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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE Friday Night Smackdown- 13/5/05, Little Rock, Arkansas

We get highlights of last week’s main event of RVD vs. Randy Orton with MNM once again costing RVD and Orton getting the victory, earning the chance to face The Undertaker again at Judgment Day. We then see the aftermath and Undertaker going after Orton and MNM as Orton lays Taker out with an RKO to close the show.

We then get the opening video and pyro as we join Michael Cole and Tazz

Michael Cole: Welcome ladies and gentleman to Friday Night Smackdown!! I’m Michael Cole alongside Tazz and partner, what a main event we have in store tonight!! John Cena teams with The Undertaker to take on JBL and Randy Orton!!

Tazz: Oh baby!! The WWE champion teamin’ wit’ da Deadman, a huge main event Cole. I can’t wait for dat one!!

‘One of a kind’ then hits and out comes Rob Van Dam to a big pop.

Michael Cole: But we are kicking things off with Mr.Friday Night himself, Rob Van Dam!! And last week Tazz, we found out that RVD will get his shot at payback on MNM at Judgment Day, it’ll be MNM versus Van Dam and a partner of his choosing for the vacant WWE Tag team titles. Question is, who will RVD’s partner be?

Tazz: Well there’ve been a lotta rumours Cole, we just gotta hope that Van Dam spills da beans here tonight for us. I know RVD as well as anyone and dis whole deal wit’ MNM is takin’ its toll on him lemme tell ya. He cannot wait for Judgment Day.

RVD takes a mic as the audience has a small ‘RVD’ chant going.

RVD: Y’know, I’ve been in this business a long time and lemme tell ya, it ain’t easy. Goin’ out to compete in the middle of this ring, night in, night out, putting my body on the line. Man, just thinking about it brings back some painful memories.

RVD pauses before continuing
RVD: I got my break in ECW(cheers for the mention of that). The most brutal matches and moments in my career came and went during the time I spent there. I fought with guys like Sabu, like Tommy Dreamer, the Sandman, the list goes on, some of the most crazy dudes you’ll ever meet in your life.

The crowd cheer with an ‘ECW’ chant beginning as RVD smiles

RVD: I’ve been put through tables, I’ve had barbed wire bust me open, I’ve had kendo sticks, thumb tacks, everything you can imagine thrown at my body, I’ve been there and done it. Then I came here to the WWE. I’ve fought with some of the best in the business and I’m proud to say that I’ve fought with them, I’ve teamed with them, I have beaten them.

Another pop from the crowd

RVD: But one thing that stands out for me is that whether it was in ECW or here in the WWE, nobody and I mean nobody has ever handed me anything.

Van Dam is looking very intense here

RVD: I’ve won title after title and it’s all been through my own hard work, my own dedication. After all, that’s why you people know me as the whole f’n show.

RVD laughs as the crowd start a big ‘RVD’ chant

RVD: And that’s why these past few weeks man, I’ve been getting’ sick and tired of seein’ MNM runnin’ round Smackdown like they own the show. Johnny Nitro, Joey Mercury, you two dudes have been here, what? A month? And you guys think that the WWE Tag team titles should just be handed to you at the click of your fingers?

Boos from the crowd

RVD: Well, let me tell you dudes something. You ain’t gonna be handed a damn thing.

Pop from the crowd as Van Dam continues

RVD: When Judgment Day comes round, you two are in for a rude awakening cos Mr.Friday Night and his partner are gonna teach you exactly what it takes to EARN championships around here.

RVD has the crowd in the palm of his hand

RVD: But, and this is a big but. Yeah, there’s Mercury, there’s Nitro but let’s not forget the ace up their sleeve, Melina.

Boos immediately for the mention of Melina’s name

RVD: Believe me, I feel the same. See Melina is every bit a piece of trash as those two are. She thinks she’s got IT, well Melina sweetheart, let me tell ya, you ain’t got nothing.

Laughs in the crowd and a big cheer as RVD continues

RVD: The whining, the screaming, the interfering, everything about her is as annoying as hell and I can’t stand the sight of her.

Massive pop again for Van Dam

Paparazzi’ then hits and out comes the troublesome trio themselves, MNM to big heat as they make their way down to the ring

Melina: Rob, Rob, Rob, here’s the thing ‘dude’, we go on about being handed things because we DESERVE to be handed things, we’re MNM, the greatest tag team to ever grace the WWE.

A few laughs in the crowd but the majority give heat for that comment

Melina: But you? Rob, you don’t deserve to be handed ANYTHING!

Heat again for Melina here

Melina: You may be right about one thing though, it’s not been easy for you over the years. But hey, you think it’s easy for us? Well let me tell you, it‘s not.. It’s incredibly hard for the three of us to even give you a moment of our time considering the schedules that we have.

Mercury and Nitro nod their heads as RVD sblacks and the crowd boo the shit out of Melina

Melina: You people should appreciate us even being here!!

Huge heat continues

Melina: We could be out in Hollywood at a party right now, out on the red carpet with the stars, but no, we’re here on Smackdown. We are the ultimate A-listers Rob and that is reason enough for my boys to be handed the Tag team titles.

RVD: What are you an A-lister for exactly Melina? Being a total bitch?

Massive pop for Van Dam as Nitro cuts RVD off

Nitro: Hey, hey, you don’t talk to her like that!

RVD: Or what Johnny?

Van Dam gets in the face of Nitro who backs away

Nitro: You think you’re real cool don’t you Rob? You think cos you have your little catchphrases and nicknames that you’re better than us? Well at Judgment Day, we’re gonna shut you up for good and there’ll be no more Mr.Friday Night, it’ll be more like, hmm( turns to Mercury), Joey, how does Mr.Title light sound?

Mercury starts laughing hysterically as Nitro continues

Nitro: Cos we’re takin’ the tag titles and there ain’t a damn thing you can do about it.

Nitro and Mercury laugh at Nitro’s poor joke

RVD: Really? Nitro, tell me man, what makes you so sure huh?

Mercury butts in

Mercury: How about the fact you don’t even have a partner yet Rob? What, you think you can beat the two of us all by yourself? Please.

RVD: Think before you speak man, cos you three don’t know this but I got a little secret. See, I DO have a partner for Judgment Day.

Pop from the crowd

RVD: And he hates your guts just as much as I do. He’s been in the business as long as I have and he damn sure worked just as hard to get where he is today.

Melina: Where is he then Rob? Hiding in the back of your mind? Use the mind game all you want Rob. You don’t have a partner and we’re not buyin’ it.

RVD: I don’t have a partner? Well, how bout I introduce him to you right here, right now.

Pop from the crowd as they wonder who RVD will reveal

RVD: He was there for me when you guys jumped me a few weeks back and he promised that if I needed his help, he’d be there for me. So when Teddy Long announced that match last week, well he was the only dude I was ever gonna turn to.

Some in the crowd know who Van Dam is talking about while others wait
RVD: Mercury, Nitro, Melina, my partner for Judgment Day is…

RVD can’t reveal who it is as Mercury and Nitro take Van Dam out before going to work on their bitter rival, stomping away, beating down on him before, ‘Booyaka’ hits and out comes Rey Mysterio to a big pop!! MNM scatter as Mysterio comes to the aid of Van Dam before taking the mic.

Mysterio: You two can run all you want but facts are at Judgment Day, you two ain’t walkin’ away with anything cos on May 22nd, the new Tag team champions will be Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterioooooo!!

Massive pop from the crowd as Mysterio confirms that he is RVD’s partner at Judgment Day!

Michael Cole: Wow!! Rey Mysterio has come to Rob Van Dam’s aid here tonight and at Judgment Day Mysterio will team with RVD to take on MNM for the WWE Tag team championships.

Tazz: That match at Judgment Day just took another huge twist Cole. Van Dam and Mysterio? I can live wit dat. MNM have got their work cut out here Cole.

Michael Cole: You may well be right partner, and still to come here tonight on Smackdown, the WWE champion John Cena teams with The Undertaker to take on JBL and Randy Orton!!


We return and Brian Kendrick is in the ring ready for action as ‘Masterpiece’ hits and out comes the Masterpiece himself, Chris Masters.

Michael Cole: Welcome back to Friday Night Smackdown and this man Chris Masters was drafted over to Friday nights a couple of weeks ago. Last week Masters debuted, defeating Booker T in what was a real statement from the Masterpiece Tazz.

Tazz: For sure Cole. This kid has all the tools, the size, the speed, the ability, Masters has it and beating Booker T ain’t easy lemme tell ya. I see big things for Chris Masters here on Smackdown.

Match one: Singles match

Chris Masters vs. Brian Kendrick

Masters dominates his much smaller opponent right from the off in impressive fashion. Masters worked the upper body of Kendrick early on, beating down on him with some hard shots. Masters then hit a huge gorilla press slam on Kendrick which took everything out of the young cruiserweight, the impact was massive. Masters did then take his foot off the gas slightly and Kendrick managed to throw some right hands, knocking the big man off balance before taking down Masters with a drop kick.

The crowd began to get behind Kendrick however his momentum was soon halted as he went to the top rope, ready to pounce on Masters who returned to his feet but as Kendrick took the leap of faith from the top, he was met by Masters who caught Kendrick from behind and applied the Masterlock to which the referee had no choice but to call for the bell.

Winner: Chris Masters(5:27)

Michael Cole: A convincing win here tonight for the Masterpiece and Tazz that was nothing short of impressive from Chris Masters.

Tazz: Highly impressive Cole and that Masterlock? Wow, I don’t see anybody breakin’ outta it any time soon.

We cut backstage to see MNM appearing to be headed towards the parking lot before Smackdown GM Teddy Long appears.

Long: Hold on there playas, where do ya think ya headin’?

Melina: Anywhere Teddy, anywhere away from this show, away from you, away from RVD, from Rey Mysterio, from all these people in Boston! We don’t deserve to be treated like this.

Big heat as ever for Melina

Long: Now I don’t know where ya get off thinking’ like dat baby girl but you ain’t leavin’, not on my watch, cos tonight we got you some action.

Pop from the crowd as the three look confused

Melina: What do you mean ‘action’ Teddy?

Long: I mean dat tonight in dat very ring, we gonna get ourselves a small Judgment Day preview. It’s goin’ to be the man on ya right there, Johnny Nitro one on one with Rey Mysterio!!

Huge pop from the crowd as the trio go berserk

Melina: You can’t- you-you just URGHHHHH!! TEDDY THIS IS NOT FAIR!!

Long: Holla holla!!

Long walks away as Melina squeals once more with Nitro and Mercury complaining to one another

Michael Cole: Well yet another huge match up later on tonight here on Smackdown now!! Rey Mysterio will face Johnny Nitro! I think I speak for everyone when I say that I hope Mysterio can put an end to these guys running their mouths.

Tazz: What happened to impartial Cole? You gotta look at this from MNM’s perspective too, this is a big chance for Johnny Nitro to show he can hang wit da big boys here on Friday nights. I’m lookin’ forward to seein’ that one later on.

Michael Cole: Well we will find out tonight that’s for sure but another big incident that took place last week folks was when the Cruiserweight champion Paul London took on Tajiri. Let’s take a look.

We see highlights from the match last week which resulted in a disqualification after Chavo Guerrero interfered and frog splashed London through the announce table with some ‘Holy shit’ chants echoing in the background.

Michael Cole: Well we have learned that after that brutal frog splash through the table from Chavo last week, Paul London will not be here tonight after not being cleared for action by the doctors. We understand that our colleague Josh Matthews is standing by at this time with the man who took London out last week, Chavo Guerrero.

Matthews: Indeed, my guest at this time is the #1 contender to the Cruiserweight title, Chavo Guerrero.

Guerrero appears into shot to a lot of heat

Matthews: Chavo, we saw last week your vicious attack on Paul London, resulting in you frog splashing him through the announce table. My question is why and what possessed you to take your rivalry with Paul London to such extremes?

Guerrero: Josh are you stupid? (Looks at the camera) Are you people all stupid? Cos for this past week, all I’ve had is people asking me why I did what I did to Paul London. And I just stare at them Josh, I stare and think to myself, is it not painfully obvious to you why I did what I did?

Chavo stares at Josh in that exact manner

Guerrero: I’m the #1 contender to the Cruiserweight title esse. You really think that what happened last week hindered my chance at becoming champion?

Matthews shakes his head

Guerrero: No I didn’t think so. What I did last week only HELPED my chances of becoming champion again. I could beat Paul London whenever, wherever but Josh if I get the chance to weaken my opponent, I’m gonna take it.

Heat for Chavo now

Guerrero; Now I hope you’re watching at home Paul. I hope you’re getting your rest, recovering well, cos Paul you’re gonna need all the rest you can get. I’m counting the days til Judgment Day and you better believe that when I get my hands on you again, that Cruiserweight title is gonna be back around my waist, back where it belongs.

Matthews: Chavo, a lot of people have been wondering though, has Paul London got your number? After all, you lost the title to him and lost the rematch. What do you say to those people?

Guerrero: Ha ha Josh, Paul London has won two matches to get where he is today. I’ve been winning matches, winning titles for YEARS.

Chavo strokes his chin for a second before continuing

Guerrero: The name Paul London means absolutely nothing in this business. The name Guerrero, the name Chavo Guerrero, it’s looked up to by so many people all across the industry, all across the world! When Judgment Day comes, I will prove to Paul London, I will prove to you, I will prove to everybody that two fluke wins mean absolutely nothing here in the WWE and I will prove just exactly what the difference is between Paul London and Chavo Guerrrrrero.

Chavo walks away as Josh Matthews looks on and we head back to ringside

Michael Cole: Well Chavo Guerrero looks more than focused on regaining the Cruiserweight title at Judgment Day Tazz. But you’ve gotta believe that Paul London will seek retribution for that attack last week.

Tazz: No doubt about it Cole. London, as banged up as he is, you can be sure that he ain’t gonna take lightly to what went down last week. These two could steal the show at Judgment Day.

We then hear the music of Luther Reigns who makes his way out to the ring, ready for action.

Michael Cole: Folks when we return we will see this man, Luther Reigns in action as he goes one on one with Matt Hardy!! Don’t go anywhere!!


We return and ‘Live for the moment’ immediately hits to a big pop and out comes Matt Hardy.

Michael Cole: Well Matt Hardy had a great debut last week on Smackdown Tazz, defeating the United States champion, Orlando Jordan. Hardy told Jordan that he was coming to Smackdown to win titles and if I were Orlando Jordan I’d be concerned after that defeat last week.

Tazz: Matt Hardy can go Cole. We all know that, but Hardy has never quite been the same performer on his own, his move to Smackdown is the big opportunity he needs and last week Hardy made a statement. I can’t wait to see what Matt Hardy brings to Friday nights in the comin’ months baby.

Match two: Singles match

Matt Hardy vs. Luther Reigns

The match starts off with both men locking up and Reigns takes control early on, using his size to his advantage. Reigns takes Hardy down with a scoop slam before attempting a pinfall but Hardy kicks out at two. Reigns looked to take the initiative and continue an assault on Hardy, stomping away on his opponent, throwing strong rights and lefts at Hardy.

Reigns began to become frustrated and this allowed Hardy his chance to take control. Hardy took it to Reigns, unloading on the big man with some strong shots before running the ropes and taking Reigns down with a flying forearm. The crowd right behind Hardy, he continued his roll, forcing a near fall after a nice suplex.

The finish of the match came when Reigns looked to have got the upper hand, whipping Hardy into the corner before charging at him but Hardy got the boot up and took Reigns down with a side effect!! Big impact from Hardy but he refused to go for the pinfall and instead preyed on Reigns. As Reigns got back up Hardy was set and BAM!! Connects with the twist of fate!! 1-2-3, it’s over!!

Winner: Matt Hardy(7:06)

Michael Cole: Matt Hardy is on a roll!! Another big win for Hardy here tonight, defeating the impressive Luther Reigns BUT WAIT!!! ORLANDO JORDAN!! ORLANDO JORDAN IS ATTACKING MATT HARDY!!

Hardy has nowhere to go as he turns around straight into a shot to the skull with the United States title belt from Orlando Jordan. Jordan proceeds to stomp away at Hardy before lifting him up to his feet again, Hardy looking completely dazed as Orlando takes Hardy out again with the title belt. Jordan then held Hardy’s head up and put the title next to his face, telling Hardy, ‘You’ll never touch this so long as I’m champion, you understand? NEVER. You’d better pick your targets a bit more closely next time Matt cos NOBODY takes Orlando Jordan lightly.’

Orlando then left to a chorus of heat as Hardy lay motionless on the mat

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentleman, Orlando Jordan has made his mark here tonight. A statement of intent from JBL’s chief of staff and the United States champion. Matt Hardy may be on a roll but that roll has been well and truly halted by Orlando Jordan right here and now.

Tazz: Big time Cole. I love dis attitude from Orlando Jordan. Matt Hardy got in his face last week and instead of sittin’ back, Orlando takes matters into his own hands, JBL must be a proud man right now.

Michael Cole: Aw c’mon Tazz, Orlando had no right to just assault Matt Hardy from behind like that. Hardy fought Jordan face to face last week, no sneak attacks, nothing.

Tazz: Hey, by any means necessary Cole. He ain’t the United States champion for nothing.

We then head to a Judgment Day video package

We go backstage and head to Teddy Long’s office when the GM suddenly hears the door and in walks JBL to big heat from the crowd

Long: JBL, what can I do for you playa?

JBL: You can speak English for a start Teddy.

Long laughs as JBL sets himself

JBL: Do you think what happened last week was acceptable Teddy? Do you? Cos what happened last week was a complete and utter disgrace.

Long: What you talkin’ bout John?

JBL: What am I taking about? For god sake Teddy, John Cena put his hands on me as though I was a piece of meat and you just sit back and take no action. Tell me Teddy, what happened to being an authority figure? What happened to being impartial? Cos you can bet your ass that if I attacked John Cena like that, you would make sure I pay for it!

Long: Calm down there playa. Now as far as I saw, last week you provoked John Cena. Now I know if somebody provoked you JBL, you’d retaliate, so the way I see it, John Cena did what anybody would do and took matters into his own hands, ya feel me?

JBL: No I don’t ‘feel’ you. I want action taken damn it!!

Heat here for JBL as Teddy Long begins to look annoyed

JBL: You are hell bent on stopping’ me from becoming WWE champion again Teddy. I know it, these people know it and John Cena damn sure knows it!! His reign as champion is on borrowed time and you are doin’ your upmost to extend that timeframe aren’t ya Teddy? Well guess what? It ENDS at Judgment Day, whether ya like it or not!

Long: How bout you just get yourself ready for tonights main event instead of comin’ in here and accusing me, cos quite frankly I’m sick of it.

Pop for the GM standing up for himself.

Long: Now you got yaself at championship match at Judgment Day, that’s all I can give ya playa but I ain’t gonna lie JBL, I hope that John Cena is the Last man Standing come May 22nd!

Massive pop again for the GM as JBL looks horrified before laughing slightly.

JBL: I knew it. I knew you were on HIS side, on these peoples side! It is an outrage and I am goin’ to make sure that when I become WWE Champion again that it is not just John Cena’s reign coming to an end, it will be yours too Teddy, count on it ‘playa’.

JBL walks out of the office as we cut to Josh Matthews who is standing by with Carlito.

Matthews: Ladies and gentleman, my guest at this time, Carlito.

Carlito appears with a smug look on his face to some good heat

Matthews: Carlito last week we saw you attack Booker T after his match with Chris Masters. I think the answer we are all looking for is why?

Carlito: Josh isn’t it obvious? A couple weeks back Carlito told ju, told Booker T, told everybody dat Carlito was sick of seeing dis phony Booker T. Da real Booker T died when WCW died and Carlito can’t STAND to see dis imposter runnin’ round anymore.

Carlito takes a bite of his apple

Carlito: Ju see what Carlito did last week was try and get some passion, some aggression back in Booker T. But Carlito gets to the arena tonight and what do I hear? Carlito hears that Booker T isn’t even here tonight. What does dat tell ju Josh? Dat tells ju that Carlito was right. Carlito is always right ha ha.

The fans give heat for the Caribbean superstar

Carlito: Booker T doesn’t give a damn anymore and quite frankly Carlito’s not gonna waste anymore time on dat guy. Carlito just wanted to help but Booker doesn’t see it dat way. So Book, Carlito’s got a message for ju.

Carlito pauses before continuing

Carlito: If and dis is a BIG if. If ju find ju’self again, if da real Booker T comes back to Friday night Smackdown, den ju come and find Carlito. Cos Carlito doesn’t wanna face ju in dis state, no. Carlito wants ju 100% at ju best so I can beat da former 5 time WCW champion, not da washed up has been we all see ju as right now. And when ju come back? When ju are da real Booker T? And when Carlito beats you? Dat? Dat will be cool.

Carlito takes another bite of his apple and heads off.

Commercial break

We return and ‘Paparazzi’ hits and out comes Johnny Nitro along with Joey Mercury and Melina, ready for his match.

Michael Cole: Well, earlier tonight folks we learned that Rob Van Dam’s partner at Judgment Day will be none other than Rey Mysterio which didn’t set well with MNM. Tonight though is a big opportunity for Johnny Nitro to prove that he and MNM can compete with the best around here on Smackdown.

Tazz: For sure Cole, you won’t find many better than Rey Mysterio and RVD. If MNM can beat these guys at Judgment Day, that’s a huge step in the right direction for these young guys.

‘Booyaka’ hits and out comes the ultimate underdog himself, Rey Mysterio, accompanied by RVD and we get set for action.

Match three: Singles match

Rey Mysterio w/Rob Van Dam vs. Johnny Nitro w/Joey Mercury and Melina

The match is a real highlight of the night as Nitro proves that he and perhaps MNM really can hang with the top dogs on Smackdown.

Mysterio began things in control, taking it to Nitro and overwhelming him with some innovative moves. The Mexican high flier scored the first near fall of the match around two minutes in, coming close with a nice hurricanrana into a pin, which Nitro just managed to get the shoulder up at the count of two. Nitro began to get a foothold on things after Melina distracted the referee allowing Nitro to hit Mysterio with a low blow. Huge heat for the youngster for that tactic.

Nitro then took control and hit Mysterio with a nice side Russian legsweep which got him a two count. The pressure continued and Nitro hammered away at Mysterio, not allowing him a second to breathe. But a couple of minutes later, Mysterio regained control following a Nitro mistake.

One half of MNM went to the top rope and instead of looking to hit Mysterio, Nitro started gloating with Mercury and Melina which allowed Rey to drop kick the ropes and Nitro to fall, landing delicately. Mysterio then hurled Nitro off the top and ran the ropes, as Nitro got to his feet he caught Rey in mid air but Mysterio got the upper hand, hitting Nitro with a bull dog. Cover by Rey, 1-2--kick out by Nitro.

Rey then continued to make the match high tempo, not giving Nitro room to manoeuvre. The veteran got another near fall moments after the last one following a sunset flip from Nitro, which Rey countered out of and connected with a sweet roundhouse kick to the head of Nitro, nearly knocking him out cold but somehow Nitro got the shoulder up.

With Nitro in trouble, Melina and Mercury began to stick their noses in and Melina got up on the apron to distract the ref, Mercury looked to get in the ring but RVD met him on the outside to take him down which was greeted with a great pop from the crowd. With Van Dam and Mercury now going at it on the outside, the action continued in the ring and Mysterio with a drop toe hold to Nitro, Mysterio’s going for the 619!! Connects!!

Mysterio heads up to the top, the referee is looking on the outside at Van Dam and Mercury telling them to get out. Melina though!! Melina pushes Rey off the top and Rey is caught with a DDT mid air from Nitro!! Huge move from Nitro!! Cover, 1-2-3, it’s over!

Winner: Johnny Nitro (12:35)

Michael Cole: Nitro has stolen one here tonight!! MNM have stolen one from Rey Myterio and Rob Van Dam yet again and these punks seem keep getting away with it!!

Tazz: If the referee ain’t seen it, it ain’t cheatin’ Cole. Fact. Johnny Nitro has picked up the biggest win of his career right there.

Michael Cole: But how can Nitro be happy with that huh? How can MNM condone their actions tonight?

Tazz: By the ‘W’ in the record books Cole. These two guys, this trio are makin’ a big impact on Friday nights baby. Van Dam and Rey better step their game up.

Mysterio is still down and RVD looks devastated that MNM have got one over on him and now his partner again. We head off to a video package for the ‘Man Beast’ Rhyno who will be making his Smackdown debut next week!!

Immediately we cut backstage where we see the Legend Killer, Randy Orton. The crowd immediately boo the sight of Orton, but the boos soon turn to cheers as the WWE champion, John Cena enters the fray.

Cena: Well, well, well, Randy Orton, good to see you man!!

Orton isn’t fooled by Cena’s over enthusiasm

Orton: Cut the cheap talk John, what do you want?

Cena smirks

Cena: Just thought I’d show my face before tonights big match and wish you luck, cos believe me Randy, you’re gonna need it. You’re gonna need it tonight and you’re gonna need it at Judgment Day against the Undertaker.

Pop from the crowd

Orton: I don’t need luck John because it is my destiny to end the career of the Undertaker, one of , if not he biggest legend to ever set foot in this company. And he is gonna be put to rest once and for all by ME. There will be nothing lucky about it. Simply put, at Judgment Day, I do what so many men have failed, including YOU John.

Cena: You sure can talk the talk can’t you? I’ll admit, back in the day the Undertaker had my number, I was young, inexperiencd but now? Now I’m the WWE champion.

Cena holds the belt in Orton’s face to a big pop from the crowd

Orton: You wanna talk about young? Inexperienced? John, I am the youngest World champion in HISTORY!!

Boos ring around the arena

Orton: So you can say what you want about being the WWE champion, about experience, you can say whatever you want John. But I promise you, when I’m through with the Undertaker, whether it be you or JBL, I am gonna take that title and bring it exactly where it belongs, around my waist.

More heat again for the Legend Killer

Cena: Randy, you know that at Judgment Day, JBL ain’t walkin’ away with this(points at his title) so the way I see it, you want this? You’re gonna have to go through me. And Randy, you know how I roll around here by now.

Cena gets in Orton’s face holding up the title

Cena: You want some, come…get…some.

The fans pop huge

Commercial break

We return and head straight to ringside

Michael Cole: Well before the break we had quite the confrontation backstage between the WWE champion John Cena and Randy Orton. Two of the best young stars here on Smackdown, here in the entire WWE! I mean, can you imagine Cena and Orton going at it for the WWE title?!?

Tazz: You’re right Cole. For once you’re right, a big time match up right there and if we get to see it some point down the line, I ain’t gonna complain.

Michael Cole: Well they may come to blows right here tonight as in our main event later on, we will see John Cena team with the Undertaker to take on Randy Orton and the #1 contender to the WWE title, JBL.

‘Stand back, there’s a Hurricane comin’ through’ hits and out comes Smackdown’s superhero himself, ready for action, The Hurricane.

Michael Cole: That main event still to come tonight but we are all set for some Cruiserweight action!!

Tazz: Only on Friday nights Cole!!

‘Asiattacker’ then plays and out comes the Japanese Buzzsaw, Tajiri to a mixed reaction

Michael Cole: Well last week Tajiri made his Smackdown debut, taking on Paul London, but there was confusion amongst our fans when Chavo Guerrero took Paul London out, Tajiri just stood and looked on, seemingly glad to see London suffer.

Tazz: I kinda liked it Cole. Tajiri had a little tag team run on Raw with William Regal, but now he’s here on Smackdown, he’s lookin’ out for number one, himself. I’m lookin’ forward to seein’ where Tajiri goes here on Friday nights.

Match four: Singles match

Tajiri vs. The Hurricane

The match is as you’d expect, pretty high paced with Hurricane gaining the early initiative. Friday night’s Superhero came close to ending it within the opening minute following a shock roll up from out of nowhere which Tajiri just got the shoulder up at the count of two.

Tajiri then struck Hurricane with a nasty kick to the ribs, followed by two, three more, really battering the ribs and chest of his opponent. Hurricane looks like he’s struggling for breath as Tajiri then takes him down with a nice suplex followed by a cover but a kick out at two.

Tajiri then went for another big kick to the head of this time of Hurricane however he ducked it and caught the Japanese Buzzsaw with a big uppercut, knocking Tajiri off balance. Hurricane then took Tajiri down with a nice Northern Lights suplex which Hurricane held onto for a cover but Tajiri this time kicked out at two.

The two men eventually feel to the outside as Hurricane charged at Tajiri by the ropes, the Japanese Buzzsaw ducked it and Hurricane went over the top but held on, only for Tajiri to blow the Green Mist into the eyes of Hurricane, who proceeded to fall to the outside. The fans began to boo Tajiri but the referee didn’t see the incident though as Tajiri’s back was turned to him.

With Hurricane down on the outside and the fans booing Tajiri, he snapped and pointed around the crowd before kicking Hurricane’s head off almost with a big kick to the temple before grabbing a steel chair and to everyone’s surprise, went on to hammer Hurricane across his back and ribs with some brutal shots using the chair as the referee called for the bell

Winner: The Hurricane via Disqualification(6:43)

Michael Cole: Tajiri has snapped!! What has gotten into the head of the Japanese Buzzsaw Tazz?

Tazz: I’m speechless Cole. Tajiri has turned a corner here on Smackdown, I see gold in Tajiri’s sights in the not too distant future. Wit’ this kinda attitude, you can believe me on dat one.

Michael Cole: Hurricane looks out of it here, he may need some help.

Hurricane is attended to by some trainers and helped to the back as we cut backstage and see Kurt Angle sitting in his locker room, met with boos from the crowd. Angle receives a knock at the door and it’s the Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff?!?

Angle: How’d’ you get in here?

Angle rises from his seat as Bischoff smirks

Bischoff: Doesn’t matter does it Kurt? I’m here now and I’m here to talk to you.

Bischoff points at Angle who looks hesitant about him being here

Angle: Well…

Bischoff: Look you watched Raw Monday night didn’t you? You saw what happened with me and your buddy Shawn?

Angle: I saw and Eric, let me just say, I don’t like Shawn Michaels, I don’t like him at all and I don’t agree with most things he does. But him kicking your teeth down your throat? That was something I agreed entirely with.

The crowd pop as Bischoff looks surprised

Bischoff: Kurt I’m gonna pretend I didn’t hear that

Angle laughs

Angle: Pretend all you want but it’s the truth Eric, now what are ya here for?

Bischoff: I’m glad you asked, see I’m here for one reason only and that is you Kurt. I need your help.

Angle: You? Eric Bischoff? You need my help? I never thought I’d see the day.

Bischoff: Funny Kurt, real funny. Look this whole Shawn Michaels deal, it’s gotta end. I can’t have Shawn Michaels running round MY show kicking people’s heads off every week.

Angle: So where do I fit into all this huh?

Bischoff sblacks

Bischoff: See, I cannot and will not let Shawn Michaels come to Smackdown, over my dead body will that happen. But…

Bischoff smiles in his usual sly, evil manner

Bischoff: Kurt Angle coming to Raw? I can live with that. In fact I would LOVE for you to come and join me on Monday night Raw. You can finally settle this thing with Shawn and when all is said and done Kurt, you can become World Heavyweight champion. How do ya like the sound of that?

Angle ponders what Bischoff has said

Bischoff: You may not like me, but Kurt, what is there for you here on Smackdown anymore? Come on man, Teddy Long has screwed you out of becoming WWE champion for long enough now! JBL stole your title shot from you! Hell, you’re not even booked for a match at Judgment Day! You’re being completely overlooked on what is a freakin’ B-rate show and quite frankly, it is a disgrace!!

Some fans are booing Bischoff’s cheap tactics whilst others are cheering at the thought of Angle jumping to Raw for another match with Shawn Michaels. Angle doesn’t seem to know what to say.

Bischoff: Look, how bout I let you think about it Kurt and by next week on Smackdown, you give me an answer? You give the whole world an answer? You can stay here on Smackdown and continue to ROT, to be OVERLOOKED, to be DISRESPECTED. Or…..

Bischoff smirks once again

Bischoff: You can come to Eric Bischoff’s Monday night Raw, you can finish Shawn Michaels FOR GOOD and you can once again become the most formidable force in the entire WWE.

Bischoff looks up and uses his hands from left to right to say, ‘Kurt Angle, World Heavyweight champion. Think about it Kurt, think about it.’ Bischoff pats Angle on the back before leaving as Angle looks completely speechless, wondering what move he should make next.

Commercial break

We return and head to Michael Cole and Tazz who discuss what just happened.

Michael Cole: Welcome back to Friday night Smackdown and before the commercial break that slime ball Eric Bischoff, how the hell did he even get in the arena? Eric Bischoff, the Monday night Raw general manager was trying to tempt Kurt Angle, trying to STEAL Kurt Angle away from Smackdown and jump ship to Raw.

Tazz: Well I hope and pray that Kurt Angle makes the right choice and stays wit’ us here on Smackdown. Bischoff is a no good piece of crap and Angle needs to stay as far away from him as possible.

Michael Cole: Well I sure hope that Teddy Long has something to say about this and that Teddy Long puts Eric Bischoff in his place.

‘Longhorn’ hits and it’s main event time as JBL makes his way out in his trademark limo to big heat from the crowd.

Michael Cole: In just a couple of weeks time this man will be looking to regain the WWE championship and last week we learned that JBL will face John Cena in a Last man Standing match at Judgment Day. A huge stipulation!!

Tazz: No doubt about it Cole. JBL and Cena are gonna beat the holy hell outta each other at Judgment Day and I can’t wait for it. Can you really see either man bein’ put down for a ten count? I can’t see it Cole. Somethin’ big’s gotta go down at Judgment Day.

‘Burn in my light’ then hits and out comes the Legend Killer, Randy Orton to big heat also as he’s all set to team with JBL.

Michael Cole: Last week was an even bigger week for Randy Orton. Orton defeated Rob Van Dam to earn himself a match at Judgment Day with the Undertaker. Does Orton really know what he has let himself in for?

Tazz: Some people are callin’ this kid stupid for wantin’ another shot at the Deadman but I gotta give Randy Orton major props for wantin’ another opportunity. Orton is intent on finishin’ the Deadman and at Judgment Day, he may just do it Cole.

‘GONG’ ‘Graveyard Symphony’ then hits and out comes The Undertaker to a huge pop from the crowd.

Michael Cole: For the first time since Wrestlemania, tonight we will see the Undertaker in action! At Wrestlemania the Deadman saw off the challenge of Randy Orton but since then Orton has made it his mission to once and for all, finish the career of the Undertaker. Easier said than done partner.

Tazz: For sure Cole. This man is one of the greatest and one of the most intimidating superstars to ever set foot inside the squared circle. But at Wrestlemania we all saw how close Randy Orton came to beatin’ and endin’ the Undertaker’s undefeated Wrestlemania streak. At Judgment Day, we’re in for a blockbuster when Taker and Orton go at it again.

‘My time is now’ then hits to a thunderous ovation as the WWE champion John Cena makes his way out for this huge tag team match.

Michael Cole: The champ is here!!

Tazz: Oh baby.

Michael Cole: Last week John Cena accepted the challenge from JBL, a Last man Standing match at Judgment Day. Some people have said that it’s a huge call from Cena to accept that match, I mean JBL has all the experience in the world compared to our WWE champion. Do you pit JBL as the favourite for this one at Judgment Day?

Tazz: Cole it’s a tough one to call. Cena’s got the total package man BUT like you say, JBL has that experience factor which could prove key especially in a match like sumthin’ as brutal as a Last man Standing match.

Match five: Tag team match

WWE champion John Cena and The Undertaker vs. JBL and Randy Orton

Taker and JBL start the match with JBL circling round the ring, trying to avoid the Deadman but fails to do so as Taker takes it to the former WWE champion. Undertaker gets the upper hand early on, taking it to JBL with some strong right hands, followed by an irish whip into the corner, as JBL bounced back off, Taker was primed and waiting to deliver a huge big boot to take down JBL.

The Deadman then looked to take JBL for some old school but Layfield managed to turn the tables on Taker and kicked Taker in the gut before he could walk the ropes. JBL then managed to get a hold on things, hitting Taker with some big right hands before knocking the Deadman down with a big boot of his own.

Layfield then locked the Demon of Death Valley into a sleeper hold. JBL continued to apply some strong pressure but with the crowd getting behind Taker, he seemed to find life from somewhere and managed to break free from the hold. JBL couldn’t believe it and ran the ropes, looking to hit a clothesline from hell but Taker ducked it and grabbed JBL by the throat!! Taker goes for the choke slam but from behind Randy Orton comes in and knocks Taker down!! Huge heat for Orton as the referee forces him back to the apron with JBL down on his knees as is Taker.

JBL makes his way towards Orton looking for the tag and finds his partner but Taker does the same and now it’s the champion Cena and Randy Orton going at it in the ring. Orton lands the first blow but Cena responds. Both men trading right hands with Cena getting the better of it. Cena whips Orton into the ropes and takes the Legend Killer down with a running shoulder block.

Cena poses for the crowd and waits for Orton to get back to his feet. Orton rises and turns right into Cena who lifts Orton up for an FU but Orton counters and kicks Cena in the gut, DDT from Orton. Cover, 1-2-kick out from the champion. The crowd are really into this match as Orton is now primed for Cena to get back up. As Cena gets up, Orton goes straight at him and throws Cena towards his corner knocking the Undertaker off the apron and into the barricade. Orton laughs as Cena and Taker are down with Orton taunting the Undertaker.

Orton drags Cena over towards his corner now and tags in JBL again. JBL smugly smiles and they doubleteam Cena for a minute or two with both men taking turns to stomp on Cena. Orton then exit’s the ring and JBL looks to pick off his opponent at Judgment Day.

Layfield is shouting that ‘you’re nothing Cena’ and ‘stay down for 10, just like at Judgment Day’ but as Layfield continues the verbal insults, Cena connects with a big right hand on JBL to a big pop from the crowd. JBL is knocked back into the ropes as Cena connects with a back body drop on the #1 contender and now Cena is in control.

On the apron though Randy Orton tries to get back in the ring but Undertaker has made his way around the ring and pulls Orton off the apron, face first into the mat. Taker and Orton are now going at it on the outside. Taker hurls Orton into the ringpost, almost taking Orton’s shoulder out of place. Inside the ring, Cena is stalking JBL but through the crowd from behind, it’s JBL’s chief of staff, Orlando Jordan!! Jordan is primed to attack Cena but then there’s a major pop as Matt Hardy appears!! Orlando throws a shot at Cena but Cena fights back, Cena and OJ going at it as Cena turns Orlando round into Hardy who takes down OJ and begins to hammer away at Orlando!!

The crowd are eating it up but the referee has called for the bell. BAM!! Cena was looking at the Hardy-Jordan brawl when JBL takes Cena down from behind!! Huge heat for JBL but the Undertaker is back in the ring and is going after JBL!! JBL though, cowardly as ever, exit’s the ring as Hardy throws Orlando over the rope to join him. Orlando and JBL retreat as does Orton on his knees. Inside the ring, Hardy and Taker stand tall with Cena making his way back up to his feet, mouthing’ Just wait’ to JBL

Winners: No Contest( 12:23)

Michael Cole: All hell has broken loose here on Friday Night Smackdown!! Matt Hardy has got revenge on Orlando Jordan, the Undertaker has taken it to Randy Orton but JBL has laid out the WWE champion here tonight!!

Tazz: Absolute chaos Cole and at Judgment Day this thing is just gonna explode between Cena and JBL. There will only be one last man standing and at Judgment Day we find out who the better man is.

Michael Cole: I can’t wait partner. John Cena is finally gonna shut JBL up once and for all but tonight the #1 contender has taken the upper hand. Join us next week everybody. Goodnight!!

The show ends with JBL smirking and the camera zooming in on an angry, intense Cena.

Current Judgment Day Card

WWE Championship: Last Man Standing match
John Cena(c) vs JBL

WWE Tag Team Titles
MNM vs Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio

WWE Cruiserweight title
Paul London(c) vs Chavo Guerrero

Randy Orton vs The Undertaker

All feedback would be much appreciated and returned.

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