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Re: WWE: A New Era Beckons

JCIG, Nice start on the Pay-Per-View, as, you make Teddy Long, Eric Bischoff and the mysterious MITB as the opener, and stating that McMahon will make an announcement about that briefcase, is a fresh start on your PPV.

Wow, Very big match opener, Jericho and Kennedy, I didn't expect that one though. I though they will be on the middle part of the show, but, good idea that you first put them there to hype the crowd. Having JBL within your match was really a good sign of things coming on your next pay-per-view, look, Mr. Kennedy almost won the match, but because of Jericho ducking and dodging the attack, JBL was hit. I'm smelling that it might be a new start for Kennedy and JBL, as they argue about this one, or maybe not.

Wow, a 18-minute match full of non-stop tag team action, RVD and MVP, starting the match was really jampacked, and facing London-Kendrick, Haas-Benjamin was a good choice! But, still, Chavo and Mysterio are still your tag team champions, as they were on the last spot, and that was an advantage to them to win the match.

Now, this triple threat match, was short but full of punches and exchanges of stomps, finishers, etc. See, Miz almost won that match, because of Drew McIntyre throwing JoMo outside, but JoMo didn't receive a big beatdown, so he returned very quick inside to interrupt and still the US Champion! Now, I'm sensing that Miz is going to argue about almost winning that title, but JoMo breaking it and retaining the title. What a nice match, and looking forward to their fresh storyline.

Big win on Big Zeke, very extreme match, looking that Shawn Michaels almost won that match, but because of Zeke's athletic ability and strength he beat Michaels in a Last Man Standing match. I was disappointed that Zeke won the match, but he gained a very big momentum and he could brag that win to the WWE Universe, and say that he stopped the Showstopper! Good match for Big Zeke as he got a big momentum and a push after he beats HBK!

Christian and Undertaker, good but really short match, Christian can't still win the WWE Championship, especially when he faces a bigger and more famous opponent, The Deadman. His skills arenot yet enough to beat the man who has an undefeated streak at WrestleMania. Good match though, as you didn't feel to us, that Christian is weak in terms of facing Deadman, he still did his best to beat it, and go to WrestleMania as the champ. Better luck next time, Captain Charisma!

Santino's plan to hide under the ring was a good idea, but Viscera is really a monster to eliminate 3 guys, and NXT rookie Cannon eliminating a veteran player, Gregory Helms. Yoshi Tatsu's plan to surround Santino Marella was a good idea, giving them a hint and funny situation, that Santino is keeping on hiding under to win this one, but still he won the match, as Ryder was eliminated by HIMSELF? What? That was cool though, Zack surrendering against Santino was not a bad idea, but disappointing, because lack of action between the final two. But happy, that Santino and Zack was given a 10-second interaction with each other, and showing what they have!

Main Event was good and damn, John Cena's participation in this match was really big, so Edge could use that advantage to retain his title! I'm smelling that Randy Orton might have a feud on Cena and Edge, as we are going to the Grandest Stage of them All! WrestleMania!

Good show, bro, I'm looking forward to see more on your WrestleMania, and other pay-per-views. 7/10

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