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Re: Getting high

I smoke everyday. I wish I didn't, if your young and thinking of starting don't. It's caused me a massive loss in motivation and it's very expensive once you need to smoke more and more to get high. Girls say it's fine when they first get with you but let me tell you they soon grow tired of your stoned ass!! and I don't want someone up in my face when I'm stoned anyway. My beautiful BMW I have parked out side looks great but its a pile of shit underneath as I don't have the money to fix it. Funny I spent 100 quid last month on skunk though. I'm hungry too but to stoned to be arsed to cook, guess I'll eat that giant Toblerone that's been sitting in the cupboard since Christmas then wonder why I seem to be a bit porky recently........ what was I saying meh.

Some people (I bet younger then me) will say they smoke regularly and it's fine, I was in denial for years too. Then suddenly I was 30 and wondering where my life went? You know, I cant really remember.


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