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Learning to break kayfabe
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Live from East Rutherford, New Jersey

*** PYRO *** PYRO *** PYRO *** PYRO *** PYRO *** PYRO *** PYRO *** PYRO ***

JIM ROSS: Welcome to Monday Night RAW, what a night it is going to be, King!

JERRY LAWLER: We’ve got a massive night of action here in the WWE tonight, we’ve got Sheamus and Triple H involved in ‘Pick your Poison’ matches!

JIM ROSS: Triple H chooses Sheamus’ opponent, Sheamus chooses Triple H’s opponent and the man who wins in the quickest time will get to choose the type of match they have at Survivor Series! The stakes could not be higher!

JERRY LAWLER: HBK has told everybody that he has a huge announcement to make tonight regarding the WWE Championship! What will he have to say about that?

JIM ROSS: And how will Team RAW react after the problems between them last week? Oh my, what a night this will be!


JIM ROSS: And we start with the man who still holds the ‘Money in the Bank’ contract that guarantees him a WWE Championship match whenever he chooses before next summer ...

The Miz and Alex Riley head out dressed in smart suits and with the briefcase containing the ‘Money in the Bank’ contract still in the possession of the Miz. He raises it high and then swaggers down towards the ring ready to address the WWE Universe.

JIM ROSS: How close did the Miz come to cashing in that contract last week, King?

JERRY LAWLER: How close? He would have done it had it not been for John Cena’s intervention at the last second! And let’s face it, Orton would not have stood a chance after the beating that Nexus had given him!

JIM ROSS: True, King, Miz was almost the WWE Champion!

Miz’ music fades and he stands in the middle of the ring, microphone in hand, ready to speak ... The crowd boo and jeer but Miz ignores this and begins.

THE MIZ: Last week, I came this close ...

Miz holds his thumb and forefinger up to show how close he was.

THE MIZ: ... this close to becoming the new WWE Champion. I was about to cash in my right to a WWE Championship match against a battered and bruised Randy Orton ... when this happened.

Miz points to the titantron so that we can see how he was denied by John Cena ... A clip from last week shows how Cena hit the Attitude Adjustment to Miz and then helped Randy Orton to his feet afterwards ...

THE MIZ: Really, Cena? Really? John Cena has been jealous of the Miz since the moment I arrived here in the WWE. He knows that I will be the WWE Champion soon and he knows that he cannot beat me. The only reason that Cena helped Orton last week? Because he knows that he has more chance to win the title that way.

Boos from the Cenation members in the crowd as Riley applauds the comments on his mentor ... Miz readjusts his grip on the ‘Money in the Bank’ briefcase before continuing.

THE MIZ: There is no rush for me to cash in this briefcase. I have until the middle of next summer to cash in my contract, to become the WWE Champion. And when I do, John Cena, you will never ever be able to win the WWE Championship from me again. Because I’m the Miz! And I’m ...

*** THE GAME ***

The lights go off before Miz can complete his trademark catchphrase and green spotlights circle the arena as Triple H makes his way out wearing jeans and a custom made t-shirt with the words ‘Cerebral Assassin’ on it. Hunter makes his way down to the ring and spits water in the air before posing for the WWE Universe in the corner. He then turns his attention to the Miz ...

TRIPLE H: Good evening, Mr. and Mrs. Miz!

Riley goes mad at the insult but Miz retains his cocky attitude and merely tilts his head to Triple H and mouthing ‘Really?’ towards him. Triple H grins and continues ...

TRIPLE H: Now, as everybody knows, Sheamus and I will meet again at Survivor Series when I plan on destroying the ‘Celtic Warrior’ and that little leprechaun that is now running around with him ...

Pop from the crowd for the promise of the destruction of Hornswoggle ...

TRIPLE H: For now, though, Shawn Michaels has demanded that there is no physical violence between us until the Survivor Series match. Tonight, both Sheamus and myself have been given chance to pick the other’s poison, to select a match for the other. Whichever of us wins in the quickest time, that man will choose the stipulation for our match at Survivor Series.

A loud ‘Triple H!’ chant begins as the crowd show their support ... Triple H acknowledges the chant and then continues ...

TRIPLE H: Which brings me to you, Miz. You see, Sheamus has chosen you to face me tonight here on RAW. Actually, he chose that it should be Alex Riley and the Miz who I face but Shawn put a block on that. But I don’t mind, you can bring the wife if you want ...

Laughs from the WWE Universe ...

TRIPLE H: And it will give me a chance to prove something to you. You might have the ‘Money in the Bank’ contract, you might be destined to win the WWE Championship very soon. But if you do ... if you do, you better know that I will be coming looking for you. When I destroy Sheamus at Survivor Series, I will set my sights on the WWE Champion whoever that may be.

Loud cheers from the fans at ringside ...

TRIPLE H: And that, my friend ... that’s awesome!

’The Game’ music plays again as Triple H tosses the microphone to Miz and leaves with a smile on his face ... The cameras follow Triple H out of the ring whilst JR and the King hype tonights ‘Pick your Poison’ matches – Triple H vs. The Miz, Sheamus vs. John Morrison. Whichever man wins in the quickest time, he will choose the match type at Survivor Series ...

The cameras switch backstage and show Shawn Michaels arriving in the arena and shaking hands with various people. JR reminds us of the huge announcement that HBK has planned for tonight as we head into a commercial ...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Your time is up ...”

----- COMING SOON -----

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


JUSTIN ROBERTS: The following contest is set for one fall. The winning team will advance to Survivor Series where they will challenge for the Tag Team Championships. Introducing first, weighing 529 pounds, they are the team of ... VLADIMIR KOZLOV & SANTINO MARELLA!

Kozlov and Santino make their way down to the ring – Santino in his usual high spirits and Kozlov in his usual focused manner. They enter the ring and Santino takes in the adulation of the crowd as JR and King remind us of last week’s Elimination Match that got us down to the final two tonight ... a clip of the Nexus beatdown on them is shown when Skip Sheffield and Justin Gabriel assisted David Otunga and Heath Slater in their attack.

*** WE ARE ONE ***

Out stride the Nexus tag team looking confident with Skip Sheffield and Justin Gabriel accompanying them to the ring. Otunga and Slater are ready for action whilst Sheffield looks ready to do some damage. Gabriel, as he did last week, looks a little perplexed about needing to be out here ...

JUSTIN ROBERTS: And their opponents, weighing 482 pounds, representing the Nexus ... DAVID OTUNGA & HEATH SLATER!

As the Nexus reach the ring, the referee decides to take charge of the match before it starts. He orders Sheffield and Gabriel to leave the ring before the match is even started. Sheffield, Slater and Otunga argue the decision and protest their innocence whereas Justin Gabriel slowly backs away without a word ...


The match begins once Skip Sheffield and Justin Gabriel have left the arena and we start with Santino up against Heath Slater. Slater looks for a cheap shot on Santino when he is unprepared but Santino ducks and immediately starts to get on top as he takes down Slater at the waist. Slater tags in Otunga and the ‘A-List’ gets into the ring to boos and jeers. Santino offers to test strength with him and holds his hand. Otunga locks his fingers with Santino and then they go to lock up their other hand ... suddenly, Otunga kicks Santino in the gut before hitting a gutwrench suplex to take the Italian down. Santino winces in pain as Kozlov watches on and Otunga advances on him. Kicks to the back and head of Santino leave him covering up in the corner before Otunga drags him up and whips him across the ring. Otunga tags in Slater before rushing in at Santino who manages to avoid the contact as Otunga hits the turnbuckle. Santino signals for the Cobra but as he is getting ready, the legal Slater hits him in the back of the head with a forearm that sends Santino down again. A scoop powerslam follows and Slater goes for the first cover of the match ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* Santino escapes and looks for the tag to Kozlov! *

Slater allows Santino up to start staggering over to his partner before pulling Santino back into a schoolboy pin ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* Kick out from Santino! *

As Santino kicks out, Slater is already springing to his feet and starts pounding Santino’s body with stiff right boots that force Santino to roll under the bottom rope and out of the ring. Slater taunts Kozlov in the corner to distract the referee and this allows Otunga to drop down and continue the assault on Santino. Santino is rammed back first into the barricades where he is in pain as Kozlov realises what is happening and comes around to check on Santino. The referee orders him back and Heath Slater comes outside to drag Santino back into the ring. Once in the ring, Slater hits a standing drop kick to Santino and follows it up with a pinfall ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* Santino escapes again! *

Heath Slater tags in Otunga again and the Nexus team are working well here. Otunga locks a headlock in on Santino and wrestles him down to the mat before jumping up and dropping an elbow on the Italian. Another pinfall attempt on Santino ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* Kickout by Santino! *

Frustration now beginning to show on the face of Otunga and he drags Santino to his feet and whips him into the Nexus corner. Santino dodges Otunga as he rushes in and starts the long trek to his corner for the tag. Otunga is tagged out by Slater and Heath makes the stop to deny Santino and to keep the advantage with Nexus. Kozlov looks annoyed but begins to clap for Santino and the WWE Universe join in. Slater holds a reverse headlock and is trying to set up for a suplex of sorts but Santino fights back and hits a back body drop to break the hold. Slater gets up quick and swings at Santino but he ducks and does the splits to avoid the Nexus man. As Slater hits the ropes, Santino hits an arm drag to sends Slater up and over. Santino wobbles on his feet and little but then makes the tag to the delight of the fans. Kozlov grabs of Slater’s arms and hits a succession of headbutts to the chest of Slater who staggers into a tag to Otunga. As Otunga enters, Kozlov repeats the headbutts to leave Otunga struggling before he grabs him and hits a neckbreaker to take down the ‘A-Lister’. Kozlov goes for the cover ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* Otunga kicks out! *

Otunga and Slater work together to distract Kozlov and Otunga hits a low dropkick to the knees of Kozlov to slow him down. A tag to Slater is made and the ‘One Man Rock Band’ climbs to the top rope to deliver a clothesline from the top. However, Kozlov spots him coming and drives his head into the chest of Slater again before turning and making the tag to Santino. Santino signals for the ‘Cobra’ for a second time and hits it before going for the pin ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* 3 *

WINNER: Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov (4:48)


JIM ROSS: Santino and Kozlov get the win and they will challenge for Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre’s Tag Team Championships at Survivor Series!

JERRY LAWLER: I love it, look at Santino in the ring!

Santino plays the trumpet in celebration as Nexus slink away to lick their wounds. As they make their way up the ramp, Santino’s music fades ...

*** SEXY BOY ***

The crowd stand and cheer as the Heart Break Kid and the RAW General Manager makes his way confidently down the ramp, past Otunga and Slater and heads into the ring. He shakes hands with Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov before summoning for a microphone and acknowledging the ‘HBK!’ chants that have begun ...

SHAWN MICHAELS: I was hoping that Santino and Kozlov would win that one!

The crowd cheer and Santino waves from the ramp as he leaves with his partner ...

SHAWN MICHAELS: Santino and Kozlov’s win makes my big announcement even better. The next pay-per-view is in Philadelphia in two weeks and Wade Barrett has earnt himself a shot at the WWE Championship. Over the last weeks, it has become clear that the WWE Champion Randy Orton ...

Cheers for the champion who remains popular ...

SHAWN MICHAELS: ... and John Cena ...

A more mixed reaction as usual for Cena!

SHAWN MICHAELS: ... need to work together to take down the Nexus. And seeing as it is Survivor Series, I have come up with a plan. After all, I am the General Manager of RAW and I want to make things as interesting as I can for all of you!

A loud ‘HBK!’ chant begins and Michaels lets it run before continuing on ...

SHAWN MICHAELS: To me, Survivor Series is all about one thing. Five on five elimination matches ... Who can forget when my ‘Knights’ caused a family feud in the Hart family in 1993? What about when HBK superkicked his bodyguard out of the match in 1994? The Alliance and the WW ... E in 2001, Winner Takes All ... Stone Cold Steve Austin’s team against Eric Bishoff’s team when yours truly gave it everything he had to save the career of the Texas Rattlesnake ...

The crowd pops at the mentions of the Hart Family and Stone Cold ...

SHAWN MICHAELS: Now I am determined that we are having traditional Survivor Series matches this year. We already have the RAW vs. SMACKDOWN match and I think I need to speak with Edge about that later ...

A chuckle goes round the arena about the disarray on Team RAW ...

SHAWN MICHAELS: ... but then I decided I wanted another one. So, at Survivor Series, it will be the Nexus ... Wade Barrett, Skip Sheffield, Justin Gabriel and the two men who just lost, Heath Slater and David Otunga against Team Orton ...

There are some cheers for the announcement and some confused looks on faces of people ...

SHAWN MICHAELS: And if Nexus wins the match, Wade Barrett will be the WWE Champion!

Gasps of astonishment are heard around the arena as HBK holds his hand up to continue.

SHAWN MICHAELS: One man on Team Orton, I have chosen. It is time for Orton to get along with this man and he will do so at Survivor Series. They need to work together to defeat Nexus once and for all ... John Cena will be on Team Orton! It is up to Randy to find three other guys he can trust to be part of his team. The match will be a one fall match and, let me repeat this, if Nexus win, Wade Barrett will be the champion!

HBK drops the microphone and heads out of the ring high fiving people on his way out of the arena. The gravity of the situation is just being realised, John Cena could lose Randy Orton the WWE Championship!

JIM ROSS: King, can Orton trust Cena?

JERRY LAWLER: I think he can, JR, but he has to put his WWE Championship in the hands of four other men. Any one of them could be the man to get beat and lose Orton the title ...

JIM ROSS: We’ll have to see who Orton chooses for the team, it will be a critical choice though!

********** COMMERCIAL BREAK **********

*** MY TIME IS NOW ***

JUSTIN ROBERTS: This bout is set for one fall. Introducing first, from West Newbury, Massachusetts ... JOHN CENA!

Cena comes out dressed in purple and salutes the crowd before racing down towards the ring whilst King and JR discuss the huge announcement from HBK before the commercial break ...

JIM ROSS: King, we found out before the break, Nexus vs. Team Orton at Survivor Series and John Cena will be on Team Orton!

JERRY LAWLER: Orton got no choice in the matter, JR, but remember that last week, Cena saved Orton’s WWE Championship ...

A clip from last week is aired showing the attempt of the Miz to cash in his ‘Money in the Bank’ contract with Cena preventing him from doing so. As the camera returns to the ring, Cena is looking up at the titantron with a smile on his face before he throws his cap and shirt into the crowd ...

*** WE ARE ONE ***

JUSTIN ROBERTS: And his opponent, representing the Nexus, from Cape Town, South Africa ... JUSTIN GABRIEL!

Gabriel walks out towards the ring with the Nexus armband around his bicep and lurking behind him are David Otunga, Heath Slater and Skip Sheffield as they accompany him to the ring. However, halfway to the ring, Gabriel turns to face his Nexus colleagues and orders them to leave the arena, to go back. He clearly says “I don’t want your help!” to Skip Sheffield and the Nexus team retreat to the stage but don’t leave as requested. Gabriel enters the ring and bounces on the spot in his corner looking to Cena ready for action ... Cena looks from Gabriel then to the Nexus on the stage with a slight look of surprise on his face.


The bell rings and Cena and Gabriel lock up in the middle of the ring with Cena able to overpower his opponent and push him back into the corner of the ring. The referee calls for a break and Cena does so slowly waiting for the cheap shot – it never comes. Gabriel regroups and then returns to Cena to resume the lock up and this time he manages to resist Cena’s extra power for longer before locking Cena into a headlock. Cena manages to escape but the pattern is set for a while – grapple, Gabriel locks Cena up but Cena escapes and shows his experience. Gabriel eventually resorts to a forearm smash and takes control before beginning to wear Cena down. Cena fights back in the corner but another forearm, this time in defence as Cena rushes into the corner, keeps Gabriel on top and leaves Cena down on the mat and checking his jaw from the impact.

Gabriel whips Cena into the corner and then runs in with a jumping high knee in the corner which staggers Cena and another forearm sends Cena through the ropes to the outside. With Gabriel looking good, RAW heads into a commercial break ...

********** COMMERCIAL BREAK **********

Gabriel is still in control on the outside and he rolls Cena back into the ring and onto his back. Gabriel stands up on the apron and leaps over the top rope and splashes down onto Cena’s chest back first to knock the wind out of the face of the WWE. Gabriel senses a chance and goes for a cover ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* Cena powers out *

Gabriel looks unperturbed though and he waits for Cena to get to his feet patiently before delivering several martial arts kicks to the thighs and waist of Cena that send him back down to his knees. A roundhouse kick to the side of the head sends Cena down once more and Gabriel covers again ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* Cena kicks out this time *

With Gabriel growing in confidence, a chant of ‘Let’s go, Cena!’ begins (although it is accompanied by a loud ‘Cena sucks!’ chant as well) as the WWE Universe get behind Cena. As Cena gets to his feet in the corner, Gabriel rushes over and hits a crossbody splash into the buckles before jumping up onto the top rope and delivering a perfect drop kick to Cena. Another cover from the South African, Gabriel ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* Cena kicks out again *

A small look of frustration appears on Gabriel’s face but he resumes his attack on Cena with more kicks to the chest and head of Cena. Cena tries to cover up as best he can and slowly gets to his feet before Gabriel resorts to forearm smashes again to try and knock Cena down. Cena retaliates with hard right hands and a slugfest ensues between the pair before Gabriel goes for a swinging clothesline and Cena ducks under it before delivering a shoulder block that knocks down Gabriel ... another shoulder block from Cena and another before he lifts Gabriel up and drops him down on his back. Cena holds his hand high and the crowd cheers in anticipation. ‘You can’t see me!’ bellow the crowd as Cena hits the Five Knuckle Shuffle to Justin Gabriel who is down on the mat. Cena waits to hit the Attitude Adjustment but Gabriel wriggles free as he goes for it and manages to plant Cena down on the mat again before hitting a stiff kick to the face. With Cena down on his back, Gabriel jumps up onto the top rope facing the crowd and moonsaults perfectly down onto Cena ... cover from Justin Gabriel ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* Cena will not stay down *

Gabriel looks around and considers something for a second before deciding to go for it. He ties up Cena’s legs in the centre of the ring ... Figure Four Leg Lock! We’ve not seen this from Gabriel before and we’ve not seen it in the WWE for a while either! Loud ‘Woooo’ shouts greet this move but Gabriel has it locked in on Cena in the centre of the ring. Cena looks in a world of hurt as his knee and his ankle are pressed together with Gabriel trying to increase the pressure as much as possible by laying back. With his shoulders down, the referee has to count Gabriel out here ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* Gabriel sits up and holds on *

Gabriel looks desperate for Cena to tap out but there is no way that Cena is going to do that unless he has exhausted every possible escape route. Cena begins to drag himself towards the corner wincing in agony as Gabriel holds on the submission lock. Cena stretches back but he can’t reach yet and Gabriel tightens the hold again. Cena cries out in pain but forces himself to go once more trying to reach the ropes in the corner. He finally grasps the bottom rope and the referee calls for a break and Gabriel releases Cena but immediately stomps several times into the stomach of Cena ... He glances up to the top rope and begins to climb and the crowd know what is coming here now. He settles himself on the top rope with Cena below him and takes a deep breath before leaping into the air ... 450 splash! No, Cena moves out of the way at the last second and Gabriel hits the mat hard. Cena, limping, springs up to his feet and waits for Gabriel to get up before lifting him up ... ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT! Cena drops to his knees as his ankle gives out after the Figure Four Leg Lock before and loses time. He decides to lock in the STF instead of going for the pin and has Gabriel in the submission in the centre of the ring ...

Here come Nexus! They march down the ramp towards the ramp and Gabriel – locked in the submission hold – is looking through the ropes to them. He cries out ‘No!’ to them as they arrive at the ring and this forces them to stop as Gabriel tries desperately to reach the ropes. However, he can’t make it ...

* TAP *
* TAP *
* TAP *
* Justin Gabriel gives up *

WINNER: John Cena (submission – 7:43)

JUSTIN ROBERTS: Here is your winner ... JOHN CENA!

As the match ends, Nexus enters the ring but Cena is smart and exits the ring on the opposite side before backing away down the ramp. He slowly walks back up the ramp with a stare at the Nexus team in the ring but cheers from the WWE Universe indicate that something is happening behind him. As Cena backs further up the ramp, he walks back into the WWE Champion stood on stage and comes face to face with Randy Orton as he turns around. Orton stares into Cena’s eyes and has a cold look of calculation as he surveys Cena. Cena holds out a hand and Orton eyes it suspiciously before deciding that he will shake it ... slowly he extends his hand and the pair shake hands, a sign that their problems are behind them.

********** COMMERCIAL BREAK **********

RAW returns in the Nexus locker room with Justin Gabriel complaining to the other members of Nexus about them being out there for his match before the break. Holding his neck, Gabriel doesn’t look impressed ...

JUSTIN GABRIEL: You knew I wanted to do that alone tonight, why couldn’t you just stay in the back?

SKIP SHEFFIELD: What does it matter, man? We are the Nexus and we wanted to help you!

JUSTIN GABRIEL: I know you did but I wanted to prove to myself that I can beat Cena, alone, no help. Come on guys, you must understand that?

DAVID OTUNGA: You’re in the Nexus, Justin, we work together.

HEATH SLATER: Yeah, we are one, Gabriel. You’ve got nothing to prove to Cena.

Wade Barrett, who was pacing in the background, heads over. He looks into the eyes of Justin Gabriel with a look of respect ...

WADE BARRETT: Listen, Gabriel, I respect what you wanted to do. You want to make your mark here in the WWE, we all do. But we have to remember our number one priority here – complete destruction of John Cena and anybody else who is a threat to the Nexus. You heard Shawn Michaels’ comments earlier. We have a shot at bringing the WWE Championship to the Nexus at Survivor Series ...

JUSTIN GABRIEL: I know, Wade, I know. But I just wanted to face Cena one on one. I know that I can beat him ...

WADE BARRETT: And beat him you will ... soon. For now though, we need to work together. We need to take out whoever Orton and Cena choose for their team at Survivor Series. And then we can take the WWE Championship ...

The camera returns to ringside where Justin Roberts is waiting in the ring ...

JUSTIN ROBERTS: This match is set for one fall and is the first ‘Pick your Poison’ match.


JUSTIN ROBERTS: Introducing first ... the team of ... ALEX RILEY ... and THE MIZ!

Miz and Riley re-emerge after their appearance earlier in the evening ready for action. Miz, as usual, is carrying the MITB briefcase as he heads to the ring with Riley hanging on his every move and every word. The two enter the ring and Miz holds the briefcase high looking confident ...

*** THE GAME ***

JUSTIN ROBERTS: And their opponent, from Greenwich, Connecticut ... TRIPLE H!

The lights go out and Triple H performs his famous entrance routine as he comes out with a bottle of water looking determined to win. As he nears the ring and gets up on the apron, the cheers of the crowd increase but Miz looks unimpressed in the background.

JIM ROSS: Huge match for Triple H, King, he needs to win this match quicker than Sheamus does against John Morrison later tonight ... assuming that they can both win in the first place!

JERRY LAWLER: That will be easier said than done, JR!

JIM ROSS: Whichever man wins in the quickest time, he will choose the stipulation for their match at Survivor Series.


The match begins with Triple H rushing over to an unsuspecting Alex Riley and clotheslining him over the top rope and out of the ring. As he lands, Riley crashes into the barricades and crumples in a heap on the floor leaving just Hunter and the Miz in the ring. Miz catches Triple H off guard with a kick to the stomach as he turns round and takes early control with a bodyslam and then a head scissors on the mat. However, Triple H rolls Miz up onto his shoulders for the cover ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* Miz escapes but is forced to break the hold *

Quick as a flash, Triple H gets up and clotheslines Miz as he gets to his feet to the delight of the crowd. He uses big right hands as Miz gets up again and forces him back into the corner before whipping him into the opposite corner with a crash. Miz is struggling and he is hit with another clotheline in the corner that makes him stagger and fall to his knees. Triple H drags him up and looks set to go for the Pedigree but Miz escapes and slithers out of the ring. Hunter’s focus is on Miz on the outside and he misses the sneaky form of Alex Riley entering the ring behind him. Riley attacks Triple H with a forearm to the back of the head and hits a dropkick that crashes Triple H down to the mat. The referee orders Riley to the corner for the tag as Miz returns with Triple H down. Riley takes his time which allows Miz to hit Triple H with several closed fists in the corner before ramming Hunter’s head into the turnbuckles as well. Miz goes for the cover ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* Triple H kicks out *

Miz runs over to the corner and leaps into a clothesline with his feet through the ropes as he does so. He sets up for the Skull Crushing Finale but Triple H manages to fight out of it and shoves Miz away with a look of fury in his eyes. Miz decides that now is the time to tag in Alex Riley instead and Riley enters the ring with an air of caution on his face. He steadies himself and then looks to attack Triple H but Hunter is ready for him and lifts him straight up into a Spinebuster. As Riley writhes on the mat, Triple H stares at Miz on the apron almost daring him to enter the ring and interfere but Miz stays where he is ... Hunter turns to face Riley as he gets slowly to his feet ... A kick to the gut from Triple H and he sets Riley up for the Pedigree. With Riley’s head positioned for the finisher, Miz threatens to come in but Triple H stares at him and Miz backs back out. As Miz drops to the floor, Triple H leaps up and hits the Pedigree. With Riley out cold, Triple H makes the cover as Miz takes the briefcase and leaves the ringside area up the ramp ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* 3 *

WINNER: Triple H (7:43)

JUSTIN ROBERTS: Here is your winner in a time of 7 minutes and 43 seconds ... TRIPLE H!

Triple H raises his arms in victory and looks up the ramp towards Miz who is staring down to the ring after leaving his partner, Alex Riley, to lose the match ...

JIM ROSS: Can Sheamus beat John Morrison in less than 7 minutes and 43 seconds later tonight? That will be a difficult one, King!

JERRY LAWLER: He’s not even guaranteed to beat John Morrison, never mind do it in less than 7:43. I think Triple H will be making the decision about the Survivor Series match!

********** COMMERCIAL BREAK **********

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


----- 2 WEEKS -----

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

RAW returns with a replay of the end of the previous match where Triple H defeated the Miz and Alex Riley in 7 minutes and 43 seconds.

JIM ROSS: Later on, Sheamus will face John Morrison and he needs to beat that time if he is going to choose the stipulation for his match with Triple H at Survivor Series.

The cameras switch backstage where HBK is sat in his General Manager’s office with Edge opposite him. Edge is wearing a red ‘RAW’ t-shirt and the room appears to be full of tension as the two face each other ...

SHAWN MICHAELS: Edge, I’ve called you here because I want to speak to you about the RAW team for Survivor Series. Last week was embarrassing for us. Especially with the SMACKDOWN captain, Big Show, here to see it.

EDGE: I agree with you. As the captain of RAW, I am determined to put things right tonight. I’ve spoken to each member of the team individually and told them that we need to step it up.

SHAWN MICHAELS: That being said, Edge, I’m still worried. Last week, we had Ted DiBiase beaten by Ezekiel Jackson ...

EDGE: What has Jackson ever done in the WWE? Ted DiBiase is a former Tag Team champion. He was distracted by the Big Show being ringside, it stopped him bringing his ‘A’ game.

SHAWN MICHAELS: R-Truth was beaten by Wade Barrett and the Nexus ...

EDGE: ... after they had attacked him before the match even began!

SHAWN MICHAELS: Daniel Bryan showing no respect for you, the captain of the team ...

EDGE: What can I do about that? I can’t make Daniel Bryan do what I tell him to!

SHAWN MICHAELS: And then we have the RAW captain, yourself, attacking John Morrison during his match. Edge, what is going on?

EDGE: Everything is under control, Shawn. And I would like to personally invite Team SMACKDOWN onto next week’s RAW show. Then we can show them how ready we really are.

SHAWN MICHAELS: Maybe, Edge, maybe. But I’m not sure that you are ready yet ...

EDGE: What do you mean? I’m the captain of the team!

SHAWN MICHAELS: You are but I think you need a test, a chance to earn the respect of the rest of your RAW team-mates. Tonight, I’m putting you in the Main Event!

Edge remains silent but looks quizzically towards the General Manager ...

SHAWN MICHAELS: Against the WWE Champion, Randy Orton!

A large pop is heard in the arena as Edge stares at HBK looking mutinous. He pauses, bites his tongue and then heads for the door with HBK smiling as the cameras switch back to the ring. The bell rings and Justin Roberts announces the next contest ...

JUSTIN ROBERTS: The next match is the second ‘Pick your Poison’ match and is set for one fall. If Sheamus wins in a time quicker than 7 minutes and 43 seconds, he will choose the stipulation for his match at Survivor Series!


JUSTIN ROBERTS: Introducing first, from Dublin, Ireland ... the Celtic Warrior ... SHEAMUS!

The pasty Irish superstar heads to the ring beating his chest as he does so and mouthing at fans in the aisle. As he gets in the ring, he looks up at the titantron showing the countdown clock set to 7:43 and he chuckles to himself clearly confident that he will win this one in time ...


JUSTIN ROBERTS: And his opponent from Los Angeles, California ... JOHN MORRISON!

Morrison’s usual slo-mo entrance sees him head for the ring whilst JR and King discuss Sheamus’ strategy in this match ...

JIM ROSS: Sheamus needs to get to work fast because I’m not sure that he is capable of beating John Morrison in 7 minutes 43, King ...

JERRY LAWLER: He could do with being able to slow down time like Morrison does in his entrances, JR!

Morrison enters the ring with Sheamus hopping from foot to foot in the corner clearly pumped up and ready for action. Morrison removes his coat and salutes the crowd before the referee rings the bell ...


As soon as the bell rings and the clock begins to countdown, Sheamus rushes at Morrison but he fails to connect and ends up running chest first into the turnbuckles as Morrison dodges. As Sheamus turns around, Morrison hits a dropkick that staggers the Irish star backwards before climbing the buckle with Sheamus trapped and striking him with right hands. The referee forces a break but Morrison is relentless and he bounces off the ropes and delivers a clothesline followed by another and then another before a high shin to the bridge of the nose of Sheamus that puts him down on the mat for the first cover ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* Sheamus kicks out *

As he gets up, Sheamus glances up and sees the clock ticking down to 6:55, 6:54 and he swings for Morrison as he comes towards him. However, Morrison ducks and counters with a right hand of his own. Sheamus pushes him away agitatedly and then as Morrison comes in for a second time, Sheamus aims a stiff kick to the knee of Morrison. With Morrison down to one knee, Sheamus senses a chance and rams his knee into the face of Morrison and sends him hurtling through the ropes to the outside. Sheamus looks frustrated by Morrison ending up outside and he follows him out determined to get him quickly back into the ring. Sheamus grabs Morrison and looks to roll him inside but Morrison puts on the brakes and kicks Sheamus in the stomach before pushing back into the steel ring steps. Sheamus flies back over them and lands on his back. In pain, Sheamus fights back to his feet and Morrison uses the ring apron to leap over and hit another high knee to Sheamus to send him down to the floor. The referee orders Morrison back into the ring and begins to count Sheamus out. However, with a glance towards the clock (5:21), Sheamus gets back into the ring at 7.

As he slides back in Morrison goes to resume the beating to Sheamus but the Celtic Warrior fights out and lifts Morrison up into a backbreaker to regain control. He lifts Morrison up again next but Morrison counters with a DDT and both men are down and struggling to their feet now. Both men attempt to lock in a submission hold but they are unable to achieve this and the sequence ends as Sheamus suddenly hits the Brogue Kick to the face of Morrison. However, Morrison again lands on the outside of the ring to Sheamus’ annoyance. He drags him back to his feet and rolls him into the ring before getting the cover ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* Morrison kicks out now *

Sheamus looks up again – 4:04 – before dragging Morrison up head first again. However, Morrison counters again before Sheamus can get going and ends up hitting the Flying Chuck kick when he springboards off the ropes. Sheamus is down in the corner of the ring and Morrison realises that here is his chance ... He leaps up onto the ropes and goes for Starship Pain! Sheamus gets the knees up and Morrison writhes in pain on the mat after the failed finish attempt ... Sheamus with the cover ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* Morrison is not beaten yet *

A nervous glance up shows that Sheamus is now running out of time as he gets back to his feet, just 2:32 left. Sheamus signals that the match is over and begins to lift Morrison up into the High Cross. However, as he tries to get in place to hit the move, Morrison manages to wriggle free before he hits a drop kick to Sheamus as he turns round and with the time ticking away, Sheamus is a world away from winning this one. Morrison stands back and waits for Sheamus to get up before running over to hit another Chuck Kick. However, this time Sheamus moves at the last moment and rolls a confused Morrison up for the pin.

* 1 *
* 2 *
* Morrison kicks out *

1:54 left and Sheamus looks a little desperate now. He rams Morrison head first into the turnbuckle several times and then clotheslines him down to the mat and goes for another pinfall attempt ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* Morrison will not give up *

Sheamus keeps glancing up at the clock now and he is desperate for the pinfall to earn the right to choose the match type for his Survivor Series fight with Triple H. Sheamus rains the blows on Morrison’s head and chest area, clubbing blows that leave Morrison gasping for air. However, he manages to hit a punch of his own and then tries to follow up with a running forearm. Sheamus ducks and then goes for the Brogue Kick again as Morrison turns around. No, he misses again and Morrison this time rolls Sheamus up for the surprise pin ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* Sheamus kicks out angrily *

The clock ticks down to 1:00 as Sheamus punches Morrison over and over and over in the corner as he tries to knock the life out of him. Another pinfall from an increasingly desperate Sheamus ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* No, Morrison kicks out again *

Sheamus leaps up and runs over to the other corner preparing for the Brogue Kick again. Time is ticking away now at 0:32 as Morrison gets to his feet. Sheamus runs over and ... Bam! Brogue Kick to the skull of Morrison, surely it is over now? Sheamus smiles a knowing smile and pins Morrison again ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* 3 *

* Wait, Morrison’s foot was on the rope! *

Sheamus looks thoroughly annoyed and he goes after the referee who drops outside. Sheamus looks at the clock as it counts down 0:09, 0:08 ... his head in his hands. Suddenly, Morrison reaches up behind him and drags him down into a pinning predicament ... The referee counts on the mat from the outside of the ring ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* 3 *

WINNER: John Morrison (7:41)

JUSTIN ROBERTS: Here is your winner ... JOHN MORRISON!

Sheamus goes crazy in the ring and Morrison wisely gets out of the danger area where the referee raises his hand on the ramp. Sheamus kicks the ropes and screams out in frustration gesturing to Morrison to get back in the ring. Morrison smirks as he backs away but suddenly Morrison crumples in a heap on the ramp as Hornswoggle smashes him in the back of the knee with the steel pipe. Sheamus quickly drops out of the ring and runs over to grab Morrison ready to punish him. He lifts him up high onto his shoulders and the crowd hold their breath as he threatens to hit the High Cross on the metal ramp ... The referees pour out of the backstage area and plead with Sheamus not to drop Morrison on his back. Suddenly, Triple H comes racing out from the backstage area and distracts Sheamus ...

JIM ROSS: Here comes the Game, King!

JERRY LAWLER: No good, JR, he can’t touch Sheamus, remember?

JIM ROSS: Surely he won’t let Sheamus drop Morrison on the ramp though?

With Sheamus distracted, Morrison manages to wriggle clear and escapes from Sheamus and hobbles away on his bad knee. Hornswoggle has disappeared from view – probably wise as Triple H might want a word or two with him – but Sheamus squares up to Triple H. The pair get into each other’s faces and go head to head but neither man is willing to lay a finger on the other ... Eventually, Sheamus breaks away and backs towards the top of the ramp as RAW heads into a commercial break ...

********** COMMERCIAL BREAK **********

RAW returns with footage of the end of the Sheamus – John Morrison match and the after-match confrontation between the Celtic Warrior and his Survivor Series opponent, Triple H ...

JIM ROSS: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw where we heard from Triple H in the break!

JERRY LAWLER: After he had stopped Sheamus from destroying John Morrison that is!

JIM ROSS: The Game announced that he would be thinking carefully about the stipulations for the match at Survivor Series and that he would announce his choice next week on RAW, the last RAW before Survivor Series itself!

JERRY LAWLER: You can guarantee that it will be a monster of a match, JR ...

JIM ROSS: It’ll be a real slobberknocker, King. But now it is time for us to turn our attentions to the main event tonight ...

JERRY LAWLER: What a match we have in store tonight, JR!

JIM ROSS: Edge needs a win to prove to his Team RAW team-mates that he deserves their respect as we head into the RAW vs. SMACKDOWN match at Survivor Series in 2 weeks time ...

The bell rings and Justin Roberts is ready to introduce the participants in the main event tonight ...

JUSTIN ROBERTS: This match is set for one fall!


JUSTIN ROBERTS: Introducing first, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada ... he is the captain of Team RAW ... the Rated-R superstar ... EDGE!

RAW’s captain for Survivor Series, Edge, makes his way out to the ring with an annoyed look on his face after his discussions with the RAW General Manager, Shawn Michaels earlier. HBK warned Edge that he needed to earn the respect of his RAW team-mates, particularly Daniel Bryan and John Morrison after they refused to follow Edge’s orders last week and questioned his right to lead Team RAW ... He holds his hands high and the pyro explodes behind him as he heads towards the ring ...

JIM ROSS: Edge is desperate for respect, King, he could earn it tonight with a win over the WWE Champion?

JERRY LAWLER: He sure could, JR, but it won’t be that easy. There is a reason why Randy Orton is the WWE Champion and Edge isn’t right now!

*** VOICES ***

JUSTIN ROBERTS: His opponent, from St. Louis, Missouri ... he is the WWE Champion ... the Viper ... RANDY ORTON!

Orton struts out looking confident with the WWE Championship belt draped over his shoulder. He saunters to the ring slowly making Edge think about the task he faces tonight and enters the ring with a smirk ...

JIM ROSS: In two weeks time, King, Randy Orton must trust John Cena and three other men to defend his WWE Championship against the Nexus ...

JERRY LAWLER: It seems as if Cena and Orton’s problems are behind them, JR, but this could add an extra strain to their relationship. If any member of Nexus pins one of Randy Orton’s team, Wade Barrett will become the WWE Champion!

JIM ROSS: And Orton has only one of his four partners in place ... John Cena.

JERRY LAWLER: He’d better get busy before next week’s RAW then, he needs to find three men who he can trust!


The bell rings and Orton and Edge face up to each other ready for their match. The two men who once formed the Rated RKO tag team have long since fallen out of favour with each other but they know each other pretty well. A pushing contest between the pairs ensues as they talk trash to each other before Edge snaps and throws a right hand. Orton ducks and hits right hands of his own to force Edge back into the corner where the Rated R Superstar is forced to cover up. Orton whips Edge into the opposite corner and follows up with a clothesline that knocks Edge through the ropes to the outside where Edge takes some time to recover. As he does, Orton stares down at Edge with a look of defiance ... As Edge starts to get back into the ring, Orton comes to meet him but Edge grabs him and chokes him across the top rope. With Orton snapped back onto the mat, Edge slides into the ring and looks to take advantage. He locks in a version of the Camel Clutch and yanks back on Orton trying to force the WWE Champion to give up. However, Orton edges towards the ropes and, realising that Orton will make it, Edge jumps up and starts clubbing the back of his neck with forearms.

With the crowd booing Edge, the Rated R Superstar steps back across the ring and motions to Orton to get to his feet. The crowd sense that Edge is going to go for an early spear and the ‘Spear!’ chants begin – quietly – but Edge relies on a big boot to the head of Orton that knocks him down to the ground. Edge goes for the first cover of the match ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* Orton kicks out *

Edge resumes control and whips Orton into the ropes. As he returns, Edge lifts Orton high and hits a flapjack that has Orton landing face first on the mat before bouncing back up a foot. Another pin from Edge to the WWE Champion ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* Kick out from Orton *

Edge uses a Russian Legsweep to put Orton back down on the mat before he calmly heads for the corner of the ring. He lifts himself up onto the middle ropes and waits for Orton to get to his feet before hitting a missile dropkick to the chest of the champion. Orton is down for a third time and Edge pins again ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* The champion escapes again *

Edge waits for Orton to get to his feet again and approaches him from behind. He lowers his head and lifts Orton up onto his shoulders into an Electric Chair position and then drops Orton backwards onto the mat. Orton’s spine crashes down and Edge goes for another pin ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* Orton kicks out *

With Orton’s kick out looking a little weaker, Edge is encouraged and he affords himself a smile as the WWE Universe boo him. He whips Orton into the ropes again and goes for a second Big Boot to the head but this time Orton ducks and hits the ropes again. However, Edge is ready and hits a crossbody to take Orton down again. Pinfall from Edge ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* Kick out from Orton again! *

This time, there is a look of frustration from Edge and he pulls back to the corner and this time there is no doubting his intentions. He grabs at his hair and motions at Orton to get up to his feet, waiting, deliberating, preparing himself. As Orton turns round, Edge powers from the corner and sprints at the WWE Champion looking for the spear ... No! Orton avoid the spear and Edge goes shoulder first into the turnbuckle and steel ring post to the delight of the crowd. He rolls under the rope to the outside of the ring clutching his shoulder and looking in pain as Orton has chance to recover. As Edge starts to climb back into the ring, Orton meets him and drags him through the middle rope before resting him on the rope. Preparing for a vicious DDT, Orton gets Edge in position but then Edge fights out. He gets his feet onto the mat and the two trade right hands before Orton gets the advantage with a European uppercut ... He follows this with a drop kick that leaves Edge down on the mat at the edge of the ring. Orton tries for a second time to drag Edge through the ropes and this time he drops Edge down face first with the rope hung DDT.

With Orton now taking control, the crowd are cheering and he locks a chinlock in on Edge in the centre of the ring, wearing down the Rated R Superstar. Edge tries to fight out but Orton stays strong and Edge is forced to drag himself towards the ropes so that he can wrap a foot around the bottom rope to make the referee break the hold. As both men get to their feet, Edge tries to surprise Orton with a spear but the champion dodges and Edge hits the opposite ropes. As he returns, Orton lifts him up and hits a devastating powerslam before going for his first cover of the night ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* Edge kicks out *

With Edge down though, Orton begins to methodically stomp on the exposed limbs of Edge. His feet, his knees, his wrists and elbows all take a battering as Orton stomps down on them looking to inflict maximum damage. Edge rolls over and uses the ropes to lift himself but Orton drags him away from them and hits a perfect Olympic Slam that leaves Edge flat on his back. Orton goes for a cover ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* Edge gets the shoulder out *

Orton twists and drops to his knees signalling that he is ready to hit the RKO. He pounds the mat with his fists daring Edge to get to his feet, a look of real menace in his eyes. Edge slowly gets up with no idea what is coming ... he turns and Orton goes for the RKO but Edge counters by pushing Orton away. A kick to the gut and then Edge lifts Orton into the Impaler DDT ... Pinfall for Edge ...

* 1 *
* 2 *
* Orton just manages to kick out *

Edge again summons for the spear and waits for Orton to get to his feet. He rushes at Orton as he turns but again Orton dodges the oncoming Edge ... However, this time, the poor referee gets in the way and Edge spears him in half leaving the ref crumpled in a heap. Both men look at the referee in shock as he slowly rolls out of the ring but then they start pounding away at each other ... Edge goes for a clothesline and misses and as he turns around ... RKO! Orton with the RKO! Cover from Orton ...

But the referee is down and there is no-one to make the count!

Orton gets to his feet and looks for a referee to come from the back ... There is nobody coming to help him though and Orton is forced to try and get the attention of the fallen referee. No hope there at the moment! A frustrated Orton suddenly notices Edge slowly getting to his knees and a maniacal look comes across him. Orton turns and stares at Edge down on the floor and slowly stands in the opposite corner of the ring. He holds the ropes and starts to gee himself up, ready to punt the captain of Team RAW right in the skull! Orton is waiting, almost frantic with a desire to knock Edge out with his right boot. Edge is almost onto his hands and knees and in the perfect position when suddenly there is a commotion ...

Here come Nexus!

The five members of Nexus, led by Wade Barrett, rush into the ring and the beatdown of Orton begins. Otunga, Slater, Gabriel, Sheffield and Barrett all kicking and punching the WWE Champion as they look to weaken him ahead of the Survivor Series 10-man tag match which will see Orton’s WWE Championship on the line. As Edge recovers further, Skip Sheffield and David Otunga head over and start to beat on the Rated R Superstar as well just as the referee looks up over the apron into the ring. Realising what is happening, the referee weakly signals for the bell and it is clearly a No Contest ...


After the bell is rung, Edge is tossed over the top rope and the five on one beating of Randy Orton continues. Barrett signals for Justin Gabriel to head for the top rope to hit the 450 splash ... Gabriel does as he is told for a change and heads for the top rope ... he steadies himself waiting for the moment ...

*** MY TIME IS NOW ***

Here comes John Cena sprinting down to the ring. He slides under the bottom rope and Nexus’ attention is shifted to him but Cena manages to fight them off a little. Orton is now recovering and he begins to fight back now and the two popular WWE men battle back. However, the numbers are still against them and the Nexus retain control and force both men down on to the mat ... Gabriel is again ordered to the top rope but as he begins to head that way, two more men rush out from the backstage area ... David Hart Smith and Tyson Kidd, the Hart Dynasty! They hit the ring and join forces with Cena and Orton in fighting the Nexus and they are finally forced out of the ring with the WWE Universe cheering. Orton slaps hands with Smith and Kidd and it is clear that here are two more members of Team Orton for Survivor Series. Orton then nods to Cena in a gesture of thanks and the four members of Team Orton lift each other’s arms – and the WWE Championship in Orton’s hand – up high as Nexus retreat up the ramp ... Orton’s ‘Voices’ music plays as RAW fades away for another week ...

********** END OF SHOW **********


Matches Confirmed so far:

(If Team Orton lose, Wade Barrett will be the WWE Champion)

Winning brand gets to acquire one of losing brand’s superstars!
(Edge, Daniel Bryan, Ted DiBiase, John Morrison & R-Truth)

(Big Show, Chavo Guerrero, Jack Swagger & 2 more)


Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre vs. Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov


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