock and question why Kane is here again after Teddy Long sent him home earlier tonight? Kane runs down the ramp to ringside, flinging the World Title down in the ring as he steps over the top rope. Hardy gets to his feet first and tries to run at Kane but he is met with a huge right hand that sends him back down. The bell rings – the match is over ...


Kane grabs Hardy by the throat and hits a devastating choke slam before turning his attention towards Christian. He is also lifted high by the throat and slammed down beside Hardy. Kane picks up the World Heavyweight Championship with a maniacal look on his face, stands over the fallen pair of Matt Hardy and Christian, lifts the World Championship high and then signals for the red explosion in the corner of the ring. His music sounds out around the arena again as Kane looks pleased with himself ...


Kane’s music is interrupted by that of the SMACKDOWN General Manager, Teddy Long. Long walks down the ramp with a microphone in his hand looking extremely annoyed with Kane, his World Champion. He gets into the ring and glares at Kane who just smirks and exits the ring instead. Long checks on both Matt Hardy and then Christian before addressing Kane who is heading out of the arena ...

TEDDY LONG: Hold it right there, playa ...

Kane stops and turns round to face Long from the ramp as Christian and Hardy both get to their feet slowly ... Kane smirks again as Long goes on ...

TEDDY LONG: Over the past four weeks here on SMACKDOWN, we have been having a competition to determine the man to face you at Survivor Series. We got this far, two great WWE superstars ready to earn the right to face you – but twice tonight, you have got involved and denied them their opportunity.

Kane laughs again ... Long looks peeved and carries on with a determined look on his face to put Kane in his place ...

TEDDY LONG: What you need to remember, playa, is that even though you are the World Champion, I make all the decisions around here. Tonight, you have disrespected me. But you will defend that title this Sunday at Survivor Series ... in a Triple Threat match. You see, Kane, now it will be you defending against ... Matt Hardy ... and Christian ...

Hardy and Christian glance at each other with a smile as the crowd cheer the news ...

TEDDY LONG: ... in a Ladder Match! Holla!

Kane looks at Teddy Long with a furious look in his eyes. He knows that his World Title is now in serious jeopardy – he faces two men who both know what it takes to win a Ladder match! As SMACKDOWN concludes, we see Hardy and Christian in the ring and the pair shake hands to Kane’s dismay ... Survivor Series is coming very soon!

********** END OF SHOW **********


Can Randy Orton see off the threat of Wade Barrett’s Nexus to retain his WWE Championship?
Can Wade Barrett inspire his team to victory to win the WWE Championship?
Can John Cena help Randy Orton to destroy the Nexus’ ambitions once and for all?


How will Kane react to Teddy Long forcing him to defend his title in a Ladder Match?
Can the Big Red Machine destroy the dreams of Matt Hardy and Christian?
Or will one of the two WWE veterans finally capture the brass ring and win their first big title in WWE?


Edge (C), John Morrison, R-Truth, Daniel Bryan & Ted DiBiase
Big Show (C), CM Punk, Kofi Kingston, Jack Swagger & Chavo Guerrero

Which brand will reign supreme and take a superstar of their General Manager’s choice from the losing brand?
Will RAW find unity at Survivor Series or will they complete implode?
Can SMACKDOWN secure victory and earn Big Show the right to a future World Championship match?


Will ‘3 Stages of Hell’ finally bring the end to Triple H and Sheamus’ long running feud?
Can Triple H finally get the revenge he desires over the Irish duo of Sheamus and Hornswoggle?
Or will Sheamus again pull out all the stops to prove that he is the new King of the WWE?


Which of these two Divas will be the once forced to leave SMACKDOWN for RAW?
Can Layla prove that her Divas Championship reign is not down to her Laycool partner?
Or can Michelle McCool prove that she was the dominant force in Laycool?


After eliminating Alberto Del Rio from the race to face Kane for the World Championship, Evan Bourne now gets an opportunity to take the Intercontinental Championship from the cocky Mexican at Survivor Series. However, Del Rio will be defending the title for the first time and will be determined to hold on to it.


Drew McIntyre and Cody Rhodes defend the Tag Team Championships against the duo of Vladimir Kozlov and Santino Marella after they earned the right in a Number 1 contender match on RAW. Santino and Kozlov will be confident of taking the titles after getting on a roll recently but Rhodes and McIntyre have held the titles for nearly three months now.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Here is the full card for Survivor Series, folks ...

WWE CHAMPIONSHIP: Team Orton vs. Nexus

WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP: Kane vs. Christian vs. Matt Hardy (Ladder Match)


3 STAGES OF HELL: Triple H vs. Sheamus w/Hornswoggle

I/C TITLE: Alberto Del Rio vs. Evan Bourne

TAG TITLE: Rhodes & McIntyre vs. Santino & Kozlov

DIVAS TITLE: Layla vs. Michelle McCool

Would love to see some predictions from you, see who can get the most right! GCB

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