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Re: Getting high

Originally Posted by HullKogan View Post
I've been smoking weed pretty much everyday since 2007. I'm also a year away from my bachelor's degree.

You're opinion is as good as dog shit. Don't make assumptions about something you obviously know nothing about. Its one thing to say "I don't smoke it", its another to just talk out of your ass. If you honestly believe that just because you smoke weed that you can't be a productive member of society, then I got two words for ya.

Oh, and do you actually know how many people have died from smoking weed? I'll give you a hint, its also the same number of people that have overdosed on marijuana. The answer?

Don't assume that I don't know my stuff because I'm not part of your view. I know nobody has died from smoking Weed, did I say otherwise? No. My opinion is as good as dog shit because it opposes yours. I don't understand where you're getting this feeling that I don't think people who smoke weed can be smart, or productive when not on the stuff. I just think that it's pretty sad to take it to make your life more interesting at any given time. Don't get mad.

Originally Posted by UnDeFeatedKing View Post
No one cares if its only your opinion if you present it the way you just did. How can you claim we don't have the balls to do real shit? What does that even mean? Assuming that we will make nothing have ourselves simply because we smoke weed is ridiculous. Weed also doesn't make my life more interesting, but it can make it more relaxing and usually have a lot of fun in a boring situation.
Where in the world did I insinuate that because you do weed your life will amount to nothing? I guess that's all those brain cells you've lost coming in to play. Okay, your last sentence just confirmed my point. You have to take weed to make a boring situation more fun? That shows that you have to take something that alters your perception to be able to enjoy it, because your own personality can't make it interesting.

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