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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Wanted to type more about Deny Or Defy last night but I didn't have the time. Thought the show was great as you could probably tell by my ratings.

Bennett and Corino had an awesome promo to kick the show off. Was one of the most enjoyable promos I've seen in a long time and it was a nice change to see a ROH show open with a strong promo to keep a feud going without having those two guys in a match together. I might consider Corino one of the best mic workers going atm after this. Bennett isn't good enough in the ring but he's a good mic worker. This was a great start to the show!

O'Reilly vs Mark was a good opener. Wasn't anywhere near as good as his opener with Jay which I loved but you'd expect a match with Mark to be weaker than one with Jay. O'Reilly's quickly becoming one of the most consistent guys on the Indies and one of the few guys who I'd watch against nearly anyone.

ANX tag wasn't good, quite bad actually. King & Titus barely ever look good when they're in the ring with lower card teams. They just looked really ordinary. Corino's character is awesome right now with his "recovery" and it adds some much needed strength to the undercards which generally suck but do seem to be improving now at least. Match was laid out really bad.

Cole vs Ciampa was really good. Breakthrough performance of sorts for Ciampa. When I've seen him before he's looked completely bland like he had nothing to show for himself but he did that at least here and looked like a decent worker. Cole isn't anywhere near as good as O'Reilly as a natural wrestler to really get over as a babyface for me. He looks fine in tags but as a singles worker he doesn't stand out that much. When he turns heel and feuds with O'Reilly he'll break through though. Shame they didn't make more subtle hints regarding Mia & Cole but why would they I guess. Mia's kick to Cole was insane.

The placing of the Cole/O'Reilly/Bravado's skit was odd. Cole was just shown going to the back selling the match and then next thing you see is him out of his gear talking to O'Reilly. They couldn't have placed this after Hero/TJ and before the Bravado's match? Don' let O'Reilly speak any more than he needs to either.

Hero/TJ was awesome. Heaps better than TJ's match with Davey and peaking ahead of the O'Reilly match too. They played really nicely off off the size difference with Hero constantly getting the upper hand when it came down to a battle of strength or leverage. TJ getting fired up and throwing stiff strikes at Hero and Hero returning them was great. Hero kept the elbows minimal and that made them seem more effective when he did hit one. Loved the finish. Kinda sudden but if fit the match and they need to give more non finisher moves pins. Hero's rolling kick is awesome and I loved him getting the win with it. I get why they're not big on bringing in outside talent, especially from Japan but it's clear what a big difference it makes to their shows just bringing in someone like TJP.

Bravodo's match wasn't good but it got them over as heels I guess. They're not very good in the ring at all and they're not even all that on the mic but they've got great characters which helps them a lot.

Edwards/Elgin was fantastic and MOTN for me. Loved the old school vibe mixed in with the modern Indy moves. They really showed that you can still have a great wrestling match without having to work the flawed current style that so many think they need to do in order to get over. Both men have their flaws but they both play to their strengths and cover up any shortcomings that they may have perfectly. Edwards is an awesome underdog, Elgin is an awesome powerhouse and together they match up brilliantly. There was one kid in the crowd and Eddie gave him a high five and it was so great seeing this kid turn around like it was the greatest moment of his life being high fived by a wrestler. I love stuff like that which makes wrestling so fun, kinda like how girls would go to Mid South shows in the 80's just to run to the front row when the Fantastics or the Rock N Roll's came out so they could get a kiss off them. Elgin really showed here that he can be more than a spotty power freak. That's his selling point though so he still does all of that but he looked much more natural in the ring too. The moonsault catch on the outside into the inverted OKL stampede was a phenomenal spot and it led to a rare but great count out tease. Loved the spot where Elgin went for a lariat with his right arm three times in a row but Edwards kept dodging them so Elgin just took his head with a lariat from his left side. Finishing stretch is one of the best I've seen in a while and it didn't rely on big kickouts to get the match over. Truth's interference was done really well and the double achilles lock was an awesome spot. Edwards shouting ELGIN as he hit big moves was a bit goofy but it played nicely into him shouting RODERICK for the finish. Set the title match up really well and got Eddie over perfectly as the underdog challenger that everyone could get behind.

Unlike Ciampa and Elgin, Bennett didn't have a breakthrough performance on this show. Daniels did his best in the match but Bennett is just so bland and boring in the ring. The chinlock rest holds are so boring and his control segments are about as drawn out as some of Miz's but worse. Daniels' reaction when he backdropped Bennett on the outside was by far the highlight. Daniels/Corino interaction at the end was nice. I'll say this for Hunter's booking, I'm not the biggest fan of some of the matches that he puts together and the way his matches are laid out but he seems to have the nack of long term booking down to a tee. It's really clear when you watch the DVD shows when they come out and you can see where it's leading to as you're 2-3 months ahead of that show. It would have been perfect if they could have got this weekend of shows out before the double iPPV because they set them up perfectly with Daniels turning and Eddie taking the belt.

Davey vs Claudio had quite a few flaws but it was still good enough to reach **** which says a lot about how good the good parts of the match were. Gonna get the negatives out of the way first. I dont know if Davey's new gimmick is gonna be that he's not safe on the top rope and constantly botches stuff up off there or if it's leading anywhere at all. If not then it's a really tragic coincidence that he's made 3 major fuck ups on the ropes lately. 2 on that weekend and against against King on one of the Revolution shows. This one seemed the safest of the botches but it could have been really bad. Davey also had some of the flaws that hinder all of his matches. The stupid facials, screams and generally awful unnatural selling were all there. Like I said though this was indeed great. Started off brilliantly with some awesome david/goliath dynamic. Loved using his speed to gain the upper hand after Claudio's power just cut him off every time and it led perfectly to the dive spot. Davey's now gone from having the most ludacris dive to pulling out probably the safest suicide dive here that I have ever seen. Claudio is freakishly strong (dunno if anyone here has noticed yet) and he uses it really well in his matches now. The top rope fall away slam was incredible, especially after how badly the last time they were both on the top rope ended up for them. Davey's running kick on the apron missing Claudio but hitting Hagadorn and then turning around to catch Claudio with a flying DDT was a super sweet spot too. Finish had some big kickouts but it was how a Indy style finish should be done if they want it to be effective. The rest of the show didn't have any big kickouts in the finish which was great for those matches but it also made the false finishes in this match more buyable. Only doing a big dramatic finish in one match per show will be great and it'll make them so much more effective when they do come along. They did it perfectly here too as the guy kicking out was the guy who took the fall. Don't mind people kicking out of big moves as long as they don't make a sudden comeback and start hitting big moves themselves.

4 way was barely watchable until Homicide got eliminated and then it got really good. Very much a match of two halves. Strong and Cide are totally irrelevant to me atm and do literally nothing for me. Liked how although there were 3 faces in there with Strong, they all had heat between themselves. They made sure to recognise the past feuds with Jay between Cide and Generico and there was also heat between Generico and Cide. Still not sure what the point in Cide giving Generico a post match cop killa was but pretty much everything Hunter has booked so far has made sense in the end so maybe it'll lead somewhere although I'm not too sure about that one. The Strong/Cide alliance was really strange and just a total turn off. Thankfully Cide was the first eliminated thankfully. Then when it got to Jay/Strong/Generico they had a really fun 3 way segment with some great high flying spots. Generico/Strong was the right choice to finish it and hardly surprising that they had a good finishing stretch together. Really loved how they booked Strong to come out of the match without actually pinning anyone cleanly. Interference at the end was booked about as well as a run in for a main event match can be done. Whole booking of the match was spot on. Eliminations were in the correct order and each guy was booked as they should have been.

So yeah the show was super overall. 3 great matches and 3 solid matches. Most importantly though it was really easy to sit through, was enjoyable and had some fine wrestling matches. None of the matches had any stupid Indy flaws which put me off modern Indy matches so much and they only part of the show I hated was Cide/Strong. This was imo better than any of the iPPVs that they've done so far this year and probably the best show since Supercard Of Honor last year, at least definitely in terms of enjoyment.
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