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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

AAW had their first iPPV this weekend that everyone seems to have looked past.
* Show opened with Kevin Harvey firing up the crowd for a true wrestling show and introducing Billy Corgan. Corgan brought out the BWO and began to degrade them saying their heyday had come and gone. This brought out "The Franchise" Shane Douglas who had some words for not only Corgan but also Vince McMahon and Dixie Carter. Corgan revealed he had been put in charge for the nights show and was changing the AAW rulebook to include DQ's and count outs for the BWO's matches.

- The Awesome Threesome d. The BWO (Nova/Blue Meanie) when Jordan Mcentyre hit Meanie with Eryn's high heel.

* Promo from Silas Young who was not ipmressed with drawing Stevie Richards in the nights Main Event. He was flanked by Mason Beck who promised tonight someone was going to "f*cking die".

- Mason Beck d. Darrin Corbin to retain the AAW Heritage Title with the "Beck Mountain Bomb"

Beck looked imressive here and Corbin continues to struggle in the singles division.

* Promo from Arik Cannon and Dave Prazak. Cannon says he cost Jimmy Jacobs his title shot because he knew it would get peoples attention and he would continue to do wht he wanted when he wanted.

- Shane Hollister d. Johnny Wave, Shiima Xion and Christian Faith when he hit a brainbuster on Wave

Lots of action from the young talent of AAW in this one. Hollister comes out with the win in a match where all four men shined. Lots of "AAW" chants here.

- Arik Cannon d. Jimmy Jacobs when Dave Prazak provided extra leverage for a pinfall

Wild brawl between these two rivals that spilled all over the room. They fought to the right side balcony and Jacobs was dumped 9ft to the stage injuring his knee. Jacobs fought back vailantly but in the end it was Cannon sittign down on a sunset flip attempt and Dave Prazak providing the leverage for the win. Great fight and doubt we have seen the end of this feud.

- Zero Gravity d. Irish Airborne to retain the AAW Tag Team Titles in a Ladder Match

Crazy match here with both teams going for some wild stuff. End comes when Dave Crist is thrown off the top tothe outside through a table and CJ Esparza hits Jake Crist with a Shooting Star Elbow through a ladder that was set up between two charis allow Gakiya to grab the belts.

* Promo from Truth Martini and Keith Walker claiming Joey Eastman was not at Bourbon St and implied they had injured his leg. (Eastman does have a broken leg and missed his flight, he has not commented on the injury as of yet.) Darrin Corbin walked in the locker room and was called a loser by Walker and Martini as they laughed in his face.

- Dan Lawrence d. Jesse Emerson to retain the AAW Heavyweight Title with a roll up

The match was supposed to be non title and Emerson (who just earned his roster spot last month) complained. DL was quick to say he was a fighting champion and put the belt up. Emerson looked good here with some powerful offense but Lawrence as usual would not say die and retained with a roll up.

- Keith Walker w/ Truth Martini and CLASH w/ Mena Libra d. Chris Hall/Louis Lyndon/Marion Fontaine in a six man tag when Walker hit Lyndon with a lariat

After the match Walker and Martini were going to continue the beat down until Darrin Corbon ran in with a chair for the save.

- Michael Elgin d. Alex Shelley with a spinning powerbomb

Big reaction for SHelley in his AAW return. This was a very hard fought back and forth match with Elgin picking up his first big win in AAW.

- Silas Young d. Stevie Richards via DQ when Billy Corgan reveresed the refs decision following a Silas tap out

The fans were ready to riot when Corgan gave Silas the match. Shane Douglas came down but turned on Stevie! Mason Beck came out and was about to powerbomb Richards when the lights went out and Sabu appeared!

- Sabu d. Mason Beck in a non title match with an Arabian Face Buster through a table

Wild scene as Sabu and Beck battered each other with chair shots. Sabu shows he is still tough as nails and gets the win.

Post match Silas Young and Irish Airborne run in followed by BWO and then the entire AAW roster as the night ends with a gigantic brawl.

Thanks to everyone who came out. Another really fun evening at Bourbon St.

Show will be availble on www.GFL.tv this coming weekend. Stay tuned for details.
Looks like a usually good show from them. Shelley/Elgin sounds awesome, interesting that they got Shelley on iPPV.
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