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WWE: A New Era Beckons

(Quarterly Summary)

The BTB has covered a span of 3 PPVs until now: them being Backlash, No Mercy and Armaggedon. The storyline will continue till Wrestlemania. The time period that the BTB corresponds to can be considered as 2011 since most of the current WWE roster is being used. However, no existing feuds and storylines in WWE in 2011 have been referred to or continued. The following text will provide a fair summary of what has transpired until now.

The Legacy:

Randy Orton of RAW was crowned the WWE Champion in the first show of the BTB , his motive however remained partially accomplished. Orton wanted that Legacy rule WWE but this couldn’t happen when Ted Dibiase of SD could not become World Champion. Legacy began to interfere in World Champion Edge’s matches, however at Backlash, Orton interfered and RKO’d CM Punk in his World Title match with Edge at Backlash thus colluding with Edge. Rated-R Legacy created havoc when Edge and Orton began to retain their titles mostly against CM Punk and John Cena respectively due to interferences by Dibiase and Rhodes.

Finally, the general managers Eric Bischoff of RAW and Theodore Long of SD confronted Legacy in the ring and decided to strip the titles and fire the interferers. Things went out of hand when Orton and Edge attacked the general managers and became so grave that Mr.Mcmahon had to make an appearance confronting Legacy. Mr. Mcmahon made a bombshell announcement that he has chosen a certain person to be Mr. Money-in-the-Bank and this time, not only the champions won’t know when MITB will be cashed in but also the identity of the person won’t be revealed. This announcement created ultimate chaos as trust and group dynamics were shattered and the members of Legacy departed their own ways. Randy Orton lost his WWE Title in an Elimination Chamber match at Armaggedon to The Undertaker, while Edge is still the World Champion.

The Undefeated and The Champions:

Ezekiel Jackson was introduced by his manager Dr. X as an unbeatable monster. Three months hence, the claim still stands. Jackson has taken out Batista, beat the giant Khali and squashed numerous others. Wade Barrett also has created waves with his performance till now. He is yet to be pinned and undefeated in singles matches. Mark Henry’s unbeaten run came to an end just a week ago but he still boasts to be the Intercontinental Champion. Drew McIntyre is also undefeated in singles matches but lost his US Championship in a triple threat match which is currently held by John Morrison. Chavo Guerrero’s belief in his team with Rey Mysterio paid off finally. Though they lost matches in the beginning, they finally won the Unified Tag Team Titles a Armaggedon from Kane and Big Show in a huge upset.

The Groups and The Feuds:

Santino Marella self-proclaimed himself as the master of all FCW rookies and WWE jobbers but things did not materialize. When he lost to Sheamus in less than one quarter of a minute and lost to his own disciple Viscera, he lost the respect of his protégés. His so-called Invasion of Smackdown was marred by bad timing as he interrupted Ezekiel Jackson and ended up being taken backstage on four shoulders. Alberto Del Rio recruited Vladimir Kozlov instead when Triple-H denied to become his bodyguard. Del Rio scored two victories (under dubious circumstances nonetheless), but The Game got the final laugh in a steel cage encounter at Armaggedon.

Mr. Kennedy was claimed by JBL to be his successor as the US Hero which did not fit well with Shawn Michaels. Kennedy beat HBK to earn the right of being called the US Hero when Swagger (who was upset JBL did not choose him) turned on Michaels. However, the announcement of the mysterious Mr. MITB coinciding with Kennedy’s World Title match with Edge didn’t bode well for Swagger who was asked to keep a distance since Kennedy did not trust him. Chris Jericho had a bit of a rough time as he was on losing ends of feuds with The Undertaker and Christian, also being eliminated first in the Elimination Chamber match at Armaggedon didn’t help. He will be looking to a new start as he moves to Smackdown.

The recent draft has led to 10 superstars changing their rosters and promises fresh feuds and more excitement. The road ahead is well set, undefeated streaks may end and champions may fall, newer legacies may be established, but one thing is for sure, the show will only become better.

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