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Re: Getting high

Originally Posted by Nitemare View Post
This poll is rigged. I've tried it maybe 3 times in my life, several years apart. It's not for me. Fuck you for making me vote yes, you little bastard.
Yeah there should be a "Tried it once or twice" option.

Originally Posted by Art13 View Post
Yes they do, and it's awful, however prohibition does not help the situation, in fact it makes it worse.

As it stands now a drug addicted person going to get their next hit has to go through a dealer who relies on their addiction for profits and couldn't give two shits about them, selling them a product of unknown potency and in some cases unknown active ingredients. What if instead, they were greeted by someone who could sell them a clean product of known purity, and offer them information on how they could beat their addiction and further support should they wish to receive it.

I'm not suggesting these drugs be put on supermarket shelves and glamorised though marketing, but making them illegal simply makes the problem worse.
I don't see how making it easier to get physically addictive drugs would help with addictions. If I wanted to take Crystal Meth I don't think I could. I wouldn't even know where to begin with getting the stuff or who to talk to about it. I understand the drugs are out there but actually getting the stuff can be tough and expensive.

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