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Re: WWE: A New Era Beckons


Edge opens the show and comes out with the World Title to a huge pop. He says he wanted to talk about the fact that he is still World Champion but one thing that is bothering him is the mysterious Money-in-the-bank.

Edge – “People have been asking me if I am scared to lose my title. Let me tell you something, I am the guy who should be called the Mr. MITB forever. I am the pioneer, I was the first guy to cash in that briefcase and shock the whole world. Hey, you know what, I did it twice and the others just followed me. Hey Mr. MITB, whoever you are, I am not one bit scared. I know I am not losing my title to you. I am damn sure.....”

Suddenly, the lights went out and the titantron begins showing the MITB briefcase making the revolving sounds.

Edge – “You know what, why don’t you come out? I am sick and tired of all these games. Come out I said. (Edge grabs his hair and looks angry)”

*** I HEAR VOICES *** (enormous crowd pop, Edge looks dumbfounded)

Orton – “Woah, woah, woah, Edge, hold your horses. I am not the Mr. MITB but my intentions are exactly the same. (enters the ring) I too want the World Title, but unlike him, I deserve to get a shot. I still have my rematch clause for the WWE Title but I got drafted here. And the World Title isn’t bad either(smiles). And for what’s worth, why would Vince give me the opportunity. I mean, I am not even in his good books”

Edge – “Oh Yeah, good books huh. You tell me then who is in his good books. From what i know, Mr. Mcmahon won’t even give a penny to someone who he is not related to.”

***TIME TO PLAY THE GAME*** (crowd pop surpasses the last one, Orton and Edge look in shock)

Triple H – “Guys, hold on, it looks like you both really forgot your priorities. I mean Randy, If I punted John Cena last Sunday costing him the WWE Title, the last guy I would think about is Mr. MITB. And Edge well, you have a bigger problem, my friend. Last week, JBL was actually looking at your chest (audience laughs, Edge seems confused). Let me tell you both, the time to play hide-and-seek is over, it’s time to play THE GAME”.

***WE ARE ONE*** (Barrett comes out with a mic, all the three in the ring look towards him)

Triple H – “Here comes the English ‘Impatient’. Hey Wade, the segment where you crib about not being the world champion is the next one”(audience laughs)

Barrett – “Ha Ha Ha you are funny Triple H (speaks sarcastically). You know what’s not funny, that I beat your best friend HBK last night. (Triple H’s smile disappears and he looks angry). Also what’s not funny is that I am undefeated unlike any of you. So, I should be the next world champion”

***MACKMILITANT*** (Teddy Long comes out)

Long – “Hold on a second, playas. You know Orton, as much as I want, I cannot put you out of this match for your actions two weeks ago. This time, the decision is for the WWE Universe and they will decide which of you will get to face Edge at Cyber Sunday. But tonight both the draftees Orton and HHH will face each other in the main event” (audience cheers)

1. Mark Henry comes out for his match. Suddenly, Dolph Ziggler comes out in a suit. He joins Cole and Striker by the commentary desk ringside. The opponent is Kofi Kingston.

Mark Henry def. Kofi Kingston via pinfall at 7:03

Ziggler stands up and claps for Henry while he leaves towards backstage. Henry seems confused.

2. Carlito’s Cabana:

Carlito reveals he has not one, but two guests tonight. He reveals his guests: the tag team champions Chavo and Rey Mysterio. He asks them how they were able to team up again after losing all their matches in the beginning. Rey enthusiastically began to answer, Suddenly Chris Masters comes out. Chavo looks towards Carlito in shock, and Carlito spat the apple on his face and began to beat him up. Masters came inside, Rey tried to attack him, but Masters finally got the Masterlock hold and Chavo beat up Rey while he was in the hold. Carlito and Masters left the ring smiling, audience booed loud.

3. Ted Dibiase comes out for his match. On RAW, Bischoff had made Rhodes vs Undertaker. Dibiase does not know his opponent. Suddenly, he comes out – it’s The Great Khali. Dibiase looks shocked.

The Great Khali def. Ted Dibiase via pinfall at 5:18

4. Santino meets the Smackdown jobbers backstage and introduces himself as the person who had invaded Smackdown and led a group of underdogs to rule RAW. Everyone seems impressed but Yoshi Tatsu does not get fooled. As he wants to clarify, Santino stops him and says to everyone, “OK, my dear portugese” Everybody look confused and Yoshi again clarifies its ‘protégés’, Santino continues “from today, I am your leader, I will lead you everywhere”. Tatsu tells that he has a match with Kane next, and asks Santino to lead him to which Santino excuses himself citing a bathroom break.

Kane def. Yoshi Tatsu via chokeslam at 3:19

5. Chris Jericho comes out and expresses his dismay over the fact that he has been drafted to the B-Show to which audience boos him. Suddenly, Kennedy and JBL come out, JBL says that the days of Jericho being the most charismatic superstar in WWE are over. Kennedy tells that this is his time and he is the guy that these people pay to watch because his name is Mrrrrrrrr Kennedyyy........ Jericho hits Kennedy at this moment, JBL attacks him. Jericho tries to resort but both Kennedy and JBL over-power him. They beat him up, then Kennedy signals for his mic and JBL brings Jericho to the centre of the ring, and Kennedy says “.......Kennedy”. The audience who were booing Jericho booed Kennedy now.

6. Main Event: (Randy Orton vs Triple H)

Edge comes to join Cole and Striker for commentary. Orton takes the control of the match when he hits the rope-hung DDT for 2-count. HHH comes back and hits the spinebuster. As he goes for the pedigree, Orton comes out who goes for the RKO, and Triple H pushes him out of the ring. HHH and Orton fight outside. Orton pushes him and HHH just lands on the commentary table. Edge gets up and mocks HHH. Orton comes back to hit but HHH gets out of the way and throws Orton over Edge, who falls down from the chair due to the impact. HHH takes Orton inside and beats him. He then delivers the pedigree but suddenly, Edge comes and hits a spear. Edge hits Orton with the title and raises the title in the air.

Triple H def. Randy Orton via DQ at 9:39

Teddy Long comes out and announces the main event for next week: Edge will team up with Wade Barrett to face the team of Randy Orton and Triple H. The crowd cheers and the screen fades to black.

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