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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

An "open letter" to Steve Corino from Brutal Bob...

Dear Steve,

You ain’t a part of the plan. You never were.

I don’t normally waste my time writing but since the ROH fans seem to live on their computers, here goes.

I’m damn good at what I do, Corino, and you know it! I took Mike Bennett, with all the raw talent in the world and made him an instant star in ROH. Judging by the looks of the joint, these people needed a new shining light, and I provided that in The Prodigy.

I had a plan, which Bennett executed perfectly. With a bunch of wins over everyone, including Colt Cabana, six-time tag team champion Mark Briscoe, Adam Cole, Kyle O’Reilly, and YOU, Bennett was undefeated. Just 5 months into his ROH career and The Prodigy was about to defeat Christopher Daniels for the TV Title in Plymouth, MA. Then you barged in and interfered, sticking your nose where it didn’t belong, costing Bennett a victory. We had no beef with you, Corino, until that fateful day in March. The beating we put on you in New York as well as Dearborn was a reminder that you can’t hold a candle to The Prodigy.

Two weeks ago in Toronto was my favorite Corino-Prodigy Life Lesson. You held your own for a while but after I calmly tried to tell the ref about your evil ways, you used your “Thumb” on me like some sort of a deviant! That’s why you got a Team Prodigy spike piledriver after the match. Another battle which you lost by the way.

I guess you think you have the last laugh, because my alleged interference led me to get banned from Chicago this Saturday when you face Bennett one more time. On what promises to be one of the biggest nights in company history I won’t be there for The Prodigy! I’m furious I can’t be at ringside and it’s all your fault! But our plan is still in place. World Championship gold is on the horizon. If a has-been has to be kicked out of the way first, so be it.

I’ve been called an old, bitter f**k but at least I’m that way on the outside. You, my friend, are old and bitter on the inside. You’re a loser and a coward and are your own worst enemy. Stop trying to be someone you’re not. You can’t soar with the eagles when your scratching with the turkeys. Leave The Prodigy alone and retire already.

Brutal Bob Evans
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