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Re: The TwoThousandAndEleven Diaries

Monday Night Raw (May 23, 2011)

John Cena’s music plays to open the show and there are huge cheers as the WWE Champ makes his way to the ring. He talks about his victory over The Miz at Over The Limit, saying that a lot of people are surprised that he kept his title. He says that the most surprising this that happened was Alex Riley finally growing a pair and ditching The Miz, and footage is shown of Riley slapping and deserting his mentor. Cena says that The Miz is too scared to turn up tonight but then Alberto Del Rio’s music plays.

Del Rio walks down to the ring with Ricardo Rodriguez but without his expensive car. He gets into the ring and says that he wasn’t even at Over The Limit, which is a real travesty. He recalls Cena saying The Miz isn’t here tonight so he will need a new contender. Del Rio proposes that the new number one contender be he. He starts to talk himself up but then R-Truth’s music plays and he makes his way to the ring.

Truth talks about how he first disposed of John Morrison and then, last night, Rey Mysterio as well. Truth says that Rey may not be able to wrestle ever again after the injuries he sustained thanks to him. He says that if there’s going to be a new contender, it should be him. Del Rio disagrees and the two heels begin to argue, before Jack Swagger’s music plays and he comes out to a mixed reaction.

Swagger talks about Over The Limit, where he finally ditched Michael Cole and footage is shown of him powerbombing the announcer. He gets cheered as he disses Cole and says that he really did respect Jerry Lawler as a competitor, he was just following orders. He says that now he realised that he was doing the wrong thing and he is ready to fight for himself. He calls Truth and Del Rio losers and says that he should be the new number one contender.

Jerry Lawler’s music then plays and the competitors in the ring are confused at first but he stands on the stage and says that in congratulations for his victory at Over The Limit, Vince McMahon has appointed him General Manager of Raw. The crowd cheers as King smiles and says that as his first act, he is going to find John Cena a contender for the next pay per view, Capitol Punishment. He announces a triple threat match for tonight with Alberto Del Rio taking on R-Truth taking on Jack Swagger, with the winner to face Cena at Capitol Punishment.

Commercial Break

Match One: Kelly Kelly defeats Brie Bella after the K2, in a similiar match to their one at Over The Limit. After the match, Kharma comes out and walks to the ring, going after Kelly. The champion goes for a dropkick but this time Kharma swats her away. She lifts Kelly up for the Implant Buster but Kelly wriggles out and manages to escape, retreating up the ramp. Kharma looks pissed and has to settle with nailing Brie Bella with an Implant Buster instead.

We go backstage to where Zack Ryder is talking to John Cena. Ryder tells Cena that he’s finally coming back to Raw because Jerry Lawler is letting him have a match tonight. Cena congratulates him and says good luck as Ryder also congratulates Cena and tells him that The Miz is probably at home sulking. Cena laughs and walks off as Ryder continues warming up.

Commercial Break

When we return, CM Punk’s music plays and the new WWE Tag Team Champion makes his way to the ring with his partner, Mason Ryan. The crowd boos as Punk takes the mic and he says that the duo won the titles from The Big Show and Kane last week because they shed some excess baggage. He calls David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty that baggage and tells the audience that they won’t be seeing those faces anytime soon.

He says that the power that comes with numbers is important and for that reason, he is inducting two new members to the group. Firstly, he introduces whom he calls his protégé, Seth Rollins, and the long-haired and bearded man formerly known as Tyler Black joins Punk and Ryan in the ring. Punk then introduces a man that the audience already knows and Joseph Mercury makes his way to the ring to join the others.

Punk asks the crowd if they see where this is going. He says that the days of The Nexus are over. He says that he was at his strongest when he was with a different group, one called The Straight Edge Society. He announces the group as officially back together, with Mercury in it from last time and Rollins having adopted the straight edge lifestyle when Punk met him a few years ago. Punk says that there is one more step before the society is complete.

He says that it is time for Mason Ryan to make his commitment to the straight edge lifestyle with the symbolic ritual, the shaving of his head. Punk grabs a razor and the crowd boos as he begins to shave the head of Mason Ryan, who naturally obliges. Once he is finished, Ryan is entirely bald except for a small beard, a feature that all four men have in common.

Punk says he hopes that the new Straight Edge Society will be taken seriously and he says that to prove that he means business, he is allowing any team to challenge the two new members, Rollins and Mercury. Big Show answers the challenge and he tells Punk that he and Kane want the titles back. Punk says that Kane was drafted to Smackdown and now that they’re no longer champions, he can’t appear on Raw. Big Show says that for now, he has found a replacement and Evan Bourne runs down to the ring to accompany him.

Match Two: Seth Rollins and Joseph Mercury defeat The Big Show and Evan Bourne after Rollins hits the God’s Last Gift on Bourne. Big Show was previously taken out by an unseen interference from Mason Ryan. After the match, The Straight Edge Society boot Show out of the ring and CM Punk nails Evan Bourne with the GTS, making a statement to the rest of the roster.

Commercial Break

Match Three: Zack Ryder defeats Primo in his return to Raw with the Zack Attack, getting a solid amount of cheers for his efforts.

We go backstage to where R-Truth is with Scott Stanford. He rambles about how John Cena thinks he’s black and thinks he can rap and calls him all sorts of names. He says that one name people won’t be calling John after Capitol Punishment will be champion, because he will beat him. He says that John Morrison and Rey Mysterio are roommates at the same hospital and there’s a bed with Cena’s name on it.

Commercial Break

Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero come down to the ring to masses of heat. Guerrero tells the crowd to excuse her, creatively enough, and let her hubby Ziggler speak. Dolph Ziggler says that a few weeks ago he underwent a makeover, where he cut his hair and remodeled his attitude. Ziggler says that he is hungrier than ever and that the perfect accessory for his new look would be the United States Championship. He tells Kofi to get out here but instead he gets Drew McIntyre’s music and The Chosen One makes his way to the ring.

McIntyre says that since he’s debuted he’s impressed nearly everybody watching him perform. He says that Vince McMahon is still watching over him and he’s at his happiest when he is wearing gold. McIntyre says that if anyone is challenging for the United States Championship, it is going to be him. Before he can further his argument, Jerry Lawler comes out and says that although they would both make good contenders, he is choosing to let Kofi Kingston decide who his next contender will be.

Kofi comes out to cheers with his title and he says that he isn’t exactly friends with either Ziggler or McIntyre. He says that he won’t be naming a contender tonight and says that he will give them two weeks to prove themselves, starting tonight. Jerry Lawler chimes in, saying that he has the perfect way to have them showcase their talents- making them team up. He announces the match of Drew and Dolph taking on Koztino, right now!

Match Four: Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler defeat Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov after McIntyre nailed Santino with the Future Shock DDT. After the match, instead of celebrating, Ziggler nails Drew with the Zig-Zag and points at Kofi’s title before celebrating with Vickie.

Commercial Break

Main Event
: R-Truth defeats Jack Swagger and Alberto Del Rio in a triple threat match to become the number one contender to the WWE Championship after a Shut Up to Swagger, who previously took out Del Rio with a Gutwrench Powerbomb. After the match, John Cena walks out onto the stage and has a stare down with Truth, his new opponent for Capitol Punishment.
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