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Re: WWE: A New Era Beckons


1. Non-title tag team match:

London and Kendrick are in the ring. The tag champs come out to a huge pop. Chavo picked up the victory for his team via Frog Splash on Paul London.

Chavo & Mysterio def. London & Kendrick via pinfall at 5:44

Suddenly, Masters and carlito come down to the stage and attack the champions. Chavo fights back and beats Carlito while Rey kicks Masters into the 6-1-9 position and connects the move. Carlito slips out of the ring and takes Masters with him while the tag team champions taunt them to return to the ring.

2. Jericho faces JBL in this match. Teddy Long has banned Kennedy from the ringside. Also, he has announced that the stipulations available to be chosen from for the WWE Universe are Lumberjack Match, Street Fight, First Blood match for the match of Jericho vs Kennedy at Cyber Sunday.

JBL was last seen in a match months ago and seemed off. Jericho took the control of the match. Jericho applied the Walls of Jericho but JBL reached the ropes. Jericho goes for the lionsault but JBL rolls away and Jericho hurts himself. JBL tries to delivers the Clothesline from Hell but Jericho ducks away and delivers the Codebreaker to snatch the victory.

Chris Jericho def. JBL via pinfall at 6:43

3. Santino is seen with his disciples backstage. He was teaching the Cobra move to them when suddenly, Teddy Long meets them. He announces three choices to the WWE Universe to choose from: Santino vs Viscera, Santino vs Yoshi Tatsu and Battle Royal between Santino and all his disciples. All the disciples cheer loud and Santino looks worried. Suddenly, Tatsu says “Hey, I got it” to which Santino says “Commando, attack” and Tatsu hits the Cobra on Santino Marella. All the disciples begin laughing but stop when Santino looks to be unconscious.

4. Kane comes out for his match, his opponent is Goldust.

Kane def. Goldust via pinfall in 4:13

5. Ted Dibiase is in the ring for his match. The opponent is Mark Henry. Dolph Ziggler joins the commentary desk ringside with Cole and Striker. Henry looks towards Dolph and Dibiase takes advantage of the distraction and attacks. But, Mark Henry finally wins by delivering the World’s Strongest Slam.

Mark henry def. Ted Dibiase via pinfall at 7:12

Dolph Ziggler comes into the ring while clapping and challenges Henry to a match for the IC Title next week. He says he respects Mark Henry and finds him to be a true champion and wants to face one. Henry begins chuckling and accepts the proposal and Dolph Ziggler leaves.

6. Main Event:

Edge and Barrett face Orton and HHH in this match. Orton starts against Barrett and seems in control. He goes for the rope hung DDT. Barrett kicks out at 2.5-count. Orton waits for him to get up for the RKO when HHH tags himself into the match. Orton becomes angry and begins to debate with HHH when Barrett comes and hits HHH, he tags in Edge and they gain the control. Triple-H finally makes a comeback and delivers the spinebuster to Edge. Barrett comes running in and HHH throws him out of the ring. HHH hits the pedigree on Edge but as he tries to goes for the cover, Orton hits the RKO on him. The audience cheers and Randy looks at Triple-H lying down. Edge tries to slide to his partner but Barrett has left the ring and is standing on the ramp, Edge turns back and Orton hits the RKO to get the pinfall.

Randy Orton & Triple-H def. Edge & Wade Barrett via pinfall at 12:39

Orton gestures to the audience that he should be facing Edge, when suddenly HHH comes and delivers the pedigree to him. HHH stands looking at Barrett who retreats on the ramp.

The screen fades to black.
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