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Learning to break kayfabe
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Cheers JCIG, thanks for the words. Great to know someone is enjoying it! GCB

Live from State College, Pennsylvania

*** PYRO *** PYRO *** PYRO *** PYRO *** PYRO *** PYRO *** PYRO *** PYRO ***

*** SEXY BOY ***

RAW starts with the General Manager of Monday Night RAW heading out to a fantastic ovation from the crowd here in State College, Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania crowd are hyped up just six days away from Survivor Series in Philadelphia and HBK drops to his knees on the ramp before heading into the ring. He takes a microphone and promises the crowd a great show as we head towards Survivor Series. He turns his attention to the traditional Survivor Series 10-man tag match between Team Orton and Nexus that will determine the WWE Champion – will it be Randy Orton or Wade Barrett? HBK announces that the man who walks into Survivor Series as the WWE Champion will be at an advantage in his opinion before announcing that the WWE Champion may not be Randy Orton ... the main event tonight will be Randy Orton against Wade Barrett for the WWE Championship! Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler are at ringside and they declare their shock that HBK would make this match just 6 days from Survivor Series!

HBK allows the crowd reaction to die down before announcing that tonight’s RAW will begin with a 10-man Battle Royal involving the ten participants in the traditional Survivor Series elimination tag team match between RAW and SMACKDOWN. HBK reminds us of the stipulation riding on this match – the winning brand will be able to choose any member of the other brand’s roster to join them. HBK announces that Teddy Long and he have decided that the champions should be excluded but any other superstar can be considered. He then introduces Team RAW as they head out to the ring ...


Edge leads out Team RAW who follow his lead with huge question marks over the unity of their team after recent events on RAW. Edge looks confident but there are looks in the eyes of his team mates – Ted DiBiase, Daniel Bryan, R-Truth and particularly John Morrison – that show doubt. As they enter the ring, each man shakes the hand of the RAW General Manager before HBK heads out of the ring and backstage. Edge takes the microphone and announces that the five men have discussed their problems and are now united on one goal – delivering a win for Team RAW and securing a SMACKDOWN superstar for the RAW roster.


Team SMACKDOWN captain Big Show leads out his team with a jolly look on his face wearing a massive blue shirt with the SMACKDOWN logo on it. He claps the WWE Universe as he heads to the ring with Jack Swagger and Chavo Guerrero in close attendance. However, a reluctant CM Punk, beaten by Big Show last Friday on SMACKDOWN, follows a few steps behind after being forced onto the team after the defeat. There is no sign of the fifth SMACKDOWN participant who was promised tonight ... Big Show takes a microphone and addresses the issue as he points out that Edge knew who the fifth member of SMACKDOWN would be. He reminds us all of Edge’s appearance on SMACKDOWN last week after the World Championship match and then introduces the fifth member of Team SMACKDOWN ...

*** S. O. S. ***

Kofi Kingston appears on stage wearing a SMACKDOWN t-shirt and with a determined glint in his eye after his failure to capture the World Championship from Kane last time out. He heads to the ring with the usual pyrotechnics as King and JR discuss the problems that Kofi will cause Team RAW and how this could well make SMACKDOWN the clear favourites for Survivor Series!


The match begins with the ten superstars pairing off into RAW and SMACKDOWN to fight around the ring. Big Show is looking dominant as he throws Ted DiBiase around early on but doesn’t look in a hurry to eliminate the Million Dollar Champion. Show then turns his attentions to the RAW captain, Edge, as he traps him in the corner of the ring and hits his chest with his frying pan hand. Luckily for Edge, he is wearing a red RAW t-shirt but that won’t prevent the pain that he is feeling ... Show looks to force Edge over the top rope and Edge wraps his leg in the ropes in desperation. John Morrison comes to the aid of his captain despite their problems recently and denies the Big Show the first elimination. Edge and Morrison team up and fight the Big Show who struggles against the ropes as the two RAW men pound him with fists and feet. They begin to try and lift him over the top rope and manage to force his head and upper body over. Show looks in trouble but has enough to hang on and refuses to let Edge and Morrison lift his lower body over. The two RAW men struggle and struggle but Show remains stubborn until a third man assists them ... CM PUNK! The SMACKDOWN star is unhappy still and he provides the last push that sends Big Show over the top rope and down to the outside of the ring ...

* BIG SHOW is eliminated! *

Big Show gets to his feet outside the ring and looks full of rage as he stares up at CM Punk. Punk looks back at Show and points to the SMACKDOWN logo on his chest informing him that he should be the captain of the team and he will lead SMACKDOWN to glory tonight and at Survivor Series. Show makes to get back in the ring but the referees hold him back and Punk continues to goad the Big Show. Behind Punk, R-Truth appears all of a sudden and he hits Punk in the back of the head before toppling him up and over the rope and a second SMACKDOWN superstar is eliminated!

* CM PUNK is eliminated! *

With RAW now 5 vs. 3 in their favour, they look to take advantage as they go to work on the three remaining SMACKDOWN superstars, Kofi Kingston, Chavo Guerrero and Jack Swagger. With SMACKDOWN now showing signs of disarray, it is RAW that looks united and they work together to make the numbers advantage work in their favour with Edge even directing traffic and his team following his instructions. SMACKDOWN desperately needs to find a way to even up the numbers and it is the man who has been challenging for the World Championship that manages it. Fighting with Ted DiBiase and Daniel Bryan in the corner, Jack Swagger heads over and smashes Bryan in the back to leave DiBiase and Kofi fighting. Kofi takes DiBiase down before hitting the Trouble in Paradise kick to the Million Dollar Champion and then tossing him out of the ring ...

* TED DiBIASE is eliminated! *

... and he is immediately followed by Daniel Bryan who, after his attack a moment before Ted’s elimination, is unable to recover and hit with the Pump Handle Slam by Swagger before he too is thrown over the top rope by the All American American.

* DANIEL BRYAN is eliminated! *

Bryan looks disappointed but he makes his way out of the ringside area with the US Championship over his shoulder to leave Edge, Morrison and Truth up against Kofi, Swagger and Chavo. Both teams are working hard to secure a morale boosting victory and again they split into pairs to feud in the corners. Chavo manages to take down R-Truth and leaves him flat on his back and in perfect position for the Frog Splash. Chavo heads for the top rope with chants of ‘Eddie!’ ringing in his ears and leaps high to deliver a perfect Frog Splash to R-Truth. Chavo gets up and wriggles his hips and shoulders to the cheers of the crowd but then ... SPEAR! Edge hits a devastating spear to Chavo – a man he was once related to – before lifting him up and dumping him over the top rope.

* CHAVO GUERRERO is eliminated! *

The boos ring out at Edge’s elimination of Chavo but Edge looks delighted that RAW has the advantage again. Edge heads over to assist Morrison again who is brawling with Kofi Kingston but Swagger now has an Ankle Lock on R-Truth who has just received the Frog Splash just moments ago. Truth taps out but that means nothing in a Battle Royal and Swagger persists with the hold. Truth wriggles towards the ropes but again Swagger pulls on the ankle more and more. Eventually, Swagger lets go of the Ankle Lock and pulls back to allow Truth to get up groggily near the ropes. Truth has no chance here and Swagger hits a Big Boot to his head that sends him over the top rope and out of the match ...

* R-TRUTH is eliminated! *

... Edge rushes over and hits a spear to Swagger that catches him by surprise though. Swagger gets to his feet slowly and then Morrison springboards off the rope and hits a Flying Kick that leaves Swagger draped over the top rope. Morrison rushes over and lifts him up and over and yet again, RAW has the advantage!

* JACK SWAGGER is eliminated! *

Morrison holds an arm up in celebration at eliminating Jack Swagger but this is dragged down by the RAW captain Edge who looks upset with his team mate. Morrison holds his arms out and doesn’t understand what Edge is annoyed about but it becomes clear that Edge wanted to eliminate Swagger after hitting the spear. He points out that he is the captain and Morrison should have stayed with Kofi in the other corner. Speaking of Kofi, he is back on his feet and he rushes over and takes both men down with well placed kicks and then hits the Boom drop to John Morrison. Morrison fights back and Kofi is unable to eliminate him until suddenly, Edge loses his mind completely and hits Morrison with a spear! Edge looks shocked as he looks down on a fallen John Morrison but then drags him up with his hair and throws him over the top rope. What is Edge thinking here?

* JOHN MORRISON is eliminated! *

Edge looks down on Morrison and reminds us all that he is the RAW team captain and that Morrison should know his place. Morrison gets to his feet and looks furious as he tries to go after Edge. However, the referees hold Morrison back and usher him away. Morrison rips his RAW t-shirt off and throws it down in disgust at Edge’s actions. Kofi Kingston is watching in amusement as RAW disintegrates before his eyes and then he turns his attention towards Edge. He takes Edge down with hard kicks before hitting a diving crossbody from the top rope that leaves Edge down in a heap. No pinfalls but the WWE Universe here in Pennsylvania love it and they cheer and chant for Kofi as he looks to his Trouble in Paradise again. Clapping his hands as he waits for Edge to get up, Kofi looks in control but he misses with the kick when he goes for it before Edge follows with a huge boot to Kofi’s head. Edge looks possessed and he retreats to the corner ready to hit the spear once more ... Some of the crowd chant ‘Spear!’ as Edge builds up for it ... SPEAR! Edge hits it and looks delighted with himself. He drags Kofi to his feet and forces him up and over the ropes and it is Edge that has survived tonight to secure the win for RAW!

* KOFI KINGSTON is eliminated! *

WINNER: Edge (9:23)

JUSTIN ROBERTS: Here is your winner ... TEAM RAW!

Edge celebrates as if he won a WWE or a World Championship for the tenth time as his music blares out around the arena. Kofi walks away disappointed but the Battle Royal truly showed that both teams have issues but both teams have a lot of talent as well ...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Your time is up ...”

----- COMING SOON -----

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

RAW returns with Ted DiBiase, Daniel Bryan and R-Truth muttering to each other in the locker room. In walks the team captain, Edge, looking delighted with the win and expecting adulation from his team. However, the pair of Bryan and Truth look at him with disdain before walking out of the locker room, clearly unhappy with their captain. Edge asks DiBiase what he did wrong and DiBiase informs Edge that they believe that he is selfish and only out for himself. He also informs Edge that Morrison stormed off to find the General Manager immediately after being eliminated from the match. Edge looks amazed with the reaction but then a steward from the arena walks into the locker room as well to deliver a message. He asks Edge to visit the General Manager in his office ... RAW returns to the ring ready for the next contest of the night.


Sheamus and Hornswoggle head for the ring with Survivor Series just six days. JR and King remind us of the way Triple H won the right to choose the type of match for Survivor Series and show replays of Sheamus’ defeat to John Morrison last week when he was caught by surprise when the time was almost up ... Sheamus shakes his head after looking up at the titantron before waiting for the arrival of his opponent ...


The Great Khali heads for the ring with his brother Runjin Singh ahead of their match here on RAW. Khali looks his usual imposing self but retains the limp that shows the lack of agility that Sheamus could exploit here tonight ...


In a short match, Sheamus manages to take control of the match early and uses his speed to take down Khali several times. However, Khali is able to knock down Sheamus at regular intervals with game changing swings of his right hand and Sheamus struggles to find a way to defeat him. After a silly attempt to lift Khali up into the Irish Curse, Sheamus realises how he can win the match when he sees Khali down on his knees – Brogue Kick to the kneeling Khali. Sheamus hooks the leg and the referee counts the 3!

WINNER: Sheamus (2:17)

JUSTIN ROBERTS: Here is your winner ... SHEAMUS!

After the match, Sheamus grabs a microphone and addresses the WWE Universe. He claims that John Morrison got lucky last week and that he was pre-occupied with the time remaining and that is the reason Morrison managed to upset him like that. Sheamus and Hornswoggle are receiving loud jeers and boos but Sheamus continues on and claims that it doesn’t matter what type of match Triple H decides to go with as he has beaten him once at No Mercy and will beat him again at Survivor Series regardless of the match type. Sheamus declares that he is not afraid of Triple H and that Hunter should be fearing for his career when he steps into the ring with the Celtic Warrior this Sunday ...


Triple H heads out with the spotlight shining on him and goes through his usual routine of heading for the ring bathed in green flashing lights and with a bottle of water. As Triple H sprays the water over the front row, Hornswoggle gets brave and rushes over and kicks him in the knee. Triple H turns and stares at him over the rope before getting into the ring looking annoyed with the little troll. Predictably, Hornswoggle rushes out of the ring on the opposite side and leaves Sheamus to face the Cerebral Assassin instead. With no violence allowed between the two, Sheamus grins at the Game before heading out of the ring after Hornswoggle. As they get to the stage, Triple H asks them to hold it for a moment ...

Sheamus and Hornswoggle turn their attention to Triple H and he asks them to look at the titantron for a moment while he shows them something ...

Triple H reminds people that that was No Way Out 2001, Triple H vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin ... in a ‘3 Stages of Hell’ match! Sheamus’ face turns into an anxious one as the WWE Universe realises where Triple H is going with this one! At Survivor Series, Triple H and Sheamus will wrestle in a straight fall, a Table match and finally inside a steel cage to determine the winner and then Triple H reminds Sheamus that he has participated in this match with three of the toughest men around: Stone Cold, Shawn Michaels and Randy Orton. He declares that Sheamus doesn’t have the guts to beat him in a match like this and that at Survivor Series, it will be ‘Game Over!’ for Sheamus ...

********** COMMERCIAL BREAK **********

RAW returns with JR and King hyping the ‘3 Stages of Hell’ match between Triple H and Sheamus at Survivor Series ...

... before the arrival of this man!

*** MY TIME IS NOW ***

The WWE Universe go wild for the arrival of the man who Randy Orton hopes he can trust to help him defend – or win maybe, after tonight – the WWE Championship. Cena rushes down to the ring and takes a microphone to address the WWE Universe.

Cena makes a promise to the WWE Universe that he will do everything in his power to help Randy Orton defeat the Nexus this Sunday at Survivor Series. The crowd chant ‘Cena!’ before he continues about how desperate he is to destroy the Nexus and ensure that they never get their hands on the WWE Championship. Cena talks about the nightmare last six months he has had due to the actions of the Nexus and promises that he will destroy Wade Barrett and punish him for every beating he has ever ordered his men to perform. As Cena considers his next comment though ...

*** VOICES ***

Out comes the WWE Champion, Randy Orton, with the title draped over his shoulders. He walks towards the ring slowly with his eyes on Cena and seemingly weighing him up in his mind. Orton gets into the ring and acknowledges the cheers of the fans before returning to Cena with a microphone in his hand too. Orton says to Cena that he has one question only. Can I trust you? Cena assures Randy Orton that he can be trusted, that he will do everything in his power to ensure that Randy Orton remains WWE Champion. Orton nods his head and seems to take this as a sign that he can trust Cena. Orton turns to leave but Cena asks him to wait a moment ... Orton pauses and turns to Cena who tells him that he will do everything in his power to help Orton at Survivor Series but he hopes that Orton will remember that after Survivor Series. When Orton looks quizzically towards Cena, Cena takes a step to Orton and pats his hand on the WWE Championship over his shoulder. Cena declares that he expects to help Orton retain the title this Sunday but that he then expects that he will get a shot at taking that title away in the near future. Orton looks to Cena and thinks about it for a moment and is about to reply when ...


Accompanied by his rookie, Alex Riley, and the ‘Money in the Bank’ contract briefcase, out comes the Miz who looks towards Orton and Cena in the ring with a cocky expression on his face. The pair wander down to the ring and enter to jeers and boos but Cena and Orton both stand back to see what the Miz has to say. Miz takes a microphone and declares that it doesn’t matter whether Orton retains, Barrett wins the title or Cena wins it the next night on RAW, the only guaranteed champion is the man with the MITB contract – the Miz. Miz declares that he is the man who will be the WWE Champion very soon but he has other matters to attend to first. Miz asks Orton if the Hart Dynasty are confirmed as being part of Team Orton this Sunday to which Orton nods his head. Miz then counts sarcastically before pointing out that they are still a man short. Miz says that is why he is here – to volunteer his services. He goes on to suggest that he wants to be right on cue just in case there is an opportunity but also points out to Orton that he will not be able to find anybody better ...

Cena whispers something to Orton and Orton smiles a knowing smile. He looks at Miz and suggests that he would be a good man to have on Team Orton – but only if he can prove himself first. Miz arrogantly laughs and tells Orton to bring that man out and he will beat him for sure. Orton smirks and nods his head in agreement ...


Ezekiel Jackson heads out towards the ring and it looks as if Miz and Jackson will face each other for the right to be the fifth man on Team Orton ahead of Survivor Series. Miz strips his t-shirt away and throws it down in disgust at Orton’s actions but looks determined to secure a place on Team Orton. Orton and Cena leave the ringside area and head back up the ramp as the bell rings to begin the match ...


Miz takes control of the match after a fast start from Ezekiel Jackson and keeps the match down to a slow, methodical pace as he locks in holds on Jackson that keep him grounded and off his feet. With Riley shouting encouragement and Miz determined to earn his place on Team Orton, Jackson looks to be in trouble as the Miz seems to have all the answers every time Jackson looks to escape or fight back. A mini-fightback from Jackson comes with two shoulder knockdowns in succession but a distraction of the referee by Alex Riley allows Miz to poke his opponent in the eye and then carry on taking him down to the mat. Miz begins to look for his finishing move, the Skull Crushing Finale, but Jackson fights out of it on two occasions and Miz begins to struggle to keep him down on the mat. Jackson is now turning the tide and is taking Miz down who escapes out of the ring to avoid the raging bull that his opponent is becoming. A standing side slam almost defeats Miz and he is now looking to hit the Book of Ezekiel as he seeks to secure his place on Team Orton. With Miz looking to be in trouble, Riley distracts the referee whilst sliding the briefcase into the ring as well. Miz manages to escape Jackson and get hold of the briefcase which he then swings into the face of Jackson to knock him cold behind the referee’s back. Pushing the briefcase out of the ring, Miz goes for a cover on Jackson but somehow he manages to kick out at 2! An astonished Miz beckons for the briefcase again and this time he makes no attempt to even hide it and crashes it into Jackson’s skull again. The referee immediately signals for the disqualification although Miz doesn’t seem to be too bothered ...

WINNER: Ezekiel Jackson (5:38 - DQ)

JUSTIN ROBERTS: Here is your winner as a result of a disqualification ... EZEKIEL JACKSON!

Miz and Riley leave the ring and head back up the stage with a look of arrogance on their faces. Miz points to the briefcase as he backs away and declares to the fans at ringside that he is the only guaranteed WWE Champion around here and that he doesn’t need to be part of Team RAW ...

********** COMMERCIAL BREAK **********


RAW returns with two members of Team Orton already in the ring ... the Hart Dynasty, David Hart Smith and Tyson Kidd. A replay of the tag team heading to the ring as their fellow Team Orton member Ezekiel Jackson was helped out of the ring whilst rubbing his head after the assault from Miz earlier on. JR and King discuss the upcoming Survivor Series match where one of Randy Orton and Wade Barrett will leave as the WWE Champion and King suggests that the Harts will need to be on top of their game and better not let the pressure get to them.

*** WE ARE ONE ***

The Nexus pair of Justin Gabriel and Skip Sheffield head for the ring with Otunga and Slater also in attendance – just the leader Wade Barrett is missing as he prepares for his WWE Championship match later tonight. JR and King hype the main event up and discuss how important it could be to head into Survivor Series as the champion rather than as the challenger. Gabriel looks to be over his little spat with the Nexus last week and all four men are on the same page as they prepare for this match. However, the referee order Heath Slater and David Otunga to leave the ring and go back to the backstage area. Begrudgingly, they do so but it is a small victory for the Hart Dynasty before the bell has even rung ...


The Hart Dynasty come out of the blocks fast and they use fast paced tags to get themselves in control of the match early. However, one huge clothesline from Skip Sheffield hands the advantage to the Nexus pair just like that to the disapproval of the WWE Universe. Skip drags Tyson Kidd over to the Nexus corner of the ring and he is punished in the corner whilst the referee is distracted by Gabriel. Nexus contain the small Tyson Kidd in their corner and work him over to the dismay of his partner, David Hart Smith. However, Kidd manages to fight back eventually and makes the tag to Hart Smith who comes in like a house on fire hitting clothesline after clothesline. With Gabriel and Sheffield down, Hart Smith lifts Gabriel up for a suplex and crashes him down on the mat. The South African looks beaten as Hart Smith makes the cover. Amazingly though, Gabriel kicks out and shows a huge amount of heart and resilience. Kidd and Smith cannot believe it but they look to hit the old Hart Foundation move, the Hart Attack instead. Smith lifts Gabriel up after tagging in Kidd and waits for his partner to clothesline him off his shoulders. Kidd comes off the ropes but Skip Sheffield appears from nowhere and hits his own devastating clothesline that crumples Kidd in a heap. Hart Smith and Sheffield, the two big men in the match, fight out of the ring leaving a battered Justin Gabriel and a wounded Tyson Kidd. Gabriel slides over and locks in a Figure Four Leg Lock – as he introduced to us last week against Cena – and the referee checks with Kidd as Gabriel looks to get the submission. Eventually, Kidd has no choice and taps out to give the Nexus tag team a valuable win as they prepare for the Survivor Series battle in six days time.

WINNER: Justin Gabriel & Skip Sheffield (6:03 - Submission)


The camera switches backstage where Randy Orton was watching the conclusion of the match between two of Team Orton (Hart Dynasty) and two members of the Nexus. He looks disappointed with the loss and JR points out that if Tyson Kidd taps out to Justin Gabriel at Survivor Series, Randy Orton’s title hopes will end. Josh Mathews enters the locker room and goes to interview Orton and asks him if he is confident in his four team mates heading into Survivor Series. Orton says that he trusts Tyson Kidd and David Hart Smith to do everything in their power to help him retain the WWE Championship, he goes on to say that Ezekiel Jackson has all the ability to go and make a huge impact here in the WWE but when asked directly about Cena, Orton pauses. He says that he knows that Cena wants to destroy Nexus but that isn’t what Sunday is about. He declares that he hopes Cena can remain professional on Sunday and focus on winning the match, not taking revenge. That can wait. Josh asks Orton about whether he will be accepting Cena’s request for a title shot after Survivor Series and Orton smirks before walking off to get ready for his WWE Championship match tonight ...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


----- 2 WEEKS -----

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

RAW returns with HBK’s music playing again and the General Manager stood on the stage with a microphone. HBK reminds everybody about tonight’s main event – a WWE Championship match between Randy Orton and Wade Barrett. HBK reminds us that this will not affect Sunday’s match and that if Barrett wins tonight, Team Orton will be looking to win the title back for Randy Orton on Sunday instead of helping him defend it. HBK goes on to discuss the slight issues that still exist between Orton and Cena and he says he has the perfect solution of how to show Orton whether or not he can trust Cena. He says he will now introduce the special referee for tonight’s main event ...

*** MY TIME IS NOW ***

Out comes Cena for a second time, this time in a black and white striped referee shirt and he salutes the crowd before heading to the ring. He looks determined to show Orton that he can trust him and points to the referee badge on his shirt and nods his head to show that he is out here to do the right thing ...

*** WE ARE ONE ***

Barrett saunters to the ring looking confident of victory – without his Nexus team – and smirks as he enters the ring and looks at Cena. John Cena and Wade Barrett go head to head as the tension between the pair builds up but they are then interrupted by the WWE Champion himself ...

*** VOICES ***

Orton re-enters the arena with the WWE Championship still over his shoulder as he looks to hold onto it ahead of the match on Sunday in Philadelphia at the Survivor Series. He enters the ring and looks straight into the eyes of Wade Barrett and then John Cena who smiles and points to the referee badge again to show Orton he can be trusted in this match. Justin Roberts introduces the challenger and then the champion and the match can begin ...


Early on in the match, Orton goes for a quick RKO that nearly surprises his challenger before Barrett manages to hit a big boot to Orton in counter. John Cena counts the first pinfall fair and square for Barrett but he is then caught by Orton coming off the ropes and is hit with a snap powerslam that leads to a pinfall for Orton. Again, Cena is 100% fair but Barrett manages to kick out. The match goes back and forth with both men looking to take the WWE Championship into the Survivor Series match as well as the momentum. However, Barrett is the first man to hit a finish move as he drops Randy Orton down to the mat with Wastelands and looks to have won the title. Cena counts fair again and gets the 3-count before realising that Orton’s foot was on the ropes. He signals that the match is not over to the annoyance of Wade Barrett who gets right into Cena’s face over the issue. Cena refuses to back down and eventually snaps and launches a punch at Barrett that staggers him. As he wheels round, Randy Orton leaps up and gets a hard hitting RKO to the challenger that leaves him down on the mat. Cena goes to count the pinfall but Nexus now pour out of the backstage area and jump into the ring to attack Orton and Cena and the match ends as a disqualification of Wade Barrett ...

WINNER: Randy Orton (8:23 - DQ)

Nexus are beating down on Orton and Cena who are again victims of the numbers game here. Barrett is back up and directing traffic as he looks to gain a massive advantage by destroying the high profile pair ahead of their match at Survivor Series. Barrett begins to order finishing moves as he orders Skip Sheffield to hit his clothesline to Cena and orders Gabriel to hit his 450 splash to Orton. However, Cena ducks and Orton rolls out of the way just as they are also joined by Hart Dynasty and Ezekiel Jackson who come flying down the ramp to join their team mates for Survivor Series. As Jackson and the Dynasty hit the ring, Nexus retreat out of the ring and start backing away up the ramp as ‘Voices’ plays through the arena again to celebrate Orton’s defence of the title. With Barrett mouthing off at Orton from the ramp, it seems that the match on Sunday cannot come soon enough ...

Cena rolls out of the ring as the Nexus leave and he picks up the WWE Championship of Randy Orton and heads back into the ring. He hands the title to Orton before raising his arm as the victor by disqualification. With all of Team Orton in the ring with their hands in the air, it seems that we are seeing a prediction of how things will end at Survivor Series as RAW goes off the air ...

********** END OF SHOW **********


Matches Confirmed so far:

(If Team Orton lose, Wade Barrett will be the WWE Champion)


Winning brand gets to acquire one of losing brand’s superstars!
(Edge, Daniel Bryan, Ted DiBiase, John Morrison & R-Truth)

(Big Show, Chavo Guerrero, Jack Swagger, CM Punk and Kofi Kingston)





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