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Re: WWE 2009 - Bridging the Gap

So this took a little longer than expected to get finished. I think I may have to switch to a shorter form until I get to the draft if I ever want to get there at all lol.

WWE Friday Night Smackdown
April 10th 2009
Frank Erwin Center – Austin, TX

“Number NONE Contender?”

**Intro Video**

**Video Recap of Wrestlemania and Raw**

The opening video package relays the World Heavyweight Championship match at Wrestlemania, more specifically, Edge retaining the title. It then cuts to the opening promo of Raw where we see the brawl that ensued on the stage between all three men. Finally we see Linda McMahon making the number one contenders match between Big Show and John Cena. We cut to the happenings of the match. Cena looks set to hit the FU until he’s taken out by a SPEAR! Edge is seen grasping at his hair frantically before hitting Big Show with a SPEAR. The package ends with Edge holding his title high in the air while Cena and Show lay at his feet.

**Friday Night Smackdown Intro Video**

The camera pans around the arena to show the fans going nuts while the announcers welcome everybody to the show.

Cole: Welcome everybody to Friday Night Smackdown!

JR: The Frank Erwin Center is raucous here in Austin, Texas just five days removed from Wrestlemania. We have no General Managers, the McMahon’s are out, Randy Orton has gone BAH GAWD crazy and there are no contenders for the World Heavyweight Championship after Edge’s interference on Raw!

Cole: We’re in for an interesting night that’s for sure. And what better way to start things off than with Mister Money in the Bank, CM PUNK!


The Straight Edge Master happily walks onto the stage to a great ovation from the Texas fans. He swings the MITB briefcase high in the air and begins to walk down the ramp with a big smile on his face. When in the ring he once again holds the briefcase up and looks at it fondly while slowly raising a microphone to his mouth.

Punk: Well, here it is, huh? My guaranteed shot at whatever title I want………..but it’s even more than that, right? You see, based on history, I have a one hundred percent chance of becoming champion whenever I decide to cash this in.

A small pop rings out around the arena and Punk continues smiling, obviously very happy with himself.

Punk: Last year I won the Money in the Bank match at Wrestlemania and went on to win my first ever World Title in the WWE. And I plan to do exactly the same thing when I cash this in to win my second.

Punk begins to pace around the ring as he speaks.

Punk: While I was watching the rest of Raw after my match last week, I couldn’t help but notice something very interesting. As you all know, Edge is the World Heavyweight Champion. What’s significant about that? Well, how about the fact that Edge is the same man that I cashed in on last year? I cashed in this briefcase and I took his title!

The fans cheer loudly at that statement and scattered CM PUNK chants erupt from several areas in the arena.

Punk: What else? Well, Randy Orton is the man who punted me in the head and made me forfeit my title just a few months later.

He stops in the middle of the ring and scratches at his chin while slowly nodding his head.

Punk: Yes, I find this all very interesting because now I have the opportunity to make Randy Orton lose his title. All it takes is one moment, one moment for me to spot weakness in you Randy and that’s it. I haven’t forgotten about that night. I also haven’t forgotten about the night that I actually won. Edge, just like I said before, all it takes is one moment of weakness and your title is gone. I came out here tonight to celebrate my Money in the Bank victory but also to put every champion on notice. Orton, Edge, whoever it may be at the time, I want everybody to know that CM Punk WILL be a future world champion………….who knows, I could even cash in……..tonight?

Punk smiles as the fans cheer loudly at his little teaser. He shrugs his shoulders and moves to bring the mic to his mouth again until…….


Heavy boos erupt at the sound of the World Champion’s music. Edge walks on to the stage with a somewhat pissed off expression on his face. He glares at the fans and waits for the heat to die down before speaking.

Edge: You’re threatening to cash in tonight, Punk? Huh? Is that what you’re doing? Let me tell you something, the ONLY reason you were World Heavyweight Champion in the first place is because I got screwed that night!

The fans are in obvious disagreement as they pretty much boo every word out of the Champion’s mouth. Punk is pacing in the ring with an incredulous expression on his face.

Edge: Don’t look so surprised. Everybody saw Batista attack me. All you did was take advantage of the situation. Don’t think for one second that if we had a real match you would win.

Punk: Let me get this straight, you, the so called ‘Ultimate Opportunist’ are calling me out for taking advantage of a situation?

Edge snorts in amusement at the accusation.

Edge: That’s exactly what I’m doing. I cashed in my briefcase but I stuck around, Punk. I stuck around and became a multiple time World Champion afterwards. What did you do, huh? What did you do? You fell away into obscurity because you’re simply……not…..good enough.

He smiles as the fans pour heat all over him while Punk frowns.

Punk: Not good enough? How about you make good on your promise, come to this ring and face me one on one RIGHT NOW!

A huge pop rings out as both men stare holes through each other for a few moments until Edge drops the mic and begins walking down the ramp to an even louder cheer, everybody excited for these two to go at it. He stops at the ringside area and paces around, both men talking smack to each other before he shakes his head with a wicked smile on his face, turns around and starts walking back up the ramp to an onslaught of heat. Punk can be seen in the ring simply shaking his head. Suddenly the noise level in the arena reaches fever pitch as JOHN CENA bursts out from the back and jumps Edge halfway down the entrance ramp. The fans are going nuts as Cena is all over the Champion. He picks him up and throws hard punches, effectively punching him to ringside where he throws him into the ring at Punk’s feet. Cena climbs in and both men look down at Edge on the ground. They look at each other for a moment, then out to the sea of crazy fans who are just willing them on before they both start stomping a mudhole in his ass and walking it dry. Cena and Punk continue hammering away at Edge in the corner but it is short lived for soon THE BIG SHOW enters the ring and starts beating on everybody in sight. He grabs Cena and lands a heavy head but, sending the other man crashing to the mat. Punk tries to take him down with kicks but Show grabs his leg and hits another massive head but. Punk and Cena hit the mat and roll out of the ring while Show turns his attention to the man who he believes screwed him out of his World Title opportunity. Edge cowers in the bottom corner, holding his hands up and pleading with Show not to attack him but it is to no use. Show grabs him with both hands and drags him up. They are standing in the center of the ring, Edge still pleading no and struggling to get out of Show’s mammoth grip. Suddenly a massive hand is around the Champion’s neck as Show raises him up and hits a HUGE chokeslam. He lets out a loud yell and raises his hand in the air while glaring at Cena and Punk on the outside of the ring, both men clutching their heads as they stare on in shock.


A recap is shown of what just happened before the show went to commercial. The camera cuts to the announce table.

JR: Welcome back folks and we have some huge breaking news regarding tonight’s main event. After what you just saw we have been informed that our main event for this evening will pit John Cena and CM Punk against Edge and…..The Big Show!

Cole: How are Show and Edge going to co-exist when Show just attacked the Champion?

JR: I have no idea, Michael. I don’t think either of them are going to be too happy about this decision at all. But they are going to have to try and be on the same page otherwise Cena and Punk will have an easy win on their hands.

Cole: This is a great main event match! I can’t wait to see how it all pans out here tonight on Friday Night SMACKDOWN!

**First Match**
Non-Title Match
Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio vs Evan Bourne

This turned out to be a very competitive and energetic match as both men lived up to their high flying style and put on a real show for the fans. In the end, it was Rey Mysterio who bested his opponent, capitalizing on a slip and managing to get a quick roll up for the victory. After the match while Bourne slapped the mat in frustration, Mysterio went to his side and grabbed his arm. He pulled him to his feet and raised his hand in the air to a great pop from the Texas fans. As the camera zoomed in to show both men, Mysterio could be seen telling the younger man that he almost had him. They shook hands before Bourne exited the ring and headed to the back but not without one final respectful glance over his shoulder.

Winner – Rey Mysterio

We cut to the back to see an empty hallway. Suddenly the lights go out and an eerie blue light slowly floods the area. THE UNDERTAKER appears from out of nowhere to a HUGE pop from inside the arena. The ‘NEXT’ logo flashes across the screen as the show cuts to commercial.



The Frank Erwin Center comes alive at the sound of the infamous gong. Everybody is on their feet as they anxiously await the arrival of the Deadman.


The Undertaker finally appears on the ramp way to a GODLY pop and methodically makes his way to the ring, getting cheered endlessly by his home state fans. Eventually the darkness makes way for the same eerie blue lighting as Taker holds a microphone to his mouth and waits for the chants to die down before speaking.

Taker: Seventeen…….and O.

The Austin fans are relentless in their love of the living legend in the ring as another loud UN-DER-TAKER chant breaks out. The arena literally feels as if it is shaking from the sheer atmosphere surrounding The Phenom. Taker once again waits for things to fizzle out before speaking.

Taker: Seventeen times they have come. Seventeen times they have tried. Seven-teen ti-mes……..they have believed. And seventeen times…..they have fallen. They have fallen to me and they have fallen to the darkness. These seventeen men sacrificed their souls for a chance at immortality……………….and failed.

Taker slowly blinks his lifeless eyes and takes a breath as he turns towards the entrance ramp.

Taker: Shawn Michaels…..

Another loud pop fills the arena for the mention of the other Texas native that Taker defeated on the grandest stage of them all. A littering of HBK chants break out but are met with equal fervor from those in favor of the man in the ring. This time Taker ignores the chants and speaks over them.

Taker: You came to this ring on Monday night and challenged me to a rematch at Backlash? I only have one thing left to say to you…….

He looks at the ground for what feels like an eternity before lifting his head and rolling his eyes. A loud cackling of thunder erupts as he fiercely gives his reply.

Taker: …………………I ACCEPT!


The ominous notes of his theme song ring out around the electric Frank Erwin Center as the man himself turns and slowly exits the ring to thunderous applause and cheers from the fans. The camera quickly cuts to show the stunned faces of Michael Cole and JR at the announce table before JR practically erupts.

JR: BAH GAWD! BAW GAWD, Michael! The rematch is on! The rematch IS.ON! Ladies and gentlemen we will now get part two of what many consider to be an absolute classic Wrestlemania affair. The Undertaker…Shawn Michaels…No Holds Barred…Backlash…It’s on!


A quick recap of Shawn Michaels issuing the challenge for a rematch on Raw and then Undertaker’s acceptance just moments ago are shown before we head to the next match up of the night.

**Second Match**
The Legacy vs. The Colons

The bad luck of Primo and Carlito continued as they once again suffered defeat but this time at the hands of Randy Orton’s young protégée’s. It was a hard fought victory but DiBiase and Rhodes won emphatically with the Dream Street to Primo. After the match they continued their assault, laying both men out and raising their hands high in victory.

Winner – The Legacy

Narrator: The time of the immortals has passed…

**Glimpses of Wrestlemania are shown in quick flashes**

Narrator: The victors have reveled in their glory

**Shots of CM Punk holding up the briefcase followed by Miz and Morrison with Tag Title Gold**

Narrator: But now….

**A collage of images start to flash across the screen getting quicker and quicker – Jericho after his victory, The Undertaker going 17-0, Edge sneaking to victory to retain the World Title**

Narrator: Comes…

**We see the events that occurred in the WWE Championship match and the tragedy inflicted on the McMahon’s and Triple H without actually seeing the perpetrator until…**


**Finally an image of Randy Orton explodes onto the screen. His expression is cold and his eyes lifeless as the image pulls further and further away to darkness**

Narrator: WWE Backlash, live on Pay Per View, Sunday April 26th!

As we come back to the show, the camera cuts to the back to show the central focus of the Backlash promo that just aired, the WWE Champion, Randy Orton. The fans in the arena boo loudly as he slowly paces up and down the hallway. After a few moments Ted and Cody appear, obviously right from the ring and fresh from their tag victory. They smile at their leader who acknowledges them with a nod. The trio start heading down the opposite direction of the hall until they come to a sudden stop, disgusted looks appearing on their faces. The camera pans back to show that John Cena is blocking them from going any further. A huge cheer erupts as Orton and Cena stare each other down. The Viper creaks his neck and glares at the other man before asking slowly,

Orton: What do you want, Cena?

Cena: Apart from wanting to take that title off you I have something to say. I saw what you did to the McMahons at Wrestlemania, Randy. I saw what you did to Linda McMahon on Raw. You may be WWE Champion…

He nods his head towards the title before getting right up in the Champion’s face.

Cena: …but you don’t run any-thing.

Orton almost lets out a hiss as he clenches his jaw. Rhodes and DiBiase make a move towards Cena but are stopped by their leader almost instantly. He glances at his young teammates before glaring back at Cena with a smallest hint of a smile on his face.

Orton: I guess we’ll just have to wait and see about that, John. If you’ll excuse me….

The trio brush right past him and head on back to their locker room while Cena looks after them in confusion.

Cole: Well that was an interesting exchange.

JR: Interesting? I would call it chilling. Just what exactly does Randy Orton mean when he says that? The man has gone completely crazy. I have never seen somebody disrespect Linda McMahon the way he did on Raw. The McMahons aren’t my favorite people in the world but the way he has treated that family is despicable, he’s despicable and I hope he gets what’s coming to him!

Cole: I’d be careful of what I say, JR, you don’t want to provoke the man.

JR: Oh I sure as hell do not. Well folks, moving on here, last Sunday at Wrestlemania, The Miz and John Morrison defeated the Colons to become the Unified Tag Team Champions. They have informed us that tonight they will begin their, “Quest for Competition.” I have no idea what the hell that means but I’m sure they’re going to tell us all about it.

**Ain’t No Make Believe**

A decent amount of heat greets the new Unified Tag Team Champions as they confidently stroll down to the ring and hop inside. Both dressed in casual clothes and with a title belt slung over each shoulder, they look out into the sea of rowdy fans before The Miz begins to speak.

The Miz: Now I know this is the part of the show you have all been dying to see.

He ignores the boos and motions to his tag partner who is in total agreement.

Morrison: That’s right. You see at Wrestlemania, we defeated those no good Columbians…….

The Miz: I think they’re Puerto Rican actu…….

Morrison: Does it really matter, Miz? I mean does it….really….matter?

At the shake of his friend’s head he continues.

Morrison: The fact is, we beat them and in doing so we have effectively steamrolled our way through the entire tag division of this company.

The Austin fans dislike of the duo begins to grow as more and more heat is piled upon them.

The Miz: And that is exactly why we are out here tonight. I know none of you can ever be as good as us so you’ll have to take my word for it, but it isn’t easy being as awesome as we are. I mean, LOOK at us! The Chick Magnet and The Shaman of Sexy! Keeper of the Palace of Wisdom and Founder of the Age of Awesome! Your Unified Tag Team Champions!

The pair pats themselves on the back much to the dismay of those in attendance.

The Miz: Look at us……..and then look at every other team in the WWE. For this exact reason, John Morrison and I have decided to begin our, “Quest for Competition.”

Morrison: A Quest….for Competition! From this day forth we shall endeavor to unearth all possible sources of competition and confront them!

The Miz: Before humbling said sources and proving once again that we are the most dominant team in WWE history. And what better place to start than right here in Austin, Texas!

Morrison: Our story begins a long time ago in the nineteen ninety’s when two young brothers from North Carolina had a dream. They had a dream to one day become the most ridiculous tag team in all of the WWE, The HARDY BOYS!

Miz speaks over the pop for the mention of the popular team and turns to his partner shaking his head.

The Miz: It’s Hardy Boyzzz, with a Z. Not Hardy Boys.

Morrison: Oh! I’m sorry, let’s try that again. Ummmm…..they had a dream to become the most ridiculous tag team in all of the WWE, The Hardy BOYZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!

A loud, “Yeah!” can be heard as Miz congratulates the other man and they high five each other.

The Miz: You got it!

Morrison: Alright! So…..this most ridiculous tag team became so ridiculous that they aren’t even together anymore.

The Miz: And the reason that they aren’t together anymore is because they are afraid to face US! That’s right, you heard it here first, Texans. Matt and Jeff Hardy have been fighting all these months because they know that if they were still a tag team, they would have to fight the greatest team in the history of the WWE, THE Miz and John Morrison and we would embarrass them so badly they would run back to Carolina and never have another Hardy Party again!

Despite the feud between the brothers, the Austin fans aren’t taking too kindly to the burial going on at the hands of Miz and Morrison here and are dishing out generous doses of heat at the pair.

Morrison: We would call them out but we know they won’t come. They’ll just use the excuse that they don’t like each other anymore to stay back there so they don’t have to confront us and hey, that’s absolutely fine.

The Miz: Of course it is! Because now we can cross the first names off our list. If you would please….

He calls to the back and waits for the graphic to appear on the screen. Finally, HARDY BOYZ, appears with a line drawn through it.

The Miz: There we go. One down, many more to go!

Both Miz and Morrison talk amongst themselves for a few moments until the fans spring to their feet and let out a great pop for the appearance of one of the Hardy brothers.


Jeff Hardy dances his way onto the stage to a huge response from the Texas fans. His music slowly dies out and HARDY chants fill the arena. Jeff appears to be contemplating what has just been said until he suddenly bursts to life, sprinting to the ring and exploding right onto John Morrison. The Frank Erwin Center comes to life as Hardy starts hammering away on Morrison. He gets to his feet and immediately goes after The Miz who drops to the mat instantly. Hardy continues the assault until MATT HARDY jumps the barricade and launches yet another attack on his brother. The hype and cheers quickly turn to heavy boos as Matt pummels away on his brother. Miz and Morrison high-tail it out of the ring, both grabbing their titles and heading up the ramp out of harm. Matt brings a wobbly Jeff to his feet. He grabs his head and puts it under his arm. With a vicious look on his face, he makes the Version One sign with his free hand before drilling his brother to the matt with a HARD Twist of Fate. The fans dish out a ton of heat on the elder Hardy as he stands over Jeff, a look of pure disdain etched on his disgusted face.

Cole: What the hell has gotten into Matt Hardy?

JR: I have no idea, Michael. I just don’t understand why he’s doing this. He won the match at Wrestlemania, what more does he want?

Cole: And how many times can he attack his brother like this? That was the second time in a week, JR.

JR: I only hope that Jeff is prepared come Raw, Monday night or he’ll be in for another beating like the one he just received. And barring that, what about The Miz and John Morrison? These two young guns may have been a little bit too cocky but I don’t think they can be faulted here. They have beaten all comers.

Cole: Maybe their so called, “Quest for Competition” will wield some interesting results?

Narrator: The time of the immortals has passed…

**Glimpses of Wrestlemania are shown in quick flashes**

Narrator: The victors have reveled in their glory

**Shots of CM Punk holding up the briefcase followed by Miz and Morrison with Tag Title Gold**

Narrator: But now….

**A collage of images start to flash across the screen getting quicker and quicker – Jericho after his victory, The Undertaker going 17-0, Edge sneaking to victory to retain the World Title**

Narrator: Comes…

**We see the events that occurred in the WWE Championship match and the tragedy inflicted on the McMahon’s and Triple H without actually seeing the perpetrator until…**


**Finally an image of Randy Orton explodes onto the screen. His expression is cold and his eyes lifeless as the image pulls further and further away to darkness**

Narrator: WWE Backlash, live on Pay Per View, Sunday April 26th!



The self-proclaimed, “Best in the World,” makes his entrance for the first time tonight and is dressed to compete. He doesn’t even acknowledge the fans, instead just walking to the ring looking like he couldn’t care in the slightest about anything at all to be honest. He asks for a mic, gets it, thinks about speaking before obviously deciding not to and just throws it away. Once again the fans boo his actions but he clearly isn’t giving them the time of day.


The ever so humble John Bradshaw Layfield steps out of his pristine white limousine with a white towel around his neck and a Stetson on his head. He glares disapprovingly as his home state fans boo the hell out of him. Unlike his tag partner for tonight, they seem to be getting under his skin and he prominently yells at almost every fan on his way to the ring.


Completing the heel trio for tonight’s tag team match, William Regal makes his way to the ring to a decent amount of heat and a snarl on his face. He joins JBL and Jericho as the three await their opponents for the night.


The Frank Erwin Center suddenly turns green and yellow as Kofi Kingston bounces onto the ramp to a great response. The fans follow along as he boom claps down to stand just in front of the ring.


Another warm reception is felt as this time Captain Charisma emerges from behind the curtain slapping his chest for his Peeps. He joins his tag partner on the outside of the ring and they pace around, eagerly awaiting the arrival of their tag partner tonight.


MVP bursts onto the stage to the best reception of all three of the faces. He wastes no time in joining his partners for the night and marches to the ring. He stops just outside the ring too, all three men looking at each other before they all hit the ring at the same time forcing the trio inside to move outside. The fans cheer loudly as the referee rings the bell and the contest is underway.

**Third Match**
Chris Jericho, JBL and William Regal vs. Kofi Kingston, Christian and MVP

What was turning into an exciting match was effectively ruined when, upon not getting a tag from William Regal, Chris Jericho simply up and left his team much to their dismay. With Jericho retreating to the back, that uncaring expression still on his face, Christian made the hot tag to MVP who burst into the ring full of energy and started cleaning house. He laid out the Englishman with some Ballin’ and set him up for Playmaker. At the same time, Kofi Kingston clobbered JBL with the Trouble in Paradise, sending him flying off the ring apron and to the ground below. MVP got the cover and then celebrated along with Kofi and Christian, all three men holding their hands high in victory while JBL started to come around on the outside.

Winners – MVP, Christian and Kofi Kingston

A promo appears hyping the WWE Draft set to take place the night after Backlash before we cut to the announcer’s table.

JR: MVP, Christian and Kofi Kingston all picked up a nice victory over JBL, William Regal and well, a somewhat uninterested Chris Jericho.

Cole: I wonder what that was all about. From the second he walked out here, Jericho looked like he didn’t give a damn.

JR: Well knowing Chris Jericho the way we all do, I’m pretty sure he won’t have a problem letting us know if something is wrong. But watching this match tonight, Michael, I can’t help but wonder where all these superstars are going to end up come the draft.

Cole: The WWE Draft takes place just one night after Backlash and is sure to be monumental.

JR: Everybody is eligible except for current champions and we’re basically looking at completely new rosters here. Per the orders of the Board of Directors, we’re also set for two brand new General Managers. I’m telling you folks, the face of the WWE is changing. Don’t miss Monday Night Raw’s Three Hour Draft Special, coming your way LIVE, April 27th from Kansas City!

Cole: And now it’s time for our main event for this evening. Based off what happened earlier tonight we have a blockbuster tag team match pitting Mister Money in the Bank, CM Punk and John Cena against the World Heavyweight Champion, Edge and The Big Show!

JR: Yes, you heard him right folks. The big angry giant who Edge speared on Raw and who got his revenge as we opened the show tonight, well, these two men are set to be tag team partners here.

Cole: I can’t wait!

Main Event
John Cena and CM Punk vs The Big Show and WHC Edge

Match Ending: Much to the surprise of everybody after the attack earlier in the night, Big Show and Edge have been working rather well together for the duration of the match and continue to do so as we reach the closing moments. Show has Punk in his corner and is landing big blow after big blow. Punk slumps to the ground as Show turns to talk with the ref. While he is distracted, Edge drops to his knees and starts to choke out Punk much to the displeasure of the fans who are booing heavily. Cena is going crazy on the apron and gets inside the ring to protest but the referee sees him and quickly shoos him out while the double team takes place on the other side. Cena is forced back to the apron where he immediately reaches out his hand for the tag.

Show grabs Punk and brings him to his feet. He looks set to hit the KO punch but Punk hits him with a hard kick to the leg. He hits another…..and another! The fans go wild as the big man falls to one knee. Punk keeps kicking, this time to the midsection bringing Show down to both knees. The Straight Edge Master lets out a loud roar as he rears back his leg and kicks Show square in the face. He runs over and knocks Edge off the apron to the ground and then moves to the center of the ring. He stands behind Show and opens his arms as he appears to be setting up for a sleeper hold but the big man reaches back, grabbing his arms and flipping him up and over his head. Punk’s foot catches the ref right on the back of the head and he goes down hard. There is a moment where everybody looks at each other until Cena bounds into the ring and instantly starts going to work on Show to the delight of most of the fans. Cena and Punk drag the big man up and hit a HUGE double suplex that shakes the ring to its foundations. The Champ enthusiastically throws his hands in the air and bounces around the ring before stalking Show, just waiting to hit the FU.

However, just like on Raw he is hit out of nowhere with a SPEAR from the World Heavyweight Champion. Cena hits the mat and rolls to the side grasping his ribs in pain. Edge has little time to celebrate for as soon as he is back on his feet he is immediately hoisted up onto CM Punk’s shoulders in prime position for the GTS. The atmosphere in the Frank Erwin Center is off the charts as Edge quickly manages to struggle his way out of the move. He hooks Punk’s shoulders and looks set to hit the Edgecution but that is quickly reversed too as Punk spins out of the hold and hits a HARD kick to the head of the Champion. Edge falls to the mat but unbeknownst to Punk grabs his title belt. He turns and tries to hit the other man in the face with the belt but Punk moves and Edge hits Show who had just gotten back to his feet instead. A huge cheer fills the arena as Edge looks on in shock at what he has done. He grabs his hair and can be seen mouthing, “No,” over and over until he is steamrolled over the top rope by a recovered John Cena. At almost exactly the same time Punk spots the referee coming back to life and quickly falls on top of the big man to make the cover.




Winners – CM Punk and John Cena

This Fire Burns sounds to a great pop as Punk and Cena get their hands raised in victory with Show at their feet. The two faces head to opposite ring corners to celebrate with the fans. However, their victory is short lived as Legacy along with the WWE Champion hit the ring and are stalking their prey from behind. The fans begin to yell for both men to look out but it is to no use. Cena steps down off the turnbuckle first and is instantly caught by Cody Rhodes. Cody quickly gets him into position and hits the CROSS RHODES. Hearing the loud smack off the mat, Punk turns around and is also caught, this time by Ted DiBiase who wraps an arm around his neck, moves behind him and hits DREAM STREET. The young tag team get to their feet to an outpouring of heat as Randy Orton stands in the middle of the two fallen men. He looks at both menacingly then grabs the hands of Rhodes and DiBiase, all three raising their arms high in the air. Punk and Cena lay broken at their feet, Show is still out of it on the outside of the ring and Edge is sitting at the top of the ramp, clutching his title looking on, almost in awe, as we go off the air.


Quick Results
Rey Mysterio def Evan Bourne
The Legacy def The Colons
MVP, Christian and Kofi Kingston def Chris Jericho, JBL and William Regal
CM Punk and John Cena def Edge and The Big Show


‘One More Time’
No Holds Barred

The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels
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