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Re: WWE: A New Era Beckons


Eric Bischoff is in his office talking to someone on the phone, and says that he will be looking forward to meet him tomorrow night on RAW. Teddy Long comes into the office.

Long – “How you doin, playa. You sure look in a good mood”

Bischoff – “Ofcourse I am, Mr. Mcmahon will be appearing at RAW tomorrow night. And, he has an important announcement regarding the identity of the mysterious Mr. MITB. (crowd cheers)”

Teddy Long doesn’t look amused.

First Blood Match – Chris Jericho faces Mr. Kennedy:

Kennedy comes out accompanied by JBL. Jericho comes out to huge pop. Jericho looks in control of the match initially. He hits the lionsault and goes out of the ring to bring the steel chair. JBL tries to distract him and Kennedy comes from back and pushes Jericho down. Kennedy hits the steel chair on Jericho continuously. JBL asks him to get him up and hit on his head. JBL holds him up and Kennedy runs with the steel chair towards him when Jericho kicks on the steel chair which hits on Kennedy’s head. Jericho beats up JBL and pushes him into the barricades. The referee checks, but there is no blood spilt on Kennedy.

The action continues inside the ring with Kennedy hitting the Plunge on Jericho. He goes for the steel chair shot but Jericho ducks and hits the Codebreaker. Suddenly, JBL who has entered the ring hits the Clothesline from Hell. He asks Kennedy to bring the steel chair but Kennedy has a better idea. Kennedy signals for the mic which comes down from top. JBL holds Jericho up, Kennedy runs with the mic, Jericho ducks down and JBL is hit. Jericho hits the DDT and picks up the mic and begins to assault Kennedy’s forehead with it. The audience pop was huge and finally Kennedy bleeds awarding the victory to Jericho.

Chris Jericho def. Mr. Kennedy at 14:09

Tag Team Turmoil Match:

London/Kendrick start off the proceedings against RVD/MVP. MVP hits the Drive-by kick on Paul London to pick up the pinfall.

RVD/MVP def. London/Kendrick at 3:43

Next in are Haas/Benjamin. Benjamin hits the superkick on MVP but the count is broken by RVD. Finally, RVD throws Haas out of the ring, and MVP picks up the win by hitting Playmaker on Benjamin.

RVD/MVP def. Haas/Benjamin at 3:14

Carlito and Masters enter the ring. Carlito beats up RVD but is thrown out of the ring. Masters applies the Masterlock on MVP which is broken when RVD kicks Masters. RVD goes over the top rope and connects with the Five Star Frog Splash. Before he could go for the cover, MVP wants to hit the Ballin’ Elbow. He does the theatrics including copying RVD’s hand gestures while the crowd shouts “M-V-P” but Carlito comes and kicks him down from behind. Carlito goes to the ring corner and bites an apple, RVD comes to hit him and he spits it in RVD’s face. Masters picks up the win by the Masterlock on MVP.

Carlito/Masters def. RVD/MVP at 5:03

The tag team champs Rey and Chavo come out. Masters tries to hit Rey who ducks and kicks him into the 6-1-9 position and hits it. Chavo beats up Carlito and Rey does his theatrics and puts Carlito down. Chavo hits the Frog Splash for the win.

Chavo/Mysterio def. Carlito/Masters to retain Tag Titles at 2:49

US Title Match: (Morrison vs Miz vs McIntyre)

McIntyre and Miz team up on Morrison and take advantage. As McIntyre hits the Reverse STO on Morrison, Miz throws McIntyre outside the ring and takes the cover only to get a 2.5-count. Miz beats up Morrison and tries to go for the Skull Crushing Finale but Morrison blocks it and hits the Moonlight Drive. He gets a 2-count. McIntyre comes in and beats up Morrison and throws him out of the ring. Miz comes from behind and beats him. He hits the Skull Crushing Finale and takes the cover. Morrison breaks the count and hits the Moonlight Drive on Miz to pick up the win.

John Morrison def. The Miz & Drew McIntyre to retain US Title at 8:58

Last Man Standing Match: (Big Zeke vs HBK)

Jackson takes the control in the initial minutes of the match. He hits a powerful clothesline when HBK comes running from the ropes towards him. Jackson hits the chokeslam but HBK comes up on his feet at 5-count. Finally, Dr. X throws a steel chair into the ring. Jackson hits it on HBK again and again and poses to the audience to huge boos. Michaels comes up on his feet while Jackson has the steel chair in hand and signals to the audience that he will finish it when out of nowhere Michaels hits the Sweet Chin Music. The audience cheers loudly. Jackson begins to stand on his feet and finally gets up by 5-count.Michaels takes the steel chair and beats the hell out of Jackson.

Suddenly, Dr.X comes to the apron but HBK superkicks him. HBK goes down and brings the table to the ring. He sets Jackson over the table and goes to the ring top. HBK hits the Showstopper and the table breaks. The referee begins counting and HBK takes the help of the ropes to get up, but is shocked to see Jackson trying to get up. Jackson also uses the ropes to get himself up just by the 10-count. HBK does the theatrics signalling another Sweet Chin Music while the crowd is going nuts. Jackson turns and HBK goes for it but Jackson catches the leg in mid-air and drops HBK down with a clothesline. He hits HBK with the Ura-nage but does not look satisfied. Jackson brings the steel chair to the middle of the ring and delivers the Ura-nage on the steel chair. The referee counts till 10 and declares Ezekiel Jackson as the winner.

Ezekiel Jackson def. Shawn Michaels at 16:15

A video package is shown on the titantron. A guy is walking on a beach with flowery shirt and shorts on with caribbean music playing in background. The camera rises from his feet to his face showing that he is wearing fancy goggles. Chris Jericho, it is. Jericho suddenly sees a wire on the ground (caribben music stops, serious music starts) and keeps on following it while lifting it from the sands when he reaches the end of the knot. He looks at the left and sees a door with the WWE title poster on it. He sees to the right and sees the World title logo on another door. He looks at the middle door, and takes off his goggles shocked. Its a poster of Kelly Kelly in a bikini in an inviting pose. He chuckles and opens the middle door. The camera focuses on his face when he says, "Oh god, not you". Its Ron Simmons who comes out from the door, he looks to the left door, then to the right door, and says "Damn". (huge crowd pop)
The video ends with the Summerslam logo touting it as the "biggest party of the summer".

WWE Championship match: (The Undertaker vs Christian):

Christian takes Deadman to the limits. Taker hits the big boot and takes the cover but Christian kicks out. Taker goes over the ropes for old school and puts Christian down. Christian came back with a DDT. He went for the Killswitch but Taker came out and hit the Chokeslam. Christian kicked out at 2.5-count. Taker went for Last Ride but Christian punched Taker’s head while in mid-air to come out and hit the Killswitch. Taker kicked out at 2.5-count and Christian looked shocked. He went for Killswitch again but Taker came out and hit the Tombstone for the win.

The Undertaker def. Christian at 9:34 to retain WWE Title

12-man Battle-Royal:

In the beginning, Santino slipped out himself below the ropes and hid under the ring. Viscera began clearing the house and in no time, eliminated Young, Crazy and JTG. Ryder eliminated Funaki while Tatsu eliminated Primo. Helms eliminated Goldust, Lucky Cannon took the opportunity to eliminate Helms.

Only 4 were left in the ring – Viscera, Tatsu, Ryder and Cannon. When all three looked angrily at NXT rookie Cannon, suddenly Tatsu stopped them and inquired about Santino. Ryder tried to put the attention on Cannon but Tatsu went outside the ring and pulled Santino from under the ring and rolled him inside. Santino began to beg when all four were rounding him. Suddenly, Ryder attacked Viscera and Tatsu, while Santino beat Cannon. Ryder eliminated Tatsu and Santino eliminated Cannon. Both teamed up to eliminate Viscera.

Final two left were Santino and Ryder, when Ryder went over the top rope and eliminated himself.

Winner – Santino Marella

World Heavyweight Title Match: (Edge faces Orton)

The match went on for long. Edge hit the spear but Orton kicked out at 2-count. Edge took Orton outside the ring and pushed him into the barricades. Edge went for the spear but Orton moved away and pushed Edge into the barricades. Orton entered the ring. The referee began the counting but Edge came on the apron. Orton got Edge’s head between the ropes and went for the rope-hung DDT and got a 2-count when Edge kicked out. Edge began to come up and Orton began teasing for the RKO, as he went for it, Edge pushed him and the referee got knocked down. Edge went for the spear but Orton moved away and Edge hit into the turnbuckle.

Orton then stood at the ring corner and begin to get ready to hit the punt, Edge was just coming up and the referee was down. Suddenly, a voice came, “Randyyyy”, Orton looked towards the ramp and tried to look around, the audience were cheering at the top of their voices, when the camera caught John Cena standing at the top in the balcony among the crowd. Cena said, “You can’t see me” when Randy noticed him, Randy angrily shouted towards Cena, Edge took the advantage and as Randy turned, Edge hit the spear. The referee nearly conscious now counted the pinfall.

Edge def. Randy Orton at 11:18 to retain World Title.

Edge left with his title held high, while Orton leaning over the bottom rope looked towards Cena in frustration.

The screen faded to black.

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