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Re: Getting high

Originally Posted by Art13 View Post
I've never quite understood the appeal of this drug.

Personally, I find the body load unpleasant and to be honest, an appetite and the desire to sit around feeling unmotivated is pretty much the exact opposite of what I'm looking for in a drug, I much prefer to go the other way.

It's not bad at the end of a big night out on other substances to send things a little sideways, but on it's own it lacks recreational value, in my opinion that is.

Also, on legalisation, the fact that weed, or any one other popular drugs are still illegal is a joke.

The simple fact is drug prohibition kills more people than drugs alone ever could. All prohibition does is line the pockets of black market operators, creates deadly violence and puts dangerous, adulterated, unregulated drugs on the street.

The best possible solution at this stage is HONEST drug education in schools, harm minimisation strategies and complete legalisation. All manufacturing should be completely legit and monitored closely by the Government
um are you serious? you'd support the legalization of something like crystal meth or cocaine? seriously people ruin their lives because they're addicted to the stuff, i dont know how you could possibly say all drugs should be legal

**note im not saying pot should be illegal, just the strong ones i am agaisnt*

what a BABE
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