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Re: New Users Introduction thread

- 25
- It's a play on my name and life
- Current: the Miz, Alberto Del Rio Cena Retired: Shawn Michaels, Chris Jericho
- WWE, like that even has to be asked [okay, I like DDP but it's impossible to keep up with]
- Well, America has more the US, Mexico, and Canada, all of which have great wrestling traditions..so America

Long story short, I eneded up registering for this forum because "The Crap" [wrestlecrap] banned me without even a warning. I was accused of "riling up" the forum, just because my views didn't go hand in hand with the views of the mods and regulars. I'm still lurking [reading] their forum, and I'm kind of glad I was banned: that forum [the crap] is probably more censored and more strict than even the shut down WWE universe forums: it doesn't even have a rants section and the off topic is horribly restricted.

As for why I was banned? I had not been posting there much. I made the mistake of venturing into the off topic and posting in a debate about gender issues and got banned by a mod and his friend. There's another similar thread on there right now [about gender issues in the media] and it's mostly a circle jerk of liberals and feminists talking about how "oppressed" women are because they're "Sexually exploited". I don't believe that in the slightest: women now have almost equal footing with men in the corporate, athletic, and academic world, but at the same time still hold all the power in relationships and actual sex, can still take maternity leave, can still sue for child support, and on top of that, it's not that women are sexually exploited it's that women can use their looks and sex appeal to their advantage and men can't [not that we're bad looking, but we just don't have as much to work with, sorry, but it's true]

Well, I'm certainly happier with this forum: it has a rants section for political and religious debate, a women of wrestling section for all the idol worship and "sexual exploitation" one could want", and a diverse wrestling section: it seems like a place where an open minded wrestling fan can call home. I look forward to posting here.

Only question is..why is a great wrestling site owned by a motorcycle site?
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