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Re: The TwoThousandAndEleven Diaries

Monday Night Raw (May 30, 2011)

We open the show with the WWE Champion, who gets a great pop as he gets into the ring. He talks about facing R-Truth in a title match at Capitol Punishment, saying that last week Truth called him a wannabe black man. Cena replies to this by saying that Truth is a wannabe contender and out of the three men who participated in last week’s main event, he hates Truth the most. He says that he can’t respect a man who turns his back on his fans.

Truth comes out to heat and says that Cena is trippin’ because the fans aren’t worth jack. He says that pandering to the stupid fans got him nowhere and if by a wannabe contender he means that Truth wants to be a title contender more than anything, then he is right. Truth says that he is taking Cena’s title at Capitol Punishment and he hopes to see a lot of his former fans crying when he takes the title belt as his own.

Cena says that people like Truth aren’t successful because their heart is in the wrong place. He tells Truth to look at The Miz, who’s still injured from their ‘I Quit’ match at Over The Limit. He says that Miz and Truth are one in the same, self-centered, egotistical cowards who have to attack people when they’re down because they don’t have the balls to fight themselves.

Truth says Cena is wrong about only striking while someone’s back is turned and he immediately clocks him in the forehead with the microphone. Cena falls to the mat as Truth begins beating him down with the mic, before dropping it and deciding to stomp on him instead. The crowd boos as Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler walks out onto the stage. He tells Truth to save his energy because later tonight, he and Cena will be in the main event. It will be R-Truth and Alberto Del Rio taking on John Cena and Jack Swagger!

Commercial Break

Match One: Seth Rollins and Joseph Mercury defeat Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov after Mercury hits Marella with a hangman’s neckbreaker called The Virginia Necktie. After the match The Straight Edge Society beats down Koztino and CM Punk takes a microphone.

Punk tells the Raw roster that if they’re not already scared after the last two weeks, they’re either blind or very stupid. He says that the reign of the society is just beginning and tonight’s casualties were the first of many. He says that he is implementing ‘The Freebird Rule,’ meaning that any members of The Straight Edge Society can defend the WWE Tag Team Titles, and all four are technically the champions at any given time.

Big Show interrupts to a pop and he says that it doesn’t matter if there’s four people technically holding the title, he will go through all of them to get the title back. He gets in the ring and gets in Punk’s face as he tells him that he’s not blind and not stupid and he is definitely not scared of him or his army of beards. Punk smiles sarcastically and says that Show must be even stupider than he realizes.

Suddenly Punk motions to the society and all three other members jump The Big Show. The crowd boos as Punk laughs and joins in on the assault, making it a four on one beat-down. Out of nowhere though, pyros explode from the ring and Kane’s music plays and the crowd goes wild as The Big Red Machine appears on the stage. He walks to the ring as the society stop what they are doing and as Kane slides into the ring they leave altogether. Kane glares at the retreating society as Punk shouts about him not being allowed to be on Raw, saying that he will get him fired.

Commercial Break

Match Two: Zack Ryder defeats Tyler Reks after the Zack Attack. Once again he gets a nice pop during his entrance and also upon winning the match.

We go backstage to where Scott Stanford is with Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez. When Del Rio is asked about his loss in last week’s main event he says that he only has one man to blame and that is Jack Swagger. He says that the entire match was unfair and Jack Swagger attacked him when his back was turned. Scott mentions something about the rules but Del Rio says that the rules are irrelevant. He says that Jack Swagger will get what his coming to him tonight in the main event.

Commercial Break

Match Three: Kelly Kelly defeats Maryse after the K2. After the match Kharma comes out and first of all nails Maryse with the Awesome Bomb, before turning her attention to Kelly. The Divas Champion looks initially brave and even manages to catch Kharma with a punch, but after it hardly fazes her she tries to escape, only to be caught. Kharma nails Kelly with a spinebuster before standing over her and making title belt motions.

Dolph Ziggler is backstage with Vickie Guerrero and he reminds her of what happened last week when he tagged with McIntyre and took him out after their victory. Vickie congratulates him and says that he would have definitely impressed Kofi Kingston with his efforts. Ziggler calls himself the next United States Champion before Drew McIntyre walks into view.

McIntyre says that he is a noble man and would not hit a man when he is standing with his lady. He however says that the next time Ziggler is anywhere near him and a ring, he should watch himself. Dolph says that he isn’t scared and Drew says that if he is underestimated, a United States title shot will be the least of his worries. Drew walks off as Ziggler looks slightly nervous, yet still trying to remain smug and confident in front of Vickie.

Commercial Break

Match Four: Dolph Ziggler defeats Evan Bourne by disqualification after Drew McIntyre interferes and lays him out with the Future Shock. After the match he smiles at a distraught Vickie Guerrero and stares down Kofi Kingston, who is on commentary, and making motions signaling that he wants his title.

We go backstage to where Jack Swagger is walking down a corridor getting ready for his match. He sees Ricardo Rodriguez who attracts his attention and distracts him, drawing him out of the sight of the camera. Suddenly we hear a bang and a shout and as the camera turns we see Swagger laid out on the floor, clutching his knee in pain.

Commercial Break

When we return John Cena is in the ring and he said that he just found out that Jack Swagger has been rushed to hospital after an attack by Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio comes out with Ricardo Rodriguez and R-Truth and denies attacking Swagger, but he smirks and says that he is glad that “somebody” took him out of the picture and we’ll have to wait for proof of who that “somebody” is and that could take days. Truth says that it looks like Cena will be wrestling in a handicap match but Cena says that he managed to find someone else roaming around backstage. Rey Mysterio runs out to a big pop as Cena’s replacement partner!

Main Event: John Cena and Rey Mysterio defeat R-Truth and Alberto Del Rio after Mysterio nails Del Rio with a 619 and Cena pins him after an Attitude Adjustment. After the match, Truth produces a lead pipe and uses it to attack Mysterio and Cena, as Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez join in with the assault. Suddenly Jack Swagger unexpectedly runs, or limps, out for the save but after getting a few shots in on the heels, he succumbs to the foreign object and also becomes a recipient of the beat down. Truth and Del Rio stand tall over the fan favourites as Raw ends with a furious crowd.
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