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Re: Getting high

Originally Posted by Dropstorm View Post
Very valid points, not for EVERYONE, but for many people it helps solve a lot of problems and make life easier.
As I said before, I don't smoke weed nor do I ever want to as I currently am. But I agree when you say people can be very ignorant about it.
It isn't for everyone and I'm not trying to push anyone to do anything. Do I think everyone should smoke weed? Absolutely. I don't care if people don't ever want to listen to the facts about it or never try it themselves. Problem is, weed gets bunched up with all the other drugs and it shouldn't be. When you tell someone you smoke weed and they think less of you for doing drugs, like you're smoking crack or something. The weed laws in the US are nutty and weed is a schedule 1 drug and is actually more illegal than harder drugs. It's appalling.

Some people will never listen to what you have to say about weed, ever. Just how it is. They hear weed and think you're a loser who does drugs. Their loss.
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