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Re: WWE: A New Era Beckons


The show opens with Ezekiel Jackson coming out with Dr. X to the ring. Dr. X talks about last night how Big Zeke made an example out of the legend Shawn Michaels and put him down for a 10-count (loud boos from the audience).

Dr. X – “All of you must have noticed that Ezekiel Jackson has done everything there is to do at WWE within a short span of four months. He has beaten legends like Batista, Shawn Michaels and put them out of action. He is undefeated till now and has squashed every competition. But, there is one achievement which still eludes the undefeated monster, and that is the WWE Championship. On behalf of my client, I challenge The Undertaker to a WWE Title match at Summerslam (crowd cheers). So, if you are listening to me Deadman, why don’t you come.....”

***GONG SOUNDS*** (huge pop from the audience as Undertaker walks down the ring)

Lawler – “Oh my god, this is huge. Ezekiel Jackson vs The Undertaker, JR, Summerslam just became bigger”.

JR – “Ladies and Gentleman, The Undertaker is 19-0 at Wrestlemania, but this man, the Unstoppable Monster Ezekiel Jackson is undefeated in WWE in the past four months.”

Undertaker enters the ring and stands in front of Ezekiel Jackson while audience cheers at the top of their voices. Taker takes the mic from Dr.X.

Taker – “You’re ON” (huge audience pop, he shoves the mic back into Dr.X’s chest)

Dr.X – “Well, Undertaker, first of all I appreciate that you accepted our challenge. But now, I would like you to leave the ring, say, in about 10 seconds”. (crowd pop)

Lawler – “Not now, Dr.X. This is not a good time for your 10 seconds game”

JR – “Oh God, this is not good”

The Undertaker looks angrily towards Dr.X who retreats two steps back when suddenly Jackson attacks him. Taker tries to fight back but Dr. X hits him on his back. Taker turns angrily and lifts him for a chokeslam. When Jackson hits him from behind. Jackson delivers the Ura-nage on Undertaker. He lifts the WWE Title and keeps his right foot on the chest of Undertaker. (loud boos from crowd)

1. Del Rio comes to the ring for his match without his bodyguard Vladimir Kozlov. His opponent is William Regal. The two have a good match high on technical moves but finally Del Rio applies the cross-armbreaker to win the match.

Alberto Del Rio def. William Regal via submission at 6:34

After the match, Kozlov comes out and demands Del Rio to relieve him of his bodyguard duties. He states that this job has taken its toll on him especially being attacked by Big Show and Triple-H. Del Rio becomes angry that Kozlov should have been here for the match earlier.

Del Rio – “You know what Vladimir, there is a reason why I pay you so much that all these people here can’t even earn in their whole lives (crowd boos). You might have forgotten but there is a clause in our contract which says that you cannot voluntarily leave this job unless I want to fire you. If you do so, you will have to quit WWE altogether. “

Kozlov – “Mr. Del Rio, I Quit”. (he leaves the ring and goes back)

Del Rio looks worried and the crowd cheers.

2. R-Truth comes out for his match. The opponent is CM Punk.

CM Punk def. R-Truth via pinfall at 7:03

After the match, Sheamus attacks Punk with a Brogue Kick. He picks him up again and delivers the Celtic Cross. The crowd boos while Sheamus leaves smiling.

3. Backstage, RVD looks in a bad mood. MVP says that he is sorry for his over-enthusiasm costing them the tag team titles at Cyber Sunday. RVD accepts the apology and says that they must be the next No.1 contenders to the tag titles.

Bischoff announces McIntyre vs Miz tonight for No.1 contendership to US Title and the winner faces Morrison next week. Swagger is standing next to him and asks Bischoff that he would also love some gold to which Bischoff smiles and says that he is happy Swagger was drafted to RAW and he will be treated well. Suddenly, Rhodes comes in and mocks Bischoff how he is being partial by punishing Rhodes who is the future of RAW brand while favouring Swagger. Bischoff says that those two weeks of pain were just a payback for the previous actions of Rhodes. Swagger laughed while Rhodes looked angrily towards him.

4. No.1 contendership match:

John Morrison joins the commentary desk for this match. He notes how none of these should get another chance as they have had many. Miz controls the match earlier and makes gestures to Morrison that he will win the title. McIntyre comes back when he blocks the Skull Crushing Finale. Finally, McIntyre grabs the win via Future Shock.

Drew McIntyre def. The Miz via pinfall at 7:45

John Morrison claps for him while McIntyre gestures that he is taking the title back next week.

5. Cody Rhodes comes out for his match with Gregory Helms. He makes a short work of Helms and delivers the Cross Rhodes to win the match.

Cody Rhodes def. Gregory Helms via pinfall at 4:19

6. Justin Roberts – “Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the WWE Chairman, Mr. Mcmahon”

Mr. Mcmahon comes out to a huge pop. He takes the mic from the bell guy.

Mr. Mcmahon – “Ever since my last appearance here on RAW, I have been flooded with phone calls and letters as to who is this Mysterious Mr. Money in the Bank. Well, tonight I am going to put those phone calls and letters at rest. Are you people interested to find out who this guy is?”

Tremendous pop from the audience. Mr. Mcmahon looks overwhelmed.

Mr. Mcmahon – “Well then, without wasting any time, I am going to reveal the identity of mysterious Mr. Money in the Bank right here, in this very ring (audience cheers loud), at Wrestlemaniaaaaaa (crowd booes loud, the whole aura of the arena goes from huge cheers to loud boos).

Mr. Mcmahon looks surprised at the reaction.

Mr. Mcmahon – “If any of you Texans have a problem with my decision, you can go to Hellllll”

***GLASS SHATTERS**** (audience gives the loudest pop of the night, JR goes into his usual routine of ‘Stone Cold, Stone Cold, Stone Cold)

Lawler – “Hell has been set loose, the Rattlesnake is here Mr. Mcmahon”

Austin does his poses on the four corners of the ring while Mr. Mcmahon looks on in disgust. Austin takes the mic and waits for the pop to die down a bit.

Mcmahon – “What the hell are you doing here?”

Austin – “Nice to meet you, you little son-of-a-bitch.” (crowd pop)

Austin – “You think you can come out here with your little bombshells (What?), your announcements (What?), your nice little mysteries (What?), let me tell you one thing.”

Mcmahon – “You got nothing to do with...”

Austin – “Dont interrupt me when I am speaking (crowd pop). You are gifting away title opportunities like they don’t mean anything. Back in those days, I had to face tough sons-of-bitches to get to the WWE Title, like The Rock (What?), The Undertaker (What?), Triple-H (What?), and last but certainly not the least, You” (crowd cheers).

Mcmahon – “(smiles) Well, Austin.....”

Austin – “You are one interruption away from getting your ass kicked (loud pop). No one is going to wait until Wrestlemania, Vince. I am going to open the can-of-whoop-ass on you and your little suspense, I am going to find that son-of-a-bitch before he strikes. And that’s the Bottomline, coz Stone Cold said so”. (huge pop)

Lawler – “Oh my god, JR. Stone Cold is back.”

JR – “Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, The Rattlesnake has promised to find out the Mr. MITB before he can cash in the briefcase.”

Lawler – “I am thrilled, JR. This is going to be a hell of a ride.”

Austin signals for beers and drinks them while posing on the ropes. Mr. Mcmahon looks tensed.

The screen fades to black.

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