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Re: Getting high

I've been watching this thread waiting to 'pipe' in.
Bad puns aside, yes I do smoke weed. Every day if possible. Simple answer to the OP's original question. A lot of different topics and views have come up in thread. Great.
This is not an easy subject. Is my use a good thing? Yes and no.
I am a recovering user of 'hard' drugs and alcoholism. So at this point in my life a little herb, coffee and cigarettes are the least of my worries. My use is not mandatory for me now, I have work, family and higher priorities but I still smoke if I can.
I hear you guys chiming in about 'booze' as an alternative and that's fine. A word to the wise though, keep that shit in check, it can sneak up on you hard and fast. Drinking tends to be the gateway to everything else too, your always down for whatever after a couple of drinks.
It really depends on the individual on whether it's a good idea or not. How do they react? What are their reasons for doing it? etc.
The actual smoking of marijuana is only marginally harmful (no more than booze of cigarettes) and has therapeutic effects. I'm sure there are a lot of people who you interact with daily who toke and you don't even realize it. To make a blanket statement like 'users are losers' is ridiculous.
It is unfair to infringe on the 'freedom of choice' of individuals, for better or worse. Legalization of weed or any other drug is debatable, but the 'war on drugs' certainly isn't working.
The reasons for marijuana being illegal are purely economic as any fool can see that it is at least less harmful than alcohol. Paper, textiles, pharmaceuticals...all of these industries would have to compete with a better and cheaper product.
Look, I'm not trying to say that smoking pot is a good thing. It can ruin lives, no doubt(especially when your using to escape your feelings). What I am saying is that each person has their own choices to make in this life and really comes down to what kind of person you are.

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