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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE Monday Night Raw- 9/05/05; Little Rock, Arkansas, Alltel Arena

Opening video and pyro plays before we are welcomed to the show by good ol’ Jim Ross and The Coach who give us a run down of tonight’s show, with the priority being them hyping up the main event for tonight, Triple H one on one with Chris Jericho, the winner going onto Vengeance to face Batista for the World Heavyweight title.

‘Sexy boy’ then hits and out comes the showstopper Shawn Michaels. J.R and Coach talk about the repercussions of last weeks draft and in particular what now happens to HBK. Michaels was intent on getting his hands on Kurt Angle but with the draft keeping them at bay, there is no longer a chance of that happening.

Michaels takes the mic and immediately gets to the point, talking about his rivalry with Kurt Angle and how he is desperate to avenge his defeat at Wrestlemania. After what went down last week though, he no longer has that opportunity. HBK then called out the Raw GM Eric Bischoff to the ring to address the situation

Bischoff answered the call and made his way to the ring. Michaels began by telling Bischoff how they’d never seen eye to eye but that didn’t matter in this situation and pleaded with Bischoff to give him what he wants by trading him to Smackdown. The crowd cheered at the prospect of HBK switching shows to go at it with Angle again. Bischoff however, laughed off the request, telling Michaels that he was ‘insane’ if he thought that he was going to let one of his main attractions on Raw go to Smackdown that easily.

Bischoff went on to tell Shawn that while he understands him wanting to get his hands on Angle, it was just not gonna happen while he remain in charge on Raw. Michaels began to get frustrated and grabbed Bischoff by the jacket before telling Bischoff to change his mind or face the consequences. Bischoff, scared to death continued to refuse, with Michaels letting go of him. Bischoff then went on to say that there was no way in hell one of his superstars would threaten him like that and that if this was anyone else he would fire them right here on the spot.

Bischoff then told Shawn that seeing as this was him though, firing him was the last thing he would do as that is exactly what Shawn wants. Things then took a turn for the worse though for Raw’s GM as he grinned and said Shawn would stay on Raw and there wasn‘t a damn thing he could do about, Michaels heard enough and out of nowhere hit Bischoff with some Sweet chin music before leaving to a huge pop, looking pissed off at what just went down


We come back and we take a look back at Michaels hitting Eric Bischoff with Sweet chin Music. J.R and Coach talk about just what the consequences of Michaels actions will be and the length Michaels is going to in order to face Kurt Angle once again. The music of Charlie Hass then hits and out comes Haas along with Shelton Benjamin as we get ready to see the reformation of the World’s Greatest tag team here tonight as they take on two members of the Arabian Entity, Daivari and Sonjay Dutt.

Match one: Tag team match

The World’s Greatest Tag Team; Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas vs. The Arabian Entity; Sonjay Dutt and Daivari

Daivari and Dutt are accompanied to the ring by the Intercontinental champion Muhammad Hassan and the 7 foot 3 behemoth The Great Khali and the commentators talk about just how big a role they’ll play in this match as Charlie Haas and Daivari kick things off.

The match is pretty back and forth with the Entity taking control early on, using typical underhand tactics. The presence of Hassan and Khali were clear for all to see as Hassan distracted the referee early on, allowing Dutt to come in and take Haas out, leaving Daivari to get a near fall.

Daivari continued to get the better of Haas before the match turned after a double clothesline took both men down, allowing a breather in the match. The crowd egged Haas on to make the tag but Daivari got up first to tag in Dutt who prevented Haas from reaching Benjamin, however Haas managed to take down Dutt with a drop kick from nowhere before crawling his way over to tag in Shelton.

Benjamin came in and immediately took it to Dutt as the finish of the match came about, we saw Daivari make a blind tag, getting himself in the match as chaos ensued with Haas also getting involved. With the four men in the ring, Haas sent Dutt flying through the ropes, taking himself to the outside also. Inside the ring, Shelton connected with a T-Bone suplex to Daivari, getting the three count and the win!!

Winners: Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas; The World’s Greatest Tag Team(7:24)

The aftermath was all the more eventful as once again Hassan looked to make his presence felt, getting in the ring from one side of the ring with The Great Khali getting in from the other. Hassan went straight after his rival Benjamin while Khali went for Haas. The fans were going crazy as all four traded blows, with Benjamin leaving Hassan reeling and Haas taking Khali back a step. However, once again the Entity got the upper hand with Dutt and Daivari entering the scene and aiding Hassan in dealing with Benjamin.

The three took Benjamin down to his knees with Khali taking down Haas with a huge chop to the skull. As Haas lay motionless on the floor, Khali joined in with the other three in taking it to Benjamin. Hassan ordered the seven footer to get Shelton up to his feet. Khali obliged and brought Shelton up before lifting the former Intercontinental champion up and taking him back down again with a huge double handed choke slam.

The impact is huge as Hassan orders Khali to do the exact same to Haas. Again, Khali obliged and took Haas down with huge impact once more. The crowd are booing the life out of these four as Hassan shouts out ’this is what you’re dealing with’ to both men as J.R talks about how low this group of men are going to go next in getting rid of the threat that Shelton Benjamin and now Charlie Haas pose to them

We go to a video package for Vengeance: June 26th 2005; Thomas & Mack Center, Las Vegas, Nevada

We then head to the commentators who show us a replay from last week’s battle royal where we see the final three of Edge, RVD and Randy Orton as we see Chris Jericho throw Edge over the top rope despite not even being in the match, getting a bit of payback on Edge after he cost Jericho the World title at Backlash. We then head to Todd Grisham who is backstage with Jericho ready to ask some questions.

Grisham asks Jericho if last week made up for Edge’s interference at Backlash and how Jericho feels going into his #1 contenders match with Triple H tonight. Jericho responded by saying that last week was a small dose of what he has in store for Edge and that nothing could make up for him Edge costing him at Backlash. Jericho said that he felt great heading into the match with Triple H tonight and that just like Edge is going to, Triple H is going to get a glimpse at exactly what Y2J is capable of here tonight.

Jericho said that he was going to win and that he would then go on to Vengeance and become World champion again. He said that for all the Jerichoholics out there, tonight was going to mark a very special night. He then promised that when Vengeance was over with, Edge was going to be at the forefront of his mind and that he was going to prove to Edge that payback really is a bitch


We return and we see Trevor Murdoch in the ring, set for action as ‘Crank it up’ hits and Big Show makes his way out for his Raw debut.

Match two: Singles match

Big Show vs. Trevor Murdoch

The match is short lived as Show completely dominates his opponent. The 500 pound giant used all his size advantage to take down Murdoch repeatedly, really impressing on his first night back on Monday nights. Show finished Murdoch off with a brutal choke slam, ending a three or four minute onslaught to the Redneck

Winner: Big Show(3:41)

J.R and Coach talk about just how impressive Big Show was here tonight and how the Raw roster should be put on notice that the giant is coming. We then head backstage where we see Todd Grisham once again, this time introducing Christian alongside Tyson Tomko to a chorus of boos from the crowd.

Grisham went to ask Christian a question but immediately Christian interrupted and told Todd that he knew what was coming and that his services for this interview were no longer required, Christian then shoved Grisham out of the way.

Captain Charisma said that he requested this interview to make one final attempt at swaying Ric Flair’s decision for when he comes to Raw next week. Christian reminded us of the attack on Flair at Backlash, saying it was something that had to be done in order to prevent a travesty of justice, that being Flair retiring before he passed the torch to Captain Charisma. Christian said that the passing of the torch is necessary in everything, be it a doctor, be it in Baseball, be it in life itself.

Christian talked about how Flair was a part of Evolution and how Flair was the past of that group, he said that since those days, the Evolution has been completed. Batista and Randy Orton have gone from the future to the present, which means Flair is now simply an afterthought. Christain said he respected Flair for retiring but that it simply will not happen this way, it will happen on his terms.

Christian’s face then turned slightly as the camera turned around to show the World champion Batista, which was met with a big pop. Batista told Christian that Ric Flair will never, EVER be an afterthought and that he respects Flair’s decision to retire, saying that if Christian wants someone to accept his challenge of a match, he would, tonight!!

Christian accepted the challenge to many peoples surprise in the arena and told Batista that he was gonna go out there tonight and give everybody, Ric Flair included, a preview of what is to happen when he gets his hands on the Nature Boy, one way or another.

We return to ringside and ‘I Ain’t a lady to mess with’ hits as we see Victoria make her way out to the ring, ready to take on Torrie Wilson

Match three: Singles match

Victoria vs. Torrie Wilson

Victoria dominates the early going, looking as focused, some may say psychotic, as she ever has. Torrie got little offense in, almost shocking everyone with a rollup, which Victoria kicked out at 2 of, however after that Victoria got control again. The end of the match saw Victoria take Torrie by the hair and tell her that her ‘little buddy Trish would get a taste of this real soon’ before hitting her with the Widow’s peak for the three count

Winner: Victoria(4:16)

Victoria has little to no time to leave the ring as Trish Stratus runs down the ramp into the ring and starts unloading on Victoria!! These two women have had a heated recent rivalry and Trish has finally had it here tonight. The two women are beating the hell out of each other now, rolling around the mat as some referees and trainers come down to try and separate the two. They manage to drag the women away from each other, but Trish escapes their clutches and goes right after Victoria to a big pop from the crowd!! The referees manage to get a hold of her again as Victoria screams at Trish to bring it on.


We return and J.R and Coach announce that during the commercials they received word that it is now confirmed for Vengeance that Trish Stratus will defend her Women’s championship one more time against Victoria, this time in a No Disqualification match. Huge stipulation for these two women at Vengeance.

We then head backstage where we see Shawn Michaels sat down backstage looking completely lost with himself as he looks up to see Triple H walking towards him. The two men come into shot together which is greeted with a few cheers and ooooh’s as the former best friends look on at one another.

Triple H begins to tut as he looks at Shawn before telling him that he’s pathetic. Trips said that the old Shawn Michaels wouldn’t be moping around, feeling sorry for himself, he’d be out there doing something about it. Trips said that while he’s out winning titles, Shawn is always the one sitting around reflecting, reflecting on what might have been, what could have happened. Trips said that that’s why people like him and people like Shawn just can’t go together. Reflecting gets you nowhere, it’s about taking action.

Trips said that Shawn was his best friend many years ago for a reason but that that reason died when Shawn Michaels became the man he is today. Trips told Shawn to watch his match tonight and take note, because he lost at Wrestlemania too, but instead of crying and complaining he was making a statement. Trips finished by saying that Shawn needs to find himself again, but while he was out finding himself, he’d be winning the World Heavyweight title once again, The Game then walked away as Shawn continued to sit there thinking about what Hunter just said.

We return ringside and ‘Just Close your Eyes’ hits as Christian makes his way out to the ring, ready to go one on one with the World champion, Batista

Match four: Singles match

World Heavyweight champion Batista vs. Christian w/Tyson Tomko

The match is very solid as the World champion is given a tough test from Captain Charisma. The opening was dominated by Christian who got the upper hand thanks to a distraction from Tomko. Christian came close to ending things on a couple of occasions after a roll up, grabbing the tights and a vicious DDT.

As the match dragged on, it seemed to turn in Batista’s favour as the crowd rallied behind the World champion, seemingly giving him new life. Batista came close to finishing off Christian after a brutal spine buster but as the referee’s arm came down for the three count, it was Tomko again who got up on the apron and distracted the referee, allowing Christian to survive.

Batista, clearly angered by Tomko, left the ring to chase down Christian’s problem solver. With Batista finally getting his hands on Tomko, the Animal unloaded on him, taking him down before spearing him in half to a huge pop from the crowd as Batista got himself back inside the ring.

On returning to the ring though he was met by Christian who took Batista down before punishing the champion with a series of right hands and elbows to the back of the head of the fallen animal. Christian then called for Tista to rise to his feet before setting him up for the Unprettier but Batista countered and pushed Christian into the ropes before going for a clothesline but Christian ducked it and went for the Unprettier again, connecting!!

Cover from Christian, 1-2-3!! Christian has pinned the champion but NO!! Batista’s foot was on the rope!! The referee saw it at the last second as the crowd pop, realising Batista is still in this. Christian is now furious and heads to the outside grabbing a steel chair before returning to the ring. Christian is sizing the champion up. The crowd are urging Batista not to turn around.

The Animal does and ducks a chairshot!! Batista with a kick to the gut of Christian before taking the Captain down with a clothesline, Batista now rolling and gives Christian the thumbs up, before the thumbs down!! He hoists Christian up and drops him with the Batistabomb!! Cover, 1-2-3, it’s over!

Winner: Batista( 13:53)

J.R and Coach talk about how good a match we just saw and J.R says about how that is exactly why Batista is the World champion. Coach simply bemoans Christian beating beaten and says it’s yet another fluke win for the Animal as we head to a Smackdown rebound, showing all the highlights from last weeks Smackdown, including the JBL-John Cena title match stipulation for Judgment Day and the RVD-Randy Orton match where Orton got the win, earning him a match at Judgment Day with the Undertaker.

We then head backstage where we see Bubba Ray and D-Von, The Dudley Boyz walking down the hall when they bump into the newest tag team to Raw, the recently drafted Basham Brothers. Bubba Ray tells D-Von that the Chuckle brothers are here on Raw as the two laugh, whilst Danny(what’s the difference?) tells Bubba they won’t be laughing much longer as now they’re on Raw, they’re coming for the tag team titles and that the Dudleyz better watch their backs.

D-Von told them to step back and take a look at a real tag team, cos this is the closest they’ll ever get to one which brought a decent pop from the crowd. Doug stepped in and told D-Von that in the next few weeks, they’ll put those words to the test as the Bashams walked away with Bubba and D-Von looking on when BAM!! From out of nowhere, the Dudleyz are ambushed by Sonjay Dutt and Daivari???

The two members of the Arabian Entity take out the champions before Muhammad Hassan appears to huge heat and kneels down to look at the Dudleyz before telling them that the Bashams aren’t the only ones who want tag team gold before looking at Dutt and Daivari as the camera focuses on the two men and it appears that the Dudleyz have two teams gunning for them here on Raw

Another Vengeance promo


We return and it’s main event time as ‘Break the Walls down’ hits and out comes Y2J Chris Jericho to a good pop from the crowd as he gets ready for this #1 contender match with The Game Triple H.

Match 5: #1 contenders Singles match

Triple H vs. Chris Jericho

The match begins slowly with both men eyeing each other up, pacing up and down, waiting to make the first move. The crowd are right behind Jericho with a ‘Y2J’ chant filling the arena. Eventually both men lock up and Trips gets the early advantage.

After dominating the early going, Trips seems to take his foot off the gas with Jericho taking advantage of Triple H dropping the pace. Jericho began to get a stranglehold and took The Game to his limit, right hand after right hand before knocking Trips to the outside where Jericho used the ringpost as a weapon, hurling Triple H shoulder first into it.

The two men continued on the outside with Jericho again looking to dish out the same punishment to Hunter but Trips managed to reverse it and instead threw Jericho into the steel steps, making a huge impact onto the knees of Jericho. As the ten count approached Triple H managed to make his way into the ring as Jericho looked unlikely to recover, however the King of the World just managed to roll himself in at the last second.

With both men back in the ring now, Trips again looked to gain control, applying a sleeper hold on Jericho. With Jericho fading, the crowd seemed to spur him back into the match with Jericho breaking free of the hold and exchanging right hands now with the Game. Jericho whipped Trips into the corner where he followed after, charging at his opponent but Trips charged at Jericho, bouncing off the corner, using the momentum of being thrown and Trips went for a clothesline but Jericho ducked it, Triple H hit’s the referee!!

The referee is knocked down as Jericho now takes down Triple H with a bulldog from behind!! Jericho turns Hunter over and locks in the Walls of Jericho!! Will Triple H tap? The pressure is well and truly locked in, Trips is writhing in pain and he taps!! Triple H taps out!! But the referee is down, the referee is out of things as Jericho releases the hold, realising that he can’t get the job done.

Jericho goes over to the fallen referee but as he turns around BAM!! Jericho is smashed in the skull by EDGE!! Edge’s Money in the Bank briefcase has taken Jericho out cold!! Edge pulls the referee’s shirt, trying to draw life into him as Triple H rolls over, Edge puts Hunter’s arm over Jericho!! But suddenly a huge pop!! Batista is charging the ring!! Batista runs Edge out of the ring and into the crowd!! But inside the ring Triple H has the cover, the referee is counting!! 1-2-3! It’s over!!

Winner: Triple H(15:13)

Triple H gets the hell out of the ring, stumbling as the referee raises his hand on the outside with Batista having stormed back in the ring to try and get his hands on Hunter but was a split second too late as Edge has cost Chris Jericho here tonight and Triple H has stolen his way to Vengeance where he will now get his one on one rematch for the World title with Batista!! Coach says the fluke champion’s days are numbered as J.R hypes that huge match to close the show, ‘And now at Vengeance we will indeed see just how much of a fluke champion Batista really is Coach, it’s teacher vs. student, one more time, Triple H challenges Batista for the World Heavyweight title!! Edge has screwed Chris Jericho here tonight!! We’ll see you next week everybody.’ The show ends with Edge shown in the crowd smiling along with Triple H as Batista looks on angrily with Jericho laid out

Current Vengeance Card: 26th June 2005; Thomas & Mack Center, Las Vegas, Nevada

World Heavyweight title match

Batista(c) vs Triple H

WWE Women's title: No Disqualification Match

Trish Stratus(c)vs Victoria
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