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Re: Wrestling Federation X

Heres IGNITION Live From Atlanta, Georgia.

Boss Of All Bosses

Hits as Michael Markowitz walks out.

Markowitz: WELCOME TO THE FIRST EVER IGNITION! *Huge Pop* despite it being the first Ignition ever, we still have plenty to do. We don't have a United States Champion. We don't have a WFX Champion. And we also don't have a General Manager for the Ignition brand. But tonight before we figure out what's happening with the titles, we will find out who will be the General Manager of Ignition. I was able to get four former wrestlers from the now defunct WWE to come back for one day to compete in a Fatal Four Way Match.

"The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels *Big Pop*

"The Game" Triple H *Big Pop*

"The Rated R Superstar" EDGE! *BIG POP*

and "The Nature Boy" RIC FLAIR! *HUGGE POP*

Markowitz: But that's not all. First, the Fatal Four Way is not a regular Fatal Four Way, but it's a Finisher Match! To eliminate your opponent you must hit your finisher on them. Triple H's Pedigree, Shawn Michaels Sweet Chin Music, Edge's Spear, and Ric Flairs Figure Four Leglock, which you must tap out to, to lose.

Markowitz: BUT THATS NOT ALL! The winner of the match will be named the NEW General Manager of Ignition. And that match...is next

Commercial Break

We come back to see all four in the ring together and shaking hands before the bell is Rung.


Match 1-Finisher Match
Edge vs Shawn Michaels vs Triple H vs Ric Flair

After about 7 minutes of a solid match, Triple H has control of Edge. Triple H lifts him up and SPINEBUSTER! Edge gets up, groggy. Triple H sets him up for the Pedigree and CONNECTS!

Edge is Eliminated!

Michaels and Flair teams up on Triple H. Triple H counters them both with a double clothesline. Triple H grabs Flair and as he turns around SWEET CHIN MUSIC!

Triple H is out.

After another 11 minutes of grueling back and forth action and some WOO Knife Chops mixed in HBK is in control but Flair is fighting back. Michaels has Flair on the ground and tries to get on top of him but and EYE POKE from Flair and then an ANKLE BREAKER. Michaels is down and Flair locks in the Figure Four....A minute passes of Michaels struggling to get free or grab the ropes...half a minute..and MICHAELS TAPS!



Flair grabs a microphone and heads back into the ring.

Flair: WOOO! I AM YOUR NEW GENERAL MANAGER! WOO! Bu-*Flairs cut off by the crowd chanting RIC FLAIR over and over again.*POP*

Flair: Tonights not over yet though. We still have two more matches for tonight. First, we have a 6 Man Over The Battle Royal for the United States Championship! WOO! WOO! WOO!

Commercial Break.

Were back as Kofi Kingston, R-Truth, Mr Kennedy, A.J Styles, Daniel Bryan and Big Show are in the ring.

After a few minutes of just brawling Big Show and Mr Kennedy team up and throw DANIEL BRYAN over the top rope, after Styles hit Bryan with the Styles Clash.

4 Minutes later, R-Truth and Kofi Kingston team up to eliminate BIG SHOW, who was just double teamed by Kennedy and Styles.

R-TRUTH Eliminated by Mr Kennedy via Hard Irish Whip around 2 minutes later.

Just Kofi Kingston, Mr Kennedy, and A.J Styles left.

5 Minutes goes on as Styles whips Kennedy at the ropes who hangs on. Kofi runs at Kennedy and tries to Clothsline him over the ropes but Kennedy Moves as A.J Styles pull down the rope and KOFI KINGSTON get eliminated.

Right after, Styles has Kennedy in Styles Clash, Kennedy escapes and has Styles in the Mic check but Styles gets out. Styles grabs Kennedy by the back of his neck and throws him over the ropes, but Kennedy hangs on. Styles drop kicks Kennedy as he falls over.

Kennedy Eliminated. *POP*

Winner of the match and the NEW UNITED STATES CHAMPION.....A.J STYLES!!! *HUGGEEE POPP*

Backstage we see John Cena talking to Todd Grisham.

Grisham: So John, are you ready for your match tonight?

John Cena: Ready? Oh yes I'm ready. When I win this match tonight I WILL be the FIRST WFX CHAMPI-

Chris Jericho walks in *BOO* and taps Cena on the back. Cena stops talking.

Chris Jericho: Listen John. Were on the same team tonight so we will have to work together. But come next week, I WILL BE THE WFX CHAMPION.

Cena smiles and walks out of the room.

Jericho shakes his head and also leaves the room

Todd Grisham: Ladies and Gentleman, that match is next. But first we have the New General Manager of Ignition Making the match announcement.

Flair walks in calmly and already has a microphone on him.

Flair: That was a great match. Give it up for your new United States Champion, A.J Styles! *HUGE POP* Now lets continue, next we have a 4 on 4 Elimination Tag Match. WOO! With the winning teams remaining members at the end of the match facing each other next week for the WFX Championship! WOO! WOO! WOO! *POP*

"The Time is Now" Hits as Cena comes out to a huge pop mixed in with some boos.

"Break Down the Walls" Hits as Jericho comes out to a chorus of Boos.

The Hardy Boyz theme hits as Jeff and Matt Hardy come out, together to a HUGE pop.

The team of John Cena, Jericho, Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy are in the ring waiting for there opponents.

"Voices" Hits as Randy Orton comes out to a shower of Boos.

Commercial Break

Were back from commercial as the rest of team is in the ring.

Match 2- 4 on 4 Elimination Tag Match
John Cena, Chris Jericho, Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy vs Randy Orton, Christain, Kane and CM Punk

Just 3 minutes into the match Orton has Jericho completely demolished. He easily hits the RKO as his teamates fend off the other team




Chris Jericho is eliminated and isn't moving. The medics come out gather his body onto a stretcher and remove him from the ring.

5 or 6 minutes later, with Kane, The Hardyz and Christian all seeing action, Cena and Orton are both in. They brawl and Orton hits a reverse neckbreaker. Cena gets up and RK-NO! Cena reverses and lifts Orton up in the Firemans Carry but ORTON WIGGLES FREE and RKO! Orton goes to pin Cena as Kane scares everyone away.




Cena is Eliminated and now its a 4 on 2

Matt Hardy gets in and Cena tags Punk. Theres a big brawl on the outside with the competitors not tagged in. Punk has Matt Hardy in the middle of the ring. Matts struggling to tag in his brother. Matt crawls over to Jeff, but Punk drags him back in. Matt kicks Punk back and tags in his brother. Clothsline! Matt gets up and the Hardyz have Punk and hit a Double DDT onto him. Jeff hits the Twist of Fate onto Punk while Matt is getting hurt, but distracting Kane and Orton, while Christian was knocked out. Jeff climbs the top rope and hits a SWANTON BOMB onto Punk.




Punk Eliminated!

Its down to 3 on 2- The Hardyz vs Randy Orton, Kane and Christian

The Hardyz in charge now as Jeff is beating down Orton and Christian, while Matt, the legal man, has Kane, the legal man, in complete control. Matt Hardy hits the SIDE EFFECT! Kane wobbles his way up and kick to gut by Hardy, going for the Twist of Fate




We hear a steel chair connecting on a human skull.

Matt Hardy is down and Jeff Hardy is standing there with a disgusted look on his face holding the steel chair. Jeff Hardy is Eliminated via DQ and he barks at Kane to get up and pin his brother. Kane wobbles over and wraps his arm over Matt Hardy.

1 2 3!


The scene fades as we see the shocked faces of the crowd about what just went down.


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