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Re: 2012 Mafia

Originally Posted by Hiplop View Post
it wasnt even a day, its still day one
Um re-read thread, we're in Day 2.

Originally Posted by scrilla View Post
lol@leeroy trying to call someone racist.

vote: leeroy
I forgot about that.


Originally Posted by Leeroy! View Post
Gotta love your insults, man. Gotta love it!

The opening post said "3 days ealier" am I right? Which is three full phases. Someone in the game must have the power to cause The Apocolypse which is why it happened so quickly. I had to post in gibberish until The Apocalypse happened, which is why I posted in gibberish until it happened. I have, on MSN, that DH said to me that my post restriction is gone. I haven't closed the conversation. I would gladly screenshot it and show it to you all but I highly doubt I'd be allowed to do that. DH will see this post, and if he messages me on MSN that I can screenshot it then I will have absolutely no problem with showing it to you all.

Oh and by the way, this town will fail if sXe is leading it. Town people are supposed to be good people, right? Well, good people don't act like racists. So how about you go to your stupid little vBookie section and stay there and make sure that nobody is flaming anybody in that section, I mean if you can even find a post that doesn't say (____ credits on _____!!!!!!!!) So please do me and everybody else a favor and be quiet, unless you have the urge to call someone the N word then go-for-it because then you'd be doing everybody a favor and simply ridding yourself from this site for good.

Oh, and please continue insulting me being a part of the E-Fed, it really hurts my feelings that you're making fun of me for having a hobby of writing as a fake superstar on a fake wrestling federation, because I really write the matches and shows, right? (/sarcasm) Maybe know what you're talking about before saying something.

I maintain my call of bullshit. One post of gibberish and then you're suddenly freed of your PR? One would almost guess that your post unleashed the apocalypse because it happened soon after said post.

at labelling me a racist. I cite your racist riddled e-fed promo. Yeah, I got banned for "racism" but if you knew anything about the situation, I wasn't insulting a race at all, I was insulting the religion (which isn't racist last time I checked).

Also, I am not leading this town. I'm doing the best I can as a roleless number, and my prime target is you.

Sorry Mr Deathmatch champion. If you're so proud of your e-ed abilities, then why did you remove the accomplishments from your sig when you were called on how sad they were?

One vote causes you to get this emotional. So easy to get a reaction out of you, leeroy. First hiplop, now me. Someone's scared they've been exposed and are clutching at last minute straws.
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