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Re: WWE: A New Era Beckons


US Champion The Miz vs John Morrison:

Miz looked in control of the match. He went for the Skull Crushing Finale but Morrison blocked it. When Morrison went for a flying kick from ring top, Miz got pushed over the referee who passed out. Morrison was looking towards the ramp and signalling for another referee, when Miz came from the back and gave him a DDT. He then proceeded to bring a steel chair in the ring, as he entered Morrison who was standing up, kicked into the steel chair in Miz’s hands which hit his head. Morrison went for the Starship Pain while the new referee came running down and pinned Miz to crown a new US Champion.

John Morrison def. The Miz(c) to become the new US Champion at 9:51

Ezekiel Jackson vs The Great Khali:

The beginning was hilarious when Dr. X stepped ahead and asked Khali to leave the ring within 10 seconds. Ranjin Singh asked Khali that if he agrees, then he should raise his hand. Khali raised his hand, the audience cheered, and Khali landed the head chop on Dr. X who was knocked unconscious. The match began with Jackson going on the offensive. Khali hit a head chop on Jackson and got a 2-count. Both of them traded blows and Jackson tried to run between the ropes and collided to put Khali down which he succeeded finally. Ranjin Singh got up on the apron, Jackson hit a big boot and Ranjin fell into the barricades. Khali who was back on his feet lifted Jackson for the Khali Bomb, but Jackson punched him to come out, and proceeded to chokeslam him to get the pinfall. Dr.X came back half-conscious and lifted Jackson’s hand while the audience was in shock.

Ezekiel Jackson def. The Great Khali via pinfall at 7:35

Wade Barrett vs Shawn Michaels:

Barrett and HBK proceeded to fight outside the ring. Barrett threw HBK into the steel steps. He put Michaels back into the ring, as he climbed into the ring, HBK out of nowhere hit the Sweet Chin Music and got a near 3-count. HBK went for another and Barrett blocked it and hit a clothesline. Barrett went for the Wasteland, but HBK countered it into a DDT. He went up the ringpost to deliver the Showstopper and jumped, but Barrett rolled away. HBK came up and Barrett went for the Big Boot but HBK moved away and Barrett landed on the ropes. Michaels pushed him towards the corner of the ring, Barrett just landed over the referee. Michaels came and tried to give Barrett a suplex but putting his arms around his waist, Barrett landed a low blow with a kick backwards. The referee’s view was blocked because Barrett was in front of him. Barrett went for the Wasteland and won the match.

Wade Barrett def. Shawn Michaels via pinfall at 12:32

Tag Titles match:

Rey and Chavo pulled off a huge upset as they won the tag titles against Kane and Big Show. As Show was out of the ring, Rey hit the 6-1-9 and West Coast Pop on Kane. Chavo was already on the top of corner of the ring, and jumped to hit the Frog Splash.

Mysterio and Chavo def. Kane and Big Show to win Tag Titles at 8:29

Steel Cage Match:

Del Rio tried to leave the cage many times but Triple-H stopped him. Kozlov came running down and entered the Steel Cage with the sledgehammer and went for HHH who ducked down, Del Rio instead got hit with the sledgehammer. HHH then hit the pedigree on Kozlov. HHH proceeded to leave the ring through the door, but suddenly stopped and came back. The whole audience was cheering. HHH lifted up Del Rio and hit the pedigree and got the pinfall. Finally, The Game had his long awaited revenge.

Triple-H def. Alberto Del Rio via pinfall at 13:39


Jericho, Christian, Sheamus and Orton came down one by one and were locked up. The audience erupted when it became evident that Undertaker and Cena will start the proceedings.

Undertaker gained the momentum by hitting Cena into the steel platform and the structure. Cena made a comeback and hit the 5 knuckle shuffle. He hit the AA and took the cover. Taker kicked out in a 2.5-count.

Next Entrant: Sheamus

Sheamus came in and hit the Brogue Kick on Cena. He posed a bit with Cena and Taker both down. He lifted Taker and went for the Pale Justice, Taker came out and hit the chokeslam. Sheamus kicked out at 2-count. Taker proceeded to beat Cena and pushed him into the steel structure when Sheamus came from behind with the Brogue Kick. Sheamus hit the DDT over the steep platform on Cena and got a 2.5-count.

Next Entrant: Chris Jericho

Jericho entered and as Sheamus came towards him, Jericho gestured him to stop and team up to eliminate Cena and Taker. Both of them controlled the match. Taker finally hit the chokeslam on Sheamus on the steel platform. He took the cover but got a 2.5-count. The crowd was shocked that Sheamus kicked out. Jericho proceeded to hit the Codebreaker over Cena inside the ring but he came out and hit the AA. Cena pinned Jericho and as he turned back, Sheamus came with a clothesline. He gave a spinebuster to Cena on the steel platform.

Eliminated: Chris Jericho

Next Entrant: Christian

Sheamus beat up Christian for some time, and went for the Pale Justice but Christian came out. Christian hit the Killswitch. Sheamus still kicked out. Finally, Sheamus got the upper hand and hit the Brogue Kick. As he turned, Taker hit the Last Ride and pinned him. Christian came up and Taker hit a chokeslam and pinned Christian too.

Eliminated: Sheamus and Christian

The crowd erupted. John Cena came back to his senses outside the ring on the steel platform. Cena slowly came inside and he and Undertaker had a stand-off. The crowd was cheering in the background. Suddenly, the buzzer sounded. Both Cena and Taker looked to the right.

Final Entrant: Randy Orton

Orton came out to a huge pop. Cena proceeded to beat him, Orton ducked and hit Taker. Cena came back and hit Orton. Taker and Cena double-teamed on Orton as he was fresh. Taker proceeded to hit the chokeslam and Orton hit the RKO. Cena came running and Orton threw him towards the steel structure. Orton hit his Rope hung DDT on Cena on the steel platform and got 2-count. Taker and Orton fought in the ring for sometime. As Taker hit the chokeslam, Cena came out of nowhere to hit the AA on Taker but taker came out and stared at Cena unbelievably. Orton got up and RKO’d Taker. Cena hit Orton with a clothesline and to give the AA, Orton came out and tried the RKO, Cena put him down and locked the STF. Orton tried to reach the ropes but finally had to tap out. It became evident a new WWE champion will be crowned.

Eliminated: Randy Orton

Orton could not believe it, when the referee asked him to leave he moved towards the door. As Cena was getting up, Orton stopped and his eyes told what he was going to do. Orton punted Cena right in the middle of the ring. The audience was shocked. Taker who was taking the help of the ropes to get himself up did not see this. Orton left the ring while Taker realised something was wrong. He picked up Cena and hit the Last Ride for the win.

Eliminated: John Cena

WINNER: The Undertaker won at 41:49 via pinfall to become the new WWE champion.

JR – “Bah Gawd, I am speechless, The Phenom is the WWE Champion.”
Lawler – “JR, I cannot believe what just happened, Orton punted Cena, what a sore loser Orton is”

The medics rushed to the ring and John Cena was taken out on a stretcher.

The Undertaker posed with the title while the screen faded to black.

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