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Re: Getting high

Originally Posted by XPac99 View Post
When did I say ANYTHING about them havin the same effects ? I also named crystal meth, another stimulant

Fuck this, let this guy 'win', its obviously very important to him seein as he just has to put words that have never been said in, cant believe I actually got baited into some bullshit on a forum

Thank u above, party drugs - primarily coke and ex, some people like speed, mephedrone used to be massive, and some people like Ket at a party, its a fuckin horse tranq but thats just what some people like, the other poster has clearly just spent his life on forum doin all this 'reasearch' hes so proud of, well some of us have been in the field buddie, nice life

The only person baiting so far has been you. I could go back and point out the several profane words you have used towards me such as "cunt" but it speaks for itself.

As it stands though, you have displayed yourself as:

1. Quite irrationally angry.

2. Ill-educated about the effects and descriptions of certain drugs.

3. Have a tendency to make run-on sentences that ramble on and on.

Now, are you going to contribute to this thread in a thoughtful way or continue your absurdities that have been going on for several pages now?


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