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Re: The TwoThousandAndEleven Diaries

Friday Night Smackdown (May 27, 2011)

The show begins not with the new champion Christian, but with former champion Randy Orton making his way to the ring to a mixed reaction. He tells the production team to roll footage of Over The Limit, where Christian defeated Orton cleanly, only to suffer an RKO after the match. Orton says that the RKO represented his frustration with losing the match. He says that nobody in the audience knows what it feels like to win a title and then have it snatched away from you before you can even grow to appreciate it.

Christianís music plays and he interrupts, saying that what Randy described is exactly what happened to him after Extreme Rules, and his title got taken away before his name could even be engraved on it. Christian says that luckily, he got a second chance and it paid off. Orton says that the only reason that Christian has that title is because of luck. Orton says that Christian caught him on an off day and that any other time he would have lost. Randy says that he wants his rematch at Capitol Punishment.

Theodore Long, the Smackdown General Manager, interrupts and says that he agrees with Orton, believing that he should get his rematch at Capitol Punishment. However, he says that the two have faced each other twice now with the results going either way, so itís time to heat things up. He says that Christian and Ortonís match will be a thirty-minute ironman match! Teddy says that they both had better get working on their stamina and he hollaís before leaving as the crowd cheers.

Commercial Break

We go backstage to where Alex Riley is with Jack Korpela for an interview. He talks about how great it feels to finally be able to pursue his own dreams and stop acting as a lackey for The Miz. He says that the slap at Over The Limit was the best thing he ever did and he looks forward to a great future on Smackdown.

Match One: Wade Barrett defeats Yoshi Tatsu in a squash after the Wasteland. After the match, Ezekiel Jackson comes out and announces his intentions for a rematch for the Intercontinental Championship. Barrett says no but Zeke says he will go through the whole Corre. Barrett agrees to this, saying that if Ezekiel can beat Slater, Gabriel and he in a handicap match next week he will get a shot at his Intercontinental Championship.

Commercial Break

Sheamus comes to the ring to booing from the crowd. He talks about how Teddy Long has already announced the World Heavyweight Championship match for Over The Limit and it is outrageous. He says that neither he, nor anybody else apart from Christian and Orton is getting a shot at the title.

Teddy Long interrupts and he says that he understands where Sheamus is coming from. The GM announces a fatal four-way match for Capitol Punishment with the winner becoming the new number one contender for the title. Sheamus asks who will participate in the match and Teddy says that people will need to earn contention, starting with Sheamus, who will participate in a qualifying match right now!

Match Two: Sheamus defeats The Great Khali to earn a spot in the number one contendership fatal four way at Capitol Punishment, after the Brogue Kick. After the match, Jinder Mahal once again comes out and he kicks Khali while he is down, before spitting on him and walking away to boos.

Commercial Break

Match Three: Sin Cara defeats Ted DiBiase to earn a spot in the number one contendership fatal four way at Capitol Punishment, after the Sin Tacha. Cody Rhodes accompanies Ted DiBiase to the ring and after he loses, he forced him to wear a paper bag as he leaves.

Chavo Guerrero comes to the ring with Brodus Clay. He says that he debuted his new Ďbusiness associateí big Brodus at Over The Limit but two certain individuals had to ruin the moment. Johnny Curtis and Derrick Bateman are invited to the ring and sure enough, the two walk out onto the stage to a pop.

Chavo says that they had some nerve picking on the new most powerful duo on Smackdown and Derrick replies by saying that Chavo is a joke and the last time he won a match was 2007. Chavo seems furious at this and he challenges Bateman to a match, which is accepted. Bateman tells Chavo that he will be demolished but Guerrero laughs and says that he isnít the one that is going to be in the match; instead Bateman will be taking on Brodus Clay.

Commercial Break

Match Four: Brodus Clay defeats Derrick Bateman with the ICU, a splash from the second rope, in a short match. After the match, Chavo and Brodus attempt to beat Bateman down but Curtis clears them from the ring and helps his partner.

We go backstage to where Shelton Benjamin is in Teddy Longís office. The GM congratulates him on returning to the WWE and choosing to come back to Smackdown. Shelton thanks him and says that there would be no better welcome back present than a chance to compete to be the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship. Long says that heíll see what he can do.

Match Five: Melina defeats Gail Kim with the Last Call in what would be regarded as a very good divas match. After the match, Kharma comes out and lays out Melina with an Implant Buster. She looks to do the same to Gail but Kelly Kelly runs out and kicks Kharma in the back, forcing her to drop Gail. Kelly helps Kim out of the ring and the two faces retreat from an irate Kharma.

Commercial Break

Main Event: Christian, Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan and Ezekiel Jackson defeat The Corre and Mark Henry after Christian nails Slater with the Killswitch amidst a period of chaos, only for Orton to tag himself in and make the pin. After the match, Christian gets in Ortonís face only to suffer an RKO. There is a mixed reaction as Orton celebrates to end the show.
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