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Re: Official SHIMMER Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by LariatSavage View Post
Growing up throughout school I always had problems with making my point too early when it came to reports and what not, and I never reached the word/page limits.
I've always naturally been the opposite. I had to cut a big chunk of notes (that would have probably amounted to 2,500 words when written in full) out of my 10,000 word uni disseration, for example. For what it's worth, when writing longer stuff, some things to bear in mind IMO are:

- When you're going into a war, don't fire off all of your bullets on the first day.
- Make your notes and identify gaps in your knowledge before writing it all out, in full. Do more research. Always have too much stuff.
- I like to foreshadow the ending, at the beginning. Give people a good reason to read to the end, without shooting your load completely.
- Come up with an overall theme or "angle", that you can always fall back on when you're struggling. Use interesting stuff, that relates to this, to flesh out the tricky middle bit.
- Lay it all out in a skeleton and then write it out in long sentences. Spread out your heavy artillery equally.
- Use segues between sections/paragraphs. Even if they're cheesy or really tenuous.
- Add as many coats of varnish as you can be bothered too, after you've "finished".

Basically, plan ahead. I never, ever write things from start to finish. I write bits of random stuff down, put it in an order and then everything grows outwards from those starting points, until it all connects up.

I've got an unfinished Melissa vs. Matthews review that might hit all of those bullet points properly, if I ever finish it off.

There you go...see...unnecessarily long post lol.

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