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Re: Getting high

Originally Posted by shutupchico View Post
i never understood the people who get high and say they go out and accomplish all this shit, they call it getting stoned for a reason. it opens your mind, you become more mentally stimulated, but less physically stimulated. it depends on the type of weed too, i've had weed that gave me the opiate get up and go feeling which is good, but most of the time it doesn't do that.
Depends on the type of weed you get, there are two main types: Sativa and Indica. Sativa isn't as common (unless you live in somewhere like Colorado or California with medical weed) because it's harder to grow and it's more expensive to grow. Indica is generally what everyone usually gets.

Doesn't matter what type of weed I get though, it's always good. Like I said, I'm far more ambitious in life high and the whole slows your reaction time thing is complete bullshit. I played video games better when I'm high, I used to do BJJ high and that is entirely based off reaction time or else your going to get choked the fuck out.

There are no cons of weed, just defects in people. The person who is lazy and smokes weed would have been lazy without weed. They blame it on the weed instead of themselves. I myself prove this as I smoke a lot and I'm the furthest thing from lazy, whereas someone else will smoke it who is lazy to begin would still be that lazy without it.

And as far as accomplishments being stupid when you come down, that's fucking stupid. Do you know how many scientists smoke weed? A ton. You'll come up with some of your greatest shit ever high because it removes the ego out of you and it lets you tune into whatever frequency is needed for those ideas to come out.

The fact that weed is still illegal in 2011 is fucking laughable. There is just too much money in keeping it illegal.

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