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Re: Renegade Presents: WWE 2003 - Now Go Home And Get Your Fucking Shinebox

WWE SmackDown!
Arrowhead Pond
Anaheim; California

*Opening Video*


The camera pans around the arena before fixating on Cole & Tazz who welcome us to the show and hype up the matches planned for tonight



To some damn strong heat, The Big Show & A-Train make their way to the ring. The mammoth duo are full of confidence after making their mark on last weeks show. Big Show takes the mic, seeing as A-Train never speaks and begins things off by saying we're looking at the most dominant force in wrestling history. The crowd boos this but Big Show reminds them that last week, A-Train beat The Undertaker, and then they destroyed him afterwards. Show also says had it not been for Kurt Angle (mixed reaction) he would've beaten Brock Lesnar. Show says everyone knows that Big Show can take Lesnar, Big Show can dominate Lesnar and most importantly, The Big Show can maim Lesnar! Once again the crowd boos but Show points out the end of last year when he beat Brock in under 10 minutes to win the WWE Championship at Survivor Series. Big Show says nobody else in their life time will accomplish that feat. Show points out that The Undertaker won't be here tonight which gets huge heat and A-Train taunts, taking most of the credit for the assault last week. Big Show says he wants Brock Lesnar to get out here and finish what they started last week, coz he's about to take the WWE Championship off of "The Next Big Thing"


The crowd erupts into a huge split reaction before it degenerates into heat and the traditional "You Suck" chants as Kurt Angle comes out on stage. Kurt doesn't have Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas with him surprisingly, as he enters the ring with a mic in hand. Kurt Angle says Big Show is delirious if he thinks he's going to be the one taking the title off Brock Lesnar, because Kurt is going to be the one doing that. Big Show tells Kurt that he's taking a big chance coming out here tonight after interfering in his match last week. Angle says he told everyone that no one was going to get a match with Brock Lesnar before he does, and he did what he had to do to make sure he kept his word. Kurt continues on saying he's waited since Wrestlemania and he's getting extremely impatient. Big Show fires back with the "who the hell do you think you are?" line to which Angle responds he's the "best damn thing on this show". Kurt says Show should think himself lucky he didn't find himself in the Ankle Lock last week like his "woolly bucko" over there as he points to A-Train, which the crowd laughs at as A-Train snarls. Big Show says he knows because he was too busy putting Kurt down with the Showstopper. The two men get into a lopsided face off as tensions begin to mount


The crowd erupts with a huge pop as Brock Lesnar marches out on stage, mic in hand. Lesnar smirks and shakes his head at Angle & Show. Lesnar says he's got a few problems with what he's heard. First off, Brock wants to point out whilst he's not shedding any tears for The Undertaker being taken out, there's nothing more Lesnar hates than a coward, and he's looking at two {points to Show & A-Train} after what they did. Pop. Brock says Big Show likes to talk big, but he doesn't intimidate him at all. Brock Lesnar says last week he had The Big Show beaten, until Kurt Angle decided to interfere. Brock tells Angle he's getting tired of him. Lesnar says all those F5's to Kurt at Mania must've really affected his ability to use his head, because ever since he's lost his mind. Brock says last week left him in a really bad mood, and it's time to even the score. The crowd comes alive as Lesnar heads to the ring with Kurt Angle, The Big Show & A-Train all standing in it, not showing any fear. Brock leaps onto the apron as the crowd starts a "Lesnar" chant and The Next Big Thing eyes off everyone before stepping into the ring. Lesnar, Angle and Show/Train are all facing off now. After a moment of cautious approach from everyone, Brock Lesnar goes for The Big Show, whilst Angle goes for A-Train. Angle gets overpowered by Train but low bridges him out to the floor as we see Lesnar clothesline Big Show out, and Kurt is like a fox, tripping Brock down and SLAPS THE ANKLE LOCK on Lesnar! Brock yells out in pain when



The crowd EXPLODES as Stone Cold comes running down to the ring. Kurt Angle sees this and lets go of the Ankle Lock but barely makes his feet as Austin clobbers him with a right hand, taking him down! Steve Austin fires away with right hands on Angle but he's stomped on by The Big Show! Big Show is joined by A-Train as the two start beating down on Austin. Stone Cold however evades the two big men and then unloads with those right hands, rocking both men, however Big Show halts the rally with a goozle on Austin and looks for the SHOWSTOPPER...but Brock Lesnar clubs Show from behind, and Show loses his grip on Austin who drops to the mat and lands on his feet AND DROPS SHOW WITH A STUNNER! The crowd explodes as A-Train then beats on Stone Cold but he's taken down -

- BY AN ANGLE SLAM! Kurt Angle takes down A-Train to a good pop but then gets loaded up and DRILLED WITH AN F5 FROM BROCK LESNAR! There's pandamonium in the stands as Lesnar gets revenge for the Ankle Lock last week and again tonight and then he gets up AND IS FACE TO FACE WITH STONE COLD! Austin and Lesnar stand in the ring, staring at each other with the crowd buzzing and dueling "Austin" and "Lesnar" chants break out, although the chant for the Rattlesnake is louder. The two faces don't blink as they lock eyes.


The General Manager, Stephanie McMahon makes her way out on stage and brings a halt to proceedings. Stephanie says there's alot of high tension out here tonight, and she feels the best way to settle it is in a proper match. Therefore in tonight's main event, it will be The Big Show and Kurt Angle teaming together - Angle & Show don't seem happy about that - to face Brock Lesnar and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin! The crowd loves that and Stephanie makes her exit and we cut to a commercial with Kurt Angle and Big Show/A-Train mouthing off at each other, clearly not wanting to tag together later on


We return to see the Bar Room Brawl set up in the backstage area, an actual bar inside the arena is being used. There's a good crowd back at the bar, anticipating the match when Bradshaw & Faarooq show up early! The APA play to the fans for a bit as they take a few beers. Cole & Tazz hype the match up for later tonight as we come back to ringside


Enthusiastic youngster Brian Kendrick darts to the ring and mounts the turnbuckle, pumping up the fans. Spanky, as he's also known, then awaits his opponent


John Cena struts out sporting a Los Angeles Dodgers jersey, which cops him some cheap heat from the Angels faithful here in the building. Cena has a mic in hand

Cena: Nah! I'm sick of it. Haterade everywhere, ya'll can't see me
Hatin' coz I'm the only real franchise in town, your Angels sold out to Disney!

So once again I'm curtain jerkin' with some jerk off
All these second rate opponents are tickin' me off!

See I'm the Doctor of Thuganomics and Mighty, but not like The Ducks
How could I put that name together when the Mighty Ducks suck!

You see kid I'm untouchable, like Elliot Ness
I've already sized you up, now I'm about to put a hole in your chest!

You can't match my Ruthless Aggression
Once I step in that ring, I'm gonna teach you a lesson

See kid, I just verbally spanked you, so get ready for this slick
You call yourself Spanky coz all you do is spank your {Crowd} DICK!


Match #1
Singles Contest
"Spanky" Brian Kendrick vs John Cena

Kendrick puts up a brave fight for the opening part of the contest, but John Cena shows that Ruthless Aggression he's always talking about and takes over the match, and despite a rally from Spanky late on in the match, he eventually falls victim to the F-U as Cena covers 1...2...3!
Winner @ 2:23 - John Cena

Cena looks down on the fallen Kendrick and gives him the "You Can't See Me" treatment before exiting the ring, throwing up the double clutch to heat from the crowd


Back from the break and Torrie Wilson is standing by with Los Guerreros. Torrie asks the Guerreros how they feel about the news that The FBI. has been looking for them after the Guerreros stole their money last week. Eddie instantly denies this happening, saying they didn't take a cent from the Italians. Eddie points out he's watched the replay of the show on his plasma at home many times and says it doesn't show them taking any money from The FBI. Chavo stops Eddie and asks him when he got a plasma TV? Eddie says he got one last week. Chavo then stops to look at his PocketBook and check the date. Torrie points out those are quite impressive and expensive. Chavo is modest and says it's nothing special. Eddie then goes onto say the only thing they'd steal are the Tag Team Championships, from whoever the champs be when suddenly THE FBI JUMP LOS GUERREROS! Furious over Eddie & Chavo obviously spending the money they stole, Palumbo & Stamboli put the beat on as Nunzio yells at them. Palumbo then launches Chavo into the wall as Stamboli slams Eddie down on the floor! Nunzio stomps at Chavo and then slaps Eddie before they walk off, leaving the Guerreros down and hurting

Back to ringside


Nidia comes out with Jamie Noble by her side. Nidia cuts a short promo about how she was un-prepared last week for Sable and lost only because of that. She promises tonight she'll show that she's the dominant diva here on SmackDown!



The smokin' hot Sable makes her way out on stage and does a sexy as fuck dance, moving her hips much to the male contingents enjoyment. Sable then heads to the ring looking ready to go and confident after a win on her return last week

Match #2
Singles Contest
Sable vs Nidia w/Jamie Noble

Despite her words moments ago, things don't go to plan for Nidia as the former Women's Champion takes it to her in the early going, hitting her with right hands and chops, then taking Nidia down with a Sablecanrana! Nidia escapes to the outside and Jamie Noble calms her down before she re-enters the ring and walks right into the TKO from Sable! Cover 1...2...Nidia manages to roll a shoulder! Jamie Noble gets up on the apron, distracting Sable, only to cop a forearm shot knocking him off the apron! The distraction allows Nidia to take Sable down with a Swinging Neckbreaker and cover 1...2..kickout.

Nidia starts to work on Sable's neck and places her in a Sleeper Hold, but with the fans behind her, Sable battles back to her feet and plants Nidia with a Side Back Suplex! Both divas get to their feet and trade blows which Sable starts to get the better of, until Nidia kicks her in the gut and nails a Fishermans Suplex 1...2...Sable kicks out! Nidia is beside herself, berating referee Mike Sparks. Jamie Noble also begins to do so and gets back up on the apron, only for Sable to shove Nidia into Noble who is sent off crashing into the barricade and Nidia stumbles back into the SABLEBOMB! Sable hooks the leg 1...2...3!
Winner @ 4:01 - Sable

Sable gets the win again over Nidia and moves those hips once more for the fans to a huge male mark out. Jamie Noble meanwhile helps his girl to the back as Sable continues to celebrate to the fans

We cut backstage and see Rey Mysterio and Billy Kidman talking with each other. They stop as they see Jamie Noble and Nidia walk by and Kidman especially can't help but smirk. Noble glares at the two and says "what are you two lookin' at? Huh?" before walking away with his girl as Rey asks "what's that guys problem?" as Kidman shrugs and the two go back to talking


Back from the break and are in the locker room of STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN. The crowd goes wild for the Rattlesnake as he's taping up ahead of the main event later when we hear the door open and the camera zooms out as BROCK LESNAR walks into view! The crowd erupts as Austin shoots to his feet and the two have another face off, before Stone Cold's gaze lowers to Lesnar's shoulder that has the WWE Title slung over it. Austin looks at the belt as Brock removes it from over his left shoulder and then places it on his right, as Austin's gaze follows the gold to a few laughs from the crowd. Brock then decides it's time to cut the silence as he simply says "Stone Cold Steve Austin". Austin looks back up to Lesnar and replies with a "WHAT?" as Brock grins. Lesnar says he's always wanted to meet the legendary "Texas Rattlesnake" as he keeps grinning. Austin tells Lesnar he wish he could say the same, but his motto is "Don't Trust Anybody". Lesnar smirks again and asks why Austin would give him a hand earlier then? Stone Cold says he didn't do it for Brock so they can be friends, he did it so Brock would be able to defend his WWE Championship against him soon. Lesnar nods and Stone Cold asks what he's doing here anyway, and Lesnar replies he just wanted to thank Austin for the assist earlier. Brock ends by saying "I'll see you out there later..." and walks off as Stone Cold's blue eyes follow the WWE Champion out of view


To some decent heat "The Japanese Buzzsaw" Tajiri slithers his way to the ring in his unique walking style. Tajiri taunts to more jeers as he gets into the ring and gets ready


The crowd erupts with a big pop as Rey Mysterio pops out from behind his pyro set and runs to the end of the stage, firing up the fans. Rey then runs back to the opposite side and does likewise before heading to the ring, slapping hands with the fans at ringside

Match #3
Singles Contest
Rey Mysterio vs Tajiri

In quite a fast paced match that gets a good amount of time to shine, Rey and Tajiri produce an entertaining clash. Rey starts off with a flurry of right hands, then takes Tajiri down with a Springboard Headscissors after The Japanese Buzzsaw whips him to the ropes. Tajiri exits the ring to recuperate but Rey comes flying with a SLINGSHOT SEATED SENTON onto Tajiri! The crowd marks for the high flying move as Rey rolls Tajiri back into the ring and covers 1...2..kickout. Rey gets Tajiri up and hits a few more shots, then a kick to the thigh, before whipping him to the corner and looking to follow in, but Tajiri uses the turnbuckle and vaults up as Rey comes in, then lands on his feet behind Rey and looks to take him down with a Back Suplex, but Rey flips out of it, landing on his feet and taking Tajiri down with a Dropkick, causing The Buzzsaw to stumble forwards and hang over the middle rope! Rey makes the call to the fans then runs in going for the 619 early...but Tajiri moves and Rey comes back into the ring with the momentum and gets nailed with a Superkick! Tajiri covers 1...2...Rey gets a shoulder up!

From here Tajiri does his best to keep Rey grounded and try to slow him down, working on the left leg of Mysterio. Tajiri then gets Rey up and whips him to the corner. Tajiri follows in and places a couple of Roundhouse kicks to the midsection of Rey. The Japanese Buzzsaw now mounts the buckle and begins pummeling away at Rey with right hands 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - Rey looks to counter with a Powerbomb as he walks Tajiri out a bit, but Tajiri counters with a Sunset Flip pin, only for Rey to roll through and with Tajiri still in a seated position score with a Gun Packet!

Rey starts to battle back as both men get to their feet and tries to whip Tajiri to the ropes, but it's countered as the Buzzsaw sends Rey, but Mysterio comes back with the Wheelbarrow Scissors and plants Tajiri with the Wheelbarrow Bulldog! Cover 1...2..kickout. Rey gets up, hobbling a bit and gets onto the apron before launching back into the ring as he Drops The Dime to Tajiri! Cover again 1...2...shoulder up. Mysterio is building momentum and gets Tajiri up and whips him to the ropes, but Tajiri comes back with the Handspring Back Elbow! Tajiri hooks the leg 1...2.kickout. Both men get to their feet and Rey swings a wild shot which Tajiri ducks and gets Rey in a Full Nelson before he hits a Dragon Suplex and keeps it bridged for a pin 1...2...Rey just escapes!

Tajiri stalks Rey and as Mysterio tries to get to his feet, Tajiri goes for the BUZZSAW KICK...but Rey ducks it then trips Tajiri up and flips over into a Jackknife Pin 1...2...Tajiri kicks out. Both men get to their feet quickly and Tajiri SPRAYS THE
GREEN MIST...INTO THE EYES OF MIKE SPARKS! Tajiri misses Rey and referee Mike Sparks cops the Green Mist, blinding him. Rey takes advantage of Tajiri's surprise, Dropkicking him to the middle rope and then hitting the 619! Rey waits on the apron, ready for the West Coast Pop...BUT HE'S YANKED OFF THE APRON BY...JAMIE NOBLE! The crowd is surprised more than anything as Noble launches Rey into the steel steps! Noble then sees Tajiri getting to his feet in the ring and slides in and locks the TRAILER HITCH on Tajiri! The crowd isn't sure whether to boo or cheer as Tajiri is yelling out in pain but they soon do cheer because

BILLY KIDMAN rushes to the ring and jumps on Noble to a pop from the fans. Kidman unloads on Noble with right hands before Noble turns the tables and hammers away at Kidman until Rey Mysterio gets back into the ring and tackles Noble off of Kidman! Rey starts wailing on Jamie Noble but then MATT HARDY, SHANNON MOORE & CRASH HOLLY enter the ring to heat. Matt Hardy LEVELS REY WITH THE CRUISERWEIGHT TITLE! Moore & Crash stomp away at Kidman as Hardy PLANTS NOBLE WITH A TWIST OF FATE! Hardy then tells Moore & Crash to get Kidman up which they do as Hardy HITS KIDMAN IN THE FACE WITH THE BELT! Matt Hardy then sees Tajiri pulling himself up and Hardy TAKES TAJIRI DOWN WITH THE TWIST OF FATE ALSO! By this time Mike Sparks has gotten the mist out of his eyes and sees the chaos and calls for the bell
No Contest @ 10:34

Matt Hardy throws up the V1 sign to huge heat from the fans as Mattitude stand tall in the ring over the Cruiserweights. Matt Hardy then gets a mic and says he's sick of waiting, Stephanie is sucking the Mattitude out of him as she stalls to name his next challenger. Matt says he's made it easy for Stephanie, none of these guys can face him tonight. Hardy shrugs as the crowd boo. Matt says he's the Cruiserweight Champion and deserves some respect around here. Matt Hardy Version One then says it's not a big deal as none of these guys have the Mattributes to compete with Hardy anyway which gets big heat. Hardy looks to continue


But he's cut off by the music of the General Manager as Stephanie McMahon appears on stage for the second time tonight. Stephanie says she's suddenly had a great plan, a better plan than she originally had, and she needs to thank Matt Hardy for making it happen. Matt accepts that and says it's about time he got some respect around here. Stephanie smirks and says Matt has scrapped her original idea of a one on one match up next week because we are going to see Matt Hardy defend his Cruiserweight title next week against MYSTERIO, KIDMAN, NOBLE & TAJIRI IN A 5 WAY DANCE MATCH! The crowd loves that whilst Hardy is beside himself. Stephanie ends with another smirk and a less than genuine "thank you" to Matt Hardy


*Video Plays*

A solitary figure in black stands in the middle of a very dimly lit ring. The figure doesn't move, and doesn't say a word as the single light that is shining over him flickers on and off, and then a loud bang is heard, like a thunderous clap, as the feed cuts, and the following words are displayed on the screen in white

Shadows hide his appearance
The noise masks his presence
In the dark, he's there, watching
Nearing the time, patiently
Get ready, he's coming

The black screen engulfs the words and then a white flash comes and goes, wiping away the black, as the screen shows a video of a dark, stormy night setting as (presumably) the same figure, still completely un-identifiable, walks into view again, head dropped, looking to the ground. A loud "cawww" is heard as a crow flies over the figure. The figure then slowly begins to raise it's head when another white flash hits the screen and the video cuts out altogether

*Video Ends*

We cut to the bar backstage to find Bradshaw & Faarooq standing at a table very close to the bar. Bradshaw checks his watch and mentions it's almost time. Faarooq orders two more Budwesiers as they await Team Angle. Referee Jimmy Cordaris is standing by. The surrounding crowd then begins to part as Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas do finally show up, decked in street gear, looking as ready as they can for a war. Bradshaw points them out to Faarooq as The Acolytes move from behind their table and out onto the floor. Shelton & Charlie to their credit come right up to Bradshaw & Faarooq as the two teams start talking some trash and as tempers begin to flare Shelton grabs a beer bottle off the bar and yells "HAVE ANOTHER DRINK" to Bradshaw as he CRACKS THE BOTTLE OVER HIS HEAD!

Match #4
Tag Team Contest; Bar Room Brawl
The APA vs Team Angle

With that happening Ron Simmons is distracted as Charlie Haas nails him with a right hand and the brawl is on! Shelton joins Haas in a double teaming of Faarooq whilst Bradshaw is struggling from the bottle shot. Faarooq starts fighting back with shots to the gut of Shelton but Haas grabs a whiskey glass off a nearby table and SMASHES IT OVER SIMMONS' HEAD! Bradshaw meanwhile is back up and he grabs Shelton and tosses him over the bar top. Charlie Haas then runs at Bradshaw but he's caught and Bradshaw FALLAWAY SLAMS HIM OVER THE BAR TOP ONTO SHELTON WHO'S GETTING BACK TO HIS FEET! The fans are chanting "A-P-A" as Bradshaw goes around the bar and the bartender tries to stop him but Bradshaw drops him with a right hand! Bradshaw nails Haas with a right hand, rocking him back. Bradshaw then hits a chop to Haas but he's clubbed from behind by Shelton and Team Angle lock up the big Texan and DOUBLE SUPLEX BRADSHAW INTO A WOODEN SHELF!

The shelf collapses with bottles of alcohol dropping everywhere as Haas makes the cover on Bradshaw 1...2...Faarooq breaks it up! Shelton is quickly on Faarooq with right hands but Faarooq grabs a bottle of Jack Daniels off the floor and BREAKS IT OVER THE HEAD OF SHELTON! Glass and booze scatter everywhere after that as Faarooq shakes his head, presumably getting some cuts from the glass. Charlie Haas jumps on Faarooq from behind and locks a Sleeper Hold on him, but Faarooq backs Haas into the bar counter! Haas doesn't let go of the Sleeper as Faarooq staggers out, getting woozy and then backs Haas spine first into the counter again! Haas lets go of Faarooq and falls to the floor as Simmons drops to a knee, catching his breath.

Shelton however comes with a bar stool and HITS FAAROOQ OVER THE BACK WITH IT! Shelton then grabs the stool by it's wooden legs and goes after Faarooq who's crawled away from the bar counter. Shelton WHACKS SIMMONS OVER THE BACK WITH THE STOOL AGAIN, BREAKING IT! Shelton covers Faarooq 1...2...kick out. Benji gets up and stomps on Faarooq but he's then CRACKED OVER THE BACK WITH A POOL CUE BY BRADSHAW! Bradshaw then snaps the broken cue in two over his knee and tosses the smaller part away before NAILING BENJI WITH THE BIGGER PIECE ON THE HEAD! Bradshaw throws the other part of the cue down and then turns around and WIPES OUT HAAS WITH A BIG BOOT! Cover on Haas 1...2..shoulder up. The APA get to their feet and look over to the pool tables now and drag Shelton Benjamin towards it. Bradshaw & Faarooq then raise their right hands into the air as the fans pop and they then DOUBLE SPINEBUSTER SHELTON THROUGH THE POOL TABLE! Charlie Haas looks to save his partner as he socks Bradshaw with a right hand but The APA overpower him and FAAROOQ THROWS HAAS RIGHT THROUGH THE DOOR TO THE STORAGE CLOSET! The fans standing around are chanting "Holy Shit" as Bradshaw grabs a beer bottle off one of them and SHATTERS IT OVER BENJI'S HEAD! Bradshaw covers 1...2...3!
Winners @ 4:36 - The APA

The fans celebrate as The APA pick up the win but it was no easy fight. Bradshaw joins Faarooq as they go back over to the bar and start raiding the fridges for beer! The APA announce it's on them as they start handing out bottles of beer to the fans


We return to see Kurt Angle warming up ahead of the main event when in walks THE BIG SHOW! Show tells Angle he doesn't like him, but as long as they're partners, he'll refrain from breaking Kurt in half so long as Kurt understands that Lesnar is Show's. Kurt scoffs at that and tells Big Show he won't be intimidated by him, he wants a piece of Brock more than anyone else and he's gonna make Lesnar tap. Show moves closer to Kurt and says that won't be happening because he's gonna pin Lesnar 1-2-3. Big Show then mentions he left A-Train back in their locker room for Kurt's safety, because after Kurt gave him the Angle Slam earlier, A-Train's itching for payback and would've destroyed Kurt had The Big Show not saved him. Show says Kurt should be worrying about Steve Austin. Angle says he's not worried by Austin because he's proven he's better. Angle then moves closer to Show and says he better be on his game and stay out of his way, otherwise he'll snap Show's ankle! Kurt then says the same would happen to A-Train if he tried to get in Angle's way. There's clear tension between the two as neither man blinks. Finally Big Show decides it's time to leave, his plan of intimidating Kurt not working out


We come back to ringside and Bill DeMott makes his way to the ring. DeMott barely gets any sort of reaction due to the fact he's been scarcely seen this year on SmackDown! DeMott gets into the ring and taunts


Impressive heat pours in as Chris Kanyon, SmackDown!'s "MVP" heads out on stage. Kanyon acts like he's soaking up the cheers of the fans when they're really booing the shit out of him. Kanyon calls for his music to be cut.

Kanyon stands there grinning as a booming "Kanyon Sucks" chant begins and Kanyon has to talk over it loudly and ask for them to "hold your cheers and applause please" which gets more heat. Kanyon begins walking to the ring as he claims DeMott is not worthy of being in the ring with him. DeMott scrunches his face up at that. Kanyon reminds DeMott of WCW and says that unlike himself, DeMott is still stuck in the mediocrity he was in, whilst Kanyon is heading straight to the top. Chris Kanyon then says if DeMott doesn't believe him, he should listen to the crowd as he tries to start a "Kanyon" chant but the crowd pipes in with "Kanyon Sucks" once more. Bill DeMott meanwhile is standing the ring, looking at Kanyon and shaking his head at the deluded superstar. Kanyon then says he's guaranteeing a win tonight and dedicating it to all his fans here in Anaheim (which seems to be none by the crowd's reaction)

Match #5
Singles Contest
Bill DeMott vs Chris Kanyon

DeMott roughs up Kanyon in the early going after taking exception to "Champagne's" idiocy. DeMott comes close to ending things with a Running Powerslam, but as he goes for the NO JOKE Kanyon is able to rake the eyes and score with a DDT. From here Kanyon wears down the 280 pounder and comes close with an impressive Rack Pancake (Torture Rack into Neckbreaker) 1...2...kickout from DeMott. Kanyon starts to show off however in his attempt to woo the fans and this allows DeMott to steam roll him with a clothesline, and then hit a few rights and take Kanyon down with a Back Body Drop. DeMott then plants Kanyon with a Sidewalk Slam and climbs to the top, looking for the Moonsault and he leaps off...BUT KANYON GETS HIS KNEES UP! DeMott crashes and burns and Kanyon quickly locks in a Small Package 1...2...3!
Winner @ 3:52 - Chris Kanyon

Kanyon immediately escapes the ring having beaten the rough and rugged DeMott here. Kanyon raises his hands to the fans who boo him as DeMott holds his ribs, knowing he's been unlucky tonight

*Video Plays*

Narrator: When you are wronged...

Brock Lesnar holding up the WWE Championship

Narrator: When you seek to even the score...

Kurt Angle pulling down his straps

Narrator: When the line is crossed...

Big Show throwing up his right hand

Narrator: When there is retribution on offer...

Stone Cold saluting the fans on the turnbuckle

Narrator: And the time comes...

Undertaker riding down on his chopper

Narrator: VENGEANCE will be delivered!

WWE Vengeance
Live from the Pepsi Center
Denver; Colarado

Theme Music: Godsmack - Straight Outta Line

*Video Ends*


Back to ringside


The crowd lets out a good pop as Rhyno heads out on stage, pounding on his chest and then raising his arms into the air. Rhyno then darts to the ring, sliding in and again beating on his chest before raising his arms as the crowd cheers


Mike Awesome makes his way to the ring to decent heat from the fans. Awesome gets into the ring and he and Rhyno face off, three weeks removed from their hellacious match at Judgment Day

Match #6
Singles Contest
Rhyno vs Mike Awesome

In a hard hitting contest, the two bitter rivals take it to each other with some high impact stuff. Rhyno is relentless in the early going, seeking revenge for the loss at JD whilst Awesome is caught out somewhat by The Man Beast's attack. Rhyno takes Awesome down with a Side Belly to Belly Suplex after being all over him and hooks the leg 1...2..kickout.

Rhyno whips Awesome to the corner and goes for the GORE...but Awesome avoids it and Rhyno smacks shoulder first into the ring post! Awesome rolls him up with a Schoolboy 1...2..shoulder up.
Awesome begins to work the shoulder as he takes Rhyno down with an Arm DDT and then locks on a Fujiwara Armbar. Rhyno gets the crowd behind him and fights back to his feet only for Awesome to yank on the arm, which causes Rhyno to drop to a knee. Awesome repeats this, then Rhyno fires back with a right hand to the gut. Awesome responds with a knee to the ribs of Rhyno and then rebounds off the ropes into a Spinning Spinebuster! Rhyno makes a cover 1...2..kickout. Rhyno battles Awesome to the corner and then tries to Superplex Awesome off, but Awesome counters and introduces Rhyno's face into the top buckle. Awesome then takes Rhyno off with a SUPER AWESOME BOMB! The crowd erupts for that spot as both men are down and Awesome finally stirs and covers 1...2...3
Winner @ 6:41 - Mike Awesome

Mike Awesome gets his hand raised but quickly begins stomping at the arm of Rhyno when CHRIS BENOIT sprints down to the ring to a huge pop. Benoit gets into the ring and Awesome decides to bail, having sent a message to Benoit who checks on Rhyno


We get a special announcement made via a short and sweet Video Package - Next week on SmackDown! - The Return of Piper's Pit! The VP ends with Piper's music hitting before the vid cuts out


The Big Show marches his way out with A-Train by his side to huge heat. Show and Train confidently make their way to the ring as Show steps over the top rope into the ring and throws up his huge right hand into the air


Kurt Angle makes his way out, looking full of intensity as always. Angle stops on the ramp and points his index fingers to the roof as his pyro set shoots off. Kurt then locks eyes with A-Train who's still pissed off about the Angle Slam earlier, before he gets into the ring and begins arguing with his partner again as Charles Robinson has to get in between them



The crowd EXPLODES with a massive ovation as "Stone Cold" Steve Austin heads to the ring, talking trash at Angle and Show, and also has the courtesy to stop and flip A-Train the bird. Austin salutes the fans on all four corners before coming face to face with Kurt Angle. The two share a few words before Austin backs off laughing at Kurt


Brock Lesnar comes out on stage to a huge pop and begins bobbing up and down on the spot in trademark fashion. Lesnar breaks from the trance and heads to the ring, leaping up onto the apron and setting his pyro's off on the ring posts. Lesnar then enters the ring and stands alongside Steve Austin, staring at The Big Show, and then Angle

Match #7
Main Event
Tag Team Contest
"Stone Cold" Steve Austin & Brock Lesnar vs Kurt Angle & The Big Show w/A-Train

Right from the get go, there's trouble galore on both sides as Austin and Lesnar don't seem to fully trust each other, while Angle and Show are constantly arguing over what to do and blind tagging in off each other, causing some interesting moments. A-Train also gets involved, arguing with Kurt Angle and then tripping up Austin as the Rattlesnake went to the ropes. Angle took Stone Cold down with an Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex and covers 1...2..kickout. Kurt sends Austin to the corner but Stone Cold gets an elbow up in his face, then begins unloading with right hands. Steve Austin then whips Angle to the ropes and Angle ducks the back elbow attempt but then rebounds off the opposite side into a Lou Thesz Press! Austin hits the piston like rights then rebounds off the ropes and drops the Fuck You Elbow and covers 1...2.kickout.

Stone Cold tags in Brock Lesnar and the WWE Champ drives Angle to the corner and delivers a series of shoulder thrusts to the midsection of the Olympian. Lesnar then whips Kurt to the ropes and Big Show blind tags in as Brock takes Angle down with a Powerslam, but is then taken down by the Hog Drop from The Big Show! Cover 1...2.kickout. From here The Big Show wears down Lesnar in the corner using his huge boot to choke Brock out, then hits an open palm slap across his chest, echoing around the arena, before grabbing him and throwing Brock across the ring. Lesnar gets up and Show goes for a clothesline, but Brock ducks under and takes Show down with a German Suplex! The crowd erupts for the impressive show of strength from Lesnar. Brock tags Austin back in as Stone Cold rocks The Big Show with right hands then stomps a mudhole in Show. Austin stalks Show going for the STUNNER...but Show shoves Austin away. Austin rebounds into a Big Boot. Kurt Angle hard tags in from Big Show who grunts at Angle as he begins stomping away on Austin to "Angle Sucks" chant from the crowd. Kurt gets Austin up and tries to go for a German Suplex, but Austin is holding onto the ropes to block it. Kurt clubs Stone Cold across the back and tries again, but Austin fights out with an elbow to the face of Angle. Kurt staggers away and Austin charges at him but Angle has it scouted and trips Austin down with a Drop Toe Hold and locks the ANKLE LOCK in! Austin is in pain as Kurt yells at him to tap but Stone Cold refuses to and Brock Lesnar comes in and breaks things up, kicking Angle in the face.

Kurt Angle goes after Brock Lesnar and hits him with a right hand causing Charles Robinson to get in between the two, meanwhile A-Train reaches through the ring ropes and hangs Austin out neck first over the middle rope! Train walks off like he didn't do anything as Angle covers Austin 1...2..kickout. Kurt then gets up and pulls down the straps, meaning it's business time, and grabs Stone Cold's leg, but Austin rolls through, using his leg to send Angle into the turnbuckle! Austin then HOT TAGS IN BROCK LESNAR!

Lesnar plows through Angle with a clothesline, then another, before hitting Big Show with a right hand, knocking him off the apron. Lesnar goes back to Angle and rocks him with right hands, then whips him to the ropes and catches him with a scoop and hits a Rib Breaker! Brock doesn't drop Angle however and muscles him back up, then hits a Shoulder Breaker! The Big Show gets into the ring and begins hitting Brock with right hands, but Stone Cold comes to Lesnar's aide and the two faces begin rocking The Big Show with rights Austin, Lesnar, Austin, Lesnar, Austin, Lesnar, Austin, Lesnar and then they Double Clothesline the 500 pounder to the outside! Kurt Angle however grabs Lesnar from behind with a waist lock and barges him into Austin, causing Stone Cold to tumble out to the floor, and then Angle takes Brock down with a Waistlock Takedown and locks the ANKLE LOCK on Brock!

The crowd boos as Angle has it locked on in the middle of the ring as Brock's pain is clear for all to see, but he refuses to tap and starts crawling to the ropes, but Angle pulls him back to the center of the ring and grapevines the move! Brock looks all out of hope but A-TRAIN GETS INTO THE RING AND BREAKS THE HOLD! Referee Charles Robinson has no choice but to call for the bell as A-Train begins hammering away at Kurt Angle
No Contest @ 13:46

The Big Show joins A-Train in the ring as they start picking apart Kurt Angle. A-Train then shoves Kurt towards The Big Show and Show catches him with a goozle and plants him with the SHOWSTOPPER! Stone Cold gets into the ring now and DROPS SHOW WITH A STUNNER! The crowd erupts but Austin then TURNS INTO A BICYCLE KICK FROM A-TRAIN! A-Train snarls down at Austin


The Arrowhead Pond comes alive as THE UNDERTAKER makes a beeline for the ring to a huge pop, armed with a steel chain. Taker gets into the ring and A-Train attacks him and beats on him then goes for the DERAILER...but Taker tattoo's him with the steel chain! A-Train staggers back and TAKER LEVELS TRAIN WITH THE STEEL AGAIN! This time A-Train goes down and Taker uses the chain like a whip and lashes A-Train with it a couple of times as the Train rolls out of the ring before further damage can be done. Undertaker then grabs a mic and says "Next week, me and you in a Biker Chain Match!" to a huge pop from the crowd

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin and then Brock Lesnar stand in the ring with Taker as we fade away, with tension running high

Fade to black


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