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Re: EWR/TEW Discussion Thread

So I'm on like my 4th scenario this month. Got bored with my other 3 all of which were promotions I created myself. Started a WWE May 2011 mod. Ended up having to run a PPV in 2 weeks.

The card ended up being:
Bryan Danielson (c) drew Sheamus for the IC Championship with a double count out. B-

Jack Swagger beat Kofi Kingston (c) in a match for the US Championship by DQ. B-

MNM (c) beat MCMG, Londrick and WGTT to regain the Tag Team Championships. B

Alberto Del Rio beat Chris Jericho with help from Ricardo Rodriguez. A-

Triple H beat John Cena in a hardcore match. A

Kane beat Undertaker in a cage match via interference from his new manager Raven. A

The Miz beat Rey Mysterio with help from A-Ri to retain the WWE Championship. A-

Batista beat Randy Orton to retain the World Heavyweight Championship. A-

My current feuds are


Might add Raven/HBK but I don't think it will play out in time to start Raven's new feud.

My plans for SummerSlam are
Miz/Jericho for the title

Might have HBK feud with Kane and keeping the Orton/Tista feud around to headline SummerSlam. Might have HBK feud with Christopher Daniels or Austin Aries though who are currently getting over on NXT which I turned into basically what the ECW brand was. A place for young talent to get over by beating some older guys with no direction. I have moved The Corre over to NXT where they've dominated though. Also renamed them Nexus since they are more Nexus than the "New Nexus." Disbanded the New Nexus and sent them all back to FCW for further development. Made Barrett the WWE TV Champion which is basically the NXT world title.

My long term WM plans are something like
Austin/CM Punk
Possibly HBK/HHH/Undertaker unless I can find a worthy young guy.

Don't really know wht direction I'll go in for the titles at this point.


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