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Re: UWEF: United Wrestling Entertianment Federation

I liked how the show started with an interview, Its always a good way to start a show.

The interview itself was okay, only I dont think Bret would talk about Owens death to pump up a match, other than that it was good.

I loved the tag team match, especially Eugene interfeering casing them the titles. Your really setting this feud up well. Looking forward to what you will do with Axis power, and if you will keep Regal and Tajjiri as a Tag Team.

Triple H segmant was done nicely and is match with Maven was done really well, I liked the end if the match with HHH going for a sledgehammer shot on Maven. Y2J coming in to stop it was even better

Heving Benjamin suspended was a nice little touch and the image I got from Randy Orton was cool.

The handicapp match was done well, Shamrock winning was not really much of a surprise, but I liked the the finish of the match. The ending was done well and I licked the fact that Cena ran away like a little girl.

The Batista interview was short and sweet.

The Paul Heyman finding Bret Harts glasses at the scene of HBK's attack was great.

The Canadian Connection match was excellant really well writen. The finish was done well with Triple H interfeering, you building up Y2J vs HHH nicely.

The ending of the show was done really well with HBK and Bret going at it. Not really sure about having a HBK vs Bret Hart one week before the PPV is a wise decision, I just think it takes away the idea of the PPV match being the first time thse two have met in 8 years. Well its your decision.

Realism - Most of it was fine, the only thing that wouldnt happen is Bret mentioning Owens death in an interview. 8/10

Length - Perfect 10/10

Quality/Entertainment - Not your best work but still better than most. A few surprises, eg Bret vs HBK next week and the new Tag Champs. Not you best show you've done but still really good 8.5/10

Spelling/Grammer - Just the occasional misstake here and there which everyone makes. Also i'm pretty sure that Tajjiri is spelled something like this, not with a G

Matches/booking - Great work as usuall, cant complain 10/10

Cant be bothered adding it all up, i'm too tired but i'm prety sure u can do that.

Overall another great show. Cant wait for next week.
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