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Re: WWE: A New Era Beckons


Eric Bischoff and Teddy Long announce together from the GM office that the tag team titles will be defended at Cyber Sunday in a Tag Team Turmoil match. The decision of which teams enters last and thus has the most advantage will be up to the WWE Universe. Bischoff also announced that the stipulations to be chosen from for the HBK vs Big Zeke match will be Falls Count Anywhere, Last Man Standing and Two out of Three Falls match. The crowd cheers at these announcements.

1. Del Rio comes and asks the WWE Universe to vote for him because he is the only person who can beat The Undertaker. CM Punk comes out and mocks Del Rio and says that Kozlov will not be at your ringside at Cyber Sunday, that if you get the match. Christian comes out and says that he will fulfil his long-cherished dream of becoming the WWE Champion come Cyber Sunday and his peeps will help him achieve that. Eric Bischoff comes out and makes a tag team match for the main event: He asks Del Rio to find a tag partner because Kozlov already has a match tonight.

2. Kozlov comes out for his match with Big Show. Both looked in equal control in the first half. Kozlov hit his kick on Big Show for the 2-count. Kozlov tried to gain momentum, but gets hit by the KO Punch. Big Show takes the cover but he himself puts Kozlov up before the 3-count. He smiles towards the crowd and delivers the Chokeslam to get the pinfall.

Big show def. Vladimir Kozlov via pinfall at 6:35

3. Cody Rhodes comes out for his match. He earlier met Bischoff stating that he was not happy with the treatment he is getting. His opponent turns out to be Big Zeke. Rhodes tries to survive, but Jackson completes the match with the Ura-nage.

Ezekiel Jackson def. Cody Rhodes via pinfall at 4:02

As Jackson turns around, Michaels who is already in the ring hits the Sweet Chin Music and leaves posing to the audience.

4. Jack Swagger comes out for his first match on RAW, he teams up with the US Champion John Morrison against Miz and McIntyre. Morrison pinned The Miz via Starship Pain to win the match for his team. Morrison leaves the ring with his hand holding high the US Title.

Jack Swagger & John Morrison def. The Miz & Drew McIntyre via pinfall at 8:19

5. R-Truth comes out for his match. He says he is in a very bad mood since he had to be in the US title match. His opponent is Kung Fu Naki. Truth makes short work of Fu Naki.

R-Truth def. Kung Fu Naki via pinfall at 3:44

6. Backstage, MVP and RVD are seen. MVP is excited that they will become tag team champs at Cyber Sunday. RVD suggests that there are five teams in the competition and MVP should not get over-excited. MVP says, “Hey man, you know me I am Half man, Half amazing, I say we will be tag team champions”.

MVP then does the hand gesture and asks RVD to do it once for him. RVD asks him to calm down. MVP begins doing it and says ‘Rob-Van-Dam, come on man do it, Rob-Van-Dam, Rob-Van-Dam, Rob-Van-...” Suddenly RVD hints him to look behind, somebody is standing. MVP looks behind to see Ron Simmons. The crowd cheers loudly and Simmons says, “Damn”. MVP says to RVD, ”That’s what you had to say”.

7. Christian and Punk are in the ring. Del Rio introduces his partner as Sheamus, who wants to get revenge on Punk. Sheamus takes the control of the match by beating up Punk, he tags Del Rio who applies the cross armbreaker but Punk being near the ropes survives it. Punk finally tags Christian who puts down Del Rio, Sheamus comes running in and clotheslines Christian. He goes for the Brogue Kick but misses and Christian delivers the Killswitch. Del Rio comes and clotheslines him out of the ring, as he laughs, CM Punk comes and throws Del Rio out, Sheamus slowly comes back on his feet and Punk hits the GTS to get the pinfall.

Christian & CM Punk def. Sheamus & Alberto Del Rio via pinfall at 10:19

Punk and Christian ask Del Rio to come to the ring, but he smiles and leaves towards the ramp when suddenly the gong sounds and lights go off. The Undertaker stands at the entrance on the ramp with the WWE Title held high while the three contenders look on.

The screen fades to black.
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