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Re: Being The Booker

Monday Night Raw | June 25 2007 | Nashville TN

No videos, no pyro. The show opens cold, in the ring, with Eric Bischoff standing, waiting to address the fans. The Raw GM wastes no time, and gets straight to business, telling of his shame of the showing his roster gave at Saturday Nights Main Event. He says that while he may be in charge of Smackdown in the interim, Raw is where his priorities lie, and fully believes one of the four men representing Raw should have won the prestigious King of the Ring crown.

As a result, Bischoff says that tonight, those four men will be punished. Firstly, he berates Shelton Benjamin for his post match actions after his loss to Matt Hardy, putting Matt at a disadvantage for the remainder of the evening. As a result, tonight, Benjamin will defend the Intercontinental Championship in a FATAL FOUR WAY match!!! The challengers will be former Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio, and, the former World Tag Team Champions, Greg Helms and CM Punk!!

He then moves on to Umaga, billing Mr. Money in the Bank as the biggest odds on favourite in King of the Ring history, picked by just about everyone to become 2007 KOTR … and yet he fell at the first hurdle, getting himself disqualified. Therefore, tonight, Umaga will compete in a NO DISQUALIFICATION MATCH!! And as for Regal, his actions on Saturday where fully unjustified and his tactics underhanded - certainly not becoming of a so-called noble Gentleman. So, as he decided to not act accordingly at the weekend - and cost Raw it’s best chance of victory in Umaga … he will be Umagas OPPONENT in the NO DQ match tonight!!!

Which leaves the runner up in the King of the Ring tournament … Matt Hardy. At first, Bischoff puts over the effort, grit and determination Hardy showed at the weekend, fighting through a number of injuries to make it to the final, and damn near win the whole thing … but he didn’t. And he only has himself to blame. After his ambush on The Brotherhood last week on Raw, he should’ve expected repercussions at the weekend … and that’s exactly what he drove Shelton Benjamin too. So, if he wants to pick a fight with The Brotherhood … he can do that tonight. As he will face ALL of The Brotherhood (minus Benjamin) in a HANDICAP match!!!

Bischoff then wraps up the promo, stating that he DOESN’T accept failure, and tonight, the Raw roster will learn the hard way.

Commercial Break

We return with J.R and Coach recapping the opening promo from Bischoff, and also discuss tonight’s main event; John Cena & Christian versus the NEW World Tag Team Champions, MNM.

Match 1 | No Disqualifications:
Umaga w/Armando Estrada vs. William Regal
Regal - still looking worse for wear after his savage attack from Umaga at the weekend - tries again to employ the same tactics of hitting and moving, but to very little success. Umaga crushes the veteran Brit, with J.R trying to cover for Regal saying he is far from 100% tonight, and the Samoan Bulldozer takes his time to gain his revenge for Saturday Nights antics. Umaga uses the steel steps, and after punishing the veteran with them, Estrada introduces a table from under the ring, with Umaga setting it up in the ring, and finishes Regal off, splashing off the middle turnbuckle onto Regal, putting him through the table. Mercifully, Umaga puts an end to proceedings … 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Umaga @ 04:39
The Samoan Bulldozer keeps rolling, and despite missing out of becoming King of the Ring, he still of course, has that guaranteed title shot whenever and wherever he wants it. As Estrada (with the briefcase on show) leads Umaga from the ring, medics tend to Regal in the ring, with J.R stating that Regal was in no condition to compete tonight, but Coach tells his broadcast colleague that that’s the price you pay when you cross the boss!!

Backstage now, CM Punk & Greg Helms approach the General Managers office, and discuss their loss last week with Bischoff. The duo show their appreciation for a shot at the Intercontinental Title tonight, but tell Bischoff that as prestigious a title it may be, they have unfinished business in the tag team division. Bischoff understands the concern from Straight Edge, but puts them at ease, letting the former champions know that they WILL get a chance to regain the titles from MNM. But tonight, after all the whining and harassing MNM have done in recent months, and their antics last week, he’s wanting to punish them tonight, hence their match against the top two names on the Raw roster.

Commercial Break


~ 1989 ~



Match 2:
Gail Kim vs. Jillian Hall
It’s a rematch from last week, with Jillian requesting a second bite at the returning diva, having suffered a loss in a hard fought contest last week. However, Jillian is unable to gain revenge, and falters to Gail again, with the Hurricanrana being the difference maker again, as Kim gets the pin out of the athletic move, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Gail Kim @ 04:57
Gail Kim moves to 2-0 since her return, and has her hand raised, whilst J.R hypes up her performances, before shilling the Raw return of the current Womens Champion, Mickie James - TONIGHT!!

Backstage, Rey Mysterio is seen doing last minute warm ups, ahead of his (billionth?) shot at the Intercontinental Title - NEXT!!

Commercial Break

Shelton Benjamin w/Theodore Long vs. Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk vs. Greg Helms
It’s an exhilarating contest, with four of the most exciting performers on the Raw roster putting on a magnificent show, and despite coming into the match as tag team partners, Punk and Helms share an understanding that it’s every man for himself, with the duo doing very little as a team, and have no hesitation about going at it themselves, whilst Rey and Benjamin have plenty of history too. The pace is frantic in the early going, and the near falls come by the bucket load with counters, reversals, interference from other participants to boot. The match settles a little, and dips into the WWE formula of multi man matches, with two in the ring, and two out for periods, with all four men getting time in the ring. Eventually, Mysterio dumps Helms out of the ring, and with Punk and Benjamin also on the outside, Mysterio planchas to the outside, with all four men going down, as the match heads into a commercial.

Commercial Break

And as the show returns, all four men are now in the ring, with Straight Edge in charge, finally deciding to come together as a unit, and taking Rey and Shelton apart, eventually sending both opponents out of the ring, leaving it down to themselves to battle it out. Again, there’s no punches pulled between the friends, and the duo let it all hang out, but knowing each other so well, it’s hard for either to gain an advantage, with Helms avoiding the Punk Card, and Punk escaping from the Nightmare of Helms Street!! A series of cradles and roll ups then ensue, but neither man can gain the magical three count, and despite the urgency from both men, neither can land a killer blow - both missing a Shining Wizard - and eventually, Shelton Benjamin is able to re-enter the ring, hopping onto the ropes, and knocking both men down with a flying double clothesline!!

Benjamin gets up following his athletic assault … BUT MYSTERIO THEN LAUNCHES FROM THE OTHER SIDE OF THE RING WITH A SENTON AND HOOK THE LEG … 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Benjamin was nearly caught, but as he gets up, Rey leaps for a springboard splash from the ropes, BUT IS CAUGHT … AND EATS A T-BONE EXPLODER!!! Benjamin covers Rey, 1...2...BROKEN BY PUNK!!!!! Punk saves the match, and gets the better of the Black Diamond, getting him up, into position for the Punk Card … AND NAILS IT!!! He gets the cover, BUT THEODORE LONG PULLS THE REFEREE OUT OF THE RING!!! In the ring, Punk realises why there hasn’t been a count, and gets up, looking to confront the mouthpiece of The Brotherhood … but before he can, GREG HELMS swoops in from behind … AND NAILS HIS PARTNER WITH THE NIGHTMARE ON HELMS STREET!!! Helms makes the cover, and the referee pushes past Long to get back inside and make the count … 1...2...REY BREAKS THE COUNT!!!

It’s getting wild in the ring now, as Helms and Mysterio now go at it, blow for blow, with Helms throwing Rey off the ropes, then looking for a wheelbarrow, but Rey counters into a bulldog!! Helms flops around, and Mysterio now spots Shelton, leaning through the ropes, with Theodore Long passing him the title belt!! Rey instantly has a plan, and races across the ring … 619 CONNECTS!!!!! Benjamin hit’s the canvas, with Rey now looking to set himself to spring off the ropes, but Benjamins manager has other ideas, and pulls Rey off the apron!! Mysterio lands on his feet - AND CLOCKS LONG WITH A RIGHT HAND!!! Mysterio drops Teddy Long, and turns to get back onto the apron … BUT GETS WIPED OUT WITH A GORE … FROM RHYNO!!!!!

Once again, The Man Beast needlessly targets Mysterio, finishing off his hopes of clinching a third Intercontinental title!!! Rhyno stands over the broken body of Rey, pounding his chest, breathing heavily, looking pleased to have taken his foe out of the contest!!! It’s down to three, and in the ring, Helms, now back up, knocks down a still groggy Benjamin with a clothesline, then turns around … AND INTO A SHINING WIZARD FROM PUNK!!! Punk looks set to win the match … BUT BENJAMIN RACES UP BEHIND HIM - AND THROWS PUNK OVER THE TOP ROPE - OUT OF THE RING!!!! The Black Diamond immediately drops down, and scrambles to hook the leg of Greg Helms … 1...2...3!!!!!
Winner: And STILL WWE Intercontinental Champion - SHELTON BENJAMIN @ 13:01
Gratefully, Benjamin clutches onto his title belt, and rolls out of the ring, picking up his mentor and getting out of dodge as quickly as possible. On the outside, Mysterio is still laid out, whilst Rhyno climbs over the barrier, having done his job, and in the ring, Punk re-enters, looking up the aisle at the champion, before turning his attention to his partner, looking to help Helms back up to his feet.

Commercial Break

Backstage, MNM are interviewed by Kelly Kelly, with the diva firstly congratulating the pair on recapturing the World Tag Team titles last week, before asking Nitro and Mercury if they knew the two ‘look-a-likes’ that distracted Straight Edge during their entrance. Of course, the duo, cocky as you like now that they hold the titles again, brag about their master plan coming together last week. They tell Kelly that everywhere they go, they have groupies and hangers-on … an ‘Entourage’ even, and last week, two of their ‘Entourage’ helped them to distract Punk and Helms long enough for them to make their mark.

Kelly then asks about the recent goings-on with the British Lions; first they mysteriously were given incorrect flight details into Vengeance, and the night after were attacked - unable to compete - giving MNM the opportunity to swoop in and take their shot at the titles. MNM laugh at the questioning, before brazenly admitting that whilst they didn’t ‘do the deed’, they did set the situation up. At this point, Nitro and Mercury both mention Melina - not seen since her loss at Vengeance - and credit their third member for the idea to target the Lions, and thank her for helping them regain their titles - even in her absence.

Kelly, rather flabbergasted by the brazen admittance from MNM, asks if they are not concerned that when the Lions return, they’ll be out for revenge?? But, still cocky, the tag champions show little concern, again mentioning their ‘Entourage’, saying they’ve got friends to take care of minor issues like that. The champs then move onto tonight’s main event, saying they are right where they should be - mixing it up in main event matches, against fellow ‘A-Listers’ … and they plan on grabbing the headlines again tonight.

Elsewhere now, we see KURT ANGLE making his way down the hallway, with J.R telling us that the Olympian is on his way to the ring … NEXT!!!

Commercial Break



Kurt Angle arrives, right at the top of the second hour - not dressed to compete - and makes his way to the ring. On commentary, J.R and Coach both comment on Kurts quest to capture the World title once again, whilst also mentioning Mister Kennedy being in the hunt, with both men having good cases to be the next man to challenge for the title.

In the ring, Angle doesn’t take long to get to business, stating his intention of challenging Christian for the World Heavyweight Title, claiming he’s done more than enough to warrant his shot …


Angle doesn’t get long to state his case, as the outgoing King of the Ring enters, and walks briskly to the ring, not allowing Angle to say any more. Kennedy steps into the ring, getting a mic of his own, and with a smile on his face, informs Angle that no one will be getting a shot at Christian until HE gets his rematch from Vengeance.

The two men go back and forth over who should get the next title shot, and why, before threats are made. Angle coldly tells Kennedy he stood by his side on Saturday night, and helped him to put Christian down … “but you can be Christian in that position anytime I please”.

Cocky, again Kennedy laughs and smiles, before snarling at Angle with his response reminding Kurt that it was HE who struck Christian first; Kurt simply jumped on the bandwagon … “and I will gladly throw you off my bandwagon right here, right now if you intend on staying in my way”. It looks like things are set to boil over between the two top contenders, as they go face to face …

**I‘M BACK**

Bischoff quickly steps into view, and stops at the top of the aisle, calling for both men to ‘settle down’. Bischoff begins to discuss the current championship contendership situation, stating that in his eyes, the two current most worthy contenders are the two men in the ring. HOWEVER - neither man has really made a strong enough claim for a one on one title shot.

In the ring, both Kennedy and Angle disagree, believing themselves worthy enough of a one on one crack at Christian, but before the bickering can restart, Bischoff talks over the pair, shutting them up. He reiterates that he cant justify giving either man a one on one title shot … which is why next week on Raw it will be Christian … versus KURT ANGLE … VERSUS MISTER KENNEDY … IN A TRIPLE THREAT MATCH FOR THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

Kennedy and Angle both accept the decision, and as Bischoff exit’s the stage, the two men stare down in the ring … Angle intense; Kennedy relaxed … but neither man comes to blows, as Kennedy carefully exit’s the ring, not taking his eyes off his rival for the World Heavyweight Title.

Commercial Break

During Cody Rhodes entrance for the next match, we see a pre-taped promo from the youngster, calling out Jerry Lawler for a match tonight. Cody uses ‘The King’ as an example of the type of people that disgust him; just like his father, just like his brother, embarrassing himself by wearing a crown and referring to himself as a ‘King’. Rhodes then says Lawler is EVEN WORSE than his Father and Brother though, because at least they knew the right time to step aside and let someone else have the spotlight, but Lawler cant let it go - using SNME this past weekend as an example.

And, during The Kings entrance, Coach is heard on commentary agreeing with everything Rhodes said about Lawler, stating his fury at having to sit and watch Saturday Nights Main Event, listening to The King doing his job.

Match 4:
Cody Rhodes vs. Jerry Lawler
Lawler, the veteran, uses all his know-how to negate the youthful Rhodes in the early going, having to resort to a few cheap tricks - but still gets cheered from his home state fans - gaining a near fall from his trademark fist drop from the middle turnbuckle, before eventually Cody scores with a beautiful dropkick to take over. From here, it’s ALL Rhodes, with the second generation superstar wearing down the older, slower Hall of Famer. With the fans in Nashville rooting for Lawler though, The King eventually makes a spirited comeback, fighting off Rhodes … pulling out a dropkick of his own!!! The King then PULLS DOWN THE STRAP, and signals to the fans for the signature PILEDRIVER!! He drags Rhodes up, and places him into position … BUT RHODES BACKDROPS OUT OF IT!!! Cody now grips Lawler, trying to place him into position for the Cross Rhodes … but Lawler escapes and fights free, slugging it out with the younger man, and resorts to poking the eye!!!

Rhodes peels away, clutching his face, whilst Lawler falls into the ropes, feeling the pace … as attention turns to the stage … where J.R spots (by name) Dustin Rhodes. Better known to the WWE audience as Goldust, the older brother of Cody Rhodes walks down the aisle minus the trademark face paint and clothing, but instead in jeans and a shirt!!! In the ring, Cody knocks down the tired Lawler with a clothesline, but is now distracted by the presence of his older brother, who has arrived at ringside. Cody berates Dustin for being here, and the distraction allows Lawler to sneak up … AND SCHOOL BOY CODY … 1...2...NO!!! Rhodes escapes, but gets up right into a clothesline from The King!!! Lawler looks to run off the ropes … AND DUSTIN TRIPS HIM!!! Now, it’s The King that’s distracted, and he turns to confront Dustin … allowing Cody to get up, and from behind grabs Lawler … CROSS RHODES!!! He hooks the leg, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Cody Rhodes @ 05:47
Cody Rhodes defeats the legend - THANKS to his older brother!! Despite being humiliated by Cody in recent weeks, Dustin - dropping his Goldust persona - has come to his younger siblings aid!! In the ring, Cody has his hand raised, but looks perplexed as to his brothers actions. He watches, as Dustin backs up the ramp, looking confused, asking “What was that about??”. Dustin continues to back away, but mouths clearly “I have to protect you, Cody. I have to.” In the ring, Cody still seems unsure, whilst he ignores the heat from the fans, furious that The King has lost in Tennessee.

Commercial Break

Back from the commercial, Matt Striker is standing by with Matt Hardy, who is seen heavily taped at the arm and leg, showing the effects of his gruelling evening just forty eight hours ago in Memphis. Striker firstly asks Hardy how he feels, having come so close to realising his goal on Saturday night. Hardy, naturally sombre, says coming second to a guy like Brent Albright isn’t anything to be ashamed of … but it’s nothing to celebrate either. Hardy tells Striker that he’s fed up of being a ‘nearly man’, or ‘runner up’ … he wants to taste the glory, he wants to wear championship belts, and he wants to headline Pay Per Views with his hand raised at the end of the night.

Hardy then discusses his match tonight - a handicap match against The Brotherhood - and after initially laughing at the fact he’s being ‘punished’ for his showing at SNME, he recaps his leg injury suffered against Benjamin, and an arm injury suffered against Albright in the final, before signing off, telling Striker that no matter what injuries he has, he’ll always battle to the end, “regardless of the odds … Matt Hardy comes to fight … and Matt Hardy comes to win!!”

Elsewhere, Rhyno cuts a promo, direct to the camera, calling out Rey Mysterio, announcing that he just got word from Eric Bischoff that NEXT WEEK, Rhyno will meet Mysterio in a rematch from Vengeance … only this time, it’ll be AN ECW RULES MATCH!!! The Man Beast declares that lightning WONT strike twice, and that this time, Rey Mysterio will have only one thing to look forward to … and that’s … THE GORE, GORE, GORE, GORRRRREEE!!!!!

Commercial Break

Match 5 | Handicap Match:
Matt Hardy vs. The Brotherhood w/Theodore Long
It’s short, but far from sweet for Matt Hardy. The big hearted baby face gives his all, but a short burst in the early going - including a Twist of Fate on JTG - isn’t nearly enough to take down his three opponents, and eventually the numbers take it’s toll, with Henry blindsiding Matt just as he attempted a Side Effect on Brown. After Monty Brown scores with the POUNCE, it’s as good as over, but Henry, JTG and Brown continue to dissect the bane of The Brotherhoods existence, at the behest of Theodore Long. Henry scoops the limp Hardy up, delivering the Worlds Strongest Slam, before following up with a big splash onto the prone body of the flattened opponent. Henry then makes the cover, ending the match in elementary fashion, 1...2...3!!!
Winners: The Brotherhood @ 03:56
At the climax of the match, Theodore Long enters the ring, jiving and strutting, getting Henry to sit Matt up, in order to trash talk some more. Getting right into the mans face, telling Hardy in no uncertain terms “QUIT MESSIN‘ WIT MY BOYS!!! YA DIG, PLAYA?? DIS ONLY GONNA GET WORSE!! GIVE IT UP PLAYA … WHILE YA STILL CAN!!!” Long then bravely -with Hardy restrained - slaps the face, TWICE, before instructing Henry to release Matt, who slumps to the canvas, ending a horrible weekend for the Carolinian.

Backstage now, we see MICKIE JAMES, for the first time live on Raw since early last month, as she prepares to address the fans … NEXT!!

Commercial Break

Back live, Mickie James does indeed make her long awaited return appearance to Monday Night Raw, receiving a rapturous response from the fans. The Womens Champion goes through the motions early on in his promo; thanking the fans for the support during this tough period etc, and again shows her remorse for her actions in the past, apologising for what she had done to Beth Phoenix mother; stating that she is a different person now. Strangely, Mickie then THANKS Melina for bringing her past to life, saying she realises now she should’ve been open with everyone, proud that she was able to turn her life around, and should’ve saw herself as a role model to people as an example that you CAN change your ways and become a better person. Mickie looks set to wrap up the promo, having gotten a load off her chest, stating that she can now move on with her life, and intends on becoming the greatest womens champion of all time…


Now with her own music, BETH PHOENIX interrupts the feel good celebration, with Mickies eyes filling with fear at the sight of the intimidating diva. Phoenix tells Mickie she’s safe … “for now”, and stays on the aisle to deliver her message. Beth mockingly congratulates Mickie on getting on with her life, before reminding the champion - and the audience - that Beth had to put her own life on hold after the selfish actions of a younger Mickie … and her mother will NEVER have her own life back because of it. “So, while all of these fans may be forgiving, I‘M NOT!!”, is the firm words of the vengeful blonde. Eerily, Beth finishes up her promo saying that while Mickie may feel ‘free’ after the revelations of her past … she’ll need to deal with the reality that she is now ‘trapped’ on the same show as her. And her revenge has been ‘a long time coming … but it will come … and soon’. Phoenix then exit’s the stage, leaving Mickie to ponder the threat …

Commercial Break


An image of the sun rising, getting brighter and brighter…


Clips of John Cena, Brock Lesnar, Christian, The Brian Kendrick, Straight Edge, & Randy Orton


Clips of Kurt Angle, M.V.P, Shelton Benjamin, Paul London, Mister Kennedy & Edge


Clips of some of the landmark sights in each continent.




The Summerslam logos from the years gone by.


A sight of the globe, which zooms in … toward Europe … toward the UK … toward England … and into London … zooming in still …


And hurtles toward Wembley Stadium.


Differing angles of the new Wembley, including a sight at the arc.


Clips of WWE stars in action, interspersed with clips of fans going wild.


More fast clips of the WWE superstars in action, with fans reactions, including sights of London too.




Backstage, Matt Striker is standing by with John Cena. The interviewer quizzes Cena on his recent slump, which has seen him seemingly perilously close to crossing the line (his attack on The Miz last week; postponing the reality stars WWE debut match), and also out of the equation in terms of the World Heavyweight Championship contendership debate. Cena tries to laugh it all off at first, but soon gets to the point, saying he’s still having nightmares about tapping out at Vengeance … and goes on to agree that he’s a far, FAR way away from getting a shot at the World Title … but starting TONIGHT, he’s putting his recent troubles behind him, and he’s going to force his way into back the picture, telling Striker that while Angle and Kennedy will get their shot next week … his aim is to get his shot at the title - preferably Christian in a WrestleMania rematch - at … SUMMERSLAM.

And, in perfect timing, Christian enters the fray. The Champion nods at the suggestion, and tells Cena that IF he manages to earn a shot at Wembley Stadium, it WILL be against him, as he has no intention of losing the title next week to Angle or Kennedy, then moves closer to Cena, nearly nose to nose, before stating … “and I have no intention of losing my title to you either.” The champion walks off the set, with Cena watching on, muttering under his breath “you wont have a choice.” … as we fade out.

Back in the arena, MNM now make their entrance, ahead of this weeks main event, which is coming up … after the commercial.

Commercial Break

During the entrances of Cena and Christian, J.R & Coach announce that Straight Edge will get their rematch with MNM for the titles - NEXT WEEK ON RAW!!!

Christian & John Cena vs. MNM
MNM hold their own surprisingly well with the two top stars in the WWE today, and it’s a long, competitive match up, as we see clips from backstage, where both Kennedy and Angle are seen (in different areas) watching the World Champion in action ahead of next weeks main event. Christian and Cena show no signs of tension, and work well as a unit - and have to - as MNM are on their game, rejuvenated since regaining the tag team titles last week. MNM take control of the match, using their know-how as a team to gain the upper hand, and single out Christian, as the show goes to it’s final commercial of the evening.

Commercial Break


MNM are still in control on the return, but Christian is never out of it, and nearly makes a tag to a desperate Cena, before a last ditch move from Nitro trips Cena off the apron, and the tag is missed!! The tag champions get back in control, but cant put Christian down; either thanks to Captain Charismas own refusal to give in, or thanks to Cena, who continues to be isolated on the outside. The tide turns though, as Mercury sends Christian into the corner … but follows in, only to be a victim of the seesaw kick at the ropes!! Christian follows up with a reverse DDT on Mercury, and low bridges the ropes on an incoming Nitro, freeing himself up … TO TAG IN CENA!!!

Cena bounds into the ring, and makes up for lost time, taking it to Mercury, and the returning Nitro, dominating the champions, before a recovering Christian helps the cause, taking Nitro back out of the ring, leaving Cena to deal with Mercury, and he easily disposes of the tag champion, delivering an FU, and making a cover … 1...2...NO THREE!!! Cena looks perplexed, as he spots the referee now outside the ring … as MNM’S ENTOURAGE - the same two long haired men from last week - have pulled him out of the ring!!! Cena, rightly fuming, exit’s the ring, and chases the duo of followers off, with the two men hopping over the barrier, as Cena decides not to give chase, and instead looks to re-enter the ring, and finish the match off. As he gets inside though … on the outside we see MISTER KENNEDY … AND HE HAS THE WORLD TITLE IN HIS GRASP … AND BLASTS CHRISTIAN FROM BEHIND WITH THE TITLE!!!

With the referee down, the action goes unpunished - and Cena hasn’t spotted it either - as he now ties up Mercury … IN THE STFU!!! Mercury is tapping immediately, but with the referee still out of commission on the outside, the bell doesn’t ring … AND NITRO GETS BACK INSIDE … CLOBBERING CENA!!! The hold is broken, and Nitro hammers Cena, but is overpowered into the corner. Cena lets fly on Nitro with a barrage of punches to the body … UNTIL MERCURY SCORES WITH A LOW BLOW!!! Mercury, dishevelled and worse for wear, comes to his partners rescue, and musters the energy to help Nitro again … AS THEY DELIVER THE SNAPSHOT ON CENA!!! Mercury covers, and the referee crawls back inside to make the convenient count … 1...2...3!!!
Winners: MNM @ 14:11

The World Tag Team Champions win!! MNM steal the win, thanks to their mysterious ‘Entourage’, and a helping hand from Mr. Kennedy. We see a gleeful Kennedy backing up the aisle, looking delighted with his actions, whilst MNM celebrate like they just won the titles again, pinning the former World Champion tonight. The pair continue to oversell their win in the ring … UNTIL BAILING as they spot GREG HELMS AND CM PUNK storming down the aisle!!! Straight Edge give chase as MNM (like their ‘Entourage’ earlier) hightail it through the crowd.

In the ring, Cena slowly picks himself up, beginning to come to the realisation that he’s lost THREE TIMES in THREE MATCHES, in just EIGHT days. Cena looks close to a meltdown, but rises above his simmering anger, and calmly exit’s the ring, but with his head hung low. On the outside of the ring, Christian slowly comes around, shaking the cobwebs loose, crawling back into the ring … when …


“OH MY GOD … IS THIS …???”

Roars J.R from commentary, as … ARMANDO ESTRADA LEADS UMAGA ONTO THE STAGE!!!! There is a huge buzz inside the arena, as Christian gulps hard in the ring, still looking dazed … with MISTER MONEY IN THE BANK on the way to the ring!!! Even Cena looks shocked, as the pair pass him on the aisle, Estrada laughing maniacally on the way. Christian quickly tries to dust himself off, expecting the worst at this point … but oddly, Estrada stops his savage at the bottom of the aisle. Still grinning wildly, Estrada dips into his pocket, pulling out an old style watch, complete with chain, and AAE swings the watch back and forth, shouting to Christian “TIME IS RUNNING OUT PERO!!!”

Estrada laughs, seeing the pale white face of Christian - visibly shaken up by the possibility of Umaga cashing in tonight - and shouts at the champion again; “SOON … VERY … SOON. HA HA!!!” Armando throws the watch into the ring, telling Christian to “keep it”, then backtracks, calling on Umaga to join him, as the pair send a message to the champion, getting into the head of Captain Charisma. Christian shows his growing anger at the mind games, and shouts back at Estrada, leaning over the ropes, whilst Estrada simply laughs …

AS KURT ANGLE COMES IN FROM BEHIND … ANGLE SLAM TO THE UNSUSPECTING CHRISTIAN!!!!! Kurt Angle doesn’t stop there though, and the Wrestling Machine instantly targets the champions ankle … APPLYING THE ANKLELOCK!!!! ‘Whatever Kennedy can do, Angle can do better’ is the thinking behind the Olympians motives, as he applies the deadliest submission in the business today … with Estrada still watching from the stage with Umaga … as the show fades to black with Angle ripping at Christians ankle, ahead of next weeks triple threat match for the title!!!



Triple Threat Match for the World Heavyweight Championship;
Christian vs. Mister Kennedy vs. Kurt Angle

World Tag Team Championship Match;
MNM vs. Straight Edge

ECW Rules;
Rhyno vs. Rey Mysterio


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