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Re: Getting high

Originally Posted by The_Great_One_316 View Post
I always love how the people pro-pot usually know of people who smoked it for 20+ years and are fine while people against it know someone whos life was ruined by it. My wife is 100% against pot because her dad was a dead beat who would choose pot over his family every chance he got. I knew a guy who would have probably beat the shit out of his wife everyday if he never got high. One of my friends is basically the equivilant of a functioning alcoholic, but with pot. He starts to get ill and feels like shit when he stops smoking. Pot could be just as fun as alcohol, but just as bad as well. The only reason I don't smoke it is because I was never exposed to it as a kid and now because I have kids. When Im drinking a beer I'm not giving my kids second hand liver cancer.
If you're implying that weed will give you cancer from second hand smoke, you are incorrect.

And you're wife's dad would have been a loser with or without pot. If it wasn't pot it would have been booze and if not booze it would have been cheeseburgers and lotto tickets. People like that always fail because that's who they are.

Originally Posted by NWOWolfpack13 View Post
Come at me bro!
I don't need to, you already got owned.
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