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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

"Nana's World" from the ROH website...

You see, there is only so much you can take, before you give… Over the past few months here at Ring of Honor Wrestling the stakes have been raised, dreams have been accomplished and nightmares will become reality. I’ve said this once before, but now this is true at this point in pro wrestling history. What road are you going take my friends?? Hahahaha!

Cary Silkin is a man who has gone above and beyond for the Sport and Art, of Pro Wrestling. When I met this commoner, Cary, almost 8 years ago, he was the same polite, creative, interesting and most articulately sound person that he still is today. I thank him for his wisdom and dedication, the lessons and the luck. If it was not for this man in the last ten years, we may not have seen some of today’s biggest stars that Ring of Honor gave a chance, when no one else would. Ring of Honor’s new parent company Sinclair Broadcasting Group, has now paved the way for a sun to shine so bright…. For the whole world to see, and I’m proud to say, I’m going to have a first victim to a career questioning defeat at the hands of The Embassy in NYC on June 26th 2011.

I’ve come to realize the weakness of Homicide after two huge defeats, one in Atlanta and another in Michigan. One only can wonder what the heck more is there to prove to this voodoo doll head! And you know what, the sad part is? After his defeats to us, he continues to carry on like some hoodlum terrorist, putting his hands on my barrister and members of the elite. Homicide, I’m going have to reiterate to you who the real King of New York is papa! In the next few weeks I will address Homicide and his demands via ROH video wire in regards to his so called Hometown and his fate in wrestling come June. Until then “The Project” Tommaso Ciampa and I will continue to prepare for more important matters in the upcoming month$$$. (Your win in Chicago meant nothing by the way Homicide I saw the crap you pulled, I was there.)

Speaking of important matters, Princess Mia and I had a wonderful time in NYC early this month. I spent about $80,000 for a 1 day trip to the Staten Island ferry?? It was booked by Mr. RD Evans for me, and I’m still a bit shocked the booking agent only charged $50,000 cash! I’m glad Evans handles all my needs! I only spent $6,000 on gifts for Princess Mia from 5th Ave once we got tired of getting on and off the stinky vessel. (I should have known 80,000 was a cheap deal!)

I have been in very serious talks with officials in regards to signing a full fool contract with ROH wrestling for myself and The Embassy Brand. Although I’ve avoided being completely binded to any specific contract with privately owned peasants, this is no longer the case, I feel now is the time to seal the deal and continue the work on what needs to be accomplished by The Embassy here in ROH. It’s a great thing and ROH couldn’t have picked a better place to do this, Chicago. Did you know our first Brand New TV Taping is going down there on August 13th 2011!?! It’s gonna be huge.

One of my fondest memories of Chicago was the Jimmy Rave vs. CM Punk cage match “Nowhere to Run Nowhere to hide”…. This was the culmination of months beating CM Punk at his own game. I remember how proud the locker room was back then to compete for an unprecedented crowd gathering. It will be interesting to see how the dynamics change after these next milestone events in NYC and Chicago.

For any of you fools who are not aware, you can now buy official embassy merchandise at our new web page: www.EmbassyForeverMerch.com! Pick something up so you can be as cool as my good friend Ernie! He’s always rocking some embassy gear. Also don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @princekingnana with new real time updates in regard to our Empire in ROH.

In closing I must remind you people the importance of my presence here at Ring Of Honor and im proud of it. Who else in this company makes more sense!? Bow down you fools…and thank God! Homicide can’t read!!! See you in NYC!
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